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Bro. Jed and Sis. Cindy

October 21, 2013, Colorado College
   Cindy overheard a huddle of students talking about me; one said, "I never heard anybody say that." Another replied, "I have never heard anyone talk like him, he is hard core." It reminded Cindy of when the officers said, "Never a man spake like this man."-John 7:46. 
Sometimes the students are astonished at Bro. Jed's teachings.

   After Jesus taught his signature message, The Sermon on the Mount, "The people were astonished at his doctrine. For he taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes." The Sermon on the Mount is often complemented as a great speech, mostly by people who may have never read the speech. Jesus had some hard sayings not only in this message but in most of his messages and people were often astounded. One rarely hears anything astounding from our pulpits today. The tendency is to make the message of Christ acceptable and inclusive towards everyone and to either ignore the issues of the day or else to conform to the low cultural standards.
The CC students were likable and great listeners.

   CC is a liberal arts institution in the tradition of Oberlin College; it has 2000 undergraduates. Since it is a private college, we had to preach on the public sidewalk. It did not take long for Cindy to draw an audience which reached up to 100 at times. Several came out from Victory World Outreach where I spoke yesterday, including two of the churches' pastors. It is unusual for pastors to join me on campus. The senior pastor, Ron Jones, was in Africa; otherwise, he would have joined us and been active in speaking to the students. My relationship to this church goes back to its inception in the late 70's.
   Like Oberlin, the students are likable and listen well. I enjoy speaking at these small private schools. I was thinking afterwards that some year I need to give such campuses more attention, usually they do have public sidewalks from which one can reach the campuses. 
CC student checking something in her Bible, while another scratches his head in unbelief.
   Late in the afternoon, Cindy, Sister Pat and I each had a group of students surrounding us. Several thanked me for coming, although a few tried unsuccessfully to get everyone to leave. "We are just giving them an audience," they said.
Feminism and "gay marriage" were big issues today. When a generation has lost any idea of what marriage is our society is in deep trouble. It was reported in the news that the newly elected senator from New Jersey performed a sodomite "marriage." This is very wicked and irresponsible. 
   We left campus at 4 PM so we could make it half way to Manhattan, KS, where we will speak tomorrow. I was informed today that dolphins call one another by name and that this has been scientifically proven. The dolphin boy's parents are United Methodist ministers. He informed me that they support "gay marriage." Never mind, that the Book of Discipline of the UMC says, "Homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teachings." 

October 22, 2013, Kansas State University
   By 1:30 PM, Sister Pat was the one who drew an audience of about 12. As she was speaking, a young Baptist, who was planning on studying at Dallas Theological Seminary, questioned me. He had heard Ruben Israel speak on this campus not long ago. He did not like Ruben; the Baptist claimed he listened for an hour and never heard him tell the way of salvation through Christ. He was disturbed when he heard Sister Pat say that she did not sin. I suppose he would have been encouraged in his own sin if he had heard Pat teach that she follows Jesus while still sinning. 
Will Jesus ever lead us into sin?
    I asked, "Will Jesus ever lead us into sin?" He asked me if I thought a believer could lose his salvation. I told him that going to Dallas Theological Seminary was not a good decision. He will get all caught up in fundamentalists' doctrines and fail to understand that the application of sound doctrine will always result in holy living. I told him to get alone with God and study the Bible and accept it for what it says. I urged him to study the doctrine of sanctification. 
   He saw sanctification as a process, a state which we never actually reach in this life time. Baptists mostly disgrace their namesake John the Baptist, who was a bold proclaimer of righteousness, not an imputed righteousness, but an actual righteous. John identified Jesus as, "The
Sanctification can be attained in this life: through faith in Christ!
Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world." 
   I acknowledge there are good Baptists, who represent their namesake well enough. However, most Baptists are sin excusers "following the way of Balaam, who loved the wages of unrighteousness."-2 Peter 2:15. They might better be called Balaamites, instead of Baptists. Such Baptists need a "dumb ass to speak to them with man's voice" forbidding such madness (2 Peter 2:16), that one can have the Savior and still hold onto sin. They are too blind to see the angel of the Lord before them with a two edged sword and they are beating their asses with their sin excusing doctrines of men. 
   A black fellow came up and began to quiz me along the same lines. I was tired of hearing all the sin tolerant doctrines and complaints. Meanwhile, the Baptist guy was interrupting Sister Pat's meeting. I thought this would be a good time for me to intervene and call upon Sister Cindy since she had not spoken as yet. I walked away from the black person without addressing his questions. However, he got in my face and demanded that I show him respect. He was so irate that someone had to grab him and pull him away from me. By this time I was preaching and Cindy was taking pictures. It is good to have the camera and or a video in these circumstances.
I really can't remember if this poor soul was male or female...either way the person needs Jesus!

   At one point a student asked, "How many are fraternity members in the crowd?" Many raised their hands. He continued, "How many start your meetings with prayer?" Most all of them did. He then said, "I rest my case." I asked, "How many of you that raised your hands get drunk?" Most of the same ones raised their hands. I quoted 1 Cor. 6:9-10, that drunkards shall not inherit the Kingdom of God and rested my case.
   After about 30 minutes I called upon Cindy. By this time we had a crowd of around 100. Two young men from Student Mobilization introduced themselves to me on the sidelines. They were inquisitive concerning my ministry, but not critical. As I excused myself to prepare to return to preaching, one of them asked, "What advice would you give me as a young Christian?" I was pleasantly surprised at his question because usually I have the "Christian" youngsters giving me unsolicited advice as to how I should minister. I answered the student mobilizer, saying, "Live holy, be bold, and preach publicly."
    I like the idea of mobilizing students for this term calls for rallying and mustering troops for battle. Few Christians on campus seem to see Christianity as warfare. They see Christianity as some sort of socialization process to
Bonnie, our hostess and a graduate of KSU, 
gave a powerful testimony to the students.

prepare people for evangelical worldliness, which some see as the doctrine of Balaam, about which John warned the Pergamos church. There is rarely a call for separated living from sin and the world among the evangelical campus organizations.
   Bonnie B., who is our hostess in Manhattan and a graduate of KSU, gave a strong testimony for about 10 minutes. Stanley H. also joined us; he was the founder of the Full Gospel Business Men in Manhattan. He invited me twice in past decades to address this organization. Both Bonnie and Stanley are zealous for the Lord's work. Another local brother, Lee, came out and was active all afternoon in witnessing to the students. To those who complained that I was not speaking of or with love, Bonnie explained that I had a prophetic ministry, like John the Baptist. She taught them that prophets speak out against sin.


October 23, 2013, University of Kansas
   Merriam-Webster defines blasphemy as "the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God." The majority in the university community are blasphemers. We hear so much about being politically correct and not using certain words that are offensive to a particular racial, or ethnic group; we are even told we must not use terms which are disrespectful of sexual perverts. Nothing is ever said about blasphemy. It is accepted, condoned and even laughed at in the college community.
   Cindy has been spending a lot of time in the library over the past few weeks working on revamping our website. She remarked today how in the library the students usually seemed so nice. However, when we confront them with the truth outside, the wickedness in their hearts is soon exposed and all manner of blasphemy is vomited out of their mouths. Cindy remarked that even in the library she overheard the conversation of a group of girls, who were constantly swearing and using all matter of profanities. Cindy commented and they were not even apparently angry over anything.
Sister Pat gathered the crowd today!

   Two girls kissed today in front of me and then one said, "I am my own God." No one expressed any disgust at her behavior. An effeminate boy walked into my circle and said, "I love Jesus; let me show you how I love Jesus." He then proceeded to do the Miley Cyrus twerking dance, much to the delight of the crowd. Rarely, are the Christians ever concerned enough to speak out against the blasphemy. But they wax bold in rebuking the preachers of righteousness for fear that that we might offend the blasphemers. If society can shame a generation enough to virtually stop men from using the n word, then we ought to be able to discourage and practically stop men from using God's name in vain. Alas, even those who claim to be God's children will not defend and stand up for his holy name.
   Stanley and Rosemarie H. drove over from Manhattan to join us today. When I called upon him, he stood up and said, "There are whores and whoremongers conceiving bastards on this campus." Unfortunately, most of the little bastards never make it alive out of the womb. At one point I asked the girls what they would do if they got pregnant. A pretty witch unashamedly replied, "Get an abortion."
   Sister Pat gathered the crowd today. After I took over the audience at times swelled to over a hundred. A policeman showed up to monitor the crowd about 3 PM, shortly before he arrived, a student tried to steal my chair. Stanley managed to recover it. I have had a number of things stolen on this campus including several chairs. About 3:30 things suddenly died out, so we decided to leave since we had a four hour drive to Springfield, MO.

October 24, 2013, Missouri State University
   The most interesting crowd dialogue today was with a Christian pacifist. We debated about 30 minutes before an attentive audience. He claimed that Christians should not be in the military, the police force or hold to public office, which might require them to have to wield the sword. He believed that in the OT that God condescended to Israel's
Our five-year-old granddaughter, Iris Gail, quoted Ephesians 6:1-3 to the students today.
view of what God ought to be a warrior; however, the cross reveals God as he really is. He did not believe that there is a time for peace and a time for war.
   Earlier I had a considerable amount of interaction with a student who was majoring in anthropology and minoring in religion. He had read Karen Armstrong, who teachers that men started off a polytheist and evolved into monotheism. I countered that the first man, Adam, was monotheistic and polytheism is an example of decent from his high position and communication with God in the Garden of Eden. As for his anthropology, he seemed to think that nature and nurture were stronger forces than the human will. He had effectively reduced man to an animal, which is typical of most anthropologists. He also mentioned John Shelby Spong. I suppose that Armstrong and Spong are the ones promoted in the religious department. I rarely hear religion majors alluding to evangelical scholars.
Sis. Cindy gives her testimony to a small group at the end of the afternoon.

   Patrick was still stirred b y Jesses Morrell's preaching; he was here a few weeks ago and reportedly had massive crowds. Patrick was angry at me and I thought might take a swing at me. He was particularly shook up by the doctrine of Christian perfection. He said, "I do not want to be perfect; it was Jesus' perfection which nailed him to the cross." This was an honest and insightful reaction. Holiness will in effect nail a believer to the cross. Paul said, "I am crucified with Christ." As long as a professing Christian is still indulging in some sin, he will not offend the world and he will not be a threat to their worldliness. However, when a disciple is perfected in love, all hell will oppose the pure hearted believer.
A disciple of Christ is perfected in love
-Bro. Jed

    Patrick admitted that he smoked and looked at pornography. Of course, the porn problem far outweighed the smoking problem. His father was a pastor who had molested both him and his sister. Before he departed, I grabbed his hand and prayed for his deliverance. So the witness ended on a positive note.

 Bro. Jed is Coming To Town!
Winter 2014
  This our tentative schedule for the spring semester 2014. Please take note when we will be in your area. Should you want me to speak in your church or home fellowship, I am available. Also, if anyone wants to offer hospitality for Sister Pat, Cindy and me, please contact us. We always encourage local folks to join us on campus. We need your help!!

Jan. 6-7, University of Florida

Jan. 8-9, University of South Florida

Jan. 10, University of Central Florida

Jan. 13-14, University of Central Florida

Jan. 15, University of South Florida

Jan. 16 University of Florida

Jan. 17 University of Central Florida

Jan. 21-24, Louisiana State University

Jan. 27-28, Stephan A. Austin University

Jan 29-31, Sam Houston State University

Feb. 3-7, Texas A & M

Feb. 10-University of Texas

Feb. 11-13, Texas State University

Feb. 14, University of Texas

Feb. 17-21, University of Arizona

Feb. 24-Feb 28, Arizona State University

March 3-7, San Diego area campuses

March 10-14, UC Irvine, UCLA, UC Riverside

March 17-21, Long Beach State and Fullerton State

March 24-28, Fresno State

March 31-April 4, Texas Tech

April 7-9 University of Oklahoma

April 10-11, Missouri State University

April 14-May 2, IU, ISU, IUPUP, Purdue, UI,

May 5-June 6, Oregon and Washington

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