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  Sunday we attended the House of the Lord Fellowship in Austin, Texas. Upon our arrival, our longtime friend, Pastor Lilliard welcomed us into his office and said, "Bro. Jed and Sister Cindy, we would like to invest in your ministry to the college students, so my secretary is writing you a check.  We believe in your work on the campuses."  
  The gift was an answer to prayer, because our funds are low and the expenses  for gas, food and motels are high.  We are five weeks into our Sun Belt mission with about 8 more weeks to go.  So far this journey has been short on sun and short on money.  However it has not been lacking in the move of the Holy Spirit. We saw revival at Texas A&M last week!   Three students prayed for salvation in one day the week before last. (details in future journals.)
   In you have been thinking about sharing in this work through your finances, this would be a great time.  Just click the Invest in CMUSA button below or mail your investment to our home office address on this email.
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January 13, 2014, University of Central Florida,
     The regular team is back together now.  Cindy did not arrive from Georgia until about 3:15.  Up until this time Sister Pat and I each had small groups with attentive students and thoughtful questions.  One fellow asked me why the atonement of Christ was necessary.  
Sister Pat had Bible sessions with small groups throughout the afternoon. Lots of truth was planted in their hearts.
    He thought repentance should be adequate.  It was interesting that he was acquainted with the major views of the atonement.  He agreed that the Penal Substitution view was the worst.  He used the story of the prodigal son as an example of a father forgiving based upon repentance.  Of course, God is more than a father; he is moral governor of the universe and he has to governmental considerations in forgiving sin.  He has to govern the whole human race, not just a family.    Also, in the parable there is a sense in which the father's grief and suffering over his son's rebellion serves as an atoning sacrifice.   The son realized that his sin was against his father.  I explained that the prodigal represents the gentiles and the elder son represents Israel. 
Bro. Jed explaining why the atonement of Jesus Christ was necessary.
      With all of his knowledge this man had the audacity to sit in judgment on God for telling Israel that they could take the virgins of the defeated heathen for wives.  He also took issue with God establishing a patriarchal system.  One of his friends was surprised when I defended the men of Israel for taking the virgins as their wives and the patriarchy.   
"God doesn't mind an honest question," Bro. Jed.
The friend said, "Most Christians say that these things are no longer appropriate for our day; these were God's dealings for a particular time and culture."  Theodicy is justifying the ways of God to men.  Who are we to judge God?  Of course, God does not mind honest questions.  God's ways are always just and wise.
       Shortly after Cindy arrived she began preaching and drew a crowd of fifty or so, while I conversed with a sceptic and an honest seeker.  After thirty minutes the honest seeker, turned around and was surprised to see the large crowd.  He was so engrossed in the conversation that he had not noticed all the people.  He asked for my advice in his search for truth.  He had just started seeking God a few days ago.  I counseled, "Start walking in the light that God is giving you and you find yourself increasing in understanding."
      At 5 PM Cindy turned the crowd back to me and I preached for thirty minutes with virtually no interruption with questions or comments. 
January 14, 2014, UCF
       Pat opened the meeting and gathered about a dozen people.  Soon after she turned the meeting over to me it started raining.  At the class break I called on Cindy, but we were unable to rebuild a crowd after most left because of the rain.
Students became so stirred as Bro. Micah Armstrong preached, that he had to keep moving and the crowd followed.
  However around 2:15 Cindy gathered a crowd of 75-100, which stood in the rain to listen.  Around 2:30 Micah and Elizabeth Armstrong arrived as did Angela.  By the time Cindy turned the meeting over to me it had stopped raining.  I maintained the audience; however, they stood at quite a distance and my voice is still not projecting as much as usual.  So I called upon Angela after 40 minutes; the truths she proclaimed stirred up the audience so much that we now had a mob which surrounded her.  She preached for almost an hour.  I took over again but now the students were beside themselves and crowded around me. 
Bro. Micah really got the attention in his lettered suit.  He was calling the UCF students to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.
   One fellow was quite disturbed about the Trinity concept and kept asking, "How can three persons be one person?  It is illogical."  I explained that the oneness of the Godhead is a oneness of purpose, love and spirit but each person is not the same person.  I also clarified that the Trinity is a oneness of essence in that each person has the divine attributes. 
Student sits in the "judgment seat" and Sis. Angela questions him with the Ten Commandments.
     Of course, they do not want a reasonable explanation of the nature of God for they are desperately looking for reasons not to believe.    Students often confuse physical laws with the laws of logic.  They say that miracles defy the laws of logic.  I say no; God and the Bible are logical but God can and does supersede physical laws when he does something miraculous.  It was difficult explaining these concepts since the students were beside themselves.  I had to keep on the move in order not to be enclosed. 
     About 4:30 I called upon Micah.  Shortly after he started a male came out wearing a metre on his head.  Another homo came with a rainbow cape.  Micah taught on how to identify male and female sodomites.  Micah kept on the move and the students followed him wherever he went. 
Sis. Elizabeth shares from the scriptures on the sidelines while husband Bro. Micah preaches.  She has a lettered jacket also.
After an hour I took over again.  I had a group of 25 or so around me and the rest of my team also had students with whom they were conversing.  Micah and Elizabeth left campus but we later all met for dinner.  My team left campus at 6:30.  My last hour was spent on primarily defending Biblical sexual morals.   At least six Christians thanked us for coming to campus.
     At one point when I was conversing with several students during Micah's stint, a well-dressed gentleman introduced himself as Frank. 
"Jesus is the way, the truth and the life," Sis. Angela.
He said he worked in the library and had wanted to speak to me for years.  He said, "I heard you in 1976 at Vanderbilt University."  He turned to the students and declared, "This man is a legend; you need to listen to what he has to say."  Frank is a Christian but admitted that when he was a student he was not really committed.  I remember that I was able to preach at Vanderbilt two years in a row.  However, the chaplain the third years refused to give me permission.  Since Vanderbilt is private, there was not much I could do about it.  
Preaching in the rain at the Univesity of Central Florida! We have had some of our best crowds in the rain and snow.  We prefer the sun, though.

January 15, 2014, UCF
     Cindy gathered an audience of around one hundred
Bro. Jed speaking on the sufferings of Christ and his outstretched arms to repentant sinners.
when a silly blasphemer wearing a Dr. Suess hat and dressed as a pizza began shouting that he was the pizza god.  Anything or anybody who attempts to disrupt the preaching is amusing and even "awesome" to the sinners.  Cindy wisely let him perform his act not trying to compete with him for the sinners' attention.  Finally, she sat down to take an important phone call.  The pizza god finally left.  
   I waited for a few minutes for the crowd to calm.  Then I stood up with my staff crucifix and began speaking on the sufferings of Christ and his stretched out arms to embrace repentant sinners.   A fellow, who made a pretense of being a Christian, claimed that Jesus taught that we are not to preach on the street corners.  He was confusing Jesus' admonition against praying simply to be seen and heard of men in public with public preaching.  Sinners often get that passage from the Sermon on the Mount confused. 
Bro. Jed gives some clarification on the Sermon on the Mount, which most students have never read so are often confused about the parts that they have heard out of context or misquoted.
    I soon discerned that the man was a homosexual so I quietly asked him if he was queer.  My correct discernment brought forth the demon in him and he fell to his knees in front of me and began to feigning a performance of oral sex.  This perverted demonstration was to the delight of the depraved sinners thus fulfilling Roman 1:32:  "Although they know God's righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them."
     In the midst of all this depravity, a fiftyish looking man, who was on campus with other of his age passing out gospel tracts and witnessing, asked me, "How come you have Jesus on the cross?  This is Catholic; Jesus is no longer on the cross.  This is idolatry." His comment is a typical knee jerk fundamentalists' reaction to the crucifix. 
Bro. Jed gets some criticism for carrying the crucifix.  For an answer to his critics read: A Crucifix??
He was most disturbed about my staff crucifix than the debauched behavior of the students.  Sinners in a figurative sense crucify the Lord again with their blatant disregard and even hatred for his atoning sacrifice. 
     Soon another blasphemer wearing a horse's head noisily striking together a pot and pan attempted to take center stage.  He said little but was trying to drown me out with his racket.  He was a nuisance for an hour or so.  A few professing Christians demonstrated no objection to the taunting of the mob against the preaching instead sided with the mob objecting to our preaching.  Meanwhile, the pizza god returned for another show.  Again, I mostly ignored him.
These guys were mocking God and pretending that they were praying. They came from religious backgrounds.
     Around 3:30 the mob began to calm and I called upon Sister Pat.  She had a very good preach with an audience of 35 to 50.  I spent the rest of the time talking to students on the sidelines. 
The pizza god appears to disrupt as Sister Cindy starts the meeting:  he draws a bigger crowd for us to preach the Gospel.
    Pray for a thoughtful and quiet girl who is living with her "boyfriend."  I had an hour long talk with her explaining that there can be no love in an illicit relationship.  Alas, they confuse love with a feeling of affection and they confuse love with lust.
He soon left and some great preaching went forth as well as lots of one-on-one with students on the sidelines.
     We had dinner with some friends from Columbia, MO, who have moved to Florida.  We said our goodbyes to Angela, who is boarding a plane to Dublin and is planning on evangelizing Europe for a year.   
We had a great dinner and visit with our friends, Robert and Stephanie Steuber and their two children. Young families are fun!
January 16, 2014, UCF
     There was a group of churchmen taking a survey of students in front of Cindy's preaching.  She started the meeting by asking students if they had read their Bibles today.  She exhorted the passing sinners, "Get off the beer, the marijuana, the porn, turn from the lust and get into the Bible."  She had several sinners stop to listen; then at a class break many stopped.  The churchmen then folded up their table to leave.  Cindy challenged them, "Don't leave now; this is your opportunity to talk to the students and take your surveys."
This church girl strongly rebuked us for preaching against sin. "We all sin daily," she insisted.
      One of the men, who evidently was an elder, said, "We don't want to be associated with you.  You are doing evangelism the wrong way."
     Cindy asked, "Am I doing it wrong because I am telling them to repent?"
     "Yes," he replied.  "You are the one who needs to repent." 
     Another churchman fell to his knees and started praying that Cindy would repent and turn from her sins.
     Cindy responded, "This is a fine thing.  You are upset with me for telling students to repent and turn from their sins.  Yet, you are telling me to do that."
The call to repentance is a message that throws some students into convulsions, but it was Jesus' first public message: Mark 1:15.
     Cindy then rebuked the men for their wimpishness.   As they left they got hugged by the Christian fraternity men, who have been out each day.  I suppose the churchmen needed the hug after opposing the voice of repentance.   A good hug, especially a group hug seems to be the cure all today.  Evidently, repentance is something that you preach to believers, not to unbelievers.  Men of this school of theology believe that sinners are unable to repent.  In reality they rarely preach repentance even after people have made a confession of faith.  Repentance is the missing message in Christianity today.  Yet that is the message with which both John the Baptist and Jesus opened the New Testament.  The Book of Acts opens by Peter preaching repentance on the Day of Pentecost and thousands were converted.  Act 20:21, Paul preached repentance toward God and faith in the Lord Jesus.
Peter preached repentance on the day of Pentecost. 
     I continued the emphasis on repentance and faith when Cindy turned the mob over to me.  Several Christians were in a tizzy strongly defending and excusing sin claiming it is impossible to keep from sinning.  Several were rebuking me and binding me and trying to cast the devil out of me.  One male pervert twerked in a lewd manner and did a semi strip dance very close to me.  Soon two other males joined him in the twerking, getting as close as they could without touching me.  
"Repentance is the missing message in Christianity today," Bro. Jed.
   Of course, what these perverts needed was a good punch in the jaw, which would have been quite appropriate in the circumstances.  I resisted the temptation because I suppose I would have been arrested.  And I figured a good lawyer would be able to get some homophiles on the jury which would find me guilty of assault.  One professing Christian guy in shorts, who was opposing me, I rebuked strongly for not reproving the twerkers.  He claimed that he wasn't to judge or condemn.  Interestingly, shortly after I got in his face he did quiet down for the rest of the time.
Even the professing Christian thought that this homo twerking Bro. Jed was just fine. Eventually this guy stripped his shirt off and two of them were twerking around the preacher.
   One girl, who kept quoting Scriptures, was wearing a short shirt, which exposed her belly and she wore leggings.  It is disgraceful that the professors allow these girls to sit in class in such a state of undress.  When I tried to correct her, she just lifted her shirt even higher to expose more skin.  One fellow tried to get everyone to leave; however, he was soon caught in my web.  Eventually, the sinners settled down and I concluded the day by telling the story of Cindy's conversion.
Eventually the wild beasts calmed down and started listening. Patience is important!!
    Often on campus the first two days are extremely hectic.  UCF had not followed this trend.  The first day was relatively calm but each day has become increasingly wild.  Tomorrow will be our last day at UCF; we have a surprise for the students, which I will be reporting on in tomorrow's journal entry.  So stand-by everyone. 
January 17, 2014, UCF
     Sister Pat gathered a crowd and called upon me at a class break.   My surprise today was my Duck Dynasty duck call made by Uncle Si.  I blew my duck call and announced, "I am here in support of Brother Phil Robertson.  He wrote an autobiography called, Happy, Happy, Happy, My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander."
Bro. Jed uses Uncle Si's duck call to attract sinners.
I emphasized each Happy with a duck call.  "But I am not calling ducks! I am calling gays, gays, gays.  You can become truly, happy, happy, happy, if you will repent and believe the gospel."  One pretty lesbian answered the duck (gay) call.  I started conversing with her while several normal people stopped.  However, there was a boys' choir which started singing.  Since it was decent music, I stopped speaking.  As it turned out there were three boys' choirs and three girls'.  So this took up most of the hour.  Between choirs I would briefly blow the duck call so they would know I was around.  When the program was over, I continued my parody.  However, students soon had some questions so I did not continue with the satire.  I will be working on developing the Duck Dynasty parody of some of the sayings of Phil Robertson; it should prove to be a good attention getting tool.  The duck calls would have been helpful on Wednesday, when the horse's head wall banging his pots and pans.
     A five point Calvinist, who I discerned as a disciple of Dr. Robert Morey, confronted me.  He was particularly concerned with my open theism.  I quickly went over the TULIP with the students informing them what the Calvinist's believed.  This man was arrogant and prideful concerning his educational qualifications and his alleged knowledge of the original Greek and Greek grammar.   He threw out several Greek words, which I made no pretense of knowing.  The result was that he ended up making the English text say something different from your prominent English translations of the Bible.  A decade ago, I debated Robert Morey over a radio show in St. Louis.  He opened the debate by referring to me as a heretic.  This Calvinist had the same spirit as "Dr. Bob."  The Lord used the man for me to address free will, original sin and other theological issues.  
A good question and answer session followed the duck parody session.
     A black girl, who yesterday was binding me and attempting to cast out the devil, was calmer today.  But she was still very annoying in her justification of sin and her opposition to my approach.  I aggressively defended my method to her and other Christians.  Earlier a boy, who was in my face yesterday recording with his cell phone and asking foolish questions concerning sex, apologized for his behavior.  We had a nice chat before I started the preaching.  Today was the smallest crowd we had all week.  However, I was pleased that we were able to get the attention that we did considering it is a holiday weekend.  For the last hour there were two other groups of students being witnessed to by Christians on campus.  It is always encouraging to see how we frequently ignite discussion groups when we are handling the opposition of both believers and unbelievers.
     At 4:15, Sister Pat and I decided to leave.  But as we were packing up there was a class break so I decided to preach to the passing students.  An attractive and modest girl stopped and asked me how my wife was converted.  I briefly went over Cindy's testimony.  The girl did not go to church but she said she believed in Jesus.  A male student stopped who had attended Calvary Chapel, but was not presently attending any church.  I exhorted them both to read the Bible on their own and find a church and Bible studying to attend.  A few others stopped; I was my kinder and gentler self.  They were interested in my family, travels and how I was supported.  I was pleased that I took the time to preach at the last break and was able to conclude the week at UCF on a pleasant note.  One of the other groups was still conversing when we departed.   
 Our Mission Plans!
Winter 2014
  This our tentative schedule for the spring semester 2014. Please take note when we will be in your area. Should you want me to speak in your church or home fellowship, I am available. Also, if anyone wants to offer hospitality for Sister Pat, Cindy and me, please contact us. We always encourage local folks to join us on campus. We need your help!!

Jan. 6-7, University of Florida

Jan. 8-9, University of South Florida

Jan. 10, University of Central Florida

Jan. 13-14, University of Central Florida

Jan. 15, University of South Florida

Jan. 16 University of Florida

Jan. 17 University of Florida

Jan. 21-24, Louisiana State University

Jan. 27-28, Stephan A. Austin University

Jan 29-31, Sam Houston State University

Feb. 3-7, Texas A & M

Feb. 10-University of Texas

Feb. 11-13, Texas State University

Feb. 14, University of Texas

Feb. 17-21, University of Arizona

Feb. 24-Feb 28, Arizona State University


March 3-7, San Diego area campuses

March 10-14, UC Irvine, UCLA, UC Riverside

March 17-21, Long Beach State and Fullerton State

March 24-28, Fresno State

March 31-April 4, Texas Tech

April 7-9 University of Oklahoma

April 10-11, Missouri State University

April 14-May 2, IU, ISU, IUPUP, Purdue, UI,

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