Wright Flood Communications-2013

                                                                                      Volume 7   Issue 3   January 9, 2013 

Now Wright Flood Insureds Can Report Claims Online

Insured Inital Claim Reporting 

A new feature just added to Wright Flood's online agent portal allows insureds to open their own initial flood claim online and receive their claim number and adjuster assignment information immediately through www.fidelityonline.com.   We hope this new feature makes filing a Wright Flood claim easier for both insureds and their agents.

Through internet service the insured can access www.fidelityonline.com and locate Report a Flood Claim down the left hand menu.  Using their policy number and the zip code of the property to gain access, insureds can now report their flood damage and provide contact information directly to Wright Flood.  A claim number and claims adjuster is assigned and contact information to reach the adjuster is provided as well as an option to receive an email of the confirmation.  The agent is informed that a new claim has been reported via the First Notice of Loss form that is sent to the agent via their normal document delivery.

For more information, please contact your RSM or flood marketing at 866-373-5663.

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