Campus Preaching: It's a Family Thing, The Third Generation!

Without any prompting, our 5-year-old granddaughter, Iris picks up her Grandfather's crucifix staff and stands behind him as he preaches. Check out the look on the atheists' faces!

Iris at Georgia College!
Raw Video footage of Iris quoting Bible verses at Georgia College!  Closing remarks from Grandmother.

Bro. Jed uses Iris's play animals to teach the students the design argument for creation.

November 18, 2013, Georgia College and State University,

   This public liberal arts college of 7000 students has a small private school atmosphere. The Catholic writer, Flannery O'Connor, graduated from this institution and died in Milledgeville at the age of 39. The designated free speech area is under the American flag. At the center of the mall the sororities had tents set up; they were the first ones to come over and listen to Sister Pat.
Soon after we started preaching the police put up these safety barriers for our protection.  The students were never very antagonistic. We had three great days at Georgia College.

   It seems that the moral standards on this campus are higher than most colleges, which is not really saying too much. The Kappa Delta girls claimed to be virgins, which is unusual. However, a few independent girls openly talked about their fornicating ways, which is not unusual. No one was flaunting their homosexuality or even claimed to be homosexual. One man defended his homosexual friend, thinking this is the way to express love.

Iris quoted Psalm 1 to the students.

   An hour after we started, the authorities put up barriers between us and the crowd. This is a good safety precaution and helps to keep the students from getting disorderly or threatening; however, we were not having any problem with the students, who were civil in their behavior and not using much bad language. This campus was a pleasant relief from the low life at University of Arkansas, Little Rock. The authorities monitored the scene from a distance. Late in the afternoon a number asked if we would be returning tomorrow. Our audience ranged from 50-75 for most of the afternoon.

Holiness, determinism, freewill, and foreknowledge were all topics of discussion today.
    Many of them were professing Christians. Holiness was the big issue of the day. Most all of them were claiming that a Christian cannot help but sin. Determinism and free will were also issues; they tried to claim that both are true. And I was the one accused of being irrational. Absolute foreknowledge and limited foreknowledge were also discussed in a lively fashion.
Iris is showing Grandfather a video that she made of the preaching on her leap pad.
    Long-time friend, Raymond DeFabritis, our host, finished the day by relating his conversion to Christ after having been born into Catholism and having attended Catholic schools. Raymond has recently published his testimony in a book. Many expressed interest in our returning tomorrow. One boy, to whom I had given a copy of my book on Romans last year, had read it and wants to talk to me about it tomorrow.

Read Bro. Raymond's inspiring testimony book: Jesus Won't Forgive Me For The Things That I Have Done by clicking on the title.

A couple of the Georgia College girls take a photo of Iris holding a kitty that she found.  

Some playtime while Grandfather preaches.


November 19, 2013, Georgia College and State University
Sis. Pat had a very anointed first session of preaching...she told them what college was like in her day.

   Sister Pat held up her YOU DESERVE HELL sign when virtually no one was passing by. Within five minutes, she had two students questioning her. Within 20 minutes, she had a sizable crowd. Cindy said, "Sister Pat was doing some of the most anointed preaching, which I have ever heard." Pat taught how girls in her college days were moral and the boys respected them and did not try to take away their virtue. When a girl did occasionally get into trouble, she left town and gave birth to the baby and put it up for adoption. Sister Pat confessed that she had sometimes smoked cigarettes when she was in college. Her contrasting cultural history from two different eras was very personal. Sister Pat spoke to the girls telling them that they could become born again virgins.

Some of the girls argued with the idea of saving their virginity for marriage but for others it touched home.

       After Pat spoke of the girls getting their virtue back, a pretty and professionally dressed lady, who was 26 years old and worked for the University, wanted more
While Grandmother preaches, Iris holds the cross with Grandfather.
information from Cindy about becoming virtuous once again. She confessed to having been sexually promiscuous but had "repented" and stopped doing it and presently was not involved with a man. However, she still had a sense of guilt. Cindy discerned that she was sorry over her past sins, but that she had not made a commitment to not sin in the future. Cindy knew that godly sorrow results in "clearing of yourselves."-2 Cor 7:11. Cindy prayed with the girl that she might have a clear conscience. It was Sister Pat's preaching that brought her under conviction.

Beautiful fall day for preaching the Gospel!

   Neither, Cindy or I told our attention getting stories. We simply preached the Word and fielded questions. One female Christian asked me, "Since you are targeting unbelievers, why don't you show compassion and listen to their stories?" I answered, "I am not interested in hearing about their drunkenness, fornications, mental disorders, and abuse they may or may not have experience. I am here to tell you the story of Jesus and his victory of sin and death. I do not want to hear stories of losers." My first hour, I concentrated on preaching Christ Crucified. The students remained civil and well-behaved. We did have two homosexuals in our audience today. Once again, what Wesley called Christian Perfection was the main issue.

Time for Iris to quote her Bible verses!
   From 3:30 to 5 PM I had an audience of 10 to 12 serious inquirers and evangelicals around me asking thoughtful questions, while Cindy and I handled the main gathering. One boy asked, "Why was it necessary for Jesus to go to the cross?" I was able to expound on the governmental theory of the atonement including illustrating it with the story of King Zelucus. Afterwards, I asked him, "Do you understand now?" "Yes," he answered. I am supposing other understood as well.

Students sat down and listened as Bro. Jed taught on the atonement of Jesus Christ.

   The numbers often reached into 200 today but mainly ranged from 100-150. We left a sizable crowd at 5 PM. I gave a final exhortation for them to follow Christ urging individuals to step out of the crowd and grab hold of my staff crucifix as a contact point. No one responded, but there was a sober mood. Evidently, none of them had ever heard or been told that men are able to obey God all of the time.

Bro. Jed's Bible class...gather round!

   One boy acknowledged in the mid-afternoon, "You have the best come backs to insults which I have ever heard." He said that after a boy had accused me of losing my mind to LSD. I responded, "Yes, I lost half my brains to LSD." Several in the audience responded, "We can tell." I set them up for my reply, "That just makes things fair if I had not lost half my brains to LSD, I would be so far and above you people intellectually that we would have no common ground to communicate."
They are listening to the truth...may it take root and grow!


November 20, 2013, Georgia State

   Georgia State is an urban campus. We preach from a platform outside the Library. Sister Pat soon gathered a group of students. Other area preachers joined us including Dick Christiansen. Dick has a very strong voice and preaches harder than any preacher I know on the wrath and judgment of God. He extends no mercy to students as long as they are in willful rebellion. Dick, along with Zack Baxter, arranges the annual SOAPA conferences; he has an open spirit when it comes to bringing together very independent preachers with sometimes conflicting doctrines. Jeff Garner, who helped out Sister Angela recently at UT Chattanooga, accompanied Dick. Dick is the one who recently turned Jeff on to open-air preaching. Another preacher soon joined us, whom I met last year. Then J.K. and Onika, who have been working, working, working, and preaching in San Francisco for the last several years. They wanted to get back to preaching more and working less for wages. They are considering their options, and may settle in Lancing, MI.

Bro. Raymond shares with a group on the sidelines.

    Preachers, who fear nothing but God, are a greater and stronger force than General William Tecumseh Sherman's army, which invaded and burned Atlanta. Sherman's strategy has been called total war, which should be the preacher's stratagem, when engaging sin and Satan. The defeat and burning of Atlanta set the stage for Sherman's March to the Sea and sealed the fate of the South in the War Between the States. We must totally destroy the resources of the enemy as Sherman destroyed the means of the South to continue the war effort. More genteel Union generals like McClellan, who hesitated to engage the enemy, frustrated President Lincoln; it was not until total war advocates like Grant, Sherman and Sheridan emerged, that the tide was turned against the South. We have plenty of genteel preachers, who hesitate to engage in warfare. McClellan even ran against Lincoln in 1864 as the peace candidate for the Democrat party. Too many preachers want to make peace with sin and Satan instead of defeating them and demanding their surrender. Today, with banners flying and swords drawn, we band of brothers made a path for the destruction of sin cutting to the quick. Sadly, the sinners made the decision to burn with the rest of Atlanta, instead of surrendering to Almighty God. Preachers like Dick Christiansen, have the militant total war spirit of General Sherman.

Georgia State was a stark contrast from Georgia College and the whole scene was very chaotic. Sis. Pat is battling for souls here.

    There was a boisterous bull dyke, who continuously interrupted the preaching. She threatened on several occasions, "I want your daughters." She even wanted to shake hands with me before she departed after a few hours. There were several other sodomites and bisexuals in the crowd. The whole scene was chaotic as all the preachers are free spirited and tended to speak out as they sensed the leading of the Spirit of God. I normally like more order but I took advantage of the opportunity to hear other preachers and glean from their preaching. After about 2 PM I was able to settle the crowd into a listening mode with "Sex Ed with Brother Jed."

The chaos doesn't shake Sis. Pat. She managed to calm them at some points.
    I had a pretty good session with a few atheists and agnostics. One atheist asked, "If I hit you, why should I ask another man's forgiveness?" He was wondering why when sin is against a particular person, one needs to ask another, namely God, for forgiveness. I answered, "If you should hit me without a cause you are committing a crime against not just me but mankind and society in general. So when you sin against one of God's creatures you are sinning against the Creator." Surprising, he said, "That is a good answer; no one has ever been able to answer that for me before." This atheist became enraged when one of the other preachers started speaking and charged him. The atheist was so angry that he was slamming a table.

   Shortly after this display of opposition, several policemen showed up and monitored the crowd from a distance. At 4 PM, Sister Pat, Brother Raymond and I decided to leave the students in the capable hands of J.K. and Onika.

November 21, 2013, Georgia State
   Brother Zack Baxter joined us on campus today. I first met hi m 10 years ago at Louisiana State. He and Dick Christiansen work closely together in planning the SOAPA conferences. Zack is a kind Brother with an excellent spirit, who honors all the open-air preachers. He reminds me of Barnabas, whose name means son of consolation or encouragement.-Acts 4:36.

Iris and Grandfather listening to Bro. Raymond at Georgia College.
A group playing jungle music occupied the platform outside the library over the noon hour. We went to another plaza to preach where there is considerably less traffic. I had the YOU DESERVE HELL sign but did not succeed in getting anything going. After a while I gave the sign over to Sister Pat, who eventually was able to capture the attention of 6-8 students.

   Meanwhile, the stage had opened up, so Zack and I left Pat with her little group and we went back in front of the library. However, we had missed the class break so it was difficult to get much going. Anthony Banks, Coordinator, Event Support Services, told me that we were supposed to sign in with his office. He was cool about the matter and said he would sign in for us. After 15 minutes,    Zack turned the meeting over to me. I sat down with my sign. I warned a few smokers that they would not have to light up in Hell. One of the smokers approached me and quietly engaged me in conversation. He was a James Dean personage, who confessed to homosexuality. Eventually a boy and girl entered the conversation. After about 30 minutes they left; they would return later in the afternoon. I had a lengthy conversation with James Dean, who seemed to open up after a while. I was able to draw an audience of about 50; however, they stood off at a distance and I was not able to engage the crowd. At 2 PM I called upon Sister Pat. As she spoke, the audience gathered around her and opened up considerably. I spent most of the time talking with James Dean.

Sister Pat draws the crowd and some were more open today.
   Shortly after 3 PM I took over again. There was a black guy with a big Bible, who argued that first we are justified and afterwards we are sanctified; he claimed that sanctification is a process but somehow we never reach a state of holiness; it is ever elusive in this life. Since I would not accept his excuses for sin, he stepped out and began preaching to my crowd. Soon we were both preaching at once. This went on for a good fifteen minutes. Finally, I moved a little distance from him which resulted in two crowds. Eventually, he ran out of gas. When he wasn't attempting to discredit me, his preaching did not sound that bad.
    Sadly, tomorrow when we are gone, he will not attempt to preach. How do I know this? I know these sin excusing Christians like the back of my hand. These Christians can get quite bold when they confront us open-air preachers. But they lose all their boldness when it comes to confronting their peers concerning their sins. Also, I suppose they know they could not get an audience on the merit on their own preaching so they want to take over the audiences that we gather. Hopefully, I am wrong about this guy; he had the audacity to accuse me of trying to cut off his "anointing," when he was the one that interrupted me.

Bro. Raymond read Matthew 3 to the students and taught on the ministry of John the Baptist.
   Meanwhile, I noticed that Brother Raymond had a few students around him. I said, "I want to hear what this guy has to say." Several followed me over so I was able to present Raymond with an audience. They complained about my message and approach so Raymond read Matthew 3 concerning the ministry of John the Baptist. Today Cindy posted Brother Raymond's testimonial book, "Jesus Won't Forgive Me for the Things I Have Done." 

  Next, I conversed with Ariel, a research assistant in chemistry, about women's issues, the mythical problem of overpopulation and her anxiety disorder. Earlier I had been pressing the buttons of the feminists.

We left campus at 4:20 to take Sister Pat to the Amtrak train station; she is visiting Laurie White for a few weeks.

Iris carries the cross!

November 22, 2013, GCSU,

The designated free speech area is under the American flag at the edge of campus. There is little pedestrian flow through the area. Nevertheless, we had no problems in gathering crowds in the three days we spent on campus. The barriers were already set up when we arrived. Three boys sitting on a bench were holding signs, like "God does not hate." They simply sat on the bench with their signs all afternoon.

   I spoke from Hebrews 9:27, "And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment." I related the text unto the JFK assassination which happened fifty years ago today, when he was shot off into eternity. Within five minutes four students arrived and we were off and running for the day. My first session, I preached for an hour and forty minutes to an attentive crowd. When I announced I going to tell my life story, they all sat down and quietly listened.

Iris stands behind Grandfather with the crucifix while he preaches.
   When I turned the meeting over to Cindy, she said, "My husband is outdated and old fashion. I realize you cannot relate to him, but I have a message that is more on your level which you will understand." She pulled out a condom. "This teaching is called the condom gospel." She had a long session of 90 minutes.

Students are amused at the "condom gospel" but they get the point...o.k. some of them get the point.

   In my next hour I was able to teach on the atonement relating the story of King Zelucus. I usually introduce my atonement message by asking why it was necessary for Jesus to die on the cross in order for God to extend grace and forgiveness to believers. "Why could not God simply forgive men on the basis of repentance and a promise of reformation of their ways?" Even on this campus, which has a significant number of professing Christians, no one had any answers to this most profound of questions.

Humor and satire keep their attention long enough to plant truth in their minds.

   At 4:15 I called upon Brother Raymond, figuring that he would finish the day with his testimony. Students were attentive as he related the story of his life. Afterwards, I asked the students if they had a life changing story to tell.         Since a number of those remaining were professing Christians, I delivered a strong message on daily putting on the armor of God and bearing the cross and taking the offensive against sin. Students seemed to be receiving; however, when I spoke on the breastplate of righteousness, a few began to defend sin. One boy, who could quote the Scriptures well, defended unconditional eternal security and admitted that he on occasion looked at porn and masturbated. I find such hypocrites disgusting. Earlier, he had objected because I had not treated a wanton woman with "gentleness and respect." She was moving through the crowd with a free hugs sign, wearing short shorts and exposing her midriff. He was referring to 1 Peter 3:15, I explained, "She never asked me a reason for the hope that is within me, those are the ones to which we are to be gentle and respectful not to a sensuous careless sinner. Such persons need to be rebuked. Of course, you do not have the moral authority to correct lusty women since you look at porn and masturbate. If just a few of you boys would demand that the women dress not so lewdly than most of them would conform to a decent standard." I spoke on how masturbation and pornography will rob a male of his manliness. I said, "The feminists have succeeded in emasculating you boys. You need to get your sexual appetites under control and repent of your effeminate ways."

"Men, get out of the porn and into the Bible!"
   Vice President Spiro Agnew identified this spirit way back in 1969, "The student now goes to college to proclaim rather than to learn. The lessons of the past are ignored and obliterated in a contemporary antagonism known as 'The Generation Gap.' A spirit of national masochism prevails, encouraged by an effete core of impudent snobs who characterize themselves as intellectuals."

Provoking the students to think!

   The media at the time went into frenzy over Agnew's remarks. Contemporary students are the product of these effete intellectuals and are mostly impudent snobs, including the evangelicals, who have little Biblical knowledge or theological understanding. Since the typical student has no knowledge of the Bible, the evangelicals think they know much when in fact most of them merely know, "the Roman road to salvation," which says nothing of repentance and holiness. And they want to convert me to their sin excusing doctrines. And make me as spiritually impotent as they are.

Student Christians are often trying to convert Bro. Jed to their sin-excusing doctrines.
  Today, I did a lot of preaching and less Q and A. I mightily sensed the anointing of God as I preached. I dismissed my audience at 5:45. Many were listening today. I am confident that we sowed enough seed that there will eventually be a harvest in a number of lives.
Bro. Raymond spoke of his own relationship with the Lord Jesus and the truths that he has learned in his walk with God. Seeds were planted!

Bro. Raymond always makes Iris laugh.

Iris climbed trees like her mom, Justina, and her aunts used to do on campus!

Iris collected acorns and berries at Georgia College.

Sis. Sheila helped Iris make gifts for her Mommy, bottles of berries and acorns.

Sis. Sheila also taught Iris to paint pretty pictures.  It was a great week of ministry and fellowship.  We are blessed!

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