Our Open House/Lasagna Dinner is this Thursday the 19th.  Many Indiana State students have promised to attend.  Pray that they will show up and that God will touch hearts!
Brother Mikhail-Sin Issue!
Video of the Week!
Brother Mikhail-Sin Issue!

September 3, 2013, Indiana State
      Last week I named the students louts at ISU.  Nothing today changed my opinion.  Let's call them barbarians this week.  Our universities should be thought of as the height of civilizations.  It is difficult to imagine people sinking lower than these students.  But what can you expect after generations of teaching people that they are animals?  Ideas do have consequences.  Sometimes I feel like Horatius at the bridge fighting off the Tuscans with only two brave men to stop the advance of the barbarians.  To our advantage these Tuscans on campus have no Lars Porsena.  Three can hold the sinners back; however, it is difficult to find anyone still on the side of righteousness that care that the city be saved.
Student with the campus TV station interviews Bro. Mikhail.  We are getting a lot of media attention at ISU.
     Thankfully, there are still some exceptions among the students, who are not completely given over to reprobate minds.  Before the crowd gathered, I had the opportunity to converse with Cheyenne, who said she had been in 5 non-sexual relationships; in each relationship she told me difference lessons she learned.  I said, "Cheyenne, you are much more mature than the average freshman."  She answered, "I had to be; my father left at a very young age."  Her faith consisted of "there is something up there and it is important that we be kind to one another."  Both Cindy and I had the opportunity to give her a good witness. 
Bro. Mikail calls ISU students to a life of faith in Jesus Christ!
      The crowd of fifty or so was boisterous and raunchy, which made it impossible to go into any subject in depth.  I did give my lecture on Sex Ed with Brother Jed.  Cindy warned them about STD's.  Several were twerking around us.
ISU student shows off his tattoo to Bro. Jed.
Numerous unashamedly declared themselves to be homosexuals, bisexuals and even whores.  One big female repeatedly invited me back to her room for sex.  I gave up trying to preach to them about 3:45 and simply sat on the wall.  Nevertheless, many continued to hang around as our audience divided up into three groups.  Mikhail, Cindy and Sister Pat all reported profitable conversations and we passed out numerous invitations to our September 19 open house.  Several have expressed an interest in attending.  We left campus at 4:30.
Students boasted of all manner of sin and iniquity but where sin abounds...grace much more abounds!  Jesus is a Deliverer!
Homosexual twerking as Bro. Mikhail preaches.  That guy attends the meetings often and we have seen him listening attentively!
September 4, 2013, University of Illinois
     Mikhail quickly drew an attentive audience of fifty, most of whom were quietly listening.  Soon an outspoken female, who identified herself as a Christian, reproved Mikhail for his preaching on the negatives.  She offered to pray for any student; she explained that God wanted to bless them and heal them.  She said the Holy Spirit did not come to convict of sin but of righteousness.  "God loves everyone," she claimed.  She repeatedly asked the students if she could pray for any of them. 
Proverbs 15:29: "The LORD is far from the wicked, but he hears the prayer of the righteous."
     The Gideons were passing out NTs, Proverbs & Psalms today.  When I took my turn, I opened up my Gideon Bible to Proverbs 15:29:  "The LORD is far from the wicked, but he hears the prayer of the righteous."  I warned, "God is not going to hear your prayer unless it is a prayer of repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.  The praying female said, "That is the Old Testament."
We had a lot of international students listening today at UI.  Notice the serious face behind Bro. Jed.
     Of course, I was prepared for her saying that, so I read from 1 Peter 3:12:  "For the eyes of the LORD are on the righteous, and his ears are open to their prayers; but the face of the LORD is against those who do evil."
     The praying female represented a movement of evangelism which approaches strangers to ask if they can pray for sickness, disease or financial needs.  They usually have testimonies of miracles which have happened as a result of their prayers.  The crowd cheered the female but no one asked her to pray for him.  Within the hour she departed.    
   This female was responsible for stirring up opposition from an audience which had been generally attentive. The depravity of the audience soon manifested itself and remained for the afternoon.  
  Mikhail overheard a girl say to her friend, "I wanted to leave, but I couldn't."
Sometimes they "want to leave but they can't."   Prayer works! Notice the listener on the right.
     After 2 PM the crowd which had kept its distance enclosed around me in a threatening way.  Of course, I was not intimidated nor was anyone else in the team when they pressed in on us.  The vulgarity of the crowd was only slightly above ISU.  However, once again there was a lot of profitable conversation on the sidelines. 
Students attempt to detract from Sis. Pat's message with swing dance routine.
     Sam, a member of the Secular Student Alliance asked if we could have dinner with him and some of his secular friends.  Over dinner Sam said, "Brother Jed, what you do is valuable because you get people thinking and provoke a lot of discussion."  We enjoyed the company of these secularists, who seem to have a better understanding of our message and methods than most of the evangelicals on campus. 
Swing dance is over, now back to eternal issues, students.
September 5, 2013, Eastern Illinois,
      As I got out of my car a middle-aged gentleman who works at the University admired my shirt, which has "Fear God" written on the front.  He said to me, "Brother Jed you are a lightning rod. You provoke discussion.  This is a wicked place.  One of the top administrators on campus just passed.  He is a homosexual.  They are being championed here and recruited for top posts."
"Truth makes strong claims on the conscience and the mind."
      A real lightning rod attracts lightning to it. The metaphor suggests that we attract criticism, controversy and negative comments.  The body of Christ needs someone to be a lightning rod since most Christians have great difficulty handling reproach and argument and they want nothing to do with negativity.  We are blessed in our role as lightning rods protecting the body of Christ. 
       As I was preaching a female yelled, "You will catch more flies with honey than vinegar."  I replied, "I am trying to catch men not flies."  She answered, "That was a metaphor."  I added, "A bad metaphor." 
Bro. Mikhail reading the "Dick, Jane and Sally tract."
     She walked on but I explained, "Flies are insects governed by instinct; they are instinctively drawn to honey.  Men have instincts but we are not to be governed my instinct.  There is an old adage, 'The truth hurts.'  Men are repelled by the Truth because truth makes strong claims upon their conscience and mind.  It requires men to live a life of self-sacrifice and self-denial, which is painful.  Men will be attracted to a honey gospel which allows for forgiveness without repentance.  Flies are also drawn to manure and garbage.  Men who are not governed by reason and conscience are attracted to the dregs of sin."
The Lightning Rod!
     The girl who was so lewd in our previous visits stopped, I said, "I remember you.  You were twerking around my intern.  Evidently, your role model is Miley Cyrus."  The pretty blond, who last time said, "What you said hit home" listened for a couple of hours.  I had considerable amount of dialogue with her.  Reporters and photographers from the paper covered the meeting again today.  Things began to die out after 3 PM so we packed up our stuff and headed for home. 
     On October 12, 2012 The Indiana Statesman, wrote, "In a very large sense, Brother Jed creates a positive influence on our campus aside from just sharing a common enemy to badger because his enraging comments are precisely what stimulate our thinking and subsequently catalyzes discourse. While we have various religious groups and organizations around campus, there are no open forums of this nature that bring together the diversity of ideologies that Brother Jed does. Whether you hate or love Brother Jed, he brings us closer together and the numerous small groups fragmenting from the main conversation to start their own discussions evidence this."
September 6, 2013, Indiana University
     The Indiana Daily Student announced on the front page that Wells Quad buildings are to revert to residence halls.  The Quad was originally built to house women.  The paper included pictures of coeds from the 1940's in dresses and in the later 40's wearing skirts, sweaters, bobby socks and saddle shoes.  The girls are ironing, studying or playing bridge.  I held the paper high as students were passing. 
     I asked, "What has happened to you girls?  Most of you look like you just got out of gym class without showering or changing back into your street clothes.  Look at your great grandmothers in these pictures.  They represent piety and propriety; you passing girls reflect ungodliness and indecency.  They are well-groomed and have hair.  So many of you contemporary girls look like harlots and you have cropped your hair.  The gals from the 40's are feminine and fashionable.  Many of you girls are carrying yourselves like men and you have the audacity to call yourselves feminists.  There is nothing feminine about you; you are determined to be like men.  The 40's girls graduated virgins.  You girls will graduate with STD's and with murder in your heart against your own offspring.  The girls from the past came to IU looking for husbands to provide for them and they anticipated motherhood.  You females are not interested in marriage and the boys have no interest in marrying you when they can get what they want without marriage.  You girls will have the careers but you will end up single mothers likely supporting some degenerate who drinks beer and watches games meanwhile getting a little action on the side.  You girls have been duped.  One out of four of you will likely be raped before you graduate.  You will not play Bridge.  You are playing with your "boyfriends" private parts and engaging in sodomy.  We need to get back to the way it once was." 

   Students stopped and listened.  Surprisingly no one argued against what I was saying.  Now the girls of the bygone era were not saints.  They screamed and went wild over Frank Sinatra.  Many of them may not have been so pure in their hearts, but they kept their virginity out of fear of pregnancy or venereal diseases.  Girls were still usually dressing decently even when I entered IU as a freshman in 1960.  But by the end of the 60's everything fell apart with the feminist movement and the sexual revolution.  One of the men primarily to be blamed for the sexual revolution, Dr. Alfred Kinsey, founded the Institute for Sex Research at IU in 1947.   Kinsey was bisexual; he and his wife had a so-called open marriage; the perverted Kinsey had a homosexual relationship with one of his students.  Thankfully, he died in 1956 at the age of 62.  But great damage had already been done; his hands on research came to full fruition by the late 60's.  Herman B. Wells was president of IU during the Kinsey years.  He protected the pervert during his administration, all in the name of academic freedom, of course.  Wells was president when I enrolled at IU.  The Wells Quad which is being renovated was name after Herman Wells. 
Bro. Mikhail is a powerful armour bearer for Bro. Jed.
     We had an excellent day.  I had many good conversations on the sidelines.  Several students told me that I am needed at IU.  They repeatedly asked when I would return.  Of course, as always I had my detractors, who accused me of being unloving and lacking compassion. 


    SCHEDULE  Fall 2013
   The following is my tentative schedule for the fall semester. It should be noted that this is a tentative schedule and subject to change. We have decided to spend more time commuting to the six campuses which are an easy drive from our new home in Terre Haute. We urge our friends to join us this fall. We have the room to house you during the time of outreach. Notice we have targeted Sept. 19 as an open house for ISU or neighboring campus students. We have used these open houses effectively at the University of Missouri. When we visit your area, we also challenge you to unite with us on campus. Notice I still have some Sundays open for speaking engagements in churches and I am always available for home fellowships as a teacher. We also appreciate offers of hospitality for Sister Pat, Sister Cindy and I when we are on the road. Bro. Jed

Aug. 19-20, Eastern Ill. U.    
Bro Mikhail declares truth to a large crowd at the University of Illinois. "Turn from your wicked ways and live!"

Aug. 21, Indiana State
Aug. 22, IUPU-Indianapolis
Aug. 23, Purdue
Aug. 26-27, Indiana University
Aug. 28, Indiana State
Aug. 29, Purdue
Aug. 30, Grand Valley State, MI
Aug. 31-Sept. 1, Iron Sharpens Iron Conf.

Sept. 3, Indiana State  
"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom!"

Sept. 4, Univ. of Ill.
Sept. 5, Eastern Ill.
Sept. 6, Indiana U.
Sept. 9, Indiana State
Sept. 10, Indiana U.
Sept. 11, Purdue
Sept. 12,IUPUI
Sept. 13-14, EEM Conf.,
Shipshewana, IN

Sept. 15, Bob Allen Home Fellowship, MI
Sept. 16, ISU
Sept. 17, IUPUI
Sept. 18, IU          
Sept. 19, ISU, Open House in our new home
Sept. 20, IU
Sept. 23-24, U. of Ill.
Sept. 25-26, Ill. State
Sept. 27, UW-Madison
Sept. 27-29, Shock & Awe Seminar, Milwaukee, WI
Sept. 30-Oct. 2, UW-Milwaukee
The joy of the Lord is our strength!

Oct. 3, UW-Oshkosh
Oct.6, Cornerstone Church, Spring Green
Oct. 4, UW-Madison
Oct. 7-8, UW, Platteville
Oct. 9, Northern Iowa
Oct.10, Univ. of Iowa
Oct. 11, Iowa State
Oct. 13 Victory World Outreach Cheyenne, WY
Oct. 14, University of Northern Colorado
Oct. 15-16, Colorado State
Oct. 17-18, Colorado U.
Oct. 20, Victory World Outreach, Colorado Springs
Oct. 21, Colorado College
Oct. 22, Kansas State U.
Oct. 23, Kansas U.
Oct. 24, University of Missouri
Oct. 25, Indiana University
Oct. 28-Nov. 1, Kentucky campuses

Nov. 4-8, Some Campus Somewhere! 
Heaven and earth shall pass away but the word of the Lord endures!!!

Nov. 11-15, Arkansas campuses
Nov. 18-22, Georgia campuses
Nov. 25, Florida State

Dec. 2-6, Florida campuses
Dec. 9-13, Indiana campuses

     In case you missed our fundraising letter, Be Horrified, I am posting it again. We are about $4000 short of our goal so if you are interested in supporting Campus Mission 2013-2014 there are many opportunities.  Thank you to all who have already given generously!
Bro. Jed and Sis. Cindy

Dear Saints of God, 
     Our current generation of students has plummeted into the depths of wickedness! The youth love pleasure and despise God! Morals are mocked! Perversion, blasphemy and rebellion prevail! Knowledge of the Bible is trifling and the Gospel is distorted. It is time to lament with King David and become horrified! 

    The dictionary defines horror as: an overwhelming and painful feeling caused by something frightfully shocking, terrifying or revolting. Other translations replace the word horror with burning indignation, overwhelming sadness, dreadful fear and intense fury.
If David, a man after God's own heart, serving under the old covenant was horrified, how much more should we modern Christians be in the same state of mind? Multitudes are hanging over the pit of Hell! Souls are at stake! 
   Many of our college campuses were founded on Christian principles: the Bible was the chief text, theology was the queen of the sciences and men were prepared for the ministry. Rivers of waters run down mine eyes, because they keep not thy law, David cried in Psalm 119:139. Should not we weep much more than David, since our culture has rejected not only the law of God, but the glorious Gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ?  

   Our righteous horror compels us to action! Bro. Jed and I plan to launch the 2013-2014 academic year at Eastern Illinois University at noon on August 19. For 39 weeks (through June 6th 2014) we will spend five hours a day, five days a week, face-to-face, eyeball to eyeball, calling students to repentance toward God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. "Knowing the terror of the Lord we persuade men."  
   Friend, are you horrified by the state of our youth? If so please help us make a difference. You might remember that for the last two summers we have had a Fundraiser to build a $10,000 cash reserve to help us end the year in the black. Thanks to your generosity, CMUSA currently has no debts! This year we are endeavoring to raise $10,000 to start 2013-2014 with a travel fund. Having the reserve gives us a small storehouse to make ends meet when the regular giving does not cover expenses. It also allows us to focus primarily on the ministry rather than fundraising during the school year. 
jed and cindy
   So this year, we are looking for "Ten Horrified Christians" who will donate $1000 each. (II Cor. 9:6) The funds will be put in a special account and only used for travel/ministry expenses throughout the year. We are asking you to prayerfully consider being one of the "TEN HORRIFIED" who jumpstart our 2013-2014 college campus preaching mission with a sound financial strategy. If you would like to sow into CMUSA in this way, please mail your check for $1000 to our home office (note new address) on this letter payable to CMUSA or you may give online through PayPal by simply clicking one of the buttons.  Please designate the gift: "Horrified Christian!" We guarantee a high return on your investment. CMUSA is a nonprofit organization and gifts may be tax deductible.   
   Fundraising is a necessary part of our ministry; Jesus commanded, "Ask and you shall receive." We look to God Almighty as our ultimate source, not man; however, we believe that the ask and you shall receive principle applies to man also. We are letting you know what our needs are and at the same time trusting God with the final results.  

   If you are Horrified, but you cannot be one of the TEN, any size gift is much appreciated. You saints on the home front are vital to CMUSA and the Kingdom! 
   "May fruit abound to your account," and "our God supply all your needs according to His riches in glory." Philippines 4:16-19  


For the Glory of Christ, 


Sister Cindy

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  In case you missed our fundraising letter,
Be Horrified, I am posting it at the bottom of this letter. We are about $4000 short of our goal so if you are interested in supporting Campus Mission 2013-2014 there are many opportunities.  Thank you to all who have already given generously!
Bro. Jed and Sis. Cindy

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