April 7, 2014, Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, TX

Since we stayed over for the Sunday evening service at the Jal, NM, Church of God, we could not make the University of Oklahoma in time to preach. Instead, we stopped at Midwestern State; however, we did not arrive to speak the until the 2:45 break. Since this was the first time I visited this campus, I called ahead to inquire concerning their free speech policy. Cindy Cummings was the contact person in the Student Union. She said the whole campus was open to free speech.

The enrollment is less than 6000; it appeared most classes were already over for the day as few students passed at the break. I took a low key approach and primarily let my banner do the talking. Within about 10 minutes several people stopped including a literature professor, who said he was a Buddhist and a Jewish atheist philosophy professor. The literature professor claimed that he was living a life of self-denial by being a vegan. The philosophy professor thought that if a person was good it should be enough to take him to Heaven. We had polite dialogue but these professors were sad examples and mentors to confused youth. The philosophy professor thought that if a person after examining the evidence sincerely had faith that God did not exist, he should not be condemned if later proven to be wrong. I countered that no one who does not believe in God is sincere. Creation requires a Creator. God is a necessary being. Men are willfully ignorant of God according to Romans 1:18. After about 30 minutes the philosophy prof had to leave so the others also left.

Within ten minutes several more people showed up. One of the girls from the first group of listeners returned with two lesbians. Cindy was sitting across the street and she overheard one girl say to a friend, "Don't go over there and be mean. I have already talked to them; they are two very nice old people."

The only student that got out of hand was a young man,
Sis. Pat was up early and waiting for us to pick her up on the corner and head from New Mexico to Texas. She is a trooper!
whom I asked, "What do you think about what I have been saying?" He answered, "I am just listening." I answered, "That's good, St. James said, 'Be swift to hear, slow to speak and slow to wrath.'"

However, when I said, "Thankfully, the recent shooter at Ft. Hood killed himself," he went into a rage and gave me the middle finger for lacking compassion. He thought the shooters alleged mental issues should excuse his behavior. Shortly after, the several I had gathered all left. We fold things up at 4 PM.

Sister Pat had a few good conversations on the sidelines. A policeman showed up; however, he only monitored the situation from afar.

I am so glad that we stopped at this campus. I do not like to miss a day of preaching. The general rule has always been to put the campus preaching before church preaching. However, I made an exception in staying on to preach at the Church of God on Sunday night. I felt that we redeemed the day by preaching at a campus, which I have never been on before. As Sister Pat said, "We hit the jackpot with the two professors. It should be a good place to preach in the future, especially if I can start earlier. We arrived in Norman, Oklahoma, at 6:30 PM. We will preach at the University of Oklahoma tomorrow and Wednesday.


April 8, 2014, University of Oklahoma

   Naturally, it was a windy day in Norman. Spiritually, the Holy Ghost was moving through the campus in gusts. I had not been preaching long when about 10 students arrived carrying a sofa. A few sat on the sofa and others on the ground and started playing Brother Jed Bingo. I assumed it was an atheist group. However, a few of them claimed to be Christians. They identified themselves as The Constitutional Studies Student Association. They attracted several other observers.
Students brought a couch out and started playing Bro. Jed Bingo.

   Soon a class arrived; it was my understanding that they were a class in constitutional studies. They did not say much. I talked on how the Constitution supports a limited federal government. The class left after about 20 minutes. I turned the meeting over to Sister Pat. She talked considerably about modesty in dress. Many of the girls passing by were wearing their shorts; others were just wearing their underwear (leggings, yoga pants). One girl, who seemed rather pleasant, was in her pajamas. It has become acceptable for girls to go to class in pajamas and underwear these days.

Bro. Derek is a 22 year old local minister who joined us for the first time today. He did a fantastic job of preaching and answering questions.

   Brother Derek from Tulsa drove down to observe us today. He is a 22 year old holiness preacher who has had some experience in street evangelism and had been on the Rogers College campus with a few seasoned preachers. I am not much for observers. I decided that it would be good for the students to hear from him so I threw him to the wolves. Derek did very well quieting the howling beasts, although he admitted later it was an intimidating situation for him. He wasn't sure how to answer the question, "Why should not Christian parents stone disobedient children today?" He finally called upon me to answer the question. My take was that we do not live in a theocracy like Israel of old. Christians today might consider accounting an incorrigible son as dead until he repents, which would spiritually equivalent to a public stoning. Also, the death penalty for rebellious offspring under the judicial laws of Israel demonstrates to us under the New Covenant that dishonoring parents is a deadly sin.

Sis. Pat addressed the modesty issue. Pajamas to class is the norm these days.

Later, the same instructor who came out with a class earlier returned with another class, which simply listened. After a while another Holy Ghost gust blew our way when another faculty member brought out a class in Religion and Politics. I am not sure what the class was supposed to be about but I expounded on limited government, individual responsibility and private property. I illustrated my points with the Parables of the talents and the Good Samaritan. I taught on the difference between the Welfare State and charity. When I asked for questions the professor disappointed me when she asked, "Will someone go to Hell if they voted for Obama as President?" I answered, "Not necessarily, many Christians are ignorant of the constitutional role of government. Many females voted for Obama because he was cool, especially in comparison to John McCain, a crippled old war hero. The Mormon candidate was too much of a goody two shoes for most of the girls." This class listened for about 20 minutes.

Two classes joined the meeting today: one was a constitutional law class and the other was a religion and politics class.

   After the class left others left as well until we were back down to a handful. I called on Sister Pat and she built up the crowd again and turned it back to Brother Derek since the natural wind made it difficult for her to preach. Brother Derek ably held the attention of the students until I took over. The Holy Ghost blew on me and I preached to an audience which was lined up like a police lineup for over an hour. Of course, students are criminals with maybe a few innocent ones mixed in with the guilty. We stayed on campus until 5:45; for the last hour we each had groups to whom we were ministering.

April 9, 2014, UO

Upon arrival a political science and constitutional law professor greeted me as he had yesterday. He heard me thirty years ago at Florida State University. He informed me that he encouraged his colleagues to bring their classes out yesterday. He advised, "Brother Jed is one of the best communicators that you will have the opportunity to hear." Open-air preachers do not get much respect; however, it is appreciated when given.

Later two old gents walked up to me. One was Herb S., who was firm friend from my graduate work days at Indiana State. We met over forty years ago in an encounter class. We recalled a weekend retreat, where members of the group were to share their deepest feelings without concern for social conventions. I shocked our encounter group when I said, "I want to have an orgy." The professor, who lead the encounter group, countered by saying, "Jed, we are not ready for that--yet."

"Brother Jed is one of the best communicators that you will have the opportunity to hear," Political Science and Constitutional Law professor at the University of Oklahoma.

Who knows what they are doing in these encounter groups four decades later? Herb and I had an enjoyable time reminiscing and bringing one another up to date after not communicating for forty years. I met Herb at a time when I was searching for the truth so he had the opportunity to see the change that the Lord wrought in my life. Herb was with his younger brother. The conversation with the political science prof and with Herb, who is a psychologist, made my day!

The Oklahoma Daily ran a front page article with a large picture of me holding the YOU DESERVE HELL sign in my "aged hands." I am so glad that I still have these "aged hands" with no arthritis or any such problems. Shortly after we started speaking, the Constitutional Studies Student Organization came out with their sofa and set up for the day to encourage students to stop in celebration of the first amendment.

Sis. Pat had an attentive session for 40 minutes.  She is the one in red in the middle back.

 The audience was more frivolous than yesterday. We did not have as many listening as yesterday, which surprised me considering the newspaper coverage, the CSSO promoting my preaching and the better weather. Despite the lightheartedness, which I sometimes contributed to with my parodies, there were periods of solemnity, when I made some profound points. We left campus at 3 PM since we had a five hour drive to Springfield, MO. Usually, this is a good late afternoon campus, so we may have missed our best opportunity to reach more students. Sister Pat had an attentive session for 40 minutes with a dozen or so after 2 PM.


April 10, 2014, Missouri State University

We had a first today. I gathered a crowd after Cindy failed. We were unable to reserve our regular spot in front of Strong Hall. We had to settle for the Bear Claw behind the Student Union. The problem is that there is no pedestrian traffic between classes. The students were going to and fro from classes to the dorms. Cindy started but after 20 minutes she became discouraged since there were so few students passing. She doesn't usually give up so quickly. She was so disappointed because we had Justina Mercy and Granddaughter Iris coming out to sing and quote Bible verses. 
Iris and Justina sing "This Little Light of Mine."
   There is another free speech area by the football stadium; we decided to try that area but the Jehovah Witnesses had occupied that space. I was not sure if they had reserved it or not. We had most of our stuff packed up to move when we decided we better pray. After prayer we felt led of the Spirit to stay in the Bear Claw area. I faced the big standing grizzly bear statue at the entrance of the Student Union, which to me represented apathy. I started preaching to the few that were passing. I finally captured the attention of a long-haired hippy looking type. I said, "You look like a pot head." He showed me his drug free back pack. I confronted him with other sins which captured his attention. Soon I arrested the attention of others until we had an audience of about 50, which we maintained for the rest of the afternoon.
Iris quoted John 3:16
Justina arrived after 1 PM with a few of her friends, who were interested in studying our approach. One of them was a MSU student and the other had just graduated from Theological Seminary at Evangel University. He questioned me about our approach to evangelism and seemed to understand what we were trying to accomplish. Justina gave a testimony when she introduced her song explaining how Jesus helped her through the challenges of being a single mother. It was the boldest testimony that I have heard Justina give. She and Iris then sang, "This Little Light of Mine."

Willard Manning from Monroe, LA, joined us on campus. He was present when Cindy was arrested on the campus in Monroe over 30 years ago before we were married. Brother Manning is retired now and gives a bold witness for Jesus. He said that Pastor David Diamond had prayed for him to be bolder many years ago. He is now very bold in one-on-one encounters. Late in the day I called upon him to preach. He is an old-fashion Pentecostal and shows a lot of passion and emotion as he preaches. Whenever students challenged him with difficult questions, he brought them back to the simplicity of the gospel of salvation through Jesus. When challenged for evidence for God, Brother Manning said, "The stars speak to us of God."

Brother Manning expressed an interest in joining the team on a part-time basis. He is retired and has a car so I suggested he could meet us on various campuses in the future. I perceive that he loves to witness for the Lord, which is the main qualification for becoming a part of The Campus Ministry USA.

Justina gave a powerful testimony for Jesus.
A girl named Sophie approached me early in the afternoon as the crowd was growing hostile. She said, "Last year you challenged me concerning my piercings, including my tongue piercing. You asked me what my parents thought about my piercings. I confessed that they did not like them. See Brother Jed, I do not have the piercings anymore." She then wanted her picture taken with me. The long-haired guy protested, "Why do you want your picture taken with him?" Later I had a conversation with Sophie on the sidelines. She informed me that 6 months ago she quit drinking. And that she had been on a mission trip to Costa Rica.
We had to stop at 4:30 since another group had the area reserved. What started off looking like a dismal day, turned out to be a very good day with a lively crowd and Cindy was encouraged. 

April 11, 2014, Missouri State University

We were able to move back to Strong Hall steps today. I hoisted the banner and drew a crowd of about 35. Usually, the atheists protest my meetings at MSU with signs, etc. However, there was not an organized effort to oppose me this year. Our audience was made up mostly frivolous and simplistic scorners.

Proverbs 1:22: How long, ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge?

23 Turn you at my reproof: behold, I will pour out my spirit unto you, I will make known my words unto you.

24 Because I have called, and ye refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded;

25 But ye have set at nought all my counsel, and would none of my reproof.
Bro. Willard Manning calls the students to repentance and faith in Christ. Boys strip down to get a tan.
The flaming gay guy who was sashaying about yesterday was out all day again today. One modestly dressed girl with a seemingly meek and quiet spirit told me she had a Christian since 10 years old. I believed her and set her up as an example. Only to find out after a while that she was a lesbian! She ended up holding hands with her luster partner for much of my preaching. Sister Pat had a long talk with both of these perverts on the sidelines trying to talk them out of their deadly path. Yesterday, Sister Pat had three good prayer sessions with people in the crowd.

Sister Pat and I left about 10 students with Brother Willard Manning at 3:30; Cindy had gone to the mall with Granddaughter Iris. We drove to Fort Leonard Wood to have dinner with Evangeline and Martha, then unto to Terre Haute arriving home at midnight. So ended our road trip which started on January 4th, we preached in seven states. It was one of the most successful tours that I remember as far as actually getting professions of faith while on campus. Eternity show that seeds were sown in countless hearts which will eventually come to fruition. Some regarded and others will eventually regard.
Iris quotes Psalm 1 with Grandmother's help.

Later Brother Manning wrote the following on FB, "A young man who is studying to become a Minister of Music got so mad that he told Bro. Jed that there was no hell, even though he admitted later that should he knew hell was real. While talking to him, I found the reason that he was mad. He had been living with his girlfriend in a sinful unmarried relationship. Most people believe that they are living right and hate to have their sins exposed. Your heart will deceive you. You need to go by the Word of God."

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