Volume 7   Issue 32    December 26, 2013

A need for speed?  Try Self Service at

Our "Email my Team" feature is proving to be a very popular tool linking agents to their very own underwriting team at Wright Flood.  You have become very connected to your team---and they love you too! 


Email my Team can be used for the following services:

      • Loan closing or refinancing requests.
  • Quoting or rating underwriting questions.
  • General flood guidance questions. 
Other Express Lane services  

To keep the turnaround time for the "Email my Team" in-boxes running smoothly, and to ensure we can address your items of immediate need through that feature, we would like to point out some additional "express lane" service options available at www.wrightflood.com. 


Policy Upload--Put that needed document in everyone's hand for immediate use.

If you want to get any requested document to the right person every time, please use Policy Upload feature, available down the left hand menu. 


Policy Upload is useful to electronically scan and then attach an underwriting document directly to the policy file immediately, and makes it available to all departments simultaneously, rather than having it go through a detour to any email inbox. Rather than putting it into one person's hand it is like putting it in everyone's hand so it can be most useful to all.


Online policy transactions 

You can complete the following Wright Flood online flood policy transactions electronically, upload documents to the policy file and pay any required premium quickly and in some cases even get an immediate revised declarations page.


Policy Maintenance down the left menu offers self-service endorsement and cancellations including:



  •          Add or change a lender
  •        Increase coverage
  •       Change the mailing address
  •      Correct the insured's name (misspelling) 
  •       Modify the payor
  •       Modify replacement cost
  •       Deductible

All Cancellations are available online. 


Still more Self Service needs filled online include: 
  • Request declarations pages re-sent via email or fax
  • Renewal billings re-sent via email or fax
  • Premium policy payments, additional premiums, or renewal payments-available to agents and insureds with the 14 digit policy number and the address zip code


Be Resourceful....


 NFIP Flood Manual

 NFIP Summary of Coverage


 FEMA Map Service Center


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