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Bro. Jed Journal Week 1    Fall 2014    8/18-27/2014
Soul Doctor At the Office
August 18, 2014, Illinois State University,


Sister Cindy, Sister Angela and I made the 5 hour round trip to Normal, IL.  Bill Landerholm  from Rockford, IL., joined us.  We easily got the crowd's attention, which throughout

I offered free counseling on how to overcome mental illness...
most of the afternoon numbered over one hundred.  At one point Angela directed the students to look up to the sky, "Wave to Jesus."  Then she looked down and said, "Wave to Mohammad and Buddha." 

I wore my white lab coat which I purchased at Good Will with a button which read "Soul Doctor."  I offered free counseling on how to overcome mental illness, especially depression and bipolar disorders.  Eric volunteered to sit in my counseling chair.  He said, "I am on meds; science has healed him from obsessive-compulsion disorder."  I responded, "You are not healed or you would not still be on the medication."  I asked, "What is your compulsion?" 


The Soul Doctor says, "Stop it!"

 He answered, "Switching lights on and off."  I said, "Simply stop it.  Don't do it anymore.  Exercise your will.  Stop it!"  Of course, he thought that was too simple.  He claimed he could not stop.  I advised anyone who was contemplating suicide, "Light a candle and put your hand over the flame.  That will give you a little idea of what awaits you in Hell if you murder yourself."


In my second session, "I switched buttons on my lab coat to "Sex Therapist" as I taught "Sex Ed with Brother Jed."  As Cindy preached repentance, a student who was present most of the afternoon, said, "But Jesus died for our sins; therefore, we are OK."  Unfortunately, this is a logical response from the way most Christians teach the atonement.  If Jesus literally paid the penalty of our sins, then we are OK.  How could God charge us for what has already been paid?  It is better to say that Jesus died on account of our sins.  


"My last hour, I taught the reasonableness of Christianity."


Some interesting quotes we overheard, "This is the most fun that I have had since I got to campus."  Another said to me, "Damn, boy, you have a way with words."  A hypocrite informed me, "We can sin and confess every day and he still loves us."  Another asked, "Have you ever heard of the verse, let him that is without sin cast the first stone." 

Sis. Angela Cummings joined us for our first week of ministry.

Have I ever?  I have heard it all, time and time and time again.  They have no idea how many times I have heard that one over the last four decades.  Or the times someone has, with all the drama they can energize, presented me with a stone and challenged me to throw it.


My last hour, I taught the reasonableness of Christianity.  I turned the meeting over to Bill at 5 PM since we had the long drive back to Terre Haute.  It was a very profitable first day.  The weather was comfortable in the low eighties.  We were gone for almost 12 hours.  If only these students knew all the trouble we go to in order to reach them with the gospel.   


Our Congregation! Illinois State students want a selfie with the Soul Doctor!
August 19, 2014, Illinois State,

The weather predictions did not look good with thundershowers predicted. An hour outside of Normal, IL, the weather started looking threatening and by the time we arrived it was raining hard. Fortunately, there is an awning in front of the library, which we preached under. I started the meeting holding my, "You Deserve Hell" sign. Eric, the "obsessive-compulsive" individual, whom I counseled yesterday, held a sign which read, "God loves gay sex." He informed me that my counseling had not healed him. I answered, "That is because you did not follow doctor's orders." A flaunting homosexual confronted and pranced around me for almost 30 minutes. Considering the rainy conditions, I was glad for both of these hecklers the Holy Spirit used to draw an audience.

"A flaunting homosexual confronted and pranced around me for almost 30 minutes."

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship was set up beside me with a banner and sign which asked, "What are you thirsty for?" The sign displayed for cups with choices of love, success, fun and purpose. They were not getting much attention, but at least they were trying. The police were called. The police here are unusually helpful and respectful. They refer to me as Brother Jed and a number of them have been policing my meetings for years. They seem to enjoy the beat. They do not interfere except when someone gets in my face then they call them aside.

The seated student (an unbeliever) listened very intently and later told Sis. Angela that she appreciated her message.

By 2 PM it had stopped raining and the sun was out and it was getting hot. We only had about 12 listening at the time. I decided to take the risk of moving to our regular location on the quad, where there is lots of grass and large shade trees. Several followed us including the obsessive-compulsive person. We were gradually able to build up a crowd of 150. When Cindy preached against pornography, A girl said, "Porn taught me what I know today." Earlier several girls confessed to the crowd how much they enjoyed oral sex. It is not that this generation is so sinful. But that they are shameless in exhibiting their sin. Both homos and lesbians kissed passionately to the delight of the crowd.
After hearing our preaching, careless sinners become interested in the claims of the Gospel.

Angela finished the day. Student are all fascinated with Angela's testimony, "ho no mo." While she was preaching, I had a good conversation with an atheist. He was impressed with the doctrine of open theism. The last thing he said to me was, "I am going to investigate open theism." A female, who had argued with me earlier, entered into the conversation with the atheist. She displayed
 an attitude change as the conversation developed. A homo, who grew up in a conservative Christian home, was quite offended when I informed him that unconditional love is not a Biblical doctrine.

Early in the day a student introduced himself informing me that his father had listened to me at Northern Illinois University in 1979 and had never forgotten me. "You impacted my father's life," he said. He departed thanking me for my ministry and encouraged me to carry on. Will he remember the Intervarsity display 35 years from now?

Our goal is to "impact" lives for Jesus Christ.

We returned home about 10 PM. I must say I was exhausted. My day started at 7 AM teaching my men's weekly Bible Study in our home. Cindy's day started even before, since she had to serve a hot breakfast to the men at 8 PM. Campus preaching can be a grueling schedule, especially when there are long drives to make to and from our destination.
August 20, 2014, Indiana State University

We normally preach at the fountain area in front of the Student Union. However, the noise from the fountain is a
Student disagrees with the message of repentance.
significant distraction. In addition there is no shade in the area. Cindy felt strongly led to start at the edge of campus in the designated smoking area, where it is quieter and there is plenty of shade, plus a captive audience. As Cindy started preaching the clouds looked ominous. She soon captured the attention of the smokers, who began arguing with her. One brazen female in short shorts strutted over to me reading off the sins I had listed on my banner to the police.

Soon two young and evidently inexperienced policemen approached Cindy and told her she needed permission to speak. She directed the officers to me; they informed me that I had to talk to someone from administration, that the University was private property. They said that I had to demonstrate that I had business on the campus. I informed them that the University was public property, where my first amendment rights were protected. "Besides," I explained, "Indiana State is my alma mater. I received both a bachelor's and master's degree from ISU. If an alumnus is not welcome at his alma mater, we have a major problem."

At first the police tried to stop Sis. Cindy.

 The concepts of alma mater and loyalty are dear to me. These days few people know the etymology of the term, alma mater; alma means fostering or nurturing and mater mean mother. My education was fostered at ISU; for six years she acted as my kind mother to instruct me in the wisdom of the world. For the university to attempt to turn me away 50 years later is like a mother rejecting her child. If an alumnus does not have a right to be on campus; pray tell, who does?
Sis. Cindy uses the white glove prop made by Sis. Angela to warn students against Miley Cyrus' twerking.

Well, the police made some phone calls and evidently they found someone in administration who affirmed our right to carry on our activities. Both the policemen were polite and soft spoken, unlike most of the vocal students, who were cursing and showed a complete lack of respect. About
1 PM it started raining which was not predicted so we did not even have our umbrellas. It turned out to be a good thing that we chose the unusual location since there was some protection from the downpour from the trees. About 25 stayed with us through the rain until they dispersed at 2 PM. Sister Pat joined us for the first time today and preached. Sister Angela and I also spoke. Sister Sandy from Wisconsin has also joined us for a few days.

About 25 students stayed with us even after it started raining.

This afternoon I visited one of my old Glenn High School mates, who has been diagnosed with bone cancer. I prayed with him for the healing of his body and soul, leading him in a sinner's prayer.

When Cindy and I were contemplating our return to Indiana, I thought that I received a word from the Lord, "Return to Terre Haute; you have unfinished business there." My summer weekly men's Bible study which includes four Glenn Alumni and 4 to 5 others is part of that unfinished business. The alumnus with whom I prayed today was further confirmation of my word from the Lord. I expect him to join our Bible study. My high school alma mater is even dearer to me than my college kind mother. Regrettably, my high school closed in 1961 but her spirit lives on through our alumni association, in which I serve as life-time chaplain.
August 21, 2014, Indiana State University,

On the drive to campus Angela mentioned that since she is from Tennessee, she is often asked if she goes to a snake handling church. Sister Pat said, "We don't handle snakes in church; we handle snakes daily on college campuses." Sister Pat remains as witty as ever in her mid-80's.

Sis. Angel praising the Lord Jesus in the heat of the battle!
We moved back to Dede Plaza since the fountain was off. There is more traffic and there is a place for people to sit on the Plaza. The drawback is that there is no shade and all concrete. Today was the hottest day of the summer and the sun was bearing down, which was draining to our energy. I opened the meeting not preaching too hard and gathered an audience which was not too wild.

"Sis. Angela pulls no punches and uses humor and drama effectively... She will fall to the ground; hug a tree... She was wild for the devil and now she is untamed for Jesus."

When I called upon Sister Angela, she set them on fire. She drew a rowdy throng of over 100. Angela pulls no punches and uses humor and drama effectively. She will fall to the ground; hug a tree; pull up her skirt (she wears Bermuda shorts under her skirt); go into fits of laughter or whatever she has to do to illustrate her point. She was wild for the devil and now she is untamed for Jesus.

The first hour was calm with some good listeners before the unruly bunch arrived.

During Cindy's turn, she stayed on the move and had the students following her to different locations around the Plaza. The police came out to patrol the situation. They chatted with me and seemed glad to have the beat, which they have had for the past year. They have to deal with lots of students complaints.
"At 85, Sis. Pat is as sharp as ever!"
At one point a female administrator walked through the crowd encouraging people to disperse since our event was not sanctioned by the University. No one paid her any attention.

When I took my second stint within about 15 minutes most of the crowd dispersed so I entered into a conversation with a girl who actually was thoughtful. Meanwhile, Sister Pat had a small group to whom she was witnessing. Cindy and Angela went indoors to find relief 
Good one-on-one time.
from the heat. We decided to leave at 3 PM. However, since several females were still holding signs of protest and there was a class break. I changed my mind and hoisted the banner. We drew a fresh audience and held their attention until 5:15.

  ISU Police Department
August 22, Indiana State University

We returned to the designated smoking area since they turned on the fountain at Dede Plaza. We started at 10:45
The soul doctor counseled with one student who claimed to have multiple personalities.
and Cindy quickly drew an audience. A war veteran, Keith, volunteered to sit in the judgment seat. He rode a Harley. He concluded, "I am not going to serve anyone!" Of course, he is probably serving his bike with a large monthly payment and upkeep bills. What he really means is that
 he is going to serve anything or anybody but God. For as Bob Dylan said decades ago, "You've got to serve somebody."

Jennifer, an atheist, was the next one to willingly sit on the judgment seat. She related that fifteen years ago at the University of Florida the atheists were protesting me. But that our five girls brought peace between the Christians and atheists, who spent the afternoon playing with our children. Our girls soften their hearts. She especially remembered Martha (Who could forget Martha? Everyone has always found her to be such fun). Jennifer went on and on relating on how wonderful our children were.

Jennifer the atheist told of a positive time that she had playing with our children about 15 years ago at the University of Florida.  She has returned to graduate school at ISU.

Our girls were always good witnesses in interacting with the students. Although we always kept an eye on them, we gave the students a lot of liberty in talking with them. Occasionally, a few would try to take advantage of the situation by telling them that they needed to run away. But on the whole the students were good and playful towards the girls and our daughters appreciated the attention. We discovered that the students deeply involved in sin generally were not interested in kids.

Harley rider sits in the "judgment chair" and tells Sis. Cindy that he "is not going to serve anyone."

Finally, Cindy asked Jennifer, "Why are you an atheist?" She replied, "lack of evidence," which was my cue. I related, "My witness and family are the best evidence you may have encountered for the existence of God." A truly Christian family is an unforgettable experience. Man's redemption started with a good family, Mary, Joseph and Jesus. Man's fall was initiated with the dysfunctional family of Adam and Eve. I also related the teleological argument for God. Jennifer made no attempt to refute me. My apologetics opened a good discussion with others.

We were about ready to leave and a new crowd flocked to Sis. Pat who is always ready to share the truth.

 Meanwhile, the police arrived on the scene acting on complaints that we were getting into the students' faces. The policeman was very polite to Cindy and told her that he had been watching us and had not seen us get into the students' faces in any menacing way. The police put up two sandwich board signs which read,






These signs had a calming effect on the students. I wish the administration would do this on other campuses. They would save themselves a lot of complaints and trouble. I commend whoever it was that made this decision to put out the signs.

Protected Speech Sign.

 I donned my white lab coat and played the role of sex therapist and soul doctor. I counseled with a girl claiming to have multiple personalities, although she was unable to define her different personalities. I suggested that she might be harassed by or even possessed of demons. Or else she refuses to keep her temperament and disposition under the control of reason and conscience. Alas, she preferred to stay in her condition.
The Soul Doctor warns about demon possession.
 We have detected an improvement in the attitude of ISU students over last year. I am getting to like preaching here better; it is so convenient preaching at ISU. We live only five minutes from campus and we can park right next to where we preach. This is a good Friday campus with a full schedule of classes on a Friday afternoon.
Love Compels Us!
Our Fundraiser--Campus Mission 2014-2015
Dear Christians,

   Where is our love for souls? Where is our passion to see men and women reconciled to our Creator through faith in Jesus Christ? 

   In 2 Corinthians 5, the Apostle Paul explained that it was the love of GOD that motivated, indeed compelled him to become an ambassador for Jesus taking the message of reconciliation to people dead in their sins. Some in Corinth had accused Paul of being "beside himself" or "out of his mind." The Apostle's explanation for his radical zeal was that he was convinced, "that if one died for all...those who live should no longer live for themselves, but for him who died for them and was raised again." 

   We are likewise convinced of the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus for all people and therefore the love of GOD motivates and compels us to action! On August 18, Bro. Jed, Sis. Pat and I plan to take the "word of reconciliation" to Illinois State University and launch Campus Mission 2014-2015. For 39 weeks (through June 5th 2015) we will spend five hours a day, five days a week, face-to-face, eyeball to eyeball, imploring students on Christ's behalf to be reconciled to their benevolent Maker. Some will allege that we are "out of our minds" but we will proclaim that God made his Son Jesus, "who knew no sin, to be a sin offering" for each of them that they "might become the righteousness of God" 2 Cor. 5:21. 

   Friend, would you like to team with us in this ministry of reconciliation? You might remember that for the last few summers we have had a Fundraiser to build a $10,000 cash reserve to help us end the year in the black. Thanks to your generosity, CMUSA currently has no debts! This year we are endeavoring to raise $10,000 by September 1 to start 2014-2015 with a travel fund. Having the reserve gives us a small storehouse to make ends meet when the regular giving does not cover expenses. It also allows us to focus primarily on the ministry of the word rather than fundraising during the rigorous school year.

   So this year, we are looking for "Ten Love-Compelled Christians" who will donate $1000 each. (II Cor. 9:6) The funds will be put in a special account and only used for travel/ministry expenses throughout the year. We are asking you to prayerfully consider being one of the "TEN LOVE-COMPELLED" who jump-start our 2014-2015 campus preaching mission with a sound financial strategy. If you would like to sow into CMUSA in this way, please mail your check for $1000 to our home office on this letter payable to CMUSA or you may give online through PayPal by clicking here:  Love Compelled!  We guarantee a high return on your investment. 

   Fundraising is a necessary part of our ministry; Jesus commanded, "Ask and you shall receive." We look to God Almighty as our ultimate source, not man; however, we believe that the ask and you shall receive principle applies to man also. We are letting you know what our needs are and at the same time trusting God with the final results.
If you are Love-Compelled, but you cannot be one of the TEN, any size gift is much appreciated. In years past sometimes a church or Sunday school class would go together on a gift. You saints on the home front are vital to CMUSA and the Kingdom!

   When students ask us where we get our money this is our reply: "Christians who are motived by the love of God and that really care about your lost souls give of their hard earned resources to help us reach you with the Gospel."

   Dear saints of God, "May fruit abound to your account" and "our God supply all your needs according to His riches in glory."  Philippines 4:16-19

For the Ministry of Reconciliation, 

Sister Cindy


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