Prayer Needed!! 
   This week the three of us will be ministering on Kentucky campuses with Christian Fellowship churches founded by Pastor Billy Henderson.  Christian students and others from the fellowship will join us as we minister at the University of Kentucky, Morehead State and Asbury University. We are believing for a mighty move of God in the lives of many.  We are especially excited to be preaching at Asbury which is conservative Methodist institution. We are asking our prayer warriors to spend some special time in intercession this week. 
   Email us and let us know that you are praying.

September 23, 2013, University of Illinois

     The Secular Alliance was out promoting bingo as soon a Bro. Mikhail started preaching.  Mikhail and I had a constant audience of around 50 all afternoon.  I was able to give my lecture, with considerable interruption of frivolous questions, on the four questions that any

Bro. Mikhail has been commissioned to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ on campuses in Oregon and Washington.

 religion or philosophy must address.  These questions are origins, meaning, destiny and the source and standard of morality.  

   I asked the students to give me an example of anything Jesus commanded men to do which was unreasonable or unjust.  They could not come up with anything.    

   Later a boy claimed that no one could be consistently unselfish.  He claimed that there is an amount of self-interest in all that we do.  I explained that there is nothing wrong with self-love or promoting one's self interest as long as that is not one's ultimate intention.  Man's ultimate intention in all that he does must be for the glory of God.  Ultimately, it is in our self-interest to glorify him. 

      One girl who was initially disrespectful later came up to me and apologized.  We had a good conversation and she stayed around for most of the afternoon.   I also lectured on "Sex Ed with Brother Jed."

       I told Bro. Mikhail over the weekend that the CMUSA is planning on commissioning his as Coordinator of campuses in Oregon and Washington.

"Name one thing that Jesus commanded of man that is unreasonable," Bro. Jed.


September 24, 2013, University of Illinois,

     The girl, who apologized for showing me disrespect yesterday, was disrespectful toward Mikhail as he opened the meeting.  She did straighten up when I preached.

     Tennessean author, Bryan Davis, and his wife, stopped for about 90 minutes to listen to me preach on his way to lecture at a writer's conference in Michigan. I invited him to testify. He told how he had heard me say in 1979 at the University of Florida that I don't sin.  The Christians in his college group went berserk.  Later, I was able to speak to him personally about our ability to live holy.  Bryan changed his mind and challenged his Christian friends, "If the will is free, why can't we always obey God, especially considering the power of the Holy Spirit to help us overcome temptation?"  Bryan testimony calmed the students.
     When I took my last preaching session, I sat in my chair and invited the students to sit on the grass.  Most of them sat down; I sang the B-I-B-L-E song.  Someone requested that I sing it again.  I urged the students to join me and most did as we sang, "Oh the B-I-B-L-E that's the book for me."  That song will still be on the mind of some of them as I write this report tonight.  I reminded the students that they sang that song at Vacation Bible School or in Sunday School when they were children.  They also used to sing, "Jesus Loves Me." 

Bryan Davis was influenced to a life of holiness when he heard Bro. Jed at the University of Florida in 1979.  Bryan and his wife are raising four daughters in the way of righteousness.

      It is helpful to draw on pleasant childhood memories.  I reminded the students, "You once believed the Bible and you once believed in Jesus.  What happened?"  I explained, "You reached the age of accountability and you choose to live selfishly instead of lovingly and unselfishly.  Your selfish choices soon became habitual and you developed a sinful nature which resulted in a bad character.  Sin blinded you to the Truth of the Bible and the love of Jesus.  You need to make a new choice to live unselfishly."   The students were mostly pensively listening.  I am a strong advocate of VBS, which plants seeds of truth in youth that may not germinate until years or even decades later.

     At 3:45 Sam, a leader of the secularists on campus, invited me to dinner with some of his friends.  Four boys and one girl met us at an Italian restaurant and we had a good hour of discussion.  I talked about the justice of eternal damnation.  We also discussed politics and the the proper role of government, especially the federal government.  They supported gun control legislation, which I opposed. 

     Sam expressed his interest in an arranging a debate for the spring semester.  It was a pleasant time.  They were all well-mannered.  The most ill-manner student I encountered today was a professing Christian, who called me an idiot and anti-intellectual.   I had had no previous confrontation with him and do not even recall seeing him in the crowd.  I suspect that he was judging my ministry by hearsay.   I have discovered over the years that some of my most vehement opposition comes from people who have never heard me speak on campus.     

Sunday School with Bro. Jed at Indiana University.  Students joined in as Bro. Jed led them in the children's song, B-I-B-L-E!

     Bryan Davis later wrote, "It was a great blessing hearing Brother Jed Smock preaching to the students on the campus of the University of Illinois yesterday. He was honest, straightforward, and clear. Some students mocked and made snide or rude comments, but for the most part, they were polite and attentive.

The most disruptive students were two who claimed to be Christians and were offended by Brother Jed's straightforward approach. It seemed so backwards and absurd that the "Christians" would be the ones offended by a preacher of the gospel. He was never harsh or nasty; he was simply straightforward, which was right and appropriate.

One "Christian" in particular was venomous and nasty, literally spitting mad. He harshly rebuked Brother Jed loudly, which, of course, is in violation of the Bible (1 Timothy 5:1), and his complaints that Jed was misrepresenting the faith were ridiculous. Brother Jed spoke nothing in return, properly turning the other cheek. It is shameful and sad that the self-avowed non-Christians were far more polite and attentive than were some of the professing Christians.

In any case, I came away feeling blessed by hearing a man of God preach an unsullied gospel with power, accuracy, and boldness. I pray that God will bring growth to the seeds that were planted yesterday."




September 25, 2013, Illinois State University,

       As we were passing a student greeted me.  Mikhail heard him say, "What are the chances of that, we were just talking about Brother Jed." 

"No Small Stir at Illinois State University!"


      The crowd for much of the afternoon included around 200 sinners.  There was no small stir.  It was virtually impossible to get through any of my stories.  Students were mad because I would not answer a question from a fellow until I finished my story.  I don't like the students to think that they can interrupt me just anytime.  I turned the meeting back to Mikhail and the fellow kept holding up his hand for 30 more minutes.  Eventually, I had a group sitting at my feet for over an hour, Mikhail handled the multitudes. 


At the beginning we had big crowds with lots of interruptions and heckling. The sword hurts!

                                                                                                                                                           One boy said that this was the fifth year he listened to me.  His parents used to hear me at the University of Illinois.  He said that I am often the subject of conversations.  He said, "Brother Jed your coming is the premier event of the semester.  No one draws crowds like you do for serious discussion."



Later in the day Sis. Cindy had a 30 minute conversation with a student who promised to repent of her sins.

     The last hour Sister Pat spoke to about 50, but there were several small group discussions taking place.   Sister Cindy reported that one girl she talked to promised that she was going to "get right with God."


He's thinking about it!

Sometimes they act like junior high kids!
Our rowdy congregation!
Questions and comments from students are a key to keeping things lively and interesting.  If one student asks it you can be sure that many in the crowd are wondering about the same thing.


Illinois State University, September 26, 2013,

Christ Crucified: The Wisdom and Power of God!


     Brother Mikhail has arrived!  Each time Cindy and I preached the students were shouting, "We want to hear Mikhail!"  Mikhail has been opening the meeting most days learning to do what is most difficult for new open-air preachers, which is to draw an audience.  We are going to miss Mikhail when he has to return to Oregon on October 3.  He has been a studious intern, very quickly learning the ropes.  Plus he has been a big help in getting us settled in our new home.  Mikhail also does most all the driving; he truly has a servant's heart.

ISU student asks why Jesus is the only way.

     Once against today we had two hundred listening for most of the afternoon.  The police here are some of the best in the country in monitoring our meetings.   One policeman told me he has been listening to me since 1990.  He said students are always asking him questions about my ministry, some for which he did not have answers.  So he asked me today for some facts concerning where all I had preached, etc.  He also told me he had heard about how one heckler got in my face today and was fondling himself with his hands in his shorts.  He said, "Had we been here we would have taken him out of the audience."  

   The backslidden Christian got between the pervert and me and prevented the sicko from getting too close.  The last two days this backslider has exhorted the multitudes to settle down and listen.  His exhortations have made a difference at least for a time.

This student has her own personal religion.

     A professor of communication tried to get the crowd to leave, "We are empowering this man; you all need to leave and quit giving him an audience."  I rebuked the professor saying, "You are not much of a communicator; more communication about eternal matters as well as significant temporal matters have been taking place in my meetings than anywhere on campus.  You need to stick around and learn something about communication with students.  Students are probably sleeping in your class or texting. 

   I am awakening students out of their slumber.  When my audiences texts, they are communicating to their friends my one-liners.  You, sir, are just jealous; I have the ear of the students which you do not have."  He left; a few followed him.  But the multitudes remained.  This instructor is not typical of teachers in his discipline.  I have had countless communication instructors invite into their classes or bring their pupils out to hear me over the years.

Awakened students question Bro. Jed on the sidelines.


     The crowd was considerably more settled than yesterday.  I was able to teach an attentive audience on the atonement.  I opened by lifting high my staff crucifix and asked, "Why was the event necessary for a loving and just God to extend forgiveness to mankind?  Why could not a gracious God offer forgiveness to men simply based on their true repentance and willingness to obey God in the future?"  No one had a clue.  Now those, who had ears to hear, know the answers to these vital questions after hearing my teaching.  My staff crucifix is a valuable teacher's aide, which few hard core fundamentalists can appreciate.

While we are preaching, the Holy Spirit is always there, convicting of sin and righteousness and judgment.

      I had a long discussion with a group of mostly professing Christians concerning my approach and holiness.  One fellow in military fatigues agreed and reinforced my teachings to this group.  I made some progress with several.  

Students kept wanting to hear Bro. Mikhail instead of us!
Sister Pat tells the students "How to get a husband or a wife."

September 27, 2013, University of Wisconsin,
Sis. Pat starts the meeting at her home campus, UW-Madison.

     We drew large crowds especially during the class breaks.  Throu the instruction hour the audience would eventually dwindle to about 25 and then at the class break build up again.  The students were attentive most of the time.  A Muslim listened and took pictures the whole afternoon.  He indicated that he was interested in hearing our message. 

One of the Muslim students who listened very attentively as Bro. Jed taught on the sufferings of Christ, the Savior.

      I expounded on the purpose of man, which is to glorify of God (1 Cor. 10:31).        The students accused God of selfishness for expecting us to glorify him.  I related how at the University you are rightly taught to do things for the glory of old Wisconsin, your Alma mater.  Your parents should have taught you to be successful and upright in life so that you can bring glory to your family name and to do nothing to bring shame to your family.  If Wisconsin and our families are worthy of such credit, how much more is our Creator worthy of glory.  By living lives that reflect the character of Christ, we bring glory to our Heavenly Father.  After all, God's glory is his character, which is supposed to be revealed in his family, the Body of Christ, The Church!

Student objects to the teaching that Jesus is the only way of salvation.

     At Indiana University, my alma mater, we sang, "Fight for the glory of old IU."   All men need to be singing and fighting for the glory of the Ancient of Days, our victor in battle, our Lord Jesus Christ.  I pointed out that 25 to 50 years from now a few of you might be invited back to UW to be honored as distinguished alumni.  If any of you should be faithful to God, in the end he will honor you magnificently and eternally.  

     We sang at Indiana, "Never daunted, we cannot falter. In the battle, we're tried and true."  After more than fifty years those lyrics still ring in my ears.  Only these days I apply the verses to fighting for the Captain of the Lord's hosts, our Savior Jesus Christ.

      At the end of the day I expounded on the sufferings of Christ.  A student just missed when he threw an egg at Cindy.  Later the Muslim and others apologized for the egg throwing incident.     

Students have trouble with the concept that we were made to glorify God.



Time to capture the preaching on video and upload to Facebook!


Bro. Mikhail calls UW students to "turn or burn, comply or fry!" He also warned them that the party in hell had been cancelled due to fire.
    SCHEDULE  Fall 2013
   The following is my tentative schedule for the fall semester. It should be noted that this is a tentative schedule and subject to change. We have decided to spend more time commuting to the six campuses which are an easy drive from our new home in Terre Haute. We urge our friends to join us this fall. We have the room to house you during the time of outreach. Notice we have targeted Sept. 19 as an open house for ISU or neighboring campus students. We have used these open houses effectively at the University of Missouri. When we visit your area, we also challenge you to unite with us on campus. Notice I still have some Sundays open for speaking engagements in churches and I am always available for home fellowships as a teacher. We also appreciate offers of hospitality for Sister Pat, Sister Cindy and I when we are on the road. Bro. Jed

Aug. 19-20, Eastern Ill. U.    
Bro Mikhail declares truth to a large crowd at the University of Illinois. "Turn from your wicked ways and live!"

Aug. 21, Indiana State
Aug. 22, IUPU-Indianapolis
Aug. 23, Purdue
Aug. 26-27, Indiana University
Aug. 28, Indiana State
Aug. 29, Purdue
Aug. 30, Grand Valley State, MI
Aug. 31-Sept. 1, Iron Sharpens Iron Conf.

Sept. 3, Indiana State  
"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom!"

Sept. 4, Univ. of Ill.
Sept. 5, Eastern Ill.
Sept. 6, Indiana U.
Sept. 9, Indiana State
Sept. 10, Indiana U.
Sept. 11, Purdue
Sept. 12,IUPUI
Sept. 13-14, EEM Conf.,
Shipshewana, IN

Sept. 15, Bob Allen Home Fellowship, MI
Sept. 16, ISU
Sept. 17, IUPUI
Sept. 18, IU          
Sept. 19, ISU, Open House in our new home
Sept. 20, IU
Sept. 23-24, U. of Ill.
Sept. 25-26, Ill. State
Sept. 27, UW-Madison
Sept. 27-29, Shock & Awe Seminar, Milwaukee, WI
Sept. 30-Oct. 2, UW-Milwaukee
The joy of the Lord is our strength!

Oct. 3, UW-Oshkosh
Oct.6, Cornerstone Church, Spring Green
Oct. 4, UW-Madison
Oct. 7-8, UW, Platteville
Oct. 9, Northern Iowa
Oct.10, Univ. of Iowa
Oct. 11, Iowa State
Oct. 13 Victory World Outreach Cheyenne, WY
Oct. 14, University of Northern Colorado
Oct. 15-16, Colorado State
Oct. 17-18, Colorado U.
Oct. 20, Victory World Outreach, Colorado Springs
Oct. 21, Colorado College
Oct. 22, Kansas State U.
Oct. 23, Kansas U.
Oct. 24, University of Missouri
Oct. 25, Indiana University
Oct. 28-Nov. 1, Kentucky campuses

Nov. 4-8, Indiana/Illinois campuses 
Heaven and earth shall pass away but the word of the Lord endures!!!

Nov. 11-15, Arkansas campuses
Nov. 18-22, Georgia campuses
Nov. 25, Florida State

Dec. 2-6, Florida campuses
Dec. 9-13, Indiana campuses

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