Sis. Kathy Fischer took 10 days off work to join the CMUSA ministry team. It was a fruitful time!  We took an Amish buggy ride at the Evangelical Education Ministries conference Sept. 14 & 15.
September 9, 2013, Indiana State
     It used to be when I preached at ISU I would see familiar faces from the faculty or administration.  Such days are gone.  In the several times I have been to ISU this fall semester, I have not seen any of the old faces.  I suppose they are long retired or long gone on to their reward. 
Sis. Pat shares the truth with a serious listener at Indiana State.
On the other hand, I remain a fixture at Dede Plaza, or what used to be 6th and Chestnut, where Brother Max Lynch and I first started preaching back in 1974.  I spent years on campus before that, having done both my undergraduate and graduate studies at ISU.  Even prior to my studies, I would sometimes visit my father on campus, when he was Chairman of the English Department.  ISU holds a special place in my heart, as decadent as it has become.
It pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save those that believe. I Cor. 1:21
     Considering that it was a hot muggy day into the high nineties, we had a sizable crowd.  ISU has a large black population so a higher percentage than on most campuses of blacks were in our audience.  Cindy drew a crowd of 50 or so by preaching against whoredom.  It wasn't long before she had most students openly and brazenly confessing that they were whores. 
For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent. 1 Cor. 1:19
     During one of Mikhail sessions a girl said, "I had sex this past weekend; I did nothing wrong."  Mikhail said, "Your conscience convicts you that it is wrong."  She answered, "I have no conscience."  It could be that she has what Paul called a "seared conscience (1 Tim. 4:2)."  The woman departed cursing and swearing. 
For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. I Cor. 1:18
     "Since they have lost all sense of shame, they have abandoned themselves to sensuality and practice every kind of sexual perversion without restraint (Eph. 4:19)."  Promiscuity is like a hot branding iron burning away the intuitive sense of right and wrong, good and evil.   Since the Holy Spirit appeals to the conscience, such people can virtually sin themselves beyond redemption.
     We had to contend with a flaming homosexual, who mockingly jerked several times mimicking the Holy Spirit coming upon him.
      Thankfully, they are not all completely hardened.  Cindy asked a black girl, "Are you right with God?"  "No," she answered. "Well you need to get right with God."  "I know that but I will do that when I am ready," she replied.  "God is grieved over your sin now, Cindy stated."  When Cindy asked if she was smoking pot, drinking or having sex, the girl each time said that she was not.  Conviction was all over her countenance, especially when Cindy told her that her sin grieved God.  Real conviction comes when people see that their sins grieve God.  Often people will put off their salvation because they figure they have plenty of time.  But if they care about God, they will want to repent immediately and not hurt God's holy heart any longer.
Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron. (I Tim. 4:2)  Bro. Mikhail sits down to calm the atmosphere a bit. Most are justifying their sins, but a few are listening.
     Another black girl admonished the crowd for showing such disrespect for me an elder.  She was quite angry with her fellow students for their cursing disrespect.
      After 3:30 PM, blacks made up most of our congregation.  For the last 30 minutes Mikhail had them sitting on the wall with him and standing before him.  He exercised much patience is steadfastly standing for Biblical morality and for Jesus as the only Savior. 
      Cindy said this evening, "We may end up having a black church on campus."
September 10, 2013, Indiana University
       Today was another hot muggy day in the mid 90's.  There were
Caleb, a homosexual wore pink duck tape on his mouth in protest of the preaching.
several that stayed around us all afternoon, including Caleb, who is confined to a wheelchair, and is all about love, love and more love.  For some odd reason Caleb had his mouth closed with pink tape.  I like it when the homos do their silent trips.  Also, a pretty atheist girl has become a regular in our meetings at IU. 
Bro. Mikhail made it clear that all men are without excuse for their sins.
She is a moral relativist.  Mikhail preached mostly on Hell and listed the sins which would take one to the Inferno.  I had several profitable conversations on the sidelines.  One fellow was very receptive.  My main theme today was on the conscience, which makes all men accountable for their sins.  Men know right from wrong independently from the Bible so all men are without excuse for their sins.  All afternoon they kicked against the pricks.   
September 11, 2013, Indiana State
     I held high the front page headline of the Indiana Statesman, which in bold capital letters read, "HELLBOUND SINNERS. " I cried, "Read all about it!  ISU students are Hellbound according to local pastor (Jed Smock).  Sinners are headed for eternal damnation says the byline of the Statesman.  Pick up the paper at your newsstand.  This is a warning.  Your soul is in danger." 
    The news story even gave a plug for our dinner and open house on September 19.  We gathered a crowd from 35-50.   One guy in a military uniform threatened me.  I warned him that he better be careful.  I reminded him that he was in uniform; he could get in a lot of trouble.  He left cursing and swearing and lifting up his middle finger.  He did not like me referring to him as a slow learner.  Unfortunately, most who attend college when it comes right down to it are not college material.  Another male had to be restrained by another student since I had exposed the hypocrisy and folly of affirmative action. 
Lay down your arms of sin-all of them--and surrender to Almighty God!
       1 Cor. 1:27  "God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; 28 And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are."
       Typically, one has to watch my ministry for hours or even days before one can understand the method to my apparent madness.  Sometimes the atheists get it before the Christians.  Students know not that everything I say and every gesture I make is calculated to get precisely the response I anticipate.  At times I intentionally make myself to appear foolish, base (vile, contemptible) and hated to confound the (worldly) wise and to expose the folly of the students.  One of the violent males was infuriated because I think he realized that I had exposed his own stupidity, another was enraged when I when I did not conform to political correctness.  There are few expressions of man's depravity which demonstrates ignorance when men resort to four letter expletives and are reduced to merely giving someone the finger or threatening physical violence.  Such language and gestures demonstrate that they have lost an argument and cannot give intelligent responses.
     Daily I have been having good talks with Shawn, who carries a blind man's stick.  He has an evangelical Christian background and did a lot of witnessing in his high school days.   Today he asked what I thought if he would bring out a sign which read, "Think Peace."  I said, "That is weak and boring and will mostly be ignored."  I challenged him to come up with something better.  His other suggestions were likewise weak.  I finally said, "OK bring out your 'Think Peace' sign; it is better than nothing and it is better than the John Lennon shirt you are wearing.
Jesus humiliated himself in order to redeem mankind.  We don't remember what the girl's sign read.  Wasn't edifiying anyway.
     Christians should be creating a stir around campus.  Christian groups on campus have far more members in their group than the four of us who preach at ISU.  Some of them have nice physical facilities.  However, I fear that their work goes mostly unnoticed and they will never have a front page article in the paper because they are not confrontational.  They think peace with the wicked.  We, on the other hand, are at war with the wicked.  Our terms of peace are unconditional surrender.  Lay down your arms of sin-all of them--and surrender to Almighty God.
    We preached until 5 PM; I am growing to like this campus despite all the low life.  Unfortunately, I have to get down low with them in order to reach them.  Jesus himself came in the "likeness" of sinful flesh in order to condemn sin in the flesh.  Christ humiliated himself in order to redeem mankind.  What we do on campus is base and humiliating.  It required an ignoble death by crucifixion to have the moral impact to touch the hard hearts of humanity.

September 13, 2013, IUPUI
     The Mike Woroniecki family was on campus with their huge banners and passing out tracts which Mike wrote.  Mike was not with his children, which are all grown now.  I talked briefly with his son, who started exhorting me to be born again.  They seem to operate under the assumption that no one is saved but themselves. 
It was a blessing to have the angels in blue on the scene today at IUPUI.
      Cindy and I found another location to begin preaching.  Cindy quickly gathered a sizable audience.  Around 1 PM Woroniecki's  son came up and gave me some literature and a music CD and once again exhorted me.  In years past Mike would often publically rebuke me and exhort my crowd.  He may have mellowed somewhat over the years.  He is strong on the doctrine of original sin.  Mike has been on campus for decades.  I have watched his children grow up.  They are loyal to their father; I like that.  The Woronieckis arrive early and usually leave early in the afternoon.  They are zealous in getting out literature their father has written. 
Sis. Cindy called students to faith in Christ and holy living. This picture was before the crowd was stirred up by the hypocrites pleading for sin.
      Our crowd became increasing stirred over the afternoon.  One girl admitted to fornication and sodomy with her "boyfriend."  She also claimed to be a Christian.  She was one of the most vocal all afternoon.  She claimed, "Jesus died for our sins therefore we have to sin or Jesus died for nothing."  
This woman, who claimed to be a Christian was beside herself rebuking Bro. Jed and talking about God's love. We did not feel like she loved us...however her behavior was so hysterical  that Bro. Jed was laughing.
       Kathy Fischer from Minneapolis joined us today for ten days.  She has really developed as a strong preacher.
       We preached until 5 PM.  A policeman monitored the approximately 100 students.  It was our wildest crowd so far this semester.  We had an over three hour drive to Shipshewana, IN, to attend the annual EEM conference.  We will not be preaching on campus Friday since the conference meets all day.   
Things were getting wild!

Sis. Kathy from Minneapolis joined us today for 10 days of ministry.  She is one anointed lady.  Plans to retire in a few years and preach full time!

She was full of the Holy Spirit and the preaching was very convicting!
    SCHEDULE  Fall 2013
   The following is my tentative schedule for the fall semester. It should be noted that this is a tentative schedule and subject to change. We have decided to spend more time commuting to the six campuses which are an easy drive from our new home in Terre Haute. We urge our friends to join us this fall. We have the room to house you during the time of outreach. Notice we have targeted Sept. 19 as an open house for ISU or neighboring campus students. We have used these open houses effectively at the University of Missouri. When we visit your area, we also challenge you to unite with us on campus. Notice I still have some Sundays open for speaking engagements in churches and I am always available for home fellowships as a teacher. We also appreciate offers of hospitality for Sister Pat, Sister Cindy and I when we are on the road. Bro. Jed

Aug. 19-20, Eastern Ill. U.    
Bro Mikhail declares truth to a large crowd at the University of Illinois. "Turn from your wicked ways and live!"

Aug. 21, Indiana State
Aug. 22, IUPU-Indianapolis
Aug. 23, Purdue
Aug. 26-27, Indiana University
Aug. 28, Indiana State
Aug. 29, Purdue
Aug. 30, Grand Valley State, MI
Aug. 31-Sept. 1, Iron Sharpens Iron Conf.

Sept. 3, Indiana State  
"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom!"

Sept. 4, Univ. of Ill.
Sept. 5, Eastern Ill.
Sept. 6, Indiana U.
Sept. 9, Indiana State
Sept. 10, Indiana U.
Sept. 11, Purdue
Sept. 12,IUPUI
Sept. 13-14, EEM Conf.,
Shipshewana, IN

Sept. 15, Bob Allen Home Fellowship, MI
Sept. 16, ISU
Sept. 17, IUPUI
Sept. 18, IU          
Sept. 19, ISU, Open House in our new home
Sept. 20, IU
Sept. 23-24, U. of Ill.
Sept. 25-26, Ill. State
Sept. 27, UW-Madison
Sept. 27-29, Shock & Awe Seminar, Milwaukee, WI
Sept. 30-Oct. 2, UW-Milwaukee
The joy of the Lord is our strength!

Oct. 3, UW-Oshkosh
Oct.6, Cornerstone Church, Spring Green
Oct. 4, UW-Madison
Oct. 7-8, UW, Platteville
Oct. 9, Northern Iowa
Oct.10, Univ. of Iowa
Oct. 11, Iowa State
Oct. 13 Victory World Outreach Cheyenne, WY
Oct. 14, University of Northern Colorado
Oct. 15-16, Colorado State
Oct. 17-18, Colorado U.
Oct. 20, Victory World Outreach, Colorado Springs
Oct. 21, Colorado College
Oct. 22, Kansas State U.
Oct. 23, Kansas U.
Oct. 24, University of Missouri
Oct. 25, Indiana University
Oct. 28-Nov. 1, Kentucky campuses

Nov. 4-8, Some Campus Somewhere! 
Heaven and earth shall pass away but the word of the Lord endures!!!

Nov. 11-15, Arkansas campuses
Nov. 18-22, Georgia campuses
Nov. 25, Florida State

Dec. 2-6, Florida campuses
Dec. 9-13, Indiana campuses

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