At Texas A&M, students are searching their hearts for sin, carrying their Bibles, going to 6 AM prayer meetings, spending evenings evangelizing the campus, buying Bro. Jed & Company hot chocolate and meals, thanking the campus preachers and asking us to come back soon! It looks like revival!
Bro Jed's Heart Motives--TAMU
Bro Jed's Heart Motives--TAMU

Texas A&M February 3, 2014

   Cindy chose Col 1:28-29 as our theme verse for this week at Texas A & M: "Whom we preach, warning
We are here to make you perfect in CHRIST!
every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus: Whereunto I also labour, striving according to his working, which worketh in me mightily!"

  Sister Kathy Fischer and Jesse Morrell have joined up for the week. The atheists billed the week as "Jed Fest 2014." They met us with signs, when we arrived at the free speech area outside of Old Main. I quickly gathered an audience of about 30, which I turned over to Sister Pat after 30 minutes. Sister Pat is a master at getting the sinners to interact with he
Sis. Kathy took a week vacation to minister with Bro. Jed and Company at TAMU

   Cindy preached at the next break and garnered about 150; the audience vacillated from 75-150 throughout this very cold and windy day. This may have been the coldest day of the semester. 

Sis. Pat sharing the way of righteousness on the sidelines.

   Usually we target the unbelievers in our preaching; however, we are determined to promote holiness among the large Christian population at A & M. They say 10,000 meet each week for a Bible Study on campus. Few of these seem to have studied the doctrine of sanctification, which we promoted all afternoon especially on the side-lines. Cindy reports that she convinced several students that they could live holy. She remarked, "I talked with a number who had good and receptive spirits. I had some of my best time with students; they are such nice kids." 

On the left, Sis. Cindy chats with an atheist, Bro. Jed, right, is calling the Christian men to holiness.

   I constantly had Christians around me pleading excuses to sin. One boy was very adamant against me, claiming that I had cussed him out last year. I accused him of lying although I assume I must have rebuked him sharply as I did agai
A number of students had receptive spirits.
n today. I got on his case for his diamond earrings. Much to my surprise later he stood quietly as I exhorted more sympathetic Christians. After a while, he apologized for his earlier contentious behavior. I remarked that I noticed he had taken off his earrings. He said he did that in order not to offend. He admitted that his father did not like the earrings either.

Sis. Kathy told how Jesus had set her free from a life of hypocrisy.

   Our team of five was constantly busy talking with students, while one of us was dealing with the masses. Indeed, God was working in and through each of us mightily as we warned and taught that everyman must be perfect in Christ. It is amazing that the students will stand hour after hour in such cold weather to be rebuked by the preachers of righteousness.

It is the Holy Bible that offers life, hope and freedom in Christ!


February 4, 2014, Texas A & M
Bro. Jed pulling the cloaks off!! (John 15:22)

   "If I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not had sin: but now they have no cloak for their sin."-John 15:22. The afternoon was devoted primarily to removing all their cloaks (excuses) for sin." Most of their excuses are rooted in the false notions that, "we were born sinners and we will die sinners." Time after time I ripped the cloaks off their hypocritical backs. 
Most of their excuses are rooted in the false notions that, "we were born sinners and we will die sinners."

   While the others were preaching I constantly had an audience made up of what was mostly professing Christians. I quoted verses on perfection, righteousness, sanctification and holiness all afternoon. I went over passages from Roman 6-8, Titus 2:11-16, and I John 3:1-10 over and over. I had to expound on the judging time and again. 

Angry female strips to her bra while Bro. Jesse preaches.


   During the middle of the afternoon the crowd swelled to the hundreds as Jesse was preaching; one strumpet took off her shirt and was prancing around in her bra and low riding tight pants. The policemen came out because they had received calls concerning the uproar. They talked to me courteously and left. 

The strippers caused such an uproar that the police soon arrived.

   We each had large groups surrounding us as one held forth cutting away at the multitude. After 6 PM Cindy approached me because one of the students, A.J., a Catholic boy, was waiting to have dinner with us. As we were leaving a young man gave me a Pentecostal handshake worth $20. A.J. was very excited about the way that our preaching was opening doors for him to give his witness. Others complimented us for our courage and boldness.

While one preacher handled the masses, the four others had great sessions with seekers. (Notice Bro. Jed in the black hat on the left as Bro. Jesse preaches in the center.)

   1 John 3:5-6 says, "And ye know that he was manifested to take away our sins; and in him is no sin. Whosoever abideth in him sinneth not: whosoever sinneth hath not seen him, neither known him." I am afraid few of these professing Christians know why Jesus was manifested unto the world. Despite all their talk on the love of God and even though they have a campus Bible study that thousands will attend tonight, most of them do not understand the Lord nor do they know him. If they understood him and knew him they would cease excusing their sins.
"Students, when you know Jesus you will stop your sinning," Bro. Jed.  Bro. Jed on left in black hat, Bro. Jesse has the main crowd in center with tweed coat and hat.


February 5, 2014, Texas A & M

   It was another very cold day with the Texas wind blowing right through our bodies. I noticed students stomping their feet in a vain attempt to get warm. Thankfully, we did have some sunshine.

Sis. Kathy has a gift for delivering truth with humor. She had TAMU students captivated.

   Jesse started the meeting wearing his sandwich board sign. Despite the weather, he gathered a sizable audience. I was sitting on a wall at a distance from his preaching; soon a group of Christians crowded me to whine against the holiness message.
Sis. Kathy had a way of making fun of the students' false notions and some eyes were opened!

   Once again I stripped away excuse after excuse of these defeatists. Few of them even made any attempt to refute me with Scriptures. Still they held fast to their standard evangelical sin excusing doctrines. They said they were saved by grace through faith and accused me of teaching salvation through works. I could not see that these people had any real faith; that is a faith that does anything or accomplishes anything. What kind of a faith is it that cannot overcome sin? We are to be winners not losers. We preach a faith that works, not a dead faith. We have a living faith, which delivers us from dead works, which are works that are not rooted and grounded in faith in Jesus Christ. Faith does not say, "I can't." Faith says, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Indeed, when that great apostle of faith, John, used the word "cannot," he said, "Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God."-1 John 3:9. Why can't he sin? He loves God too much to sin against him or his neighbor. He refuses to sin.

"What kind of faith is it that can not overcome sin?" Bro. Jed asks his side group of Christians.

    After dealing with the hypocrites for two hours, I took my turn in the main arena. I challenged the crazies that by faith they can overcome their "mental diseases" such as depression or bi-polar disorder. I fear that many of them are content with their disorders since it gives them the opportunity to live irresponsible lives and indulge in legal drugs all in the name of a chemical imbalance.

Bro. Jed preaching in brown coat, Sis. Kathy in blue hat on left and Bro. Jesse in the center with his board.

   Unfortunately, churches usually do not teach how to live by faith, hope and love. How could a person who knows the Blessed Hope be overcome with depression? They have not been taught to exercise faith to brave life's challenges. "This is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith."-I John 5:4.

The cadet was bragging about his sins and claiming to be a Christian. Another Christian privately reprimanded the student and he later apologized to Sis. Cindy.

   To most of these failures faith is simply acknowledging the fact that Jesus died and rose again. To them Jesus did everything so that we would have to do nothing. They even believe that Jesus obeyed God for them so that they would not have to obey. Indeed, they believe no one can obey God. Oh, if they only knew, the love chapter which they love to allude to but do not really know. "Love never fails."-1 Cor 13:8. These sin pleaders are disasters because they are lacking in love. A lack of faith, hope and love results in all sorts of bad mental health, which is usually rooted in guilt.

"We preach a faith that works!" 

   What makes faith work? "Faith works by love."-Gal 5:6. Alas, these professors of faith in reality have a dead faith.

   After a long preaching session to the masses, I had to deal with another bunch of losers, who call themselves Christians, but who know nothing of the faith walk.

Bro. Jed exposing sin!

   After 5 PM, a student, James, who is discipling two young men, Zach and Jorge, took the team to dinner at his expense. After some light conversation, I asked, "Did you have anything special you wanted to talk about?"

Many college students are taking the drug, Adderall illegally. We warned them of the dangers of the drug.

   James said, "No we just wanted to bless you; you are regarded as an icon on campus." Zach said, "As a student, my best conversations and opportunities for sharing the Gospel have been at your preaching meetings. Your preaching causes lots of open door for Gospel." James added, "You start ripples that go on and on."

The wise Christians worked the outskirts of our large crowds, sharing the Gospel with those who would hear.

    Often when students invite us to dinner, I find that they have an agenda; they want to correct our approach or doctrines. I appreciated that these brothers had no such plan. They questioned us about our experiences on campus and as a result we had a delightful time of fellowship and a good dinner.

Sis. Pat sharing how to live by faith, hope and love.

    Pastor Gillen from the church we visited this past Sunday came out to support us today. He has promised to return on Friday. He reports that the church interceded for us in their prayer meeting tonight.


February 6, 2014, Texas A & M

   We woke up this morning to snow and ice. This was the coldest day of this academic year on our campus circuit. Several students mentioned that they doubted if we would preach today. We bundled up as best we could and were onsite at the appointed time. Sister Kathy opened the meeting and soon drew a crowd of 35. 

Even the students, who are usually too cool to wear a coat, were bundled up today. It was cold!

   Meanwhile, I took my perch on the wall watching like an eagle. However, unlike an eagle, I did not have to fly from my perch to attack my prey. They soon came my way to ask question after question. Meanwhile, Paige, who has been one of our most vocal "Christian" opponents, passed out a tract she had written entitled, "Jesus loves you!!"

Student videoing the preaching.
When Kathy finished preaching, I announced that Paige's tract was going to be the basis of our Bible Study. The opening paragraph stated, "The Bible teaches of love, grace and forgiveness and no one is without sin! Just because you are a sinner does not mean you are going to hell. Jesus paid the price for you and for me and loves us all and if we believe in him we are accepted by the Father." She listed a number of verses, which she believed supported her opening statement.

   I spoke of people in the Bible such as Job and King Asa, who the Scriptures teach were perfect under the Old Covenant. I referenced many verses which teach that Jesus set us free from the power and dominion of sin.-Romans 6. I proclaimed that our sins are not paid for; they are forgiven as a result of our faith in Jesus' sacrificial death, which did come at a great cost to him.

"They soon came my way to ask question after question,"  Bro. Jed.

   I turned the meeting over to Sister Cindy, who built up the crowd to over fifty as she preached the condom gospel and the joys of being a stay at home mom. Jesse then took his turn and maintained the crowd at fifty or more. I returned to my perch on the wall and as usual disturbed students gathered to attempt to convince me that even Christians are bound to sin. 

Bro. Jesse maintained a crowd in spite of temperatures in the 30s. Our fire drew them!

   I enjoy these encounters on the sidelines where everyone is serious and there are no mockers or frivolousness. It provides a wonderful opportunity to expound on the Scriptures and "to earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints [not sinners]."-Jude 3. It should be noted that Jude is written to "them that are sanctified." These college Christians have evidently never been taught the doctrine of sanctification. It should also be noted that Jude concluded his little book by saying, "Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy."

These college Christians have evidently never been taught the doctrine of sanctification.

    I took another turn at preaching to the mockers but the main crowd was mostly giddy. I was glad to turn the meeting back to Sister Kathy since I wanted to go back and deal with the professing Christians, who had at least a little knowledge of the Bible. Holiness continued to be the issue with my group. The last hour we have three groups outside and Cindy had huddled with some others inside Old Main.

This guy is a dedicated heckler...will make a good Christian!

   After 5 PM Caleb made us his guest at one of the dining halls on campus. He is a leader in one of the Christian organizations on campus and a few of his friends joined us for dinner. Eventually, other students joined our table. Years ago I read a book of compilations of Martin Luther's table conversation called, "Table Talk." According to Wikipedia, "Table talk is a literary genre, a species of memoir. A collector (biographer, colleague, friend, etc.) records impromptu comments by some famous person (made generally at the dining table or in small get-togethers), in anticipation of their lasting value." Hopefully, one day someone will record my Table Talk for publication. The students said they appreciated my conversation; hopefully, they will apply my exhortations to their lives.

   We have preached on colder days than today; however, I do not recall getting as large a crowd except when we preached in blizzard conditions in Montana back in the eighties.

Sis. Kathy earnestly contends for the faith once delivered unto the saints. Jude 3
Plowing and Planting
February 7, 2014, Texas A & M

   The weather was still very cold (30s) when Sister Kathy started preaching; nevertheless, she succeeded in drawing a crowd. Kathy is an enthusiastic preacher. It has been a blessing and a help to have her with us for a week. Plus, she
Sis. Kathy braved the cold and worked diligently for God's Kingdom this week.
interacts well with the students. I meant Kathy when I preached at a Word of Faith church in Minneapolis back in the 80's. She remembers that even then "there was something different about me." Several years ago she contacted us through the Internet and has been a good friend of the ministry since. She flies back to Minneapolis in the morning.

    It was also a pleasure working with Jesse Morrell all week. I wanted to glean from his preaching; however, I was almost always preoccupied on the sidelines with questioning students so all I heard was bits and pieces. Jesse is witty; he said, "I want to say one last things to you homosexuals; you are going to get it in the end."

This odd group came out at the end of the day and wanted a picture with the preachers.

    Usually, we are targeting the unbelievers but our goal this week has been to focus on the Christians. Texas A & M has the largest Christian witness of all the state universities, which I have visited over the decades. We wanted to focus on calling the believers "to go unto perfection."-Hebrews 1:1. Usually I concentrate on preaching to the masses. But this week God directed me to focus on the Christians, who approached me with questions and criticisms all week.

    Kathy and Cindy reported that numerous were approaching
Paige, in the blue shirt, had opposed us but change her mind and took us to breakfast. She said that because of our preaching she had witnessed to over 1000 students.
them voicing concern about their own relationship with God, indicating that they were moving in right the direction. They asked for clarification on what we were teaching but not arguing. They were truth seekers and they indicted concern about their personal lives.

   A significant number of Christians told each of us that all over campus students are talking about God and the Bible and they reported lots of opportunities to witness.

Students were talking about God and the Bible all over campus.

   Paige, who so vocally opposed us at the beginning of the week and yesterday passed out a tract entitled, "Jesus love you!!", purchased hot drinks for the team today.
Justin, the boy with the earrings which I mention in Monday's report, has experienced an attitude change. Yesterday, he purchased hot drinks for our team.
Some of the students who started out laughing, ended up very serious.

   This evening he and Alex and Mark accompanied us to dinner. Justin said, "You are here for the Christians instead of the atheists and unbelievers. You need to return and hold revival meetings." Alex, who had asked if she could pray for me on Monday, also had dinner with us; she said to Cindy, "I have searched my heart for sin this week, because of the preaching I have talked to a lot of people about the Lord." Mark, who admitted he had come out to "troll," by the end of the day was telling everyone how intelligent I was.

Many students reported searching their hearts for sin this week!

    I suspect that eternity will show that this was one of the more effective and fruitful weeks of our long campus ministry. The weather was against us but God was for us!
Pastor Michael Glidden, whose church we visited this past Sunday, came out again today and he reported on FB, "I went to TAMU today to support Bro Jed and Company! Some heard the Word of God and their thinking was challenged by the Truths of God! I was honored to be in the circle. May God send Revival to the students at TAMU in College Station, Texas!"

   We have done the plowing and planting; pray that God will send bring forth righteous laborers among the students to water the seed we have shown.

 Our Mission Plans!
Winter 2014
  This our tentative schedule for the spring semester 2014. Please take note when we will be in your area. Should you want me to speak in your church or home fellowship, I am available. Also, if anyone wants to offer hospitality for Sister Pat, Cindy and me, please contact us. We always encourage local folks to join us on campus. We need your help!!

Jan. 6-7, University of Florida

Jan. 8-9, University of South Florida

Jan. 10, University of Central Florida

Jan. 13-14, University of Central Florida

Jan. 15, University of South Florida

Jan. 16 University of Florida

Jan. 17 University of Florida

Jan. 21-24, Louisiana State University

Jan. 27-28, Stephan A. Austin University

Jan 29-31, Sam Houston State University

Feb. 3-7, Texas A & M

Feb. 10-University of Texas

Feb. 11-13, Texas State University

Feb. 14, University of Texas

Feb. 17-21, University of Arizona

Feb. 24-Feb 28, Arizona State University


March 3-7, San Diego area campuses

March 10-14, UC Irvine, UCLA, UC Riverside

March 17-21, Fresno State

March 24-28 Long Beach State and Fullerton State

March 31-April 4, Texas Tech

April 7-9 University of Oklahoma

April 10-11, Missouri State University

April 14-May 2, IU, ISU, IUPUP, Purdue, UI,

May 5-June 6, Oregon and Washington

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