Volume 8 Issue 24  August 12, 2014

Excess Flood-now with 3X more capacity and open in 42 states!

Announcing Wright Excess Flood now has tripled capacity and is now open in 42 states!  Now available under the Wright National Flood Insurance Company name with:

*    expanded reinsurance secured
*    open in 42 states including Louisiana and Hawaii. 

Residential properties in low risk zones as well as Post FIRM, A zones with underlying Wright Flood policies may be eligible.    We invite you to further review our additional Excess Flood Underwriting Guidelines linked here.  The adjacent map illustrates Wright Excess Flood's 42 open states and the District of Columbia with only 8 states not offered:  Washington, Wyoming, South Dakota, Kansas, Missouri, New Hampshire, Alaska and Kentucky.

When the NFIP limits don't allow coverage up to replacement cost for your residential clients, consider Wright Flood Excess Flood.


Benefits of Wright Excess Flood:

  • A pop up cross sell box informs you of eligibility for an Excess Flood quote during the underlying Wright Flood policy quote if the correct replacement cost value for the home is added into the underlying quote.
  • The NFIP additional coverage rates are factored to generate Excess Flood rates---removing the underwriting guesswork.

Product knowledge and understanding are the keys to Excess Flood success.  When quoting Excess Flood, please share the following information with your perspective insureds:

Property inspections are performed on every quoted risk* to verify eligibility questions such as proximity to water, type of water, replacement cost and square footage. 

  • No need for scheduled appointments for outside property inspections and photos.  A courtesy call will be made to the insureds when possible. 
  • Consider the suggestions below prior to property inspection for best result:
    • Please review carefully and submit the most accurate estimate of the proximity to water/ocean.  Often this can becomes a limiting factor.
    • If possible, please submit the appraisal/homeowners declarations page to validate the replacement cost values.

*Please note that the non-refundable property Inspection fees are charged to the property owner.

Marketing Tools: 

Wright Excess Flood marketing tools are available at the links below as well as on the agent bulletin board under search words Excess Flood and include:
            Excess Flood Underwriting Guidelines
            Excess Flood Consumer Brochure  
                     After a flood, how much of your home do you want back?
            Wright Flood Marketing Supply Order Form
            Excess Flood Marketing Letters
            Excess Flood Marketing Letter #2

Contact Us:

The Excess unit has expanded with new points of contact; therefore, please contact us using the  Excess Flood Contact Sheet.  As always, your RSM can help with additional questions about Wright Flood or Excess Flood products at 866-373-5663.
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