Pray for Bro. Jed and Bro. Mikhail as they minister in the state of Washington this week and Oregon next week. God is moving!

bob BIBLE giving his testimony
bob BIBLE giving his testimony at Long Beach State. 
   bob BIBLE has preached the Gospel open-air for over fifty years! He is the oldest (74) open air preacher that we know and has preached the Gospel on the streets for more years than any man alive as far as we know.  He was one of the original founders of the Christian Brothers Church in Southern California. They were the designers of the Christian t-shirts that we wear and the forerunners of the modern street and campus preachers. (bob insists that his name be spelled as is.)
March 24, 2014, Long Beach State University
     A crew of five film makers making a reality show for
Our producer, Roger Nygard, holds Sis. Pat's sign for a quick photo:)
our ministry met us on campus with two cameras.  They want our daughters to be a part of the film.  It was exciting to have Charlotte, Martha and Priscilla on campus once again.  Martha and Priscilla are visiting Charlotte and our friends Kirk and Marianne for a week in Southern California.  It made my day to have the daughters with us once again like the old days.  Priscilla sang, "Come thou Fount of Every Blessing."  The film crew was particularly interested in getting "Sex Ed with Brother Jed" recorded. 
       The ranting Calvinist preacher, who last month rebuked me at the University of Arizona, was on campus.  He did not have much of an audience so he had to attempt to capture the attention of my listeners.  This is the typical method of operation of these ranters, who have been coming against me more and more of late.

Family time after a day on campus.
       Cindy mentioned to me, "This guy has made more references to the name of Jed than he has the name of Jesus."  Ironically, he said to me at one point, "It's not about crowds, Jed; it is about the cross."  However, he sure likes to interrupt the crowds that my team and I have gathered.  I mostly ignored him.  He is not interested in civil discourse, debate or conversation.  He usually stands off at some distance shouting questions or comments in my direction, which are obviously directed at the crowd more than at me.  At one point he shouted, "Tell people why you love Jesus, Jed."  I responded, "I love him because he first loved me.  God commended his love towards me in that while I was his enemy Christ died for me."
Long Beach State is an easy place to get a crowd and the students are lively.
   Two females, who were converted out of lesbianism to live for Christ, joined us on campus.  They were from the Huntington Park church I spoke in yesterday.  They tried to talk some sense to the ranter.  My old friend, Dennis C., also confronted the bellicose preacher at one point.  At one point Martha got into the action against the bombastic p reacher.  He objected to us calling the promiscuous women on campus, "whores."  Martha asked him, "Are you saying that girls having sex outside of marriage are not whores?"  The angry preacher reproves me for condemning the students; yet he is always condemning me.  And the beat goes on.   
Martha, Priscilla and Charlotte joined us today. 
      A pastor I met from LA yesterday came out with a few of his parishioners.  My old friend, Robert Ramos, whom I met when he was an undergraduate at Long Beach State in the late 70's, came out to listen and ask questions of me and others.
       The film crew left shortly after 3 PM.  They indicated that they were pleased with the footage they took today.  One of the film makers asked, "Is it always this wild?"  They will be rejoining us in Terre Haute, IN, in late April for more filming. 
   We left at 4 PM since we attended Ruben's Bible Study tonight.  
"Is it always this wild?" asked one of the film crew.

March 25, 2014, Long Beach State
     Someone asked me today, "What is your purpose?"  I answered, "We are here to educate students." 
     bob BIBLE, Rod and Brent from Ruben's Bible Study joined us today, as well as Richard Schaffer, Robert Ramos, Pastor Dave from Praise Chapel and Dennis C.  bob spoke for a while and then offered the ranter from yesterday an opportunity to speak.  bob did not realize that the bellicose  Calvinist had been opposing me.  I decided to move away from him and start preaching and soon gathered a crowd of around 125.  I had a good session for an hour or so; the ranter interrupted me for a short time but it was only a minor disturbance.  
bob BIBLE challenges Long Beach State students to live for God.
   After an hour, I called upon Cindy, who maintained the interest of the crowd.  It was not long before the ranter interrupted.  He asked, "How many here want to hear the gospel?" Of course, the crowd will usually agree with anyone, who will oppose us.  Cindy started to shout him down.  However, bob advised that she let him have the crowd and we would move to his former location.
Heckler wants a selfie with Bro. Jed.
  Yesterday, this bald-faced basher exhorted me, "Jed, it is not about crowds but the cross."  These preachers that have difficulty getting and holding attention usually say it is not about gathering a crowd.  However, they are not fooling me, everyone likes an audience.  It did not take Cindy long to build up another big crowd.  Cindy bantering with bob over issues of sin, righteousness and judgment was a helpful tactic in regaining attention of students.  Thankfully, some stayed with the ranter for the rest of the afternoon so that he did not have to bother us to gain an audience.
"Turning from a self-centered to a God centered life gives one meaning and purpose!"
   I had my best session late in the afternoon as I contrasted Buddhism and Islam with Christianity.  Buddhist's claim to self-denial comes through transcending the ego or sense of self-awareness, which they consider an illusion.  On the other hand, Christianity's idea of self-denial is turning from a self-centered to a God-centered life, which gives meaning and purpose to life.  God is interested in transforming our character into the virtuous image of Christ.  God does not want us to become one with the leaves, the trees and everything else in creation as a female was suggesting to me.  Eastern religions are not about character building like Christianity.  We are about not losing our identity in the universal consciousness. God is preparing a people to faithfully serve him for eternity. 
"God is preparing a people to faithfully serve Him for eternity!"
   Pastor Dave testified today the one of his female parishioners, who got saved through his Praise Chapel Church, fell into fornication as she was seduced by a rapper who came to church.  They both left the church but she eventually returned when the rapper dropped her.  She was very moved by Cindy's testimony yesterday and put up the video on facebook of Cindy telling how we did not kiss until our wedding.
We call our preaching area "The Zoo" because a fence separates us from the students; but it works well for crowd management. 

March 26, 2014, Cal State Fullerton,
     Cindy had not been preaching long when an administrator approached me with a form to sign to reserve the area for our speaking.
Sis. Cindy's interaction with a "gay Pentecostal."
     Cindy told the students, "It is time for your vocabulary test."  She proceeded to define words such as fornication, whore, and whoremonger.  Next she said, "We are paid by the Sexual Dysfunctional Awareness Society to teach you the condom gospel."  Cindy was in top form as the students were captivated by her satire on the blind faith the students are expected to have in the condom being the solution to prevent the spread of STD's.  Actually condoms are promoted as a solution to most of the issues and problems to life since they allow for an active sex life without the consequences of disease or pregnancy.   
Bro. Richard preached on many California campuses this winter.
   I rarely start my preaching day with "Sex Ed with Brother Jed" but today I decided to go along with the ruse that we represented the SDAS.  I explained, "My wife and I are the Christian answer to Masters and Johnson.  Mrs. Smock has often been called the Christian Dr. Ruth.  We are sexologists.  I wear many hats I am also a historian, economist, political scientist, sociologist, psychologist, literary critic, anthropologist, theologian and evangelist.  We will be getting into many topics today, which will be examined from a Biblical perspective."
All topics are addressed from Biblical perspective.
   Actually, once one has a solid Biblical world view he is able to speak with authority on any of these topics as well as many others, especially if he has had a few courses or read a few books in these fields.  Professionals in these fields without a Christian world view are merely humanists full of baloney. 
      Up until about 2 PM the students were subdued and generally in a good humor.  One vocal "Christian" girl stood beside me with a sign which read, "This is a lie."  I carried on considerable dialogue with the female, who did have a little knowledge of the Bible.  Of course, anyone who excuses sin is dangerous and does not understand the Bible, which would include many evangelical seminary professors.  As the students began to comprehend our satire they became agitated and hostile.  Several came out with signs in protest.  One "gay Pentecostal" was face to face with Cindy and tried to shout her down.  He did have a look of conviction on his face when Cindy rebuked him for dishonoring his parents with his choice of sodomy.  
By 2 PM the students were subdued and in good humor. Teaching time!
   During this time a Christian girl stepped out to rebuke the sodomite and the crowd for their disrespectful behavior.  Then she started to give her testimony but she withered when the students started booing her.  Cindy tried to encourage her to speak on but she back off.  Nevertheless, she should be commended for giving it the old college try, which is much more than most Christians are willing to do. It was a difficult situation for someone inexperienced.
Crowds swelled to possibly 400.
      The crowd swelled to 250 to 300 students during the class breaks and for most of the afternoon ranged from 100-125. The Dean of Students said to Cindy, "Are you really going to stay here until 5 PM?"  He was frustrated because he evidently felt he had to monitor the crowd.  Perhaps it was one of the more productive afternoons of his job.  During my last session, I preached a straight gospel message for about 30 minutes; much of the time a degenerate wearing a horse's head shoved a sign in my face.  At 4 PM a girl in the crowd said she wanted to hear from the guy with white hair.  So I called upon Richard Schaffer to wrap up the day.
     Cindy and I left campus at 4:30 we had a dinner invitation at the home of Jeff C.  He used to witness with me when I preached on Huntington Beach in the summers of 1977 and 78.  I had not seen him since.  He was a recently converted high school student back in those days.  Today he has an extensive library and specializes in witnessing to and exposing the cults. 


March 27, 2014, Fullerton State
     The Dean and the Assistant Dean both greeted me to make sure everything was OK.  Only Richard was with me today.  I started preaching around noon and gradually built a sizable crowd.  I like to get dialogue going with the students but for the first few hours many listened but I wasn't sure how they were reacting since they were unusually quiet.  However, by mid-afternoon things began to stir.  Feminism was the big issue.  I was pushing their buttons left and right. 
"Why are you so agitated?"
     I called upon Richard in the mid-afternoon and he was able to hold the crowd.  At one point about 20 students jumped up on the wall opposing Richard.  I let Richard speak until a Christian interrupted him and captured the attention of the crowd and calmed them for a while.  He was trying to explain that we were mere sharing our faith.  Many applauded him; however, there was no evidence that anyone changed their mind or behavior.
"Deep in your conscience you know that I am giving you the truth."-- Bro. Jed
   Mostly for the last two days students have been standing off at a distance.  However, about 3:30 students crowded close to the wall.  An administrator moved them back claiming they were blocking the walkway.  I was surprised since the walking area is very large.  I was ready to wrap things up by 4:30; however, each time I was about to leave the students became more stirred and I could not depart. 
"Many of you that are laughing are desperately trying to ignore the conviction in your conscience!"
      At 6 PM I turned the meeting over to Richard and I was planning on leaving but a few students questioned me about my approach and soon an irate group gathered around me again.    I repeatedly asked, "Why are you so agitated if I am as foolish as you claim?  If no one is taking me seriously, why are so many irate?  Deep in your conscience you know I am right; however, you refuse to do what you know is right, which is to submit to God.  Many of you that are laughing are desperately trying to ignore the conviction in your conscience. Why are you hanging on to all my words?  Why don't you leave?  Some of you have been here for hours.  It is past dinner time."
"Students, we are here to share our faith in Jesus Christ with you."
    Since they would not leave, I left shortly after 7 PM.  Richard still had a group with whom he was talking.  It was a long and exciting day.  One girl, who was an artist, was thrilled about "the energy" I had created.  What she thought was energy is in fact the stirring of the Holy Ghost. 
March 28, 2014, Long Beach State University
     We arrived early for the 11 AM break.  I expected that the Friday before Spring Break things would be sparse; however, pedestrian traffic was slower than I expected.  Robert Ramos, Richard Schaffer and Pastor David joined us.  There were several groups of high school students passing by which were visiting campus.  Cindy exhorted them as they passed.
Long Beach State girl believed that after death she would become one with a tree.
   An atheist, Rachel, stopped to converse with me for over thirty minutes; a man who claimed to be a Christian but was unsure of the resurrection joined our conversation.  The dead Christian had previously talked to Cindy and after interacting with me he received a witness from Pastor Dave.  Finally, a Christian friend of Rachel joined us.  However, she admitted that she had never witnessed to Rachel.  Rachel was raised as a Lutheran but never confirmed.  She equated the soul with energy which does not die but turns into something else.  She speculated that after death she could become one with a tree.  Rachel was very pleasant.  I have hopes for her and I join the prayers of her father for the salvation of her soul. 
Slim pickins today but hopefully some of our conversations will bear fruit for eternity.
   After about 90 minutes we decided to call it a day on campus to visit the Long Beach shoreline, where my beloved Aunt Eva and later my mother had a condominium in the Villa Riviera, a Long Beach landmark.  From the early sixties to the mid-nineties, the Villa with it French Gothic architecture was my second home.  I miss those days, especially the times with my Aunt and Mother.  I will see them again because of the resurrection of our Lord.
     Robert Ramos informed us that he is planning on entering into the campus ministry next year.   He had been decades in preparation.  Today, I parted company with Richard with whom we have been working in Arizona and California.  We hope to rejoin our efforts sometime in the next academic year.  Tomorrow we are head back east.  We have enjoyed our western tour; it has been productive.  We have campus stops planned in Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri.


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May 23 Stanford University 
May 25 Praise Chapel, Yuba City, 
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