Dear Saints of God,

   After three weeks of preaching on campuses in Indiana and Illinois (around home) in April, it will be time for me to take the Gospel to the Great Northwest which will include: Idaho, Oregon, and California. Fortunately, these campuses are some of the few which are still on the quarter system and therefore have classes through the first week of June.
   Saints, pray with us that on this final mission journey of the 2013-2014 academic year, we will see the greatest harvest of souls for the Kingdom in what has already been a fruitful semester. Pray for strength and fresh anointing for me and Bro. Mikhail Sovenko who will be my preaching partner part of the time.
   There will be motel, gas, food, flight and rental car expenses. Pray with us that these will all be met. If you have not given to CMUSA this school year, please join the mission. Small gifts are appreciated, because if everyone on this mailing list sent a small amount, the NW trip would be covered. Thank you to all believe in our work and faithfully invest in CMUSA through prayer and finances.
   See schedule at the bottom of this report! If you would like to have me in your church or meet us on campus please email or call. 
Bro. Jed                         
The Answers Live! From Bro. Jed, Part 1
The Answers Live! From Bro. Jed, Part 1

Bringing the campus together!
March 10, 2014 UCLA
     We had our largest crowd of the year with the possible exception of Texas A & M.  The police were out; one of them said to me, "You bring the campus together."  Wherever we go, the feminists, the atheists, the Greeks, the Christian organizations and the homosexuals join one another in their common disdain for the righteousness of God and anything that is holy or sacred, which we represent.  At one point the homosexuals and lesbians were chanting, "We are here and we are queer."
Sis. Pat takes on the UCLA scoffers.
     The Psalmist, David, asked, "Why did the heathen rage, and the people imagine vain things?  The kings of the earth stood up, and the rulers were gathered together against the Lord, and against his Christ.  For of a truth against thy holy child Jesus, whom thou hast anointed, both Herod, and Pontius Pilate, with the Gentiles, and the people of Israel, were gathered together."-Act 4:25-27.
This is one of the largest crowds that we have had at UCLA in recent years. 
      Students from a prestigious campus like UCLA are the future leaders of the world and they have a common foreboding opposition to the gospel of Christ.  "They are here and they are queer."  If they are not sexually queer, they are strange in that they reject all that is godly.  
Gospel Preached to Wild Women at UCLA
Gospel Preached to Wild Women at UCLA
       Cindy preached three times today.  She only usually preaches twice.  She reports, "I had them eating out of my hand."  One of the lewd girls wearing an outfit which revealed her midriff said of Cindy, "She is really good."  The belly button girl and another vixen in shorts, who claimed to be a Christian, were unashamedly brazen concerning their sexuality.  At one point an articulate young woman, who graduated with a major in history from UCLA, interrupted to give one of the best exhortations to challenge students to read the Bible that I have ever heard.
Bro. Doug reasoning with a UCLA student.
      Today, there was another middle-aged preacher, who thought it was his duty to rebuke me.  It seems that these railers are organizing to censure me and then they like to boast on FB, "I rebuked Brother Jed."  Does it really take courage to stand with a hostile crowd to oppose the preacher of righteousness?  I challenged the preacher to a debate.  He answered, "I just have one question for you, "When is the last time you sinned?"  I answered, "If I told
Bro. Jed reads I John to a UCLA co-ed.
you would not believe me."  I countered, "When was the last time you sinned?"  He admitted that he sinned today.  According to his doctrine, God forgives us while we continue to sin.  The doctrine of Christ to the religious hypocrites of his day was, "
Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin. . . If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed."-John 8:34, 36.
Bro. Jonathan, a local Christian joined us for the day. He preached boldly and defended the faith on the sidelines.
There were two girls from Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ), who were in tears over our ministry. They claimed we were ruining a major outreach they had last month entitled, "I agree with Trevor."  Trevor was their speaker who was promoting a personal relationship with Christ.  Regrettably, Trevor must have failed to teach that for one to have a relationship with Christ, he has to obey Christ the Lord.  I read 1 John 3:1-10 with one of the girls.  She admitted that she had not read 1 John but she confessed she needed to read it.  She was 19 and had been a Christian all her life.  She was going on a mission tour to China over the Spring Break.  It ought to be a requirement to have at least read all the New Testament before going on a mission trip overseas.  It is almost like sending soldiers off to war without training in the usage of weapons.
Offering Biblical truth to the future leaders of America:UCLA students.
     This was the best meeting we have had at UCLA for years.  We left over a hundred students at 4:45 so we could attend Ruben's Bible Study.  Ruben gave a stirring report of his team's mission to the Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  He said they were the object of more violence than ever before.  It was Ruben's 32nd preach at the event.  It was encouraging to spend the evening with Ruben and his fellow warriors.
The atheists on campus are no match for Bro. Doug who ministered to all who had "science" questions on the sidelines.
March 11, 2014, U.C. Irvine,
     Cindy gathered several students who were listening at a distance. An administrator approached me and informed me that I had to schedule our event, implying that there would be no problem.  A female escorted me to the office.  I had to wait about 10 minutes before I could meet with anyone.  Then I was told I had to schedule the event a month in advance and pay a $25 dollar fee.  I protested and insisted on seeing someone in authority.  The administrator I was needed to talk to were in conference-they usually are. 
When Sis. Cindy told the students that if they did not trust in Jesus they were going to Hell, an administrator accused her of "hate speech" and tried to make her leave campus.
      Meanwhile, the administrator, who remained outside, tried to get Cindy to stop.  "You have to stop; you are drawing a crowd, he said."  But Cindy continued.  Cindy asked, "How many believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?"  No one raised their hand.  Cindy said, "That means you are all headed for Hell."  When the administrator heard Cindy's judgment, he said, "That is it!  You can't tell people they are going to Hell; that is hate speech!"  Then Cindy heard him call the scheduling office, "Revoke the permit," he demanded.  He also called the police.  The police came out and monitored at a distance as Cindy continued.
Our permit was revoked for talking about Hell. Since Jesus warned of Hell and judgment 169 times in the 4 Gospels, His permit would have been denied also.
   In the interim, I ran into Keith Darrel as I returned to where Cindy was speaking.  As we were talking a female busybody approached me; she found out that I was the one trying to see her to sign off on the permit.  Evidently, she had left the alleged conference, which was supposed to last until 4 PM.  She informed me that I could not use any derogatory language towards the students.  I asked, "Give me an example of words I cannot use?"  She said, "Whore
In spite of the fierce opposition from the administration, we talked to a number of open students on the sidelines.
or Nazis; you cannot use those words."  I agreed since I have enough of a vocabulary to express the same thought with other words.  When she left, I asked Keith if he had recorded what she said.  Evidently, she heard me and stomped back saying we could not record her conversation.  Keith protested to the police, who agreed that he had the right to record our conversations.   She and the other administrators eventually left.  The police remained but kept their distance.
The opposition from authorities only drew a larger crowd to hear truth as the afternoon waxed.
     We preached until 5:30, Cindy, Sister Pat and I each had good attentive sessions; the students were mostly civil.  Also, Doug had several students talking with him as did Dennis Carroll.  We tip our hat to Cindy for not being intimidated by the administrator.  Free speech prevailed and the Word of God went forth in power and conviction. 
Pastor Dennis C. (YWAM speaker) and his wife Pat (back of crowd) joined us for the day and reported some interesting conversations.
The Answers Live! From Bro Jed Part 2
The Answers Live! From Bro Jed Part 2



March 12, 2014, UC Riverside
      When we arrived Paul Mitchell was already speaking to several students in the area of the bell tower.  I went to the other side of the tower and lifted up my voice but no one stopped to listen.  Meanwhile, Sister Cindy started a conversation with Paul.  Paul and I go way back to the 70's when he was a part of the Christian Brothers Church and we were both still single.
The wind and acoustics were not in our favor today...
   Meanwhile, Christian La Fleur arrived with a banner and he introduced himself to me.  I introduced him to Paul.  Paul informed me that he could no longer preach with me on account of doctrinal differences.   However, he said, "I want to yield to you. Since you had traveled a long way, I will depart."  I appreciated his graciousness.  Sometimes brothers must part peacefully like Paul and Barnabas.  This was a refreshing (though sad) separation.  Of late I have had preachers, who disagree with me, loudly rebuke me and hinder my message from going forth.  I do not remember for certain what doctrinal differences bothered Paul so much, I know he is opposed to the Pentecostal views which I hold. 
...but the Holy Spirit soon captured their attention...
     Cindy waited for Paul to leave before she really let loose.  Not only does Paul not believe in woman preachers but he opposes our theatrics in presently Biblical truths.  Cindy worked hard gaining the attention of the students.  They were preoccupied with their organizational booths and our voices did not carry well.  I am not sure whether it was the acoustics or the strong wind taking our voices in the wrong direction.  Cindy was persistent until she had an audience of 75-100.  Students quickly made up signs promoting sin.  One read, "Porn saved me."  Another promoted the flying spaghetti monster saying "Let his noddle enter you."   Cindy preached for well over an hour before calling upon me.  Pat held an audience of 35 until it began to break up.
...once captivated, the students made up signs promoting their wickedness, which worked to draw more listeners...
     I stepped in to regain an audience by addressing the homosexual issue.  Within 15 minutes Doug asked if he could speak on the issue.  He explained that back in the 70's the professors promoted homosexuality as a solution to the perceived problem of overpopulation. 
A sodomite who harassed us later commended Bro. Jed for his patience.
    Meanwhile, a sodomite rode his bicycle around the crowd wearing a flowing rainbow flag and tooting a horn.  He did this for twenty minutes.  Finally, as he was passing by me I motioned him to come over to talk.  He opened the conversation by commending me for my self-control in the midst of all the harassment.  We talked about various issues including the need for the atonement of Christ.  Eventually several other men joined in the discussion.  One man, who was a professing Catholic, asked, "What difference does it make what you believe concerning God."  I talked with them about how Christianity gives us hope and hope is needed to sustain life.  No other religion or philosophy gives us reasonable hope.  Also in this group was an Asian Christian.  He ended up having a long conversation with the Catholic.
Love motivates us!
     As we were packing up our stuff Cindy overheard the following conversation between the Catholic and the Asian Christian.  The Christian said to the Catholic, "A man doesn't do something for over forty years motivated by hatred and bitterness, if he did, it would have destroyed him before now.  He is clearly motivated by love." 
     The Catholic boy said, "I agree, you are absolutely right." 
     The Christian said, "I appreciate his boldness you do not see that often."
      Minutes later as we were leaving the Catholic apologized to me for his behavior and acknowledged that it did make a difference as to what one believed.  The Christian thanked me for coming indicating that I had made a difference.


March 13, 2014, UCLA
      Tony Miano's group of cheap gracers had occupied the area where I usually preach.  Some youngster among them was preaching so I decided to move to the bottom of Bruin Walk.  Here we encountered distractions such as elementary school youth doing some sort of programing.  Also, Dennis, a fellow that used to hang around the University of South Florida, was giving his la la land spiel in short shorts.  A scraggily haired boy held a sign next to us which read, "Idiots."
Student insists that everyone is "stupid" which motivates Sis. Pat to preach.
   A significant part of successful open air preaching is location, location, location.   About 1:30 we decided to move back to the usual location.  No one was preaching so we held up our signs.  Soon a fellow at least in his mid-thirties began to rail against sis. Pat.  He claimed to be a graduate student.  However, he admitted he was stupid.  "Everyone is stupid," he claimed.  He did not believe people were responsible for their actions.  This confrontation stirred Sister Pat to preach. 
Once Ruben arrived with his Muhammad banner the police soon arrived!
     After 20 minutes Pat yielded to me.  I had not been speaking long when a group, who had been gathered around Tony and his cheap gracers, began to question me about my doctrinal positions.  I suspected that Tony put them up to it.  They seemed sincere in their questioning, "Why are you doing this?  What is sin?  What is your view of Romans 7?  What about 1 John 1:8?"  They listened, mostly without arguing.  Soon Tony and his cheap gracers joined in the interrogation:  "What if someone who is a Christian sins and suddenly dies without the opportunity to repent?   Does such a person go to Heaven or Hell?  When is the last time you sinned?  Do you claim to be perfect?"  All this time individuals were in the crowd, who made no profession of faith.  Evidently, I flunked the test; Tony got in front of me and told those who had gathered that I was not a Christian. 
There was a lot of discussion on the "role of women" today.
   Eventually, the low-priced gracers left and I built an audience of around fifty.  There was a lot of discussion concerning the role of women.  I assured them, "I am not on campus to put women down.  I just want to put them in their
UCLA student brings out his Satanic bible.
proper place.  You men also need to get into your proper place of authority with responsibility."  There was a pretty girl who claimed to be a lesbian then later qualified her identity to "bisexual."  Evidently, I was bringing the woman out of her.  She was a Republican and evidently conservative on economic views.  I told her, "We are beginning to connect."  Later she commended me for my reasonable dialogue.  I have noticed that UC  students will sometimes give you credit when you have made a good point.  Yesterday, at UC Riverside I explained to a Christian that "God's wrath is not the opposite of his love; it is an expression of his love."  Repeatedly, he told me, "That is a profound thought." 
      About 2:45 Ruben, Mark, and Doug arrived with their banners.  Jesse Morrell was with them; he is making a movie on Ruben.  Ruben's banner said, "Mohammad is a liar, false prophet and child molester."  The sign caused uproar. 
He that hath ears to hear...
Evidently, someone called the police.  These were not campus security; they were city police.  They called Ruben aside and told him that his banners exceeded the legal size for a protest.  They let him use them today but warned if he returned with them he could be subject to arrest.  Ruben is going to look into the ordinance.  Ruben had the bulk of the crowd for the rest of the afternoon.  However, I maintained a smaller group including some more very pretty lesbians, I said, "I can't believe you girls are lesbians; what a waste; you girls look nothing like Rosie O'Donnell." Mark and Doug also had students questioning them.  We left campus about 5:15.  The day started slow but it ended with a bang!  
"That is a profound thought," a UC student told Bro. Jed.
March 14, 2014, UCLA
UCLA Boys Defend Bro. Jed!
UCLA Boys 
Defend Bro. Jed!
     Three UCLA men (men are hard to find on campus these days) came to my aid when a perverted Asian heckler was harassing me.  This Asian had been a pest yesterday.  First he tried to steal my hat, and then he kept touching me and saying foolish things.  He was wearing a tux with tails so I suppose he had just come from some concert.  One large man got in his face and told him no one wanted to hear him.  He was shaking his finger in the pest's face.  The pest said, "I am just having fun!"  When two other men admonished the nuisance, he agreed to leave. 
"Only having fun" will not fly on Judgment Day.
      Jesus warned in Matthew 12:36-37:  "But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.  For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned."  I fear that the "only having fun" excuse will not fly on the Day of Judgment.
"No homo is happy, happy, happy," Sis. Cindy.
   Cindy, as always, was the master at drawing a crowd.  She used Uncle Si's duck call to command the sinners.  She held a sign, which read on one side, "No Homo is Happy, Happy, Happy."  The other side read, "Phil Robertson was right about homos."  Tony Miano and his cheap grace disciples were not present today. 
"Socialism is legalized plunder, robbing from the productive members of society to redistribute wealth among the less productive and unproductive," Bro Jed.
   I covered socialism vs. capitalism; the economic issues have not been much of an issue so far this semester.  Of course, at UCLA they are more intellectual than many campuses.  The vocal ones all defended socialism, which is nothing but legalized plunder, robbing from the productive members of society to redistribute wealth among the less productive and unproductive.  Free markets in the buying and selling of goods and services are related to the freedom of spreading ones ideas.  If socialism reigns, freedom to proclaim the gospel in public places will eventually disappear.  During this discussion a coed tried to divert my attention by flashing me. 
"When one sees the love that motivated the atonement, it will provide the moral influence to stop a man from sinning."
   I also taught on the necessity of the atonement of Christ for the forgiveness of sins.   Christianity is the only religion that provides an atonement which can take away sin.  Tony's view of the atonement does not set one free from sin; his view only covers up sin.  The OT sacrifices did that much.  When one sees the love that motivated the atonement, it will provide the moral influence to stop a man from sinning.  When one views the atonement as primarily to appease the wrath of God, then that is not going to spark love within the heart of man to obey God.  Fear is a impetus but love is a motivator, "which never fails (1 Cor 13:6)." 
"It is a privilege to preach the Gospel at UCLA."
   I pressed in the doctrine of free will; if the will is truly free than men are always able to obey God.  If men are born with a sin nature and die with a sin nature, then their will is not free and they should not be held accountable for their actions by a just and loving God. 
"...if the will is truly free than men are always able to obey God..."
   We had three productive days at UCLA.  We left campus at 3:30 since we had a four hour drive to Riverdale in the Central Valley, where I will be preaching on Sunday.  It is a privilege to speak at a prestigious university like UCLA.  The cream of the crop goes here, which is not saying much because of their moral degeneracy.  When the morals become debased, the intellect eventually follows. 
"When the morals become debased, the intellect eventually follows."
    The Romanesque architecture makes UCLA one of the prettiest campuses in the country.  The last month we have had beautiful sunny weather mostly in the 70's, which is ideal preaching weather.




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