The Untouchables
    Week 21 of this Spring marks the completion of 37 fruitful weeks of ministry for the 2013-2014 academic year.  This week featured two of Bro. Jed's current preaching disciples, Dean Saxton IV and Mikhail Sovenko, whom Bro. Jed has named The Untouchables.  Pray for these bold, holy men to stay the course and usher in revival.
    Read and be inspired by Bro. Jed's final journal of the year...pray for all who heard the Word this year AND start praying for 2014-2015!

In Christ, Sis. Cindy

June 2, 2014, UCLA
     By the middle of the afternoon the crowd was chanting, "Leave our campus; Leave our campus."  It was one of those just stand your ground days. We could do little teaching; we mostly reproved and rebuked.
It was one of those "stand your ground" days.  bob BIBLE at UCLA.
     Dean was the one who gathered the crowd while holding a sign in each hand; one said, "Yoga Pants are sin."  The other sign referenced Eliot Rodgers the liberal, anti-depressant addict, who killed a bunch of his fellow students at UC Santa Barbara.  However, what really stirred the students was when a man, who called himself a faggot, became angry with Dean for calling him a faggot.  He called the police and several administrative offices attempting to get us arrested for hate speech or at least kicked off campus.  The faggot was largely responsible for stirring the crowd against us.  
Students praying...for or against us...not sure.
   Someone doused Mikhail with a bottle of water.  When a female stole our signs, the faggot started pounding on Mikhail.  Mikhail recovered the sign.  The police stood by and did not interfere except to try to get the crowd to disperse at one point.  Dean challenged the students also to leave.  The faggot said, "Don't leave or they will win." Most everyone stayed.
Bro. Dean's signs provoked the initial interest but it was really a man who called himself a "faggot" who stirred things up, eventually hitting Bro. Mikhail and calling the police.
    At the beginning of Jesus' ministry a man with an unclean spirit cried out, saying "Let us alone; what have we to do with thee?"  We daily encounter these unclean spirits, who perceive that we are tormenting them before their time, especially when they see our YOU DESERVE HELL sign.  They know they are headed for Hell.  We are tormenting them when we remind them of their deserving end. 
    Mikhail and Dean are both fearless preachers.  I let them do most of the work today.  I had hoped to talk to some students on the sidelines.   But except for several exceptions, they were mostly too agitated to engage in productive dialogue.  An oriental woman and her daughter were impressed with our ministry.  A young local preacher, Jonathan Muralles, calmed the crowd somewhat late in the afternoon.  When we were ready to leave, we left campus at 4:30.
Huge boisterous crowd.
An irate listener baptized Bro. Mikhail with a bottle of water.


June 3, 2014, UCLA
      The faggot returned announcing that he had been arrested yesterday at the Chancellor's office.  He was waving a rainbow flag in front of Mikhail's face and simulating perverted sexual acts with a banana.  Sometimes he would get on his knees in front of the preacher.  He was such an embarrassment to the GLBT community that they took away his rainbow flag.  
The homosexuals were so so embarrassed by the banana toting "faggot" that they took his rainbow flag.
   The police came back on the scene.  Whenever Dean would film the action, several students would try to block his camera with their signs.   Dean had to constantly outmaneuver them.  Students kept putting signs in my face as I preached. bob BIBLE, Dean and Mikhail ran interference for me.  The police stood by but did nothing.  Dean had an altercation with a crazy Moslem, who objected to Dean speaking boldly against the false prophet of Islam.  The violent fanatic shoved Dean. 
bob one point the police started telling everyone to leave...few did.
   The police then intervened and handcuffed the Moslem.  The police asked Dean if he wanted to press charges, but he graciously refused.  So they let the Moslem go.  The police finally went through the crowd telling everyone to leave.  "This is want they want," the police said.  Few paid much attention to the police. At one point most left but soon they or others returned.  
It was as if the Holy Ghost was holding a magnet over Bruin Walk, which made it difficult for the students to resist.
Bro. Jonathan, gray shirt, stands for truth in the midst of strong opposition.
    Finally, bob BIBLE and were able to stabilize the crowd.  Meanwhile, Dean and Mikhail sat together on the sidelines holding their signs.  The signs which Dean made yesterday concerning Yoga pants and Eliot Rodgers slowly drew students around the dynamic duo.  Soon they had a large and attentive crowd, which was eating out of their hands. The boys taught the girls what they were looking for in a wife.  Dean was wearing his Virgin Pride shirt and telling the girls that he had never even been kissed.  This frustrates the females because they know they cannot control a man who refuses to be kissed.  It reminded me of the days when I told the girls that I have not been kissed for a decade until I got married at forty.  I have dubbed Dean and Mikhail "the Untouchables."
The police finally arrested an out of control Muslim who was pushing Dean.  He was released when Dean refused to press charges.
     During this time I had from 10-25 around me dealing mostly with apologetic issues and questions.  So from 2:30 until 5 PM the spirit was moving among the students and it was obvious some were seriously thinking.  One boy, who looked like Wayne in the film Wayne's World, played decadent music in my ear.  He finally calmed down when I encouraged him to read a passage from his Satanic Bible.  Then I would put the verse in a Biblical perspective.  Any objective observer would see that the Bible contains wisdom and the satanic verses folly.
At about 2:30, bob BIBLE, (he insists his name be spelled this way) calmed the crowd.  Some great question/answer sessions followed and the Spirit moved!


June 4, 2014, UC Irvine
     In my first preaching session I had an informal debate with a Moslem, who asked me, "If God is just, how can he hold a child accountable for someone else's (Adam's) sin.  I agreed that this is a problem, when taught byChristians.  Next he asked, "How could a just God murder his own Son?" Once again I agreed that this is a problem.  However, I explained that God did not murder his son.  He was killed by wicked men.  He countered that God sent him into a situation where he knew he would be killed.  I answered, "Mohammad was a warrior, who sent his men into a battle in which he knew some would be killed.  Does that make Mohammad guilty of murder?"  We went on and on about this issue.  
Bro. Mikhail reasoning with UC Irvine students.
    He still insisted the Christianity represented God as killing his own Son.  Unfortunately, many Christians use this language when explaining the atonement, which does call into question the justice of God for executing an innocent man.  Next, he brought up the Trinity, asking how the Father and Son could be the same person.  I explained that they are both essentially God but different personalities.  Their oneness is a oneness of essence (deity) and a oneness of love, purpose and spirit, much like a husband and wife, which are one in essence both fully human and one in love, purpose and spirit.  However, the wife is not the husband and the husband is not the wife.  I gave further explanation on all of these issues but he refused to hear because I was taking away his arguments in questioning the justice and nature of the Christian God. 
"If God is just, how can he hold a child accountable for  Adam's sin?" asked a Muslim student.
   Several students objected that I was not answering his questions; however, I suspect they simply did not like my answers because it took away their intellectual arguments against God.  With others, the interchange with the Moslem may have been over their heads.  The Moslem also asked, "If I believe in the Father but not in Jesus as the Son of God will I go to Hell?  I responded with John 14:6 and the need for atonement.  The Moslem had good questions but of course he really did not want answers, because it would require him to deny his confession, "There is but one God Allah and Mohammad is his prophet.  Since it appeared neither the Moslem nor other students were listening to my explanations I went into rebuke mode.  One never knows, perhaps a few quiet ones were receiving.  Later, I noticed that the Moslem had a long conversation with Dennis Carroll.
"God is calling you to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ!"
     On the sidelines, I had a profitable conversation with an atheist and Hindu.  The core of the conversation consisted of epistemology, how we know what we know.  The atheist claimed only to accept as truth what could be confirmed empirically.  I counted that he could not prove the validity of the laws of logic empirically.  The Hindu said to the atheist, "He got the best of you." 
   The Hindu had a problem in that according to his religion the material world is not real; therefore, the empirical method is useless.  The atheist denies the reality of the spiritual realm; the Hindu denies the reality of matter and the reality of self-consciousness.  Christianity is balanced in that we affirm the certainty of the physical world and believe in studying it through the five senses.  
"Christianity is balanced in that we affirm the certainty of the physical world and believe in studying it through the five senses," Bro. Jed
Christians also affirm the reality of the spiritual world and the value of the individual soul, as well as the body in that it will be resurrected.
   They kept asking about my degrees and areas of study.  What they did not know is that I did not learn any of my arguments in my formal education.  
  The untouchables (Mikhail and Dean) were also active.  Dean preaches from the car to the free speech area and he preaches as he walks back to the car.  When we walked past the campus Starbucks, he rebuked the establishment for the support of same sex marriage.  bob BIBLE was active with a crowd around him during the afternoon.  We departed campus at 4:30.  
Bro. Jed calling the saints to action at Praise Chapel-Anaheim.
I had a meeting at Praise Chapel Anaheim in the evening.  Pastor Garcia affirmed that my ministry and book had a profound influence on his life and subsequent ministry 34 years ago, when I spoke at the mother church of the Praise Chapels.  I decided to speak on my signature message, Who Will Rise Up?  The altars were filled with people repenting and asking for a baptism of boldness.
"I would go down to the beach at sunset and chant, "OOOOOmmmmm."


UC Riverside, June 5, 2014
      bob BIBLE gathered the crowd.  I took over about 1:45.  "The Untouchables," Dean and Mikhail, and I preached for the rest of the day.  I introduced both Dean and Mikhail as men looking for wives.  We all had some fun with this.  
bob BIBLE drew the crowd with his unique way of delivering the Gospel.
   The brazen girls all said they would not want these men.  I would immediately disqualify the contentious girls.  Although none of the girls would admit it, I believe a number of them would be interested in a man with self-control with whom they could have lots of  babies. 
At age 74, bob BIBLE is the oldest/longest street preacher alive. Sis. Pat is 84 but bob has preached over 50 years.
     It was very hot today, sunny and in the nineties.  The Assistant Dean of Students was out all afternoon to monitor the students.  He did a professional job of keeping the students at bay.  I noticed he took a few aside and talked with them and calmed them down.  I consider him to be a conscientious and effective administrator.  I had a long talk with an Asian girl who was interested in the subject of forgiveness. 
Bro. Jonathan is another young southern California preacher who joined us and took a fearless stand with our team.
      About 4:30 several Christians got involved in witnessing and the crowd broke up into groups.  When we left at 5 PM, there were still 50 students milling around and talking about issues we had raised.  One enlightened student said to me, "So this is what you guys are all about!  You are provoking discussion of spiritual questions."
One enlightened student said to me, "So this is what you guys are all about! You are provoking discussion of spiritual questions."
Bro. Jonathan having some "redemptive" conversations.
June 6, D Day, UC Irvine
       Our warrior king, "Jesus Christ gave himself for our sins, that he might deliver us from this present evil world."-Gal 1:4.

"We will not turn back until the lies of the enemy are routed and sin is conquered," Bro. Jed.
   As the Allied forces scaled the cliffs of Normandy to defeat our enemy, the preachers are going forth to conquer one of the main strongholds of evil, America's college campuses.  The vain philosophies that are being disseminated from these citadels of propaganda have captured our country with secularism, humanism, naturalism, scientism, Marxism, and gross immorality.  The preachers' weapons in this war include Truth, Faith, Righteousness and Prayer.  We will not turn back until the lies of the enemy are routed and sin is conquered.  "For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise and bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent."-1 Cor 1:19. 
Jesus Christ is the answer to the vain philosophies of man!
      Ruben and Dean preached on the streets of L.A today.  Jonathan Muralles joined us.  Doug, from Ruben's Bible study, and Dennis C. also ministered with us on the sidelines.  A brother from P.C. Anaheim held the YOU DESERVE HELL SIGN and personally witnessed to a number of students.  His pastor, Albert Garcia, was inspired to preach in the streets by reading, "Who Will Rise Up?".    We gathered a crowd the reached up to 150.  The police came out acting on a complaint from the library but we had our paperwork so all was well.  One of the policemen may have been a Christian since he had many questions concerning my mission.
It was an outstanding month of ministry with Bro. Mikhail. 
       I left shortly after 4 PM to meet my nephew, Greg, and his family at Anaheim Stadium for a baseball game between the Angels and the White Sox. Mikhail and Jonathon preached until after 5 PM. 
       So ends another academic year.  Mikhail and I had an outstanding month ministering together in Washington, Oregon and California.  Mikhail has come a long way in just one year.  He is already a seasoned preacher, who knows how to get and hold students attention and reasonably defend the faith.  I trust that we will be doing a lot of ministry together in the future.  Having Dean with us the last week certainly livened up the preaching even more.


Week 21
The Untouchables!
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