This student found a creative way to display what may be the best known as well as most misinterpreted verse in the Bible: Matthew 7:7.  This is the verse we encounter everyday as we declare the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a generation which calls evil good and good evil.  For more info on the judging issue see our website:
                           Our Approach
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May 12, 2014, Western Washington University
       Who are you guys?  Mikhail answered, "the Jed-I; we are Jed and I." 
       Students were agitated today as we continuously pounded them with the Word.  One, with whom I do not remember having any personal confrontation, spit on me when I was speaking on how, unlike animals, men are made in the image of God.  A strange looking male wearing eye makeup grabbed Mikhail's Bible and threw it; then he kicked the Bible.  A girl retrieved it for Mikhail. 
Where sin abounds...
       A male Christian was so emotionally distraught when speaking to me of our lack of love, he was actually crying.  Meanwhile, a professing transsexual asked, "Where does the Bible say anything against transsexuals?"  She/he described her/himself as a male in in female's body.   I suggested that she was a tom-boy who has never grown out of the stage.  I tried to get the cry-baby to inform the person that it was wrong to be a transsexual.  He insisted, "God has to do that; man cannot do anything towards his own salvation."
Bro. Mikhail told the students that we are the Jed-I or "Jed and I."
     One girl boldly and emotionally stood on a table and declared that Jesus is the Savior and admonished the students to read the Bible.   Then she rebuked me for carrying my staff crucifix informing me that Jesus is not dead and no longer on the cross.  Another female boldly witnessed that she loved Jesus, who had saved her from a life of depression, but she was still on anti-depressants and occasionally used drugs and alcohol. 
Opposition was intense from both unbelievers and professing Christians today.
     Another professing Christian admitted he was having sex with the girl he loved and would marry someday.  Several Christians took center stage to inform everyone that we were not showing love.  I did receive a few private words of encouragement.  We preached until after 5 PM with the crowd averaging 60-75 for much of the afternoon.  

Several Christians took center stage and JUDGED that we were NOT showing love.
May 13, 2014, Western Washington University,
      I was considering not coming to the northwest this year on account of having to work around the usual rain and dampness.  However, this week is beautiful weather and it looks good for next week in Oregon.  Today, Red Square was teaming with people.   Some group was promoting a pie in your face fund raiser.  I was concerned that someone would get a pie and throw it at Mikhail or me.  However, there was a policeman onsite all afternoon, which helped maintain some order.  Once again I was spit on.  Mikhail was pushed several times by an irate male until the police intervened and took him aside.
The weather was great for preaching and the campus was HOT.
   Repeatedly, I asked the crowd to come up with a more coherent, logically consistent, and believable belief system than Christianity.   They could come up with nothing.  So I asked, "Tell me something which God expects of men, which would not promote the highest good of all beings and prevent the highest misery of everyone."  Again they had no answers.  I urged them to reconsider Christianity since they had no religion or philosophy with which to replace it.
They sang, "All You Need is Love," and Bro. Jed countered singing, "Amazing Grace."
   There were several who made up and held signs promoting love.  At one time a group of what appeared to be too intimate women sang, "All You Need Is Love" by the Beatles.  At one point they joined me in singing "Amazing Grace."  I have never meant anyone who doesn't like that song even though few have a clue as to what grace means.  There is something about the song which appeals even to sinners.  They know they are wretched, lost, and blind.  The song extends hope; however, they refuse to avail themselves of the Hope of the Nations, Jesus Christ. 
Bro. Mikhail offers the students at Western Washington redemption from the "ball and chain of sin."
   I have been singing daily, "The House of the Rising Sun."  The universities have been the ruination of many a poor boy and God I know I was one.  The House of Holiness unto the Lord has been my redemption from the ball and chain of sin.
"Certainly, we are plowman; we are plowing fallow ground to prepare the soil for gospel seed."
   They were playing Brother Jed Bingo; at the end of the day I was asked to sign about 10 bingo cards.  This campus has a Chi Alpha group of hundreds; however, I have not encountered any of them the last two days.  A few Christians have spoken to me words of encouragement and approval.  On the other hand, a middle aged man loudly got on my case for not submitting to the authority of the Christian groups on campus.  He claimed, "You are plowing up the seed the Christians have sown."   Mikhail countered that their seed was sown on stony ground.  Certainly, we are plowman; we are plowing fallow ground to prepare the soil for gospel seed.
Sowing in the sunshine, sowing in the shadows,
Fearing neither clouds nor winter's chilling breeze;
By and by the harvest, and the labor ended,
We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves.
     Later the man, who admonished me for not recognizing authority, took the liberty of taking over my audience without asking my permission.  I let him speak his message of love without interruption to an 
 approving audience

May 14, 2014, University of Washington
      As we walked towards Red Square, two policemen approached Mikhail and me.  I thought this could be trouble, they must have heard I was coming.  The policewoman extended her hand and cheerfully greeted and welcomed me to campus.  She warmly introduced me to her male associate.  Last year, the chief of security, who is a Christian, familiarized himself to me.

The police met Bro. Jed and Bro. Mikhail on campus with a warm welcome today.
     We went to the center or Red Square.  I lifted my staff crucifix, which Cindy and the girls gave me on my 70th birthday.  I brought it on this trip since it is detachable into three parts for easy traveling. I announced, "When I was preaching at Western Washington on Monday a male mocker passing by asked me, 'Who is that guy on the stick?'  Pontius Pilate wrote on the cross, He is 'King of the Jews.'' 
      I asked, "What kind of a monarch is this hanging on a stick?'  Monarchs are seated on a throne, wearing purple robes and a royal crown.  Who is this king hanging on a stick, naked wearing a crown of thrones?  Who could believe that he is royalty?  No wonder Isaiah asked, 'Who hath believed our report?  To whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?'" 
"What kind on monarch is hanging on a stick?"
     "Who is this guy hanging on a stick with stretched out arms and hands nailed to a tree?  His strength is made perfect in weakness.  The weakness of God is stronger than men.  Who ever heard of a monarch, who rose to power to serve?  Monarchs expect to be served.  This king on a stick came to serve and give his life as a ransom for many.  The guy on the stick is a suffering servant." 
      "Who is this guy hanging on a stick?  The Roman Centurion after feeling the earth shake and seeing Jesus' sufferings said, "Surely this was the Son of God."
"Who is this guy hanging on a stick with stretched out arms and hands nailed to a tree?"
     This turned into a 40 minute sermon with me preaching to a passive and indifferent audience the various names and offices. which describe this guy hanging on a stick.  It was a much anointed message that apparently fell on deaf ears.
"This king on a stick came to serve and give his life as a ransom for many."
     Finally as the classes passed, I called upon Mikhail who proclaimed, "You have just heard of the mercy of God, which you have refused.  Now I am going to warn you of the Judgment of God."  Mikhail immediately got negative feedback and soon gathered an audience of over 100.  Meanwhile, a depraved student came up and whispered something so wicked in my ear concerning Jesus that I would not dare repeat it on this venue.  He walked off and soon returned with a pretty girl, who whispered the same deviant accusation against our Lord. 
"Surely this was the Son of God."
      There was an angry Jewish man, who was continuously in Mikhail's face.  He looked on the verge of hitting Mikhail.  He walked away several times apparently to cool off, only to return angrier than before. 
       Two local women came out Nicole and Annie.  Nicole was all over the place passing out tracts and working the crowd one on one.  Annie ministered to a girl, who admitted that she was not where she should be with the Lord.  Annie said, "A boy has replaced him."  The girl confessed that was true.  Annie said, "Your name is Jessica."  The girl was stunned that the Annie knew her name.  Annie had received a gift of knowledge from the Lord. Annie prayed with the girl.
      Fred Lust joined us with his guitar.  He sang his new song, "Molly Virus."  "Molly Virus is a whore; she was a Christian but she's not anymore."  Fred so stirred the students that they jumped up from the platforms upon which they were sitting and were in his face for more than 30 minutes.
      The weather was sunny and in the eighties.         
May 15, 2014, University of Washington,
     Mikhail opened the meeting and soon drew a sizable
"The weakness of God is stronger than men." 
I Cor. 1:25
audience.  Dan, with whom I have had confrontations in past years, harassed Mikhail.  Dan fancies himself a theologian but he is certainly not a man after God's heart like his namesake.  He is a strong proponent of the inherited sin nature.  Dan is one of the most arrogant professing Christians that I have ever encountered.   He claims that all Christians sin daily in thought word and deed.  Mikhail was able to preach above his objections.  Nevertheless, he was a distraction.  He demonstrates no concern for winning souls but merely defending his sin excusing doctrines.  He argues for points which are above the heads of theological and Biblical illiterates, which includes most students.  Dan also hassled Fred and me.  I mostly ignored the pest.
      Two men dressed in body suits, which covered their faces, danced around me for fifteen minutes.  One angry student cursed Mikhail and tried to steal the YOU DESERVE HELL sign.  Otherwise most of the students were respectful.  Mikhail had fun telling the qualities of a virtuous woman which would be necessary to qualify to be his wife. 
Mostly attentive crowd and lots of good sideline conversations in spite of the opposition.
       I had good sideline conversations.  At one point a group approached me requesting "Sex Ed with Brother Jed."  Afterwards, I spoke on the letter vs. the spirit of the law.  Dan's problem is that he is all caught up in the letter of the law, which is why he is convinced no one can live above sin.  I taught on the Trinity and the teleological argument for the existence of God.  One atheist admitted to me that the argument from design made sense.  I spoke on how the God of the Bible is different from all other gods in that he is essentially of God of love.  He is our suffering servant, which is fully demonstrated on the cross where he willingly gave his life. 
       We ministered until 5:30.      
May 16, 2014, Western Washington University
     Jan O and Fred Lusk accompanied Mikhail and me to campus. 
     Mikhail quickly drew a sizable crowd.  A female pleaded with us on the sidelines to stop preaching.  She seemed so serious and distraught.  She claimed that she had the area reserved.  Finally, one of the students suggested that we move to another place on Red Square.  Meanwhile, she set up her table; she had the vital work of passing out free condoms.  She is evidently another victim of "the condom gospel."  I asked, "What do your parents think about you passing out condoms?"
      While Mikhail was preaching to an audience of over one hundred, Professor Holly asked me to address her Sociology of Religion class.  I made a 10 minute introductory statement including my testimony and call to preach. Then I fielded questions from the professor and the class for 30 minutes.  No one was argumentative and all were respectful.  I had the opportunity to present the gospel and the necessity of overcoming sin.

Bro. Mikhail gets their attention by talking about what he is looking for in a wife.
     When I came back outside, the crowd was gone.  Mikhail had a few students to whom he was talking.  The policewoman told me that she had to break up the meeting because the crowd was too loud and she had had too many complaints.  We stayed and gradually several student came up to converse with me.  Mikhail in his conversation gradually built up a group of twenty.  A bearded man, who at the beginning of our preaching day Mikhail had used to build a crowd, again argued with Mikhail.  Unfortunately, the two of them got too loud for the policewoman.  She came up to me and threatened us with arrest for disorderly conduct if we did not leave.  Since it was 2:15 and we had already ministered for almost three hours I decided not to further press the issue. 
The crowd was so stirred that the police forced us to leave with threat of arrest.
   The four of us returned to the Jan's home.  Fred shared his testimony.  Jan had encouraged him to come out to UW to hear me two years ago, when I called upon him to speak to the students; it was the first time he had witnessed in such a venue.  He liked the preaching.  He listened to some of the arguments I had with the sin excusing monergist, Dan, who believes that God alone brings about the salvation of individuals without their cooperation.  Through hearing my preaching and as a result of reading my writings on my website, Fred concluded that he did not have to put up with sin in his own life.  He started on the pathway of holiness.  Fred, a retired machinist, is planning to preach with us in Oregon next week.   
Bro. Jed addressed the Sociology of Religion class at WWS.

The Jed-I make the news at Western.


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