Smock Family Hearth
   Up until the mid-20th Century, the hearth was the center of family activity. However, in the fifties families started gathering around the T.V. and the fireplace ceased burning. Now people have their smart phones and I-Pads.
Each night since December 8, we have had a wood fire burning in our hearth. Some days we have started the fire early in the afternoon. Cindy and I have been doing our office work, study and prayer mostly at the hearth.

   There is something about a fire that draws. As our family returned home for Christmas, each night we had Bible studies, sang Christmas Carols, prayed, played board and card games, reminisced of the days of the girls' childhood, spoke of the Smock family heritage and talked of plans for the future around our hearth. We do not have a working television; watching and tending the fire is much more captivating and productive. Family entertainment is cheap and more fun than anything, except preaching, especially when the activities are centered in the one who baptizes with the Holy Ghost and with fire, our Lord Jesus Christ.
   Now the children are gone and it is simply Grandmother and Grandfather enjoying the embers. When we lived in Columbia, we had a gas burning fireplace. However, it was in a rather odd spot in our living room and the gas fire just never had the appeal of the wood burning fireplace.
   I acknowledge I am enjoying my new I-Phone 5C and I-Pad Air which Cindy bought me for Christmas around the hearth. Cindy has had her I-Pad for a year and we both found it very useful for the ministry. So we are content with a touch of the old and the new. 
   Below Justina and Priscilla sing around the Smock family hearth. Happy New Year all and my yours be fruitful for the Lord!
O Holy NIght
O Holy Night, Justina and Priscilla

November 4, 2013, Indiana University,

   I went out to campus by myself today. At the first break I just gathered the attention of a few. One was a Catholic who went to mass every Sunday but he sinned every day. I taught that Christ came to set us free from the power and dominion of sin. I admonished him for using the f word in front of a Catholic girl who was well behaved. When he did it the second time, I suggested she slap him, which she did in a playful way. I was then accused of advocating violence. I counseled that if women would return to slapping disorderly men, there would be a lot less cussing and considerably less men making unwanted advances.
   Another Catholic man arrived who had studied at a seminary to prepare for the priesthood. However, he was now studying business at IU. He seemed fairly knowledgeable. So we talked about Catholicism and Pope Francis' recent controversial quotes for most of the hour. We discussed the mortal and venial sins issue. As much as Evangelicals want to argue that all sin is the same the Catholics are closer to the truth on this issue than the Protestants.

The students were quiet and inquisitive throughout the afternoon and were attentive to my answers. As always, I argued vehemently for free will and man's ability to consistently do what is right.
   Another Catholic wanted to argue for transubstantiation. I countered that to eat of Jesus' flesh and drink of his blood meant to partake of his sufferings even onto death. This is the eating and drinking which concerns God more than what may or may not be happening at the altars of a church building.
   A Church of Christ man announced that he was getting baptized (salvation for him) today so I talked about the significance of baptism as identifying with the death and resurrection of Christ and our death to sin and new life of righteousness. On these divisive issues I took my usual ecumenical approach emphasizing the Apostles' Creed with which all Christians should be able to agree. While secularism and nihilism have the upper hand in America, I seek to be a uniting influence of Christians against these greater evils. If Christianity should rule again perhaps Christians can then afford to fight among themselves. By the next hour some unbelievers arrived on the scene and my audience built up to 25-30, which pretty much remained until 4:40.
    The students were quiet and inquisitive throughout the afternoon and were attentive to my answers. As always, I argued vehemently for free will and man's ability to consistently do what is right. On numerous occasions students commented that they liked the quieter dialogue and that I ought to, "be talking like this every day."
   In the evening the former Catholic seminarian wrote on facebook. " It was great meeting you Brother Jed. It was a great joy to just listen to you speak. At first, I was indecisive and thought you mean, but I realized how much I have let my defense of Christianity become watered down. You helped renew that vigor in me to be a stronger Catholic man. I thanked God for letting me run into you today. I really admired how well you stood up against the taunts, the jeers, and especially when that one young man cussed at you over and over again. I saw Christ in that, and I felt a deep respect and love for you as a Brother in Christ. Next time you're in the Bloomington area I would love to have lunch with you. Thank you so much for being a great messenger. Keep fighting the good fight! God bless."


November 5, 2013, IUPUI

   I lifted high my staff crucifix and proclaimed all the names of Jesus and his titles which came to my mind. The cross was the greatest spectacle that has ever been viewed by man. My replica of the event falls short. I was virtually ignored as the students rushed by disregarding the means to their salvation. I decided to change locations to across from the Student Union for the next break. Shortly after I started again one fellow said as he passed, "It is too cold." I responded, "You will wish for a cold day like this in Hell." "Touché," he replied. When I started preaching at the new location, a girl stood in front of me in tears, "I am trying to walk in faith, but I have lost my wallet and I have lost my scholarship." I stepped down from the bench to pray for her.
   Smoking is banned on campus; however, there were about 15 students on campus sitting on a wall smoking. Since they were merely a few feet off the city streets, evidently no one was enforcing the ban. I moved closer to them shouting, "You won't have to light up in Hell; you will have more smoke than you can handle." The smokers turned out to be a depraved group. One fat blond man crowded me and attempted to block the students from hearing and seeing me. Another degenerate blew smoke in my face. He pulled out a cigarette lighter of a naked man. And he was showing pornography on his phone. Soon several were surrounding me. One fellow grabbed my hat from behind. I automatically swung around and he dropped my hat. One big female admitted that she was high on marijuana and had already had sex. She was cursing up a storm. Public smoking has become anti-social behavior. So for people to continue this habit is an indication of a social misfit. These smokers were not college material. When the next class started most of the smokers dispersed. Others were content to sit on the wall puffing away their lives. When things quieted down, I noticed that someone had stolen my chair and water bottle. It was a reminder to me that Jesus was crucified between two thieves.

One female admitted that she was high on marijuana and had already had sex. She was cursing up a storm.

   Evidently, the classes on Tuesday are longer than 50 minutes. I figured I would have to wait close to ninety minutes for another class break. I decided to call it a day. I did wonder as I drove home and the sun came out if I should not have stayed for one more shot. This appeared to be my most ineffectual day of the fall semester. Things do not look good for the rest of the week. One hundred percent of rain is forecast for tomorrow and a drop in temperature for the rest of the week.
   I am reminded of the words of John Wesley after his first experience of open-air preaching he wrote in his journal, "At four in the afternoon I submitted to be more vile, and proclaimed in the highways the glad tidings of salvation, speaking from a little eminence in a ground adjoining the city, to about 3,000 people." I did not draw much of a crowd today. However, I did submit myself to be contemptible in the sight of men and I trust more honorable it the sight of our Lord. As for the names of Jesus, he is called by Paul, "A rock of offense." Psalm 22:6, "I am a worm, and no man; a reproach of men, and despised of the people." So it is with those who take of their cross daily to follow Christ.

God Called!
November 6, 2013, Indiana State University,

Today has been wet, cold and blustery. I wasn't planning on going out but there was a break in the rain. Since we live less than ten minutes from the free speech area, I thought I would give it one shot. I held my YOU DESERVE HELL sign and warned the students of impending judgment. A few cursed and a couple extended polite greetings. No one stopped. I preached for a total of ten minutes and was able to warn hundreds of students who passed. However, they all seemed indifferent to where they will spend eternity and their offense towards God. And so has it always been, "I have called and you refused, I have stretched out my hand and no one regarded, Because you disdained all my counsel, And would have none of my reproof."-Proverbs 1:24-25.

No one stopped today, but Bro. Jed warned the hundreds who passed by.

November 7, 2013, Indiana University

   Several stopped at the noon break; I did engage some in dialogue; however, they all left within twenty minutes. I sat down to check my facebook newsfeed. Eventually, a man in a tank top and bandana sat down on the wall and introduced himself as a "health coach." I said, "You might call me a heath coach as well. However, it is necessary to be in relationship with God in order to have good mental health."

   He advised me to attempt to appeal to the students at the emotional level and speak of my love and compassion for them. He also urged me to reach out to the homeless in Bloomington. I informed him that I am appealing to man's mind, conscience and will. I am not particularly concerned about anyone's feelings. The problem of most men is that they are governed by their emotions which can result in all sorts of mental disorders. The mind and will do not do well when under the domination of the emotions and physical appetites. The homeless are not interested in hearing my simple solution to their problem, "Stop drinking and taking drugs and find some sort of work to do like washing dishes. Go to church and get right with God. In my opinion most well-meaning people, who work among the homeless (those we used to call bums), are enablers to their irresponsible life styles and sins. The homeless are mostly victims of selfish choices; they simply need to start making righteous and intelligent choices under the direction of Almighty God.

   Soon a few others sat on the wall to listen and I was able to draw them into the conversations. I continued talking through the next class break to my small group since they were having some loud pep rally with musical instruments right next to me. The next hour others joined in the dialogue including the fellow from Monday who went to mass each Sunday but still sinned daily. A Catholic girl arrived; she confessed to getting drunk and having some anxiety disorder (phony).
The mind and will do not do well when under the domination of the emotions and physical appetites.

   Obama care is going to require coverage of mental disorders in insurance plans including so-called eating disorders, which are actually rooted in the sin of gluttony. I suppose psychology and psychiatry are the disciplines to study in the future. They will be in demand. Under Obama care many in their twenties and thirties will now be sedated with prescription mind altering drugs. Of course, most of them will still drink alcohol and or smoke dope, which is a dangerous combination, which will eventually break them down physically. Meanwhile those of us who keep the laws of health will have to finance their self-destructive behavior.

  I had to leave at 4 PM for we were having an old class mate for a dinner guest in our Terre Haute home at 6 PM. No large crowd today but I did give several a lot to think about. I am confident they never had anyone speak to them after my manner and content. Maybe I need to look into this health coach business. As far as I know I am in better health than most men half my age. And I give God all the glory, without him I would have been dead and burning in Hell long ago. Instead I am burning with the baptism of the Holy Ghost and fire!

November 8, 2013, Indiana University

   I did not arrive on campus until 1 PM. Larry was witnessing to a few students and passing out tracts. I sat down with my YOU DESERVE HELL sign. Dan Philips, from Terre Haute, who has been preaching on Indiana and Illinois since the eighties, greeted me. Dan used to frequently minister with Max Lynch. Dan should be credited with standing firm at IU at our historical preaching spot when the administration about 10 years ago attempted to relocate to a less opportune spot. It is the first time of the fall that Dan has been able to get out on campus. He said that he had already lost the strength in his voice from preaching the last hour. He gave me the go ahead to preach. I thank God that I have never lost my voice or had any voice problems.

  Meanwhile, a Jew had questioned the justice of Hell on the grounds that punishment should be for the purpose of reformation. I argued that punishment in the realm of human governments is only partially for the hopeful reformation of the lawless. However, sometimes the state gives up on certain criminals such as murderers and they are sent to prison for life or hopefully executed. At this stage of crime the government is not hoping to redeem the criminal but discourage others who may be considering crime and to separate the lawless from the lawful for the protection of the law-abiding citizen. Hell is the prison where God sends incorrigible sinners, who have refused all attempts of reformation through calls to repentance and offers of grace. God is obligated to eternally separate the wicked from the righteous and protect the Heaven from the wicked who would corrupt the blissful place if given the opportunity. The Jewish man wanted to continue our discussion through the class break; however, I wanted to preach to the passing masses. He volunteered to go down to the sidewalk and ask his questions so that all could hear our interchange. I liked that idea; the Lord used him to enable me to easily draw an audience. Our conversation eventually turned to Satan and the origin of evil. He was unfamiliar with Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28. He eventually conversed with Dan.

Multitudes, who have named the name of Christ, are going to be in for a fearful awakening on Judgment Day, when they find out they cannot have both their sins and salvation.

    Today I was prepared for the sin defenders. As a result of the current controversy over the President's lie concerning insurance plans, I warned the "sinning saints." "You have fallen for the line, 'If you like you present sins, you can keep them.'" Sinners love their sins and it is not difficult to find ministers who will tell them that they can have their sins and the assurance of eternal life, if they will only believe that salvation is all of grace and has nothing to do with works. Countless voters fell for Obama's lie that, "If you like your current insurance plan, you can keep it." Now that Obamacare is going into effect, millions are losing their plans and their hopes for affordable medical care.
   Multitudes, who have named the name of Christ, are going to be in for a fearful awakening on Judgment Day, when they find out they cannot have both their sins and salvation. It is not going to fly when their ministers apologize and say to God or men, "I am sorry that people are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me." There is no assurance of salvation to practicing sinners. Just as there is no assurance of affordable and helpful medical care to those who are trusting in the arm of the flesh, which in this case would be the federal government.

 Bro. Jed is Coming To Town!
Winter 2014
  This our tentative schedule for the spring semester 2014. Please take note when we will be in your area. Should you want me to speak in your church or home fellowship, I am available. Also, if anyone wants to offer hospitality for Sister Pat, Cindy and me, please contact us. We always encourage local folks to join us on campus. We need your help!!

Jan. 6-7, University of Florida

Jan. 8-9, University of South Florida

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Jan. 16 University of Florida

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Jan. 21-24, Louisiana State University

Jan. 27-28, Stephan A. Austin University

Jan 29-31, Sam Houston State University

Feb. 3-7, Texas A & M

Feb. 10-University of Texas

Feb. 11-13, Texas State University

Feb. 14, University of Texas

Feb. 17-21, University of Arizona

Feb. 24-Feb 28, Arizona State University

March 3-7, San Diego area campuses

March 10-14, UC Irvine, UCLA, UC Riverside

March 17-21, Long Beach State and Fullerton State

March 24-28, Fresno State

March 31-April 4, Texas Tech

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