September 2014
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WISHIN Pulse features PDMP Data

WISHIN Pulse Now Features Data from the Wisconsin Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

Care providers using WISHIN Pulse can now see information at the point of care about their patients' history of prescribed controlled substance use.

Earlier this month, WISHIN completed an integration project with the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Public Services (DSPS) to bring Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) data to care providers participating in WISHIN Pulse, the patient community health record. This eliminates the need to separately log in and search for the patient in the PDMP system.

In addition to the clinical data shared by other participating organizations, care providers can now see medication data from PDMP for their patients. Care providers can use the PDMP medication list to help inform medical decisions as they work with their patients.

About the Wisconsin PDMP

The Legislature passed a law in 2010 to create the PDMP. The primary purpose of the PDMP is to improve patient care and safety and reduce the abuse and diversion of prescription drugs in Wisconsin while ensuring that patients with a legitimate medical need for the drugs are not adversely affected.

The PDMP contains information submitted to it by pharmacies and practitioners, including physicians, dentists, advance practice nurse prescribers, and others.

"Monitored prescription drugs" are defined in the Wisconsin Administrative Code. The current list of monitored prescription drugs is:

  • State Controlled Substances in Schedule II, III, IV or V that require a prescription order to be lawfully dispensed (see subchapter II. of s. 961, Wis. Stats., and Ch. CSB 2, Wis. Admin. Code).
  • Federally Controlled Substances in Schedule II, III, IV or V that require a prescription order to be lawfully dispensed (see 21 U.S.C. 812 (b) (1) to (b) (5) and (c) and 21 C.F.R. 1308).
  • Tramadol, a drug with substantial potential for abuse.

The PDMP has been fully operational since June 1, 2013.


By law, dispensers of monitored prescription drugs are required to collect and submit information to the PDMP about each dispensing of a monitored prescription drug. Dispensers have up to seven (7) days to submit data after dispensing a monitored prescription drug. PDMP data is made available to WISHIN Pulse at the time it is available to the PDMP.

The WISHIN - PDMP Integration Pilot

The WISHIN- PDMP integration pilot began this month.  The pilot provides PDMP access through WISHIN Pulse to pharmacists and clinicians at three types of sites: hospital emergency departments, primary-care clinics and pharmacies (both retail and hospital pharmacies).   WISHIN is training and providing WISHIN Pulse access to seventeen care providers across three organizations in order to meet the pilot requirements.   The functionality will soon be available for use by other WISHIN participants!

Roll Out and Use

WISHIN will continue to roll out the PDMP functionality to other Pulse participants over the next year and will include access to PDMP data for all new authorized participants. This functionality is available as part of the patient chart in Pulse and is already embedded into the current workflow for reviewing patient data in the system.

Once logged in to WISHIN Pulse, an authorized user will complete a patient search to find the correct patient, open the patient chart, select the Medications tab and select the Prescription Monitoring Program tab.



The patient's monitored prescription drug data from Wisconsin's PDMP database will display on the screen. 


 If your organization is interested in viewing PDMP data through WISHIN Pulse, please contact Michelle Clark at (608) 268-1841 or via email at [email protected]

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