September 30, 2013, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee  

The female in the pink shirt is very irate about the "You Deserve Hell" sound. Sis. Cindy explains that all of us deserve hell because of our sins.  However, because of Jesus we can all get what we don't deserve, eternal life.

   Pastor Michael Fisher of Cornerstone Church invited me to speak at a "Shock and Awe" all day conference. We started with sixteen of us Saturday morning. Most were staff people of the church. I taught for almost five hours on "The Jesus Nobody Knows," subtitled, "Seventeen Misconception Concerning the Life and Ministry of Jesus." 

   This is a message the Lord gave me over 25 years ago, which I have not taught for at almost two decades. When I initially put together the message it was only one hour. On Sunday I preached on the atonement of Christ to an audience of over a hundred students and young marrieds. Cornerstone Church rents a building which the Lutherans built. It is directly across the street from the Student Union Building. These mainline campus churches have promoted modernism from their pulpit to generations of University people. Now historical evangelical theology is being preached within hearing distance of campus.

Bro. Jed proclaiming the Gospel at UW-Milwaukee.

     After I preached my first session outdoors on Monday, Maria walked up to me and introduced herself and said, "I want to learn from you." We sat on a wall and I taught her the elementary principles of Christianity. After 20 minutes I asked if she would like to meet a pastor of Cornerstone Church. She agreed so I introduced her to Pastor Andrew, who further instructed her in the ways of the Lord.

An Asian, Eugene, approached Sister Pat and Mikhail and said, "I need to get right with God." 

Sis. Pat started the meeting and since there was not a class break at the time, it seemed that suddenly a crowd of students appeared from no where.

They led him in prayer. Dean was a professing atheist at the start of his conversation with Cindy. Before their conversation ended, he admitted that he still attended a Baptist church and he was resting in the doctrine of unconditional eternal security. 

Sis. Cindy was baptized with purple glitter by an anonymous student.
   Cindy refuted this dangerous doctrine; he is meeting with Pastor Jonathon tomorrow for lunch.

  Two females were exceedingly disturbed over our "YOU DESERVE HELL" sign. They confronted Cindy in a very aggressive way. Of course, as always, Cindy stood her ground. Early in the afternoon someone threw glitter all over Cindy to the disapproval of the crowd. Shortly after three policemen arrived and stayed for about an hour. Last year I was the recipient of the glitter, which is difficult to remove from one's hair and body.

The Cornerstone people were active witnessing all afternoon; we had a steady crowd of 50-60 for most of the day.     

Lesbian student borrows a Bible from one of the two Cornerstone girls behind her.  She is determined to prove Bro. Jed wrong.
"The Christian life is the only intelligent way to live!"


October 1, 2013, UWM

   "Why do you guys care so much?" Cindy and I were asked this question by a boy as Sister Pat ministered to a rambunctious crowd. He asked several questions before he went to class mostly concerning, "Why can't people from other religions know God?" Of course, it is "the love of Christ which compels us (2 Cor 5:14)" to warn the students to flee from the wrath to come. Thankfully, a few see that we care about a careless generation.
Sis. Pat holds court with the "You Deserve Hell" sign. These signs are hot items.  We have had 3 stolen this fall.
   The mob was exceeding disorderly today. The police were observing for much of the afternoon. Late in the day a black lady rebuked the students and repeatedly called them stupid. God uses synonyms for stupid one in Proverbs 1:22, "How long, ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge?"
How long ye stupid ones, will you love stupidity?
   I am convinced that college students may be the stupidest class of society there is. Harry Conn used to say, "They have been educated away from their common sense." Their ears are dull of hearing after spending way too many hours in the classroom hearing humanistic claptrap.
Sister Cindy delivers the Condom Gospel satire.
   I tried to relate my testimony at one point but they were too beside themselves to hear much of anything. There was a gang of Moslems surrounding me for much of my preaching. At one point one of them was whistling in my ear. Several times the crowd broke up into different groups.
Bro. Mikhail exhorts a student to repentance and faith.

   Eugene, who made a decision for Christ yesterday, returned and affirmed his commitment to follow the Lord. He was turned away from the Lord when he was a freshman in high school. Now that he is a freshman in college he has turned back. He said that hearing of my conversion story yesterday made him see his need for salvation.
Bro Jed talks to students on the sidelines while Bro. Mikhail fends off the mob in the background.

  The atheist, Dean, from yesterday, who had claimed that even if there is a God that he had nothing to worry about because he was once saved in a Baptist church, which teaches once saved always save. As he promised Cindy that he would, he met with the Cornerstone pastors for lunch.

The mob was closed to hearing the gospel even though they gathered for hours. However, we have had many effective one-on-one witnesses. Cindy had such a good

This lesbian daughter of missionaries finally calmed down and had a good conversation with Bro. Jed.

day witnessing to individuals that she only preached once. The Chinese atheist lesbian, who was exceeding irate yesterday, initiated a conversation with me. She told me that her uncle and her father were much more effective at spreading Christianity than we are. I reprimanded her for dishonoring her father, which seemed to prick her conscience somewhat. She told me she had not done anything sexual with a woman except kiss. It seems we made some progress with her for this is the first time I have seen her calm.  


October 2, 2013, UWM
   The mob swarmed for most of the afternoon. The atheists, Moslems and GLBT's were united against us. The Moslem gang was the worst of the lot. However, at one point a person, who appeared to be a man of authority,
The union of the Muslims, Homosexuals and the atheists doesn't discourage Bro. Jed.
talked to them and suddenly most of them left. I suspect the man told them that they were looking foolish. Except for two Moslems females, one of whom was covered, we had no problems from them after mid-afternoon. These particular Moslems were the type that you see rioting in the Middle East. I am convinced they would have attempted to behead us were we in a country where Islamic law rules.
Perverts flaunt their sin: "Woe unto those who call evil good and good evil." Is. 5

Perverts made a "You Deserve Cookies" sign and sold cookies for $1 to raise money for the campus homo club.
   Once again, this was a stand your ground day. As Tom Petty sings, "Well I won't back down. No I won't back down. You can stand me up at the gates of hell. But I won't back down." We could do very little teaching, mostly rebuking and reproving. Once again, I attempted to give my testimony but had to cut it short because of so many frivolous interruptions.
Bro. Mikhail won't back down!
   Cindy, Sister Pat and Mikhail left at 3:30 to take Mikhail to the airport to fly home to Oregon. I stayed on for another hour hoping to have an attentive hour as we often do at the end of the day reasoning with the students but they were too agitated to carry on intelligent dialogue. Despite the mob behavior, Sister Pat reported that she had many good individual conversations with students.
This veiled one remained even after the Muslim mob left.
   A man was moving through the audience trying to get signatures to start a Secular Alliance on campus. He wants to arrange a debate with me. I hope he is successful in getting a S.A. going on this campus as the group does usually attempt to promote serious dialogue concerning religion. Too often the Christians do not even do that. They simply present their easy formula for salvation.
This guy is hoping there will be vodka in hell. We warn them that the party in hell has been cancelled due to fire! There will be no alcohol there.
   Mikhail gave us a Hallmark card upon which he wrote, "I have spent the best days of my life preaching with you guys and I hope to have many more wonderful preaching days with Campus Ministry USA. I SHALL RETURN."
In our morning devotions Sister Pat, Cindy and I laid hands on Mikhail and officially commissioned him as Campus Coordinator of The CMUSA in Oregon and Washington.
Bro. Mikhail preaches the truth to our largest crowd of the day.
The campus evangelist must be longsuffering, determined, and most important motivated by a true love for God and his neighbor. Bro. Mikhail is!
Students had a sign-making party to prepare for our arrival.
This is one of the signs that a girl was wearing in expectation of our arrival at UW-Oshkosh.

October 3, 2013, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh
   Ten students, some with signs, were waiting for us to
This heckler came out in drag!
rrive. So Sister Pat had no problem gathering a crowd. A reporter from the school TV station interviewed me and filmed much of the action. We maintained a crowd of 100-150 throughout the afternoon. Gunnar and Mary Diekman arrived about 2 PM; they each took a turn at the preaching. I focused on Jesus Christ and him crucified while the others preached against sin. One male pervert dressed up as a woman captured the attention
Frumpy Pervert?
of the mob a few times. He basically said to the students be yourself. The crowd cheered for the deviate. Nothing is outrageous to this generation except for speaking out against sin. Unlike Milwaukee students we did not have that many one on one encounters. However, I did have a long conversation with a homosexual concerning suicide prevention. Rain was predicted for the day but the Lord held it back until we finished preaching.
Sister Cindy gives the second activity that classifies a girl as a whore.

Sis. Mary D. takes a turn with the boisterous crowd.

You mean God is NOT happy with me?
The Lord held back the rain and it was another great day of evangelism!


October 4, 2013, UW Madison
   I dropped Sister Pat off in Beaver Dam for her to visit with her family in the morning. Cindy rented a car in Madison to drive to Grand Rapids, MI, to work on our website. Sister Pat and Cindy will fly into Des Moines, IA, on October 11, where I will pick them up at the airport and we will drive on to Wyoming.
Bro. Charles Carpentier, who preached all day in the rain with Bro. Jed.

   Brother Charles Carpentier met me at UW today. I was carrying the rainbow umbrella, which he gave me months ago to replace my old rainbow umbrella that finally fell apart in Washington this past spring during a wet windy storm. Needless, to say the umbrella drew a lot of gay comments. I explained that we are taking back the rainbow from the GLBT perverts. The rainbow is both a sign of God's judgment and his mercy. It demonstrates his mercy in that God will never again destroy the world with a flood. I warned the next time it will be with global warning which will result in a fire which will cleanse the earth of all that is evil (2 Peter 3:10-13).
Bro. Jed preaching "take back the rainbow" with his infamous rainbow umbrella.

   It rained the whole time that we were preaching; I was pleasantly surprised that we were mostly able to maintain an attentive audience of 15-25. Charles had a huge sign listing sins in which students tend to indulge. Charles spoke about 30 minutes; he held the crowd well with his low-key approach. We made a good team.
   One of the first girls who stopped remained until I left at 2:45. Charles stayed on conversing with another girl, who claimed to be a catholic. She said God had spoken to her that she was alright after confessing to a mortal sin. She believed that Jesus only talked about love and did not condemn anyone.
The sign that Bro. Charles displayed today.

   Abdul, the Muslim guy, was there most of the afternoon. He is a thoughtful man. While I was listening to Charles speak, a man passed by and said to me, "I heard you back in the 70's at Indiana University."
   I left earlier than normal since I had to drive 90 minutes back to Oshkosh to the motel where I left my computer. Then I had a two hour and thirty minute drive to Spring Green, WI, where I will speak for Pastor Derek Miller of Cornerstone Church on Sunday.

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