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   January 4, Bro. Jed's 71st birthday, we leave our Indiana home for a three month mission trip to campuses across the southern United States. We will have the privilege of confronting thousands of college students face-to-face with the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We offer love, mercy and hope to a hateful, stiff-necked generation. Those who hear will never be the same!
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   Saints, we don't need large numbers just a little Gideon army backing us up...that is what we have always had.  Thank you for battling with us! Christ Jesus gives us the victory! Pray for us.
Bro. Jed and Sis. Cindy


October 28, 2013, University of Kentucky

   As I walked on campus I was surprised to read that UK is a smoke free campus. Kentucky is a tobacco state. I am supposing that the tobacco industry gave a lot of support to the University over the years. Of course, the tobacco prohibition does make for a cleaner campus. Most smokers are dirty throwing their butts and blowing their smoke everywhere. If the University can stop the smoking, why can't they control the cursing and the use of alcohol and drugs?
We get real: Talk their language and the Holy Spirit convicts.

   As Cindy started preaching about 50 Mennonites appeared. The plain people were in uniform; the men were all dressed in black suits with no ties and the women all wore coverings and long dresses. They had come from about two hours to the east. I offered to yield to them, but they did not have a problem with the preaching. One of the leaders said that Cindy's preaching was very direct. They stood and sang hymns for two hours and several passed out tracts.
    Meanwhile, Cindy gathered a crowd of around 100. They were quite stirred up by her rebuking of the whorish penis handlers and the whore-mongering men. One black boy was extremely perverted saying, "I will f _ _ _ the tree; next he brought up homosexual porn on his I Pad; several times he feigned masturbation and twerked around us, all to the amusement of the mob.

Bro. Jed quotes the Bible and calls UK students to repentance...conviction followed!

   By the time Cindy called upon me, the audience was a raucous as any crowd I can remember at UK over the last decade. I could not calm them any. My preaching was nothing sensational mostly just quoting Scriptures on repentance, Jesus as Lord and Savior, judgment and the wrath and fear of God. Two boys were very irate to the point that I expected violence because I denied to them that all men are sinners. After 2 PM the throng became more settled.

In spite of all the rebellion and vulgarity, there is a significant Christian presence at UK.

   A football player said to Cindy, "These UK students just can't handle the way you get real with them." He meant our forthright way of pointing out and exposing their sins. Another student confessed that he took away his girlfriend's virginity; he claimed he loved her but was no longer seeing her. He said to Cindy, "I have listened carefully to all three of you. I have listened to you more than my professors. You have changed me." Cindy reported that she thought there was a significant presence of sincere Christians at UK and that UK had a different atmosphere than most campuses.

   Late in the afternoon I had a front row of lesbians listening to me. These were not Rosie O'Donnell type lesbians; they were actually pretty and had pleasant personalities. Unfortunately, they displayed no shame over their perversion. There were also several homosexuals in my audience.

At one point, Bro. Jed had a front row of lesbians listening to his teaching.

   There was a young man, Charles, who was sitting beside me agreeing with most of what I was saying. We preached until after 5 PM, for the last hour we had three groups going. When I walked to the parking lot, Charles followed me and reported that last year he was an atheist and argued with and cursed me. However, as a result of my preaching, he was now a believer. I asked him if he had found a church. He wasn't sure if he needed a church. I counseled him on the need for fellowship. He gave me his contact information to pass on to Pastor Billy Henderson. When I returned to the car, the black boy, who had behaved in such a perverted manner, had helped Cindy and Sister Pat bring all of our stuff to the pick-up point. He was settled and even polite. Cindy fears that he has demons.

At the end of the day, Charles followed Bro. Jed to the car and confessed that he had been an atheist who heckled him last year, but read the Bible and is now a Christian.


October 29, 2013, University of Kentucky
   I dropped Cindy off to start the meeting while I parked the car. When I arrived to the free speech area outside the Student Union, Cindy was sitting on her chair and holding high the banner while conversing with an atheist. What was interesting is that a line of 20 students were standing a distance from Cindy on the sidewalk watching her and waiting for her to speak. I watched this phenomenon for several minutes then decided to preach myself.
UK students were lined up waiting for the preaching to start today.

    I held in my hand a copy of the Kentucky Kernel student paper. Our ministry from yesterday covered most of the front page. The paper claimed I condemned the students with "homophobic, religious, and racial slurs." Ironically, the religious slurs were coming from the students, who were against Christianity. I said nothing against any racial group. I did say a lot against the sin of sodomy whether expressed towards the same sex or the opposite sex. The Kernel also falsely claimed that I said, "I pray that all you girls marry a (sexually) experienced man. I actually stated just the opposite, that I hoped they would marry a sexually inexperienced man. Usually, the papers do not get my quotes correct.
Pastor Billy Henderson, who has led campus churches in the Lexington area for four decades, joined us this week.
   Students asked questions which I answered with Scripture and reason. They rarely made any attempt to refute my answers. When I called upon Cindy she taught on the "condom gospel." Pastor Billy Henderson and his daughter Karen and son Matthew joined us today, as did Pastor Chad. Alex Blaine drove down from Florence and held the banner for most of the afternoon. He always had a group surrounding him. By 3 PM the crowd had gathered into a number of groups with one of us leading the discussion in each group. I was satisfied with this
She's thinking about it!
development since I was having profitable conversations. And the students were responding well to my personal attention.

   Eventually, Cindy stood up to preach again and she soon had a snarling wolf pack which surrounded her. In due course, she called on Billy who with his pastoral manner was able to tame the wolves and prepare them for another session with me. Billy outfoxed them by saying, "Now, I have an issue with this judging. I have talked with Brother Jed and Sister Cindy about this." They thought they had Billy on their side. But in the end he turned it on them by rebuking them for judging me. He said, "Brother Jed and Sister Cindy think it is alright to judge; therefore, they are not hypocritical. However, you students claim that no one should judge yet you judge Jed and Cindy."
Real intelligent student on the left.

   I stayed with this pack until almost 6 PM. The lesbian and homosexual community was present again. The lesbians had blown up scores of condoms with a message inside concerning equality and diversity. One tattooed black girl with a tongue ring and fowl mouth wiggled her tongue at me repeatedly. However, she ended up shaking my hand before she left and admitted that she "believed" in Jesus. But she wasn't going to commit to him and continue to do what she knew was wrong. In the last 30 minutes with Billy acting as a mediator I was able to make some headway on teaching a proper understanding of God's omniscience and omnipotence and the doctrine of free will. Several students said, "Why don't you talk like this all of the time?"

Pastor Billy asks the Christian students why they keep judging Bro. Jed and Sis. Cindy if they do not believe in judging.

   Earlier when I was in a smaller group Billy asked the question, "Why do you think the students are gathering around Cindy?" After getting a little feedback Billy answered his own question by saying, "They are gathering around because there is a lady in the center who loves
Retired businessman, Alex B. joined us on campus;  a student told us that he walked by at 9 PM and Bro. Alex still had a group that he was witnessing to.
them." When we left campus Alex still had a pack around him. Like yesterday, Jared helped Cindy bring our stuff to the car. Pray for him.

   Karen Henderson texted this evening, "Some fruitful conversations today, one freshman who believes God exists and the Bible is true but 'never got around to becoming a Christian and now seems like a good time.' Wow!! She's coming to dinner soon and perhaps our Thursday meeting. Thanks to you and Jed for dong the hard part to open those conversations!!!" 


October 30, 2013, Morehead State University,

   At the first break I did not get a crowd. I sat on the war memorial holding my YOU DESERVE HELL sign. Slowly students gathered until within an hour I had an audience of one hundred. The accusations that I was unloving and that no one could live victoriously over sin were made over and over and over and over. Three policemen monitored the meeting all afternoon. The crowd was not as bad as many I have had in the past on this campus. Cindy stayed home to do office work and Sister Pat did not come out since she has loss the strength of her voice.
Francis Asbury was a Methodist circuit rider of the 18th century who believed that the scriptures teach that a Christian can live victoriously over sin.

    A youth pastor asked to preach from Ephesians 2. He preached that we are all guilty of Adam's sin and babies are born spiritually dead. He also taught on the penal substitution view of the atonement. Still he did call the students to repentance and faith. I chose not to refute his doctrines thinking it might distract from the little conviction that his message did produce. He weakly defended my message and methods.

Jared, one of the few Asbury students who takes a stand for righteousness!
   There were times today when the students were quite attentive especially when I told my testimony. About 4:45 some fellow arrived and announced that the Campus Ministries is a hate group which takes in millions of dollars a year. He said that I do not really believe anything I say but
Keren Henderson, daughter of Pastor Billy was a great help, cooking dinners, organizing, planning, witnessing and following up with UK students.
am just trying to stir people up. He urged the students to leave. Most did leave; however, about 20 attentive ones stayed. I expounded on the text from Jeremiah 29:13, "And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart." I closed in prayer at 5:15 and discovered that someone had stolen my sign. As I walked back to the car two students encouraged me and complimented me for my stand.


October 31, 2013, Asbury University

Cindy opened the meeting by asking the few passing students "Are you wearing your Christian costume today? Daily you put on your costume by going to prayer, Bible
"Are you wearing your Christian costume today?" Sis. Cindy asked Asbury students.
classes and chapel services. You worship and praise him at these services. Yet you harbor sin in your heart. You honor God with your lips but your heart is far from him. I have a question for you from Jesus, 'How is it you call me Lord, Lord but do not the things that I say?' Where is your heart for obedience and to evangelize the world with the gospel?"

Cindy would ask passing students if they were living holy. She asked, "Are you boys looking at pornography?" A few admitted that they were. We had inside information that pornography is a significant problem at Asbury. She would inquire, "Are you trying to get the girls to do some of the things you see in porn?" Within fifteen minutes several had stopped to interact with Cindy.
"Are you "Christian" boys looking at porn?"

   A female asked, "Where is the love? Wherever Jesus went there was an intense atmosphere of love surrounding him." Cindy countered, "Where in the Bible is that said?" She and Cindy ended up face to face. Cindy accused her of spiritual pride. Within an hour Cindy had an audience of around 35 which remained the average size crowd throughout the afternoon. Actually, we started preaching in the morning at 10:30 and stayed until at 4 PM.

Very few of the students have much knowledge of Asbury's holiness heritage.

    Asbury was founded to promote the Wesleyan doctrines of Scriptural holiness and Christian perfection. We found that few of the students had knowledge of the University's heritage. They talked more like Baptists than Wesleyans. Virtually, all of them still claimed to be sinners and vigorously excused sin in their lives. I was surprised to have an encounter with an atheist since Asbury claims to be an evangelical institution and virtually all the students and professors claim to be evangelical Christians. I asked the atheist, "Have any of your professors or fellow students tried to convince you of God?" He claimed that they had not.

Bro. Jed expounds on Luke 14:25-35 using his I-phone...the topic was forsaking all for Christ. It was a little rainy today so he did not take his Bible out:)

   I taught on the cost of discipleship from Luke 14:25-35, hating family members, cross bearing and forsaking all. "Boys, it is time to put down your penis and take of your cross," I said. Twice I expounded on holiness from 1 John 3:1-10. Cindy referenced two books by agnostic psychiatrists, which exposed the myth of chemical imbalances which cause mental disorders. A number of students were claiming to be ADHD or to have some other mental disorder. One took medication to control his anger. The numbers on mental medication were similar to a secular university. Asbury students did not believe the Lord could give them peace of mind in the midst of the tests and trials of life.
Asbury student looking up a Bible verse to use in arguing his point.

   The students were generally respectful compared to a secular campus, several of them thanked us for coming and others brought us water, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. No one cussed us; no one simulated masturbation or mooned us. No one used God's name in vain in the sense that they used curse words connected with God's holy name. Yet there is more to using God's name in vain than cursing. Are not men using his holy name in vain, when they profess to be Christians but refuse to live holy? Indeed, they put Christ to open shame and crucify him afresh.
Bro. Jed encouraged the Asbury students to become filled with God's Spirit and ignite a revival at Asbury.

   Pastor and Mrs. Henderson joined us in the afternoon. Pastor Billy exhorted the students late in the day. As we were leaving he said, "I will now have many opportunities to do follow up work with these students." He already has a number of Asbury students in his congregation, including Jared, who stood with us all day defending scriptural holiness. We meant Jared when we were here last year and as a result he started attending Billy's church.

Pastor Billy calls the Asbury students to a life of total commitment to Jesus Christ.

    In the early 70's there was a significant revival at Asbury which they seemed to know nothing about. I told them, "We could spark a revival today. The revival starts with you choosing to walk in the light that you have. Ignite yourself with the Holy Ghost that is dwelling in me and we can turn this campus upside down in a matter of days."

  In the evening we had dinner with college students from Lexington Christian Fellowship and I had the opportunity to exhort them on cross bearing and challenged them to take a bolder stand for Christ on campus.

November 1, 2013, University of Kentucky

   Cindy opened the preaching and drew a crowd of 35-50,
Intense exchange!
which remained constant for most of the afternoon. A middle aged man was passing out tracts and witnessing one on one. When Cindy warned the students about the dangerous of oral sex, which increases the likelihood of mouth and throat cancer the tract man objected, "This is not the gospel." Evidently the man does not understand that preaching against sin is preaching the law, which needs to precede the gospel preaching.

The preaching of the law of God brings man to a knowledge of his sin and a need for a Savior.

   The homosexuals were out in force defending their abominable practice. About 3 PM I said that I was not talking about "homoing" any longer. I did have a good time on teaching on the conscience, which we prick by preaching the law. Paul said, "I had not known sin, but by the law: for I had not known lust, except the law had said, you shall not covet."-Romans 7:7.

Pastor Billy Henderson invited David Ravenhill to join us today at UK.

   About 2:30 Pastor Billy Henderson arrived with his guest speaker David Ravenhill, son of Leonard, who was one of the leading prophetic voices of the latter part of the 20th Century. His book, "Why Revival Tarries," was an early influence on Cindy and me. Leonard Ravenhill said, "The only reason we don't have revival is because we are willing to live without it!" David mostly listened but he did interact with a number of students. As usual I called on Billy to finish the day. Later we all had dinner at the churches campus ministry house. Upon request, I told of how God called me into the campus preaching. 

Brenda Henderson, Pastor Billy's wife, has been discipling young ladies in the ways of Christ for four decades.  She makes time to witness on UK campus regularly.

 Bro. Jed is Coming To Town!
Winter 2014
  This our tentative schedule for the spring semester 2014. Please take note when we will be in your area. Should you want me to speak in your church or home fellowship, I am available. Also, if anyone wants to offer hospitality for Sister Pat, Cindy and me, please contact us. We always encourage local folks to join us on campus. We need your help!!

Jan. 6-7, University of Florida

Jan. 8-9, University of South Florida

Jan. 10, University of Central Florida

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Jan. 21-24, Louisiana State University

Jan. 27-28, Stephan A. Austin University

Jan 29-31, Sam Houston State University

Feb. 3-7, Texas A & M

Feb. 10-University of Texas

Feb. 11-13, Texas State University

Feb. 14, University of Texas

Feb. 17-21, University of Arizona

Feb. 24-Feb 28, Arizona State University

March 3-7, San Diego area campuses

March 10-14, UC Irvine, UCLA, UC Riverside

March 17-21, Long Beach State and Fullerton State

March 24-28, Fresno State

March 31-April 4, Texas Tech

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