Prayer Requests
--Friday, our last day at University of Arizona--Two have prayed for salvation this week and others are considering it. The power of Satan is strong here and the battle has been great.
--Next week we will be at Arizona State trying to snatch some sun devils from the flames!
--Bro. Jed's formal debate with an atheist at ASU on Tuesday. "Is the Bible a Good Moral Guide?"
--Safe travels and good health for remainder of our 3 1/2 month mission.
--Funds for 4 new tires ($550) and no car trouble!      undefined
--Good weather!
--Move of Holy Spirit on all campuses scheduled.
Thank you prayer warriors!
Brother Jed: The Movie | Official Trailer - by Jesse Morrell of Open Air Outreach
Brother Jed: The Movie | Official Trailer - by Jesse Morrell of Open Air Outreach

January 27, 2014 Stephen F. Austin
     This was the first time I preached at SFA.  Jesse Morrell preached here in the past.  He secured the required permit for two days.  Jesse came down with Pastor Chris from the Tyler area.  Roger a FB friend, who lives locally and whose son attends SFA, also came out.  We are staying with Howard and Barbara Elseth; Barbara accompanied us to campus.  Later John, who is a friend of the Elseths, also came out and I called upon him to address a small group I was attempting to instruct in holiness.
John, a friend of Bro. Howard Elseth joined us for the first time today. 
     The police monitored the meeting all afternoon.  I had not been preaching fifteen minutes when one of them called me aside and claimed there were complaints coming from one of the close-by classroom buildings.  He told me I needed to speak more softly.  I did not argue with him; I lowered my voice.  The problem was the free speech area is some distance from the main flow of traffic so it was difficult to make myself heard.  Of course, that can sometime be an advantage in that students will move closer so that they can hear. We had two banners waving and two hand held signs.  It wasn't long before some students were listening at a distance.  So after 30 minutes I called on Cindy. 
Roger, a FaceBook friend and Barbara Elseth, our hostess, helped us share the Gospel today.
   One hippy looking degenerate began to argue with Cindy.  He admitted that he was engaging in anal sex with his girlfriend, whom he claimed to love.  He said to Cindy, "Haven't you ever heard of being emotionally involved and sexually open?"  Later, he unashamedly confessed to have gotten five girls pregnant which result in five abortions.  After saying that, a female in the crowd gave him a high five. Cindy used this reprobate murderer to draw a crowd of fifty or so.
Dividing into smaller groups often separates the trouble makers from those who have serious inquiries.
      In my next turn, once again the policeman called me aside and warned me that it was getting too loud.  He also called aside one of the students and told him he had to hold down his voice.   
   After I called upon Chris, a female came out and wanted to say something.  Chris protested that we were the ones who had the permit so he kept speaking.  The students decided
Bro. Chris, Jesse Morrell's ministry friend was another member of our team today.  His preaching was inspiring.
they wanted to hear the female so they left the semi-circle and crowded around her.  
   I feared we might lose the crowd so I stepped in again.  When everyone applauded the girl, I said, "Everyone who clapped is going to Hell?"  This offended some big loud mouth, who got in my face to rebuke me.  Since he was boisterous, I was concerned about the police interfering again so 
   I decided it was a good time to call upon the soft-spoken Sister Pat. She soon had a crowd around her and Chris had an audience surrounding him.  Normally, we do not like to have two groups going that early in the day (2 PM); however, I thought it was good since that would help prevent things from getting so noisy.  
Two SFA students enjoying the preaching.
     Later, Pat called upon Jesse and his proclamation of the truth stirred up the mob mentality.  Once again the policeman called me aside to warn me that the chief related that they were threatening to withdraw the permit for tomorrow.  He also informed me that there were certain words that we could not use (vagina, penis, whoremonger, queer, etc.) or we could also be subject to disorderly conduct charges.  I knew he was off base in trying to regulate the content of our speech, but since I did not have a recorder, I operated under the principle that Jesus taught, "Agree with your adversary quickly."
SFA student questions Bro. Jed about judging the students.
      I decided to take over from Jesse to see if I could calm the crowd, which was objecting so strongly to our judging and no sin doctrine. I allowed a few irate ones to rail against me without responding.  After a while the crowd broke up into several small groups, which was a positive considering the harassment we were getting from the police, who, of course, were no doubt responding to numerous complaints.
     Roger commended me for my crowd control tactics.  Jesse says tomorrow towards the end of the day he may challenge the police on the use of the forbidden words and get any threats from the police on tape.  Jesse mostly taped today.  He will be with us a lot over the next few weeks.  Barbara had her study Bible stolen today.            
Police told Bro. Jed that he was not allowed to say certain words.
Sis. Pat with a serious sideline group.
January 28, 2014, Stephen F. Austin State University
     At 10 last night Barbara got a call from the lost and found at the Student Center informing her that her Bible
Jesus is in the business of turning goats into sheep.
had been "found."  She rejoiced and considered this to be an answer to prayer.  This morning I led the team in prayer before leaving the Elseth's ranch, called the Wilderness Tabernacle.  They raise goats and had spent much of the night nursing newborn goats and tenderly caring for a sick goat.  Jesse Morrell stayed with the Elseths last night and was unaware of the goat situation.  This morning I prayed for the goats. 
Afterwards Jesse said, "When you started praying for the goats, I thought that you were praying for the students."
Bro. Howard Elseth asked the students, "What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul?"
   We have been praying hard over the weather situation which is very cold for Texas.  When Cindy started preaching, it was below freezing.  Cindy was amazed that the Holy Spirit soon drew a crowd.  A number of the students were jumping up and down trying to keep warm.  Cindy turned over to me a crowd of thirty, which fluctuated from thirty to 80 throughout the afternoon.  The Lord shined his Sun on us for most of the afternoon, even though a cloudy day was predicted 
Barbara Elseth tells of her former life in a hippie commune and how Jesus saved her!
     My first turn I spoke of the necessity of taking up one's cross and following Jesus.  Students mostly attentively listened.  I considered it a very good session.  Roger came out again and held the banner for much of the afternoon.  Someone in his church saw him and attempted to correct him concerning his approach. 
Bro. Roger faithfully flew the banner in the cold and he had the opportunity to talk to a number about Christ.
     Sister Pat used the judgment seat today perhaps more effectively than I have ever seen it used.  Ten students must have sat in the seat to be interrogated by Pat.  Meanwhile, a heavy set smoking "Christian" kept quoting Scriptures around her at the top of his voice.  At one point he said, "They are judging us that it is wrong for us to sin."  Duh!  Sin is wrong doing; however, he has likely been taught that sin is essentially a state of nature, not wrong doing.
Sis. Cindy had conversed with the girl in the blue coat and then introduced her to Bro. Elseth who led her in the sinner's prayer.
      During my second session, I prayed with a professing Christian man, who claimed to be willing to turn from all sin.   Afterwards, I called upon Barbara Elseth.  The students were riled.  But they suddenly became quiet
Humor gets their attention and opens hearts for the message of Jesus Christ.
when she stepped into the semi-circle to share her testimony.  In her youth Barbara lived a life of debauchery in a hippy commune.  However in desperation she called upon the Lord, who appeared unto her in a vision and as a result she got saved.  She went on to graduate from Oral Roberts University become a school teacher and raise two children with the Lord as her husband and provider. 
Another one of our listeners today.
Howard followed up with his testimony speaking from the text, "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?"
  Students remained quiet and attentive during his testimony.  Afterwards, students approached the Elseths with questions.  Howard prayed with two girls to accept Jesus.
Sister Pat interrogates student who agreed to sit in the "judgment seat."
     Jesse finished off the day weaving the "forbidden words" into his instruction.  Once again the police monitored the day, but they did not interfere like yesterday. 
It is ironic that the student who yells the loudest against judging will often be the first to sit in the "judgment seat."
Bro. Jesse Morrell preached with us this week and he was also working on a documentary called, "Bro. Jed: The Movie." 


January 29, 2014, Sam Houston State,
     I started preaching towards the end of the noon break.  There were Christians sitting on the wall, who seemed to be enjoying my preaching.  Numbers were standing at a distance listening but I did not get any interaction going.  At 12:20 I called upon Cindy, who preached as she held our banner listing sins.  The audience slowly became stirred at she preached but they were still keeping their distance.  At the class break at 12:50, she gathered an audience of about 100, which formed a semi-circle close to her pulpit.  About a dozen students sat down at her feet.  
Sis. Cindy starts the meeting warning sinners of impending Hell.
   Meanwhile, I stood behind a group of sinners who were commenting on Cindy's warnings.   "Well, I guess I am headed for Hell," one said with a tone of unconcern.  Others bragged that they were doing the sins she was preaching against.  I assume that similar conversations were going on all around the plaza.
Many students brag about their sins.
Cindy turned the meeting back to me and it did not take long for the students to become rowdy.  Since the Greeks were out in force, I warned the students about the perils of the party animal life-style.  I attempted to get some serious dialogue going but the students were in a frivolous mood.  After speaking 30 minutes, I called upon Sister Pat. 
     I set my chair on a wall and sat high to get a good perspective on the scene.  Soon a group of Christians, mostly boys from Chi Alpha, surrounded me and expressed their support of my preaching.  SHSU has one of the best Chi Alpha groups in the country.  David told me that there were 1800 students who had some connection with the Christian organization; however, he was unsure of how many actually regularly attended their meetings.  One of them told me that some of the men in Chi Alpha had started street preaching as a result of our mission here last year. 
Bro. Jed exhorts a group of Christian men to take up the cross of Christ!
     I took the opportunity to challenge the Christians to a deeper walk with God and to be bold witnesses.  I taught on self-denial, cross-bearing, suffering, the woman caught in adultery, the woman at the well, the rich young ruler, the Day of Pentecost when the 120 were filled with the Holy Ghost, Paul's ministry at Athens, the importance of taking the offense instead of always being on the defensive, preaching as the main Biblical approach to Evangelism, the whole armor of God, the Crusades, and the militancy of the Holy Spirit.  My messages were mainly directed to believers.  Students quietly listened, only occasionally asking questions.  It was an inspiring session. 
Sis. Pat organized a testimony session where students stepped up and told the crowd of their conversion to Christ.
      Meanwhile, more Christians were attached to Cindy.  She mostly had their support; however, she had to rebuke one boy, "Stop your whining," she said.  He was overly concerned about our preaching offending people.  He finally seemed to break and admit the gospel is offensive.
      Meanwhile, Sister Pat was contending with the sinners.  One questioned, "How do you know that God is real?"  Pat answered, "Because he changed my life!"  Others chimed in and said, "He changed my life also."  This resulted in a testimony session where several Christians told their life changing stories to the sinners.
Many Christians voiced support for our outreach.
      Later, a Christian approached me and said, "Thank you for coming.  You have opened a lot of doors for conversation."  Another boy, who was glued to me for almost two hours, asked for prayer; I grabbed his hand and prayed for a baptism of boldness in his life since he had expressed a desire to preach.
     Our three groups died out at 3 PM; we decided to leave and get our motel room.  The day did not go as we expected but the three of us agreed that it was a productive day. 

January 30, 2014, Sam Houston State

   I preached by myself today. I am over my cough and pretty much back to full strength. Once again the weather was cold and windy, although it gradually warmed up as the afternoon progressed. It did not take long to gather an audience of fifty which ranged from 25 to 50 for four hours. It took me a couple of hours to get much dialogue going. My well seemed dry at first but as I primed the pump more of God's spirit filled my soul. As a result by 2 PM the word of God was gushing out of my fountain. John 7:38 says, "He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water."

A red haired female identified herself as a misotheist. I asked, "What is that?"

"I hate God," she said.
Students often accuse God of being vengeful and petty.

I asked, "Why?"

She answered, "Because he is vengeful and petty."

I responded, "He is vengeful but his vengeance is rooted in his justice. Why do you think that he is petty?"

She replied, "Because he drove Adam and Eve out of the garden for just one sin."

I responded, "Disobedience to God's reasonable commands is never petty. For one sin is a rejection of his authority. Adam's sin set a bad example for his descendants, all of whom have followed him into sin."

At heart all professing atheists are actually misotheists. God's existence is self-evident. The problem of the atheists is not lack of evidence for God's existence; it is an unwillingness to believe, since believing requires men to submit his Righteous Rule.

A Calvinist interrupted me to read from Roman 9, which teaches, "God shows mercy to whom he will show mercy and he hardens those whom he will harden." The students clapped suggesting that he got the best of me. However, he would not stay to hear my reply. I explained this is not an arbitrary decision on God's part. In other passages the Bible explains God's standard for showing mercy and hardening. Mercy is conditioned on repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. And he hardens those that refuse to turn from sin and exercise faith.

One man opposed me for teaching, "Sex Ed with Brother Jed." He claimed that it was "meaningless talk," a violation of 1 Tim 1:6. I responded that we need to apply the word of God to the areas of life where people are most concerned.
It is important to keep an eye on the crowd for the quiet ones who are taking it all in.
The primary preoccupation of youth is with their sexuality. Before he left, he shook my hand and commended me for my ministry.

All afternoon I noticed a clean cut man listening attentively but saying nothing.

At 4 PM I asked him, "Are you a Christian?" He affirmed that he was.

I asked, "When where you saved?"

He replied, "I have gone to church all of my life; I have always believed."

"That is good, but do you have a relationship with Christ?"

He responded, "I am not sure."

I explained to Austin how he could be sure he was friends with God and challenged him to make a full commitment to the Lord right now. Chris, from Chi Alpha, was standing beside me and he also urged Adam to make the commitment now. I called Adam forward. Austin, Chris, another brother and I joined arm in arm; I led Austin in a sinner's prayer, finishing with us all repeating the Lord's Prayer.

Some object to the usage of the sinner's prayer claiming it is not scriptural. However, it is based on Roman 10:9-10. I agree that it can be abused in conjugation with your typical altar call, "Now eyes closed, no one looking around, I don't want to embarrass anyone, slip up your hand and pray this prayer after me."

I challenged Austin in front of mockers to step out of the crowd and make a public profession of his need for forgiveness and a relationship with God. Under such circumstances a sinner's prayer may be very appropriate and helpful. When one merely repeats a sinner's prayer within the walls of a church and a sympathetic audience as his initial step of faith, subsequently, he is likely to only testify to God's saving grace in the context of a sympathetic audience. I trust that Adam will subsequently boldly testify to salvation outside the church walls, where the setting is often hostile to the gospel. These were the circumstances under which he took his first step.

It is easy for an open-air preacher to get pre-occupied with the mockers and hecklers or even the serious inquirers. Throughout the day I try to keep a watch for the quiet ones, who appear to be receiving my message. Sometimes it is profitable to call them out as I did with Austin, which resulted in his bold profession. Austin will not forget this day.





January 31, 2014, Sam Houston State University


      Since it is Friday, we decided to start preaching at 10:45; Sister Pat did not draw a crowd but she talked with several students.  I lifted up my voice at 11:45, shortly afterwards, Austin approached me and said, "Thank you for praying with me yesterday."  Two policemen were observing the scene today for over an hour.  I preached thru the break without drawing a crowd, but several were listening at a distance. 

     Finally, one student asked me about homosexuality.  After a while, I became suspicious and asked, "Are you gay?"  He admitted that he was, not only that, but he said his father was a Baptist preacher.  "What does your father think of your gayness?"  The boy replied, "He does not have a problem with it."  This is a typical response from sodomites; they usually claim their parents have no problem with their homosexuality.  I suspect that most of them in reality do; however, they fear voicing it for concern of offending or losing their child. When parents do not strongly express their disapproval of sinful behavior, the offenders usually think they are condoning their evil doing.


The biggest challenge of open-air preaching may be to persevere even when people do not seem to be listening.


     The sodomite claimed he could not help what his feelings were.  I responded, "The problem is that you are governed by your feelings.  When the emotions are in control of man's being, they corrupt his being.  You need to get your feelings under the control of conscience, reason and the moral law of God through faith in Christ.  Then you will be free from your perverted emotions."

     God used my dialogue with the sodomite to draw an audience of 40-50 students.  After an hour I turned the audience over to Sister Pat.  Cindy was inside doing computer work all afternoon.  While Pat held the crowd, a few Chi Alpha fellows asked me some theological questions, which I appreciated.  One was even an open theist and strong moral government man.  An Indian (from India) sat down in front of me with many questions.  He said he had no religion. 

Usually, more are hearing than the preacher realizes; when he keeps at it and does not hold back truth, a crowd will generally eventually gather.


      He was somewhat of a pain because he wanted to be the center of attention.  Nevertheless, God used his questions for me to draw an interested audience of 10-12, while Sister Pat continued to deal with the main pack.  About 2 PM the crowd divided into several different groups as numerous Christians were taking advantage of our plowing to sow some seeds of truth into the hearts of their peers. I maintained my audience until after 3 PM.

     The Indian asked me one final question.  "I want to make wholesome films to compete with Hollywood.  [He referred to Hollywood as Babylon.]  What advice would you give me other than to get saved and follow Christ?"

      I answered, "Follow your conscience."

      "Thank you," he said, "That is the best thing that you have said all day."

      I thought, if he actually follows his conscience, it should inform him of his need for a Savior. 


This Indian man claimed to have "no religion."


      I was tempted about 1:15 to stop and wait for the next break.  I am so glad I did not or I would have missed the encounter with the preacher's kid and I may not have gathered an audience at all.  The biggest challenge of open-air preaching may be to persevere even when people do not seem to be listening.  Usually, more are hearing than the preacher realizes; when he keeps at it and does not hold

The campus preacher must learn to interact with the crowd or it (they) will not remain for long.

back truth, a crowd will generally eventually gather.  Of course, he needs to learn to interact with the crowd or it will not likely remain for long. 

     We left campus at 3:30 to drive to College Station to preach at Texas A&M next week.  The weather finally warmed up to 70 degrees this afternoon.  So far this tour of the sun-belt has been the coldest in my memory.  However, the cold is nothing compared to what folks are experiencing up north.


 Our Mission Plans!
Winter 2014
  This our tentative schedule for the spring semester 2014. Please take note when we will be in your area. Should you want me to speak in your church or home fellowship, I am available. Also, if anyone wants to offer hospitality for Sister Pat, Cindy and me, please contact us. We always encourage local folks to join us on campus. We need your help!!

Jan. 6-7, University of Florida

Jan. 8-9, University of South Florida

Jan. 10, University of Central Florida

Jan. 13-14, University of Central Florida

Jan. 15, University of South Florida

Jan. 16 University of Florida

Jan. 17 University of Florida

Jan. 21-24, Louisiana State University

Jan. 27-28, Stephan A. Austin University

Jan 29-31, Sam Houston State University

Feb. 3-7, Texas A & M

Feb. 10-University of Texas

Feb. 11-13, Texas State University

Feb. 14, University of Texas

Feb. 17-21, University of Arizona

Feb. 24-Feb 28, Arizona State University


March 3-7, San Diego area campuses

March 10-14, UC Irvine, UCLA, UC Riverside

March 17-21, Fresno State

March 24-28 Long Beach State and Fullerton State

March 31-April 4, Texas Tech

April 7-9 University of Oklahoma

April 10-11, Missouri State University

April 14-May 2, IU, ISU, IUPUP, Purdue, UI,

May 5-June 6, Oregon and Washington

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