Volume 7 Issue 17   July 29, 2013

Map Copy Feature added to New Quote Flood Zone Search


A flood zone map copy, graphically displaying the property and adjacent flood zones, will now be added to the flood zone information received during the new business quote at www.wrightflood.com whenever possible.  See screen shots below. The greater detail shown on the flood map provides a visual opportunity to discuss the flood risks of the property and aid in selling flood policies to properties in the low to moderate risk zones.


Understanding flood risk is key to the sale of voluntary flood policies in the low to moderate risk zones and at Wright Flood we are committed to using technology to enhance your sales efforts and to build your flood business. We think that is the measure of the right relationship. Feel free to comment about this or any other feature of our new business quoting tool to Dolores.glass@weareflood.com. We want to get it right.



More information about this feature is available through your Regional Sales Manager or Flood Marketing at 866-373-5663 or floodmarketing@weareflood.com

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