The preaching above brings the seekers as shown below. We have had many great conversations with open-hearted students this semester. The preaching of truth breaks the hard heart!



February 10, 2014, Texas State University, San Marcos


     After a warm weekend the temperatures drastically dropped today and the wind was strongly blowing.  However, the winds of the Holy Ghost were stronger.  Soon after I started preaching a red-haired sodomite passed out a lengthy letter which he had written and which was published in the The University Star.  It warned about Brother Jed's coming to campus, who "spews hatred and vitriol."  Interestedly, he acknowledged that Brother Jed is "actually quite good at picking up contact clues about the people he's talking to.  He quickly jumps to accusations such as 'what man molested you at such a young age to make you turn out this way?'"  [Spirit filled Christians understand that this is a word of knowledge that the Lord gives me.] 

Negative press helped draw a good-sized crowd for us to preach to on a cold day.


     The writer went on in the letter urging the student body "to completely ignore me."

     His efforts were counterproductive because he just drew more attention to me than I would probably have otherwise gotten on such a cold day.  In the letter he had also advertised the fact that I was coming to campus.  He kept referring to me as an a-hole.  "Don't stop; don't allow a crowd to gather.  Move on! The bigger and more hostile crowd he gets will result in him getting more money from his followers, he shouted."

     I urged him, "Take your own advice and ignore me."  However, he actually was helping me gain sympathy from the audience; they found the man extremely rude and obnoxious.  The sodomite admitted he was being annoying so that people would leave.  Students on other campuses have tried to organize a boycott of my meetings but it has never worked.  In order to try to make it work they have to violate their own admonition since they are not ignoring me.  What these people do not realize is that most students are interested in my message and they like to watch peoples' reaction.  Actually, the vast majority of students look forward to my annual visits.

    About 1 PM Jesse and Pastor Chris arrived from Tyler, Texas, and a couple of brothers from San Antonio also joined our team.  When I called on Jesse, several students gathered around me.  One fellow informed me that I was taking the wrong approach and not showing love by holding my YOU DESERVE HELL sign.  He demonstrated his love by tearing the sign out of my hands and running with it.  However, when I took off after him, he dropped the sign.  I recovered the damaged sign; duct tape should repair it.  


Sunday we had lunch with Bro. Jed's former history professor, Dr. Constantine.

     I decided to take the sign back to the car since it had accomplished its attention getting purpose in order to exchange it for my staff crucifix.  I can preach better holding the staff than I can by holding the sign.  The staff gives me more authority.  The audience averaged 50 today, which was significant considering the cold.  At the class breaks the crowd would swell to at least twice that many.  Few of the students were dressed to withstand the cold, since the temperatures had dropped since the early morning.

    Jesse turned the meeting back to me; I preached a short time and gave the pulpit to Pastor Chris.  He apologized for not be as a good preacher as Jesse and me.  He needed not to have said that because he did very well.  He has a strong voice and succeeded in calming the students after the boycotter left about 2:30.  When Chris turned the meeting over to Kyle, several gathered with him for more instruction.

     At 3:30 the crowd broke up into groups since we had a team of six.  At 4 PM I stood to preach to attempt to draw another crowd.  I gathered a dozen.  We decided to leave at 4:30.  I talked to one admitted sodomite, who held a sign beside the preachers most of the afternoon which read, "YOU ARE LOVED."  He informed me that he worshipped the Sun and believed that the Sun had a personality.  When people reject the true and living God, they are liable to believe anything and they are liable to do anything, like sodomize their fellow men.

     Will our opposition never learn?  We can't be ignored.  As Bro Cope says, "Can the ocean be ignored? How about the wind? What we do is the central force of all creation. How do you ignore that?"

     When I went back to the car to get my staff, a policeman said to me, "Well done." 




The Old Warrior 


Bro. Jed and Company preach the Gospel on a rainy day at Texas State. Bro.  Jed is in the brown coat and hat near the stallions.


February 11, 2014, Texas State

      It was only in the thirties with a strong wind, when Jesse started today.  He had to deal with the pervert, who was again attempting to get the crowd to boycott our preaching.  Today he carried a large hand-made sign which simply said, "IGNORE."  When that tactic did not work, he began screaming at the top of his voice.  He claimed to have attended the Air Force Academy; he said nothing about graduating.  If he graduated from the institution, things are worse than I realized.  He did not have the support or sympathy of those that gathered.  Several urged him to take his own advice. 

The guy behind Bro. Jesse stood out in the cold and rain with an "Ignore Him" sign. Real smart.

      Shortly after Jesse turned the meeting over to me, the failed boycotter left.  I had a quiet time with attentive listeners initially.  After a while things became more stirred but not too bad.  At 1:30 it began to rain lightly.  Still about 25 or so stayed with me.  While Jesse was filming he held his umbrella for a very masculine lesbian with whom I had interacted yesterday.  I thought it was cute and hopeful that she was standing right beside Jesse under his protection and taking in the whole scene.  I preached until 2 PM.  Unfortunately my feet became wet and combined with the cold I was uncomfortable.  I went inside for a cup of tea while Jesse continued holding forth in the cold and rain.  About 2:30 the unsuccessful boycotter, who could not take his own advice returned. 

While Jesse was filming he held his umbrella for a very masculine lesbian with whom Bro. Jed had interacted yesterday.  It was cute and gave us hope.


       I had a few sideline conversations. At 3 PM I began to consider, I am 71 years old; I could get pneumonia out here.  These young guys, Jesse, Chris, Kyle and a couple Chi Alpha boys, who had come up from San Antonia can finish the day.  They all need the experience.  I returned to our motel. 

Kyle, (ginger beard) a Chi Alpha leader from San Antonio was a bold witness with us this week.

       The weather for the rest of the week looks good.  Things should really pick up with the sun coming out, warmer temperatures and with the help of Sister Cindy and Sister Pat.








February 12, 2014, Texas State University,

      Sister Pat opened the meeting and soon drew an audience of over fifty.  The sun worshipper, who has been out every day holding a sign which reads, "You are loved," brought out boards and marking pens for others to make signs.  Soon several crowded around Pat displaying their signs and attempting to block her preaching.  An administrator stepped in and informed the signers they had to give Pat some space. 

   I took over after an hour.  A female administrator, who has restricted us in past years, came out today threatening to shut us down because of the noise.  I lowered my voice. However, that sacrifices people on the outskirts, who may not be able to hear.  On the other hand the presence of the administration must have silenced the boycotter; for today he was simply passing out a flyer.  Thus he was not the annoyance that he was Monday and Tuesday.  After I preached for over an hour, I called upon Pastor Chris, who spoke until almost 3 PM, when he and Jesse had to depart for their homes in Tyler. 


Sister Pat began the meeting and soon it was the battle of the signs!



     The lesbians were out in force today surrounding me, while holding signs or the rainbow flag.  I decided they needed to hear my lecture, "Sex Ed with Brother Jed."  I psychoanalyzed them as to why they turned to lesbianism.  They basked in my attention.

      I had a generally quiet session from 4 to 5 PM dealing with the fundamental questions of life concerning origins, meaning, destiny and the great moral and ethical questions.  After 5 PM I turned the meeting over to Kyle, who is with Chi Alpha in San Antonio.  Chi Alpha in Texas is strong.

     I was surprised to see an old friend, Gabe H., a banker, who has returned to do graduate work.  I met Gabe 10 years ago or so, when he was an undergraduate at Texas State.  He was one of the first Christians on this campus to give me strong support including financial support.  He annually bought me dinner at Luby's Cafeteria.  He was active all day witnessing on the sidelines.  He could not join us for dinner since he had an evening class.


The lesbians were out in force today.


  As I was walking back to the car, Carlos told me that I had opened up his eyes to see that he must live a holy life if he was to be a Christian.  He saw that many of the churches and pastors were excusing sin by teaching it is impossible to obey God.  He was very grateful for my ministry, reiterating that I had "opened his eyes."  Sin blinds people to the Truth.  Our ministry is about making the deaf to hear and the blind to see.  Cody, a "Jeffersonian Deist," joined Pat and me for dinner.  We had dinner with him last year.  He admitted that he ought to be serving God.  A girl, who had just recently started going to church, also joined us for dinner.


Some eyes were opened today!


   Jesus said, "For judgment I came into this world, that those who do not see may see, and those who see may become blind."-John 9:39.  Carlos saw today; however, I fear those who claim to see (understand), the hypocrites, were blinded by the light which we shined into their dark minds. 





February 13, 2014, Texas State

      Again Sister Pat gathered the crowd.  Pat said, "Many of you want the love, love, love message, but we are trying to get you ready for the Great White Throne Judgment.  Repent sinners, judgment is coming!  You don't fall into sin; sin is a choice.  Why do you keep choosing sin, when God so loved the world that he sent his son for you?"


Sis. Pat warns students of the Great White Throne Judgment.


     Some of the regular hecklers made their appearances including the unsuccessful boycotter.  After he yelled at the top of his voice, he admitted that he hoped the police would come and blame us for the noise while he would quietly disappear.  Today he was dressed in a robe; I don't know who or what he was representing.  Another twerp came out dressed in a robe and pretended to be Jesus.  An ex-marine was yelling at us throughout the afternoon.  


The TSU crowd gathers around Sis. Pat at the Fighting Stallions statue. She was battling Satan for their souls.



   Cindy had to deal with a male, who kept sticking an open umbrella in her face to try to block the students from hearing her.  However, Cindy outmaneuvered him by dancing and preaching at the edge of the circle of dead sinners.  It all added to the circus.  There was a circus atmosphere at the foot of the cross, when Jesus was crucified. He was center stage.  Alas, few took the crucifixion seriously; yet Jesus' death and resurrection were the main events in history.


Sis. Cindy out maneuvering the student who attempted to block her with an umbrella.



   Joey talked with me for over thirty minutes, he had professed faith in Christ a year or so ago.  Yet he admitted that he still sinned.  Of course, the sin is the one to which most young college boys succumb.  He expressed a desire to be holy.  I quoted many of the verses on Christian perfection.  He had not heard this before.  He seemed convinced that one could be holy and he asked, "What is the next step?"


Lesbians fly the gay flag behind Bro. Jed.



   I answered, "Pluck out your eye and cut off your hand.  Notice Jesus did not say that God would pluck out the offending eye or cut off the offending hand.  You have to do it!  Don't expect God to do for you want he commands you to do.  Be filled with the Spirit of God and start taking a bold stand for righteousness among your peers."

"Be filled with the Spirit of God and start taking a bold stand for righteousness among your peers," Bro. Jed.


     A Christian girl said to Cindy, "A lot of the students see God as a cuddly furry cat.  Since you people have been on campus I have been searching the Scriptures and seeking the face of God."


     This was the most chaotic day of the week.  Kyle from Chi Alpha came up with two young Christians from San Antonio.  One of the young men testified and Kyle preached.  Kyle became a moral government man as a result of a fellow named Frederick, who made the Sunbelt trip with me several years ago and passed out free books, including Finney's Systematic Theology.  Kyle found Systematic Theology to difficult but it did prompt him to read Finney's sermon books.  Kyle came out of the Chi Alpha at Sam Houston State.  By trade he is a builder; he and a fellow builder decided to put their knowledge of house building to work by building a Christian fellowship.  He has succeeded in building a strong Chi Alpha fraternity at UT San Antonio.  Chi Alpha is the college outreach of the Assemblies of God.


At this point a large part of the crowd moved from Sis. Cindy to Bro. Kyle. He defended the faith.



      Cindy was working with a rowdy crowd of sin excusing professing Christians.  One girl who was only 18 admitted that she had been having sex with her boyfriend for five years, but she "repented" after each act of fornication so she was convinced that she was forgiven.  Cindy gave the crowd Bible verse after Bible verse teaching holiness, yet they would not hear it.  So Cindy began mocking the girl who had sex and then stopping to take on a prayer position to ask God's forgiveness.  Then getting interrupted from prayer by the boyfriend's caresses to partake in lust again.  After satisfaction, she again goes into prayer mode.  The crowd laughed seeing the folly of sex and prayer going on together.


They are listening now!



     Three atheists joined us for dinner.  Will did most of the talking and questioning; he admitted that my answers made sense.  To give reasonable answers to the typical questions of atheist, one needs to be an open theist.  I covered the key issues in Christianity, including the need for atonement.  One of the atheists shook his head in a positive way as if he agreed with my points.   Two of the atheists admitted to being on mental drugs.  Will acknowledged that bipolar disorder and suicide ran in his family, which convinced him his problem was genetic; I suggested that it was demonic.  The atheists were really listening and considering my arguments.  It was a profitable hour.


Student attempts to show Sis. Pat a Bible contradiction on his phone and computer. First, his cell phone would not work, then his computer would not work so Sis. Pat got tickled about it.



This guy spent a lot of time talking his way out of Hell. Don't think God or Sis. Pat was convinced.





February 14, 2014, University of Texas, Austin


      For the first decade of my ministry when passing through Texas I concentrated on the University of Texas.  Cindy spent lots of time on this campus before we were married working with our dear deceased friend, Dolly King.  UT does not allow free speech so we have always had to preach on Guadalupe St. in front of the Texas Union.  There is a lot of pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk but there is also heavy automobile and truck traffic passing by which makes it noisy and it takes extra effort to keep ones voice raised. 

UT heckler flagellates himself during our preaching.


     The three blocks I walked on Guadalupe Street from the parking lot to the preaching place must have had a dozen bums begging for money.  This area of the city seems to be cursed and demon infested, especially at the traffic light where we preach in front of the Union.  There have always been strange characters.  I remember one who would cut himself in front of the crowd. 

     For the last several years we have had to put up with a masked shirtless weirdo.  Today he made his appearance about 2 PM as I was preaching.  He had various masks including a horse and a dragon.  He read aloud children's books about cats.  He flagellated himself.  Apparently the blood on his back was paint.  He rolled around on the concrete making a fool of himself.  He wrote things on his body and invited student to write upon him.  He appears to be demon possessed.  On the other hand, he could be putting on an act, which is inspired by Satan.  Either way he is a sorry specimen of humanity.  Students were humored by him; they usually delight in anyone who opposes me regardless of his tactics.  After about fifteen minutes I decided to walk away knowing he could not hold an audience for long.   Meanwhile, two students came up to converse with Cindy and me.  One was particularly encouraging.  The flagellator soon was left alone and put his clothes on and left.


"Students, you can have a clear conscience," Bro. Jed.



   Before he arrived I was teaching, "You can have a clear conscience."  No one wanted one.  I do not even know whether the students know they have a conscience anymore.  I am not sure they learn about the conscience in their psychology classes.  Regrettably, the Christians don't think they can have a clear conscience.  One "Christian" pervert admitted he was struggling with pornography and masturbation.  I explained that through the Scriptures and the power of the Holy Spirit he could be set free.  He would not hear of that.  He might admit that he could gradually be free; to him sanctification was a gradual process.  I get so disgusted with these Christians who are bound by sin and refuse the freedom available through atonement of Christ.  If they will not pluck out their eyes and cut off their hands by repenting and trusting in the blood of Christ to set them free from the lusts of the flesh, then maybe they should return to the Middle Age practice of flagellation.   Flagellation may hurt the body but lust will destroy the soul.  Sin is deadly.


"One 'Christian' pervert admitted he was engaging in  pornography and masturbation. I explained that through the Scriptures and the power of the Holy Spirit he could be set free. He would not hear of that," Bro. Jed


   Cindy preached first and last today.  She gathered an audience of about 25; she worked on her new routine called, "Praying Polly."  Polly, the Christian girl, goes back and forth from sensual caressing and fornicating with her boyfriend to praying for forgiveness, which seems to be a common routine among Christian girls by their own confession, who have not been taught that they can overcome sin in this life.  They express shock when we tell them that if they kept doing it they have not repented and they are not actually forgiven. 

"Sin is deadly to the soul."

    In Cindy's last preaching session she had what appeared to be a high school group visiting campus, which was mocking.  A Mexican man moved towards them and was able to get them to form a circle as he led them in a long prayer.  Afterwards, he came up and talked to the weird flagellator and succeeded in calming him down and even ended up praying with him.  As we were leaving the flagellator tried to be friendly with me but I responded coldly towards him. 

      Today was the most difficult day in our series of meetings in Texas with the distractions and general indifference of the students to our message.  I may strike UT off my schedule for a year or so since other Texas campuses are so much more fruitful.






 Our Mission Plans!
Winter 2014
  This our tentative schedule for the spring semester 2014. Please take note when we will be in your area. Should you want me to speak in your church or home fellowship, I am available. Also, if anyone wants to offer hospitality for Sister Pat, Cindy and me, please contact us. We always encourage local folks to join us on campus. We need your help!!

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Feb. 17-21, University of Arizona

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March 3-7, San Diego area campuses

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