The Perfect Preach
   May 26-30 Pastor Jimmie Lewis in Boise, Idaho preached boldly with Bro. Jed at Boise State University.  Bro. Jed challenged the folks at Pastor Jimmie's fellowship, Global Outreach, to more evangelism and a stronger commitment to Christ. Pastor Jimmie led a student, Jake, to repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus. The two men were a great team. It is ideal when a local pastor supports the ministry and can do follow-up.  It is what we call "The Perfect Preach!"  Enjoy Bro. Jed's written journal below and check out the five videos posted by a BSU student. 
   Bro. Jed is home for summer and would like to be a blessing to your church fellowship.  Call or email to schedule for  the summer or fall.
Sis. Cindy
Fun with Jesus at Boise State, May 7 2014, part 1 of 2
Fun with Jesus at Boise State, May 7 2014, part 1 of 2

Fun with Jesus at Boise State, May 7 2014, part 2 of 2
Fun with Jesus at Boise State, May 7 2014, part 2 of 2

More Fun with Jesus at Boise State, May 8 2014, part 1 of 3
More Fun with Jesus at Boise State, May 8 2014, part 1 of 3

More Fun with Jesus at Boise State, May 8 2014, part 2 of 3
More Fun with Jesus at Boise State, May 8 2014, part 2 of 3

More Fun with Jesus at Boise State, May 8 2014, part 3 of 3
More Fun with Jesus at Boise State, May 8 2014, part 3 of 3

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May 5, 2014, Boise State University
      "This is the most fun I have had in a long time," said Pastor Jimmie Lewis of Global Outreach Church.  
These were the only ones on campus who didn't get mad about the sign.
Confrontational evangelism is serious business but it is also exciting and challenging.  With friendship evangelism I guess the fun is going to shows, eating together or whatever relational evangelism says you do with sinners.    
      I anticipated that we would get a large crowd today.  Since I have never been on Boise State, I expected that we would profit from the novelty effect.  However, we received reports from students that they regularly get campus preachers.  I do not know who the preachers are but one must be a local since he comes out about once a week.  We never gathered an audience of more than eight.  Nevertheless, we created a stir on campus, which resulted in good conversations.
On Sunday morning Bro. Jed gave his classic, "Who Will Rise Up?" message to this new church.
      The reaction to my YOU DESERVE HELL sign was vicious, significantly more so than usual.  One base fellow cursed Pastor Jimmie with the f-word time after time.  He took the folding chair and threw it across the lawn.  After threatening us, he had the audacity to complain to the police.  The police did not interfere.  Later he returned with two boys.  One held a sign which read, "I deserve Hell," the next sign said, "Me too," the foul mouthed fellow's sign said, "Who cares."  The base fellow left several times only to return.
Pastor Jimmie Lewis defending the sign and Bro. Jed's ministry at BSU.
     A reformed campus minister, who knew me from the University of Missouri, informed me, "You are making my job harder."  He may have mellowed a little when I explained to him how he could take advantage of the controversy we were creating. 
BSU has fallen far from its Christian heritage.
     Three fellows politely challenged me on my sign.  Pastor Jimmie defended me and after talking with them for over an hour, he seemed to win them over.  They suggested we eat with them but I reminded Pastor that his wife had fixed us a beef stew. 
      Sunday morning I spoke in Pastor Jimmie's church on, "Who Will Rise Up?"  One Sunday night he took me to a convocation for Pentecostal ministers.  Pastor Jimmie was allowed to testify concerning his pioneer church and he spoke of our campus outreach which he calls, "Operation BSU ."  After the convocation a lady said to me, "There are good kids at BSU."  Of course, I know better.  They are mostly bad kids, who are lost in their trespasses and sins.  I expect things to pick up as the week progresses and the weather warms up.  Pastor got a vision for the campus today, which already makes my ministry successful in this city.  He interacts well with the students and firmly believes in confrontational evangelism and holiness.
While visiting friends in Missouri, Sis. Cindy and granddaughter, Iris, joined Dr. Mike Acuff for his weekly Monday preach at the University of Missouri. Iris quoted some Bible verses to the listeners.
May 6, 2014, Boise State University
     Pastor Jimmie Lewis said, "Students want to tell us the way to do what they do not do."  We dealt with complaints all afternoon from people on how to evangelize.  A friendly policeman moved us to a location away from the library where we preached yesterday to the front of the Business/Economics building.  I was informed that this is "dead week" on campus.  And up until mid-afternoon, it was pretty dead.  However, about 2:30 I prayed that God would give us a breakthrough.  Shortly thereafter students started gathering.  I was pushing the buttons of the feminists and especially a lesbian/ feminist.  I explained, "I am not there to put women down but just to keep them in their proper place."
The sexual perverts came out of the woodwork!
     They continued to be disturbed by my "You Deserve Hell" sign.   The sexual perverts came out of the woodwork.  Pastor Jimmie was biting at the bit to get into the fray but I held him back until I made sure that we captivated the crowd.  I did turn it over to him within forty minutes, since I wanted the Pastor to be the main face since he is planning on centering his attention on the campus.  He is already talking about preaching to them when they return next fall. 
"Truth conquers!" is the meaning of Veritas Vinci written on this stone years ago at BSU.  Indeed the truth prevailed this week on this campus which has a much forgotten Christian heritage.
   The local news was on campus to cover another story.  However, students directed them towards "the breaking news" on campus, which was our preaching.  We stayed until almost 6 PM.  Pastor Jimmie continued his strong preaching and witnessing on the sidelines.  Kirk, from Jimmie's church, joined us today.  One unbeliever, Jake, walked off campus with us and said he was planning on attending our service tomorrow night.  Although the students were stirred, there were times would we had their quiet attention.  There were several nice looking girls in the crowd, who admitted they had no shame over having sex.
Pastor Jimmie is an anointed preacher of the Gospel and is motivated to continue the campus outreach.

May 7, 2014, Boise State
     To view a news report of today click this link:
     We got an audience right away as word is getting out about our ministry.  The feminist lesbian from yesterday showed up wearing a dress and she was quiet today.  Students were sitting on the porch of the Business/Economics building so I just started preaching to them in a lower voice than usual.  More students gradually gathered.  I shared my testimony for the first time to an attentive audience.  At one point a heckler led the crowd in "Kum By Yah."  After I turned the meeting over to Pastor Jimmie, the flat singer once again led the students in "Kum By Yah," trying to prevent the students from hearing Pastor.  Eventually, a crowd gathered around Pastor so that they could hear what he had to say. 
Serious discussion in the midst of a wild meeting...usually happens.
     Meanwhile, a student from the secular alliance was passing out "Bigot Bingo with Brother Jed."  At one point I just preached from the short quotes listed in the boxes.  Some of the quotes are not mine, but come from other preachers. 
      By 3:45 the crowd increased to over 100.  One heckler was carrying a shoe in his hand saying, "Worship the shoe and he will heal you."  He carried on along these lines for almost an hour.  Earlier he had informed me that there is no such thing as sin.  I warned the crowd, which was mostly laughing at the shoe guy's monologue, that God would laugh and mock at their calamity when their fear comes on Judgment Day (Proverbs 1:26).

The porch of the economics/business building was a good spot to gather a crowd today.  Seated students listen better!
    There was one particularly contentious, cursing and unruly woman, who was in my face for almost an hour along with a tall and heavy fellow.  The husky fellow was determined to hug me.  I made it clear that he was not to touch or hug me.  He grabbed me and started squeezing me.  Not able to get away from him, I pushed my fist into his neck to fend him off.  This was not a punch intend to hurt him but to defend myself and to be released from his squeeze.  I had no idea of what he had in mind.  I have in the past under similar situations had students kiss me or touch me in a perverted way.  This resulted in an uproar the unruly woman called the police. 
      About 5:30 we left campus since we had a meeting at the church tonight.   A policeman stopped us as we were leaving to ask about the incident.  I told him what happened and he took my I.D.  He interviewed others including the contentious woman.  The policeman admitted that he did not have evidence to conclude that a crime had taken place but he indicated he was going to do a further investigation.  Pastor Jimmie asked the policeman what he would do if someone hugged him against his will.  The policeman said, "He would be on the ground."  Should not an unarmed citizen be allowed to do the same? 
Pastor Jimmie was NOT banned from campus!   Bro. Jed was!!
   However, campus security wrote me an "Exclusion Notice" informing me that I was excluded from campus until revoked by the Executive Director of University Security.  I am hoping to meet with him in the morning.  Meanwhile, Pastor Jimmie, who is not banned, is planning on preaching tomorrow.  I may have to find a suitable location off campus, if possible.  At the end of the day, Pastor said to me, "We make a good team."  Indeed, we do.  My associate, Bro Cope would like Pastor Jimmie, who uses the same expression as he does in referring to a sodomite. 
     This evening Pastor met with Jake for coffee, who he talked with on campus on Monday.  Jake tearfully received Christ as his Savior.  Already there is definite fruit from our labors.  Pray that we can get this exclusion noticed lifted before noon tomorrow or at least by Friday.  I don't like to lose two vital days of preaching.  Souls are in the balance. 
      Timothy Duane Davis later responded to my FB journal entry, "Wow, an "Exclusion Notice" interesting. Me thinketh Jesus got one of those already, He being not allowed on campus."


May 8, 2014, Boise State University
     At 1 PM I had an appointment with the Campus Security Supervisor, who rescinded my Exclusion notice.  He watched the video and did not perceive that I had broken any law.  We returned to the front of the Business/Economics building and a group from the Secular Alliance was waiting for Pastor Jimmie.  They were not expecting me since they had heard that I was banned.  Several students, who knew of the incident, agreed that I had every right to have pushed the hugger away.  The witch, who called the police yesterday, was surprised and disturbed when she saw me.  Quickly, students gathered. 
After all the publicity and the ban from campus that was lifted, students gathered quickly today.
    A pleasant girl asked me a few questions then inquired if she could speak.  She fully supported what we were doing and expressed her disgust for the hatred the students were expressing.  There were no buts in her talk.  Usually the students will give a caveat whenever they endorse my preaching.  She spoke of her love for Jesus.  Her testimony did quiet the students for a little while until the witch started riding her broom through the crowd. 
     Soon the same local TV station, which covered us the other day, appeared again.  The journalist was one of the most unprofessional media persons I have ever encountered.  He stuck his microphone in my face and repeatedly asked, "Why did you hit the student yesterday?"  I informed him that I was not answering until he developed a more professional stanch.  The witch kept riding her broom in front of the cameras to rant. 
If you warn someone that their sin and rejection of Jesus Christ will take them to hell, you are sure to be accused of hate speech and labeled a bigot!
     I turned the meeting over to the Pastor and I allowed the newscaster to interview me about the incident and he also asked about some of the names we were calling students.  Once again the secularists were promoting Bigoted Bingo.  A group of Christians thanked me for my witness; they were boldly sharing their faith.  At one point the TV newsmen focused on them.  Many students were hanging out but keeping their distance.  However, we had a group of regular hecklers, who mostly stayed close to us.  At one time Jimmie posed with the students for a group photo. 
Some of the secularists who promoted "Bigoted Bingo" wanted to be photographed with Pastor Jimmie. 
     The Dean of Students introduced himself to me and said, "Welcome to campus."  He remembered hearing me at the University of Idaho back in the eighties during his undergraduate years.  He also recalled Sister Cindy.  He said, "You are welcome to come back to campus anytime."  He called some of the hecklers aside to calm them down.  He decided to call campus security to monitor the scene. 
     After 3 PM I sat on a folding chair and went into teaching mode.  I taught on the nature of the soul, the mind, emotions and the will.  I taught on Open Theism.  I spoke on the necessity of atonement and the uniqueness of the Christian religion.  I shared Cindy's testimony and lectured on "Sex Ed with Brother Jed." 
Newscaster interviews students about yesterday's incident.
    As we were going home Pastor said, "You had them eating out of your hands."  I felt that I won many of them over today to the extent that they realized that I am no fool.  I had a personal conversation with the shoe god guy.  I regaled him with some of my war stories. 
     Thank you to everyone who prayed, the Lord answered.
May 9, 2014, Boise State
     I prayed this morning for a Grand Finale; we had to settle for an afterglow.  It rained most of the morning and we had to deal with light showers off and on in the afternoon.  There were much fewer students passing on the Friday before final exams.  Pastor Jimmie had an hour long conversation with a student.  I gathered four on the wall of the Business/Economics building.  I related the story of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and the creation of Eve and Adam's reaction.  I taught basic apologetics.  After an hour Pastor taught this same group.  We left campus about 3:30 PM.     
Pastor Jimmie was a faithful soldier all week and his work really made Operation BSU fruitful! Thank you, Brother!
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