Wright Flood Communications-2013     

Volume 7  Issue 14    May 28, 2013              

New service feature for agents and insureds:

Automatic Conversion to PRP after Map Change Sends Refunds and Retains Flood Policies


After a map change moves a policy from high risk to low risk, Wright Flood now will automatically convert it to the Preferred Risk Policy and generate a refund for the insured if conversion generates a lower premium to the insured. This automatic conversion to a PRP policy saves time for the agent, offers better service to the insureds and improves retention of policies after a map change. The insured can still cancel the policy, following the NFIP cancellation process.


Wright Flood's Automatic Conversion to PRP after Map Change begins the day after a map change becomes effective to analyze the best action on behalf of the agent and insured. The automatic process determines eligibility for PRP by checking the flood zone and the loss history for existing policies where map changes have occurred. Notification of the effect of the map change and any automatic conversion to PRP policy is made to the agent and to the insured as follows: 

  • If the policy is not affected by the map change, the Policy Not Affected letter is sent.
  • If the policy is moved to a low risk zone, is eligible for conversion but would not result in lower premium, the Not Advantageous to Convert to PRP letter is sent.
  • If the policy is eligible and lower premium would result as a PRP policy,
    • Policy Qualifies for PRP letter is sent
    • the automatic conversion to PRP is completed
    • the refund is generated and mailed to the agent for transmission to the insured.

Even after the conversion to the Preferred Risk Policy is automatically completed and the refund check cashed by the insured, the insured still may choose to request to cancel the policy: The insured must:

  • supply the letter from mortgagee stating "the policy is no longer required"
  • initiate that cancellation in the same year as the conversion
  • contact their agent and follow all the NFIP cancellation requirements. 

Important notes:

  1. Coverage amounts after conversion to PRP will be the same or the closest coverage level available, but not lower than the original.
  2. Contents coverage will be applied as noted in the Preferred Risk Policy package.
  3. Conversion of policies to PRP after map change does not result in any commission charge back to the agency.
  4. NFIP cancellation process is unchanged and still requires all named insureds/agent to sign the cancellation request and to provide the documentation from the lender.
  5. This automated map change process relates only to flood zone changes from high risk zones (A or V) to low risk zones (B, C or X) resulting from map changes. BFE or datum changes, or any other zone changes that occur during map revisions, are not addressed by the automatic conversion to PRP process.
  6. This process is currently in effect and is ongoing until further notice.

To reach FloodSmart.gov Map Update Schedule, please click here. Please select your state and county then scroll down to read any map updates scheduled for your municipality.


If you need more information about this feature, or help to prepare for map changes in your community, please contact your RSM and/or Wright Flood Marketing at floodmarketing@weareflood.com  or at 866-373-5663.


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