October 7, 2013, UW, Platteville

       Mickey, from Cornerstone Church, joined me.  As we were walking to the free speech area a passing student said to us, "Why don't you kill yourselves, you bigots!"  When we reached the speech area, Bill Landerholm, from Dave Coke's church in Rockford, was already preaching with another brother named, Billy.  Bill had an audience of about a dozen. 

Loud atheist roars against The Almighty.

One loud mouth atheist kept interrupting him talking nonsense.  Someone shouted at Bill, "If God is loving, wouldn't he accept you for who you are?" The crowd groaned when Bill answered, "No." 

      The pack was difficult today mostly shouting inane things.  They were constantly twisting my words claiming I had said just the opposite of what I actually said.  By 1:30, the pack of crazed wolves enclosed around me whimpering, whining, growling and howling.  No wonder they believe they are animals; they act like animals.  Eventually, I sat on my chair away from them but they soon attacked again.  Meanwhile, Bill was dialoguing with a smaller pack.  I could not even get them settled down to get through my lecture, "Sex Ed with Brother Jed."

Eventually we tamed some of the wolves and had some good conversations that we believe will produce fruit for eternity.

     We persevered until 4:45, when we called it a day.  Mickey reported on the way back to our host house in Spring Green that he had several good conversations including a lesbian who kept coming back to hear more.  




October 8, 2013, UW Platteville,

     The wolves were slow to gather today as Bill opened the meeting about 10 were sitting on the picnic tables. Bill's voice was giving out so he turned the meeting over to me.  I decided to wait until there was more traffic flow.  Steve, who yesterday tried to calm the crowd a few times and then became quite agitated himself, complimented Bill for preaching with love and he claimed several were really listening.

Bill opened the meeting and afterward had a productive conversation with a student named Steve, who was frustrated with the wild crowd.
   Bill had a long talk with Steve.  Meanwhile, I started preaching; soon the werewolf showed up.  He is the loudest howler; he bared his teeth screaming nonsense about pagan gods and "Moon Nazis."  He drew the rest of the growling wolves.  They were mostly snarling among themselves complaining about my preaching.    After about 30 minutes, I turned the pack back to Bill.  Sometimes a change of speakers will quiet the animals.    The werewolf repeatedly said, "We cannot tolerate intolerance."  In their little minds intolerance of sin, especially homosexuality, is unpardonable.  Of   course, it is alright for them to be intolerant of Christianity.  Bill did eventually calmed the pack considerably and he had a relatively quiet hour.  I suppose they believe that there is homosexuality among wolves.
Students who promote tolerance cannot tolerate the Christian preachers.


    I motioned the loudest she wolf to come over to talk to me.  She was howling all day yesterday.  She says she is a Buddhist, but her grandfather pastors a large Baptist church in Arizona.  She claimed that he had no problem with her Buddhism.  I suspect he does, but is hesitant about voicing his complaints.  I showed her passages like Mark 16:15-16, which demonstrates that non-believers are damned.  Soon others joined us.

  I had her read 1 Cor. 6:9-10.  The she wolf admitted that she was doing some of those sins.  Eventually, the pack gathered around me again.  Soon their howling and growls turned more into whimpers and whines.  Finally, they sat quietly at my feet as I shared my testimony. 

   Meanwhile, Sister Sandy arrived with her sign which is a painting of Hell done by Jack Chick.  The sign drew some wolves her way.  After a while, the wild canines started fighting among one another as one lone wolf boldly proclaimed that they ought to let me speak.  The pack vehemently turned on the lone wolf, who was not intimated by their snarling. 

Bill had a very productive hour of preaching and then Bro. Jed was able to give his testimony to a group of the wolves who had calmed down.


     I turned the meeting back to Bill who was able in a short time to regain the packs attention.  I decided to leave at 3:30 for Independence, IA.  I read that wolves will often run in packs of up to forty, which was the size of our audience today.  Wolves are highly territorial animals; we invaded their space.  Defecation spewed forth from their mouths as they desperately scent marked their territory.

     Bill stayed on until 5 PM.  Later he emailed me the following, "I must say, I'm quite familiar with your testimony, but to see it delivered in person and to watch the changed expressions on students' faces was a thing of beauty. Very effective and impressive.   



October 9, 2013, Northern Iowa University,

     I was late for the noon break.  I started preaching about 12:30 with just a few passing; it did not take long for several to stop.  I started the dialogue with two females.  Soon I drew another girl into the conversation.  She said her boyfriend used to take her to church.  She admitted they had sex together but she now referred to him as a "douchebag."  This is one of the students' favorite words to use as a put down.  He probably dropped her after putting her down.  She was no longer claiming to be a Christian, but she stayed for most of the afternoon.  

    My audience only ranged from 15-25.  I was more on the low key side today.  Someone passed out the "Brother Jed Bingo" cards.  The students were civil today and actually acted more like human beings than the Platteville wolf pack.  I only stayed until 3:30 since I have a speaking engagement in Independence, IA tonight.  About 3 PM someone asked, "What is your purpose?"  I answered, "To get you thinking about the great questions of life."  An atheist with whom I had dialogued considerably chimed in, "Well, you certainly have accomplished that."    


" Students, my purpose is to get you thinking about the questions of life," Bro. Jed.


   I asked another male, "Are you a Christian?"  He answered, "I was until I became an academic."  He was studying anthropology.  I asked, "What have you learned about man?"  He answered, "That he evolved."  I asked, "How is man different from animals?"  He answered, "We are still studying that."  Anthropology has become basically just a vehicle for teaching evolution.  

     The Bible is primarily a theology book for the study of God.  Secondly, it is an anthropology book for the study of man.  Regrettably, the Bible is rarely cited as a source for anthropology.    Hence students are ignorant of both the nature of God and the nature of man.  In their puffed up minds, they have arrived as academics, when they start using the royal "we," as if they are sovereign and the final authority in in all knowledge.    Academics tend to be heady and high minded; they "are ever learning but are never able to come to knowledge of the truth."--2 Timothy 3:7.   Nevertheless, I persevered "in meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth."-2 Timothy 2:25.  They tend to oppose themselves for they are fond of claiming there are not absolutes, except for their conclusions.  The academic "we" can be more oppressive than the royal "we."   




October 10, 2013, University of Iowa,

     The Secular Alliance and the GLBT organization was waiting for me when I arrived; they had tables and signs prepared, and, of course, Brother Jed Bingo.  There was a boisterous black woman who had heard me over 20 years ago at the University of Minnesota.  She evidently has been holding a grudge against me all these years.  Thankfully she departed after about 90 minutes.   She claimed to have a PhD, which could have been true, but she acted more like a homeless mental case.  I suppose a PhD in philosophy can drive one into such a state.  Philosophy doesn't offer much opportunity for employment nor does it usually hold out much hope to deal with the trials and tests of life.  Otherwise, the students were civil and the GLBT's were in good humor.  

"The best preaching day of the semester, so far," Bro Jed.


     Steve Alderman joined me on campus.  I met Steve in 1981 at UI and he and another Brother Ron Alberts joined me for a few months in a trip across the Sunbelt into California.  He was active all afternoon talking with students on the sidelines.  He reported that he prayed a sinner's prayer with 15 students.  This is remarkable. He approached students by asking two questions, "Has anyone ever told you that God loves you and that He has a wonderful plan for our life?  If you were to die this very second, do you know for sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you would go to Heaven?"  He then went on and gave a basic Roman road plan.  Next he would say a quick prayer.  Finally, he asked, "If you would like to receive the gift that God has for you today, say this after me with your heart and lips out loud."  

Students who wanted to be photographed with Bro. Jed at the end of the day.   Bro Jed did some of his best preaching of the semester today.

     Over dinner I talked with Steve about the importance of explaining repentance in his gospel presentation.  He agreed that his presentation could be improved.  He admitted that one professing gay with whom he prayed was still defending homosexuality.  Were all the people that Steve prayed with actually saved?  I doubt it, but he did give the Holy Spirit further opportunity to work in their lives.  Hopefully, some who prayed had previously heard and understood my emphasis on repentance.  If they did, then I assume some that he prayed for were born again today.  Steve will come back tomorrow and hopefully have the opportunity to do some follow up work. 

     A Moslem female advised me that I need to show the love of God simply through example and not preach.  I answered, "Maybe the professors ought not to lecture, but just remain silent in the classroom and merely let the students learn through their example."  

     There was a loud atheist next to me holding signs.  He was an English major, who said, "The Bible is just a book."  I really jumped him saying, "Just a book?  You, an English major, would refer to the Bible as just a book as though books are not important.  The Bible is the book of books.  No book has inspired more quality literature than the Bible."  He had the audacity to refer to John Milton's, Paradise Lost, as if it was greater than the Bible.  I informed him that it was the Bible that inspired Milton.  He then claimed Milton became less of a Christian in his old age.  The atheist claimed to have read the whole Bible.   I asked, "What is the central theme of the Bible?"  His answer was shallow, stating that the OT and NT are contradictory.  I said, "If you cannot identify the main theme of the Bible than you need to read it again and again until you get it." 

      Today may have been my best preaching of the fall semester.  There were times of quietness where I was able to make convicting points.  I was on a roll.  It is usually easier for me to get on a roll and stay in one when I am preaching alone.  Not that I do not appreciate my preaching companions and I recognize it is helpful to the students to hear others than myself.  I am returning tomorrow to UI; it is coming out day for the perverts.   




October 11, 2013, University of Iowa,

        Despite it being coming out day for the sodomites, there were fewer of them in my crowd then yesterday.  Of course, they were prepared for me yesterday.  My schedule had me at Iowa State today, but I changed my mind since I like UI better.  UI is a good Friday campus and I was not sure about ISU on a Friday afternoon.      

        Christians need to come out of the closets of their churches, youth groups, Bible studies and yes even prayer meetings.  Virtually, all of the preaching and teaching goes on in these closets, where unbelievers rarely go.  Someone asked me today if I had contacted any of the Christian groups of my coming.  I answered, "Why bother?  I am too hot for them to handle.  What would I do, go among them and sing Kum by Yah with them?  The action is out here with me."  

"I must say that the University of Iowa students are likable," Bro. Jed.

     The atheists and gays knew I was coming without me contacting them.  Certainly, the Christians could and should have known and they could have come out and worked the crowd as my old friend, Steve Alderman did yesterday and prayed the sinner's prayer with 15.  Today, Steve only prayed with two for salvation, which may be two more than any other Christian on campus.  I sometimes wonder if the Holy Ghost does not get bored at these same old, same old praise services.  The Holy Spirit is a man of action.  Hence we have the Book of Acts.  He must prefer to be where the battle is raging.  Even among those who speak frequently of the Holy Spirit, few seem to under the militancy of the Spirit of God.  Praise services should essentially be preparations for battle, nor something which seems to primarily appear to the emotions and promote good feelings. 

        I must say the students at UI are likable.  I loved the wolves at UW Platteville but they were not very likeable.  UI students are more like frisking puppies climbing all over me wanting my attention.  They were not overly rowdy or disrespectful, but lively and usually eager to hear my stories and my answers to their questions.  They were especially rapt when I related my testimony.   At the end of the day I did chastise them for the shallowness of their questions. 

      Two themes I frequently returned to were the meaning of life and the necessity of hope to sustain life.  I repeatedly asked, "What is your purpose?  What is your hope?"  Life without purpose and hope beyond the grave eventually results in depression and despair and even mental medication or alcoholism and drug addiction. 

UI students are more like frisking puppies climbing all over me wanting my attention.

       I had to leave at 4:30 to drive to Des Moines to the airport to pick up Sister Cindy and Sister Pat.  I gave a departing farewell to Steve.  Steve is 54 and never married; he is a very likeable guy; I invited him to join the team for a week or so this winter in the South.  I appreciate his zeal for one-on-one evangelism.  With Steve working our crowds, we would have the potential for reaping a significant harvest on site.



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