Letter from Arabic Teacher
The letter below was emailed to Sis. Cindy by a Indiana State student/teacher from Tunisia, Africa who was very interested in Christianity. We saw her again this week on campus and she plans to come to our Open House--Lasagna Dinner on September 19.
 Hello Sister Cindy
I hope you relaxed after the efforts you've done today. I'm Aroua, the Arabic teaching assistant you've met at ISU. I write this email just to thank you for the great conversation we had this afternoon. I appreciate the depth and richness of your talk. You were such calm and convincing lady. I know that it's hard to work with young generation but keep patient and work on that. You'll reach your goals soon. God keeps you sound and safe forever. 
Go forward.
Best regards,
Aroua S.


Death, Rape and Assault!

August 26, 2013, Indiana University

     The headline on the front page of the Indiana Daily Student read, "Plege remembered as giving, fun loving."  Before classes even started Becca Plege (name changed) was having fun last Thurday night by getting drunk at a college party.  She fell down the stairs, which left her unconscious.  Her "friends" did not call for help until 6 or 7 hours later, apparently fearful they would get into trouble since they were underage drinkers, or maybe they thought she had simply passed out.  After all it is not unusual for students to drink until they out cold.   By the time they got Plege on life support, it was too late; she died. 

IU agnostic justifies his unbelief.

  Plege had a strange idea of having fun, which cost her life.  Also on the front page was a report of another coed being raped at Foster Quad the same night that Plege fell to her death.   Also, another news report in the IDS told of a female being forced into a vehicle in the parking lot of a Bloomington strip club and being sexually assaulted.  Why would a decent girl be at a strip club?  The city paper reported that Indiana State Excise Police arrested nearly 100 people this weekend in Bloomington - more than half of them on charges of underage possession or consumption of alcohol.  IU is annually considered one of the biggest party schools in the nation.  Yet parents continue sending their children to this wasteland of debauchery. 

Parents, what are you thinking? A state university is NOT the place for your daughters.

      IU is the place where parents sacrifice their children unto the devil and pay big money to do it.  Not only do the parents pay but so do the taxpayers of Indiana-all in the name of education.

      Sister Pat brought up the tragic death of Plege to the students as a warning to the results of drunkenness.  They were offended that Sister Pat brought up the incident.

Freshman student comes out in his drag attire.  Crowd applauds the behavior.


      The Secular Alliance had a table set up and they were passing out Brother Jed Bingo cards.  One homo tried to kiss me but I managed to fend him off with an elbow.  I warned him that his action was sexual assault.  To my pacifist brothers I ask, "What should I have done, turn the other cheek?"  No way, Jose!  Several perverts came out one wearing rainbow underpants, leotards, and high heels dancing in a provocative manner around Mikhail.

Pervert defies the preaching with a  "lap dance" on a fellow homosexual.

  Also, Caleb, a homosexual who is confined to a wheel chair and has the word love tattooed on his arms, spent the afternoon spreading false love.  Caleb played decadent music on a boom box much of the afternoon.

   The audience numbered about 75 for most of the day.  I had a good talk with a boy whose was seriously considering Christianity after his older brother was recently converted.  He remembered me from last year; he wondered that I could stand steadfast in the midst of all the opposition.

Her dress matched her hair color!


       When the discussion was thoughtful, it centered on me defending the doctrine of free will. 

The Secular Alliance sponsored Bro. Jed Bingo.
Students calm down and listen as Sis. Pat witnesses to a Jewish student.




August 27, 2013, Indiana University,

      A pretty, soft spoken, well-mannered coed, "Asked what is wrong with bestiality, if someone truly loves animals and people?" 

      Folks this is what we are dealing with in this generation of students.  Still people claim I am too confrontational.



The IU newspaper reports a weekend of death, rape, assault and drunkeness.


       Of course, if evolution is true, the well groomed coed had a point.  If indeed all species have a common ancestor, then we are basically no different than sheep.  Humans are just further along the evolutionary scale.  Why not have sexual encounters with sheep even if we cannot reproduce with sheep?  After all, who wants to reproduce anyway with all the overpopulation?  Earlier this same coed had brought up overpopulation as a justification for sodomy and not procreating. 

       I mockingly suggested that that we outlaw abortion and legalize euthanasia of the elderly, many of them have lost their minds anyway.   I continued, "While we are controlling the population, why not get rid of the mentally and physically handicapped as well?  What kind of quality of life do they have anyway?  Grandma and Grandpa have had their lives.  Doesn't it make more sense to bring healthy babies (new life) into the world?  Give them a chance to experience life.  You know, survival of the fittest.  Let's keep the population problem under control by getting rid of the weakest among us instead of limiting new life coming into the world through birth control and abortion."

       There was one fellow, a know it all, concerning the compilation of the Bible at the Council of Nicaea.  I am informed him that Council of Nicaea had nothing to do with the development of the biblical canon.  The main issue was the Arian controversy.  He claimed that he had studied the Council of Nicaea in class.  We argued, I said, "Look it up on Wikipedia."  The arrogant fellow answered, "I have read the Wikipedia article on the Council of Nicaea."  We went round and round until another student interrupted and read from his I phone the entry from Wikipedia:  "A number of erroneous views have been stated regarding the council's role in establishing the biblical canon. In fact, there is no record of any discussion of the biblical canon at the council at all." 


     End of story, the arrogant fellow departed.  I have had this argument on campus countless times.  The problem is the students get their historical information from works of fiction like the Da Vinci Code.   Actually, he may have gotten his information in class.  Many of the professors spread all sorts of false information.  I must say that over the years I have encountered relatively few students that I consider well-informed on any subject, especially religion.  We would do well to shut down most of the colleges and universities in America.  Maybe just leave the libraries open.  Anyone who wanted to teach could do what I do.  Teach in the open-air or teach in their homes.

      A professing Christian began to instruct me about being filled with the Holy Spirit and walking after the Spirit.  And of course he informed me that I was going about the ministry all wrong.  He told me that I had to daily ask the Father about everything I was doing and get my instructions from him. 

Bro Jed's class: Christianity 101


      I answered, "I know my job.  The Heavenly Father called me into this ministry.  I have been preaching to college students for forty years.  I did not have to ask God if I should go to IU today or Purdue or do something else. I know my calling.  What would an employer think if his employee called him early each morning to ask, 'Boss, should I come to work today?'  Or upon arrival if he should ask the boss, 'What am I supposed to do today?'  A good employee is at work every day and he knows what he is supposed to be doing without asking his boss."

    I asked the young professing student, "How long had you been a Christian?"  He replied, "Eighteen years."  I asked, "How old are you?"  He answered, "Eighteen."

    He then claimed he was born again at seven and read the Bible through at by the time he was eleven.  He showed me little evidence that he knew the Bible.  He claimed to be filled with the Spirit and continued to try to instruct me.  He informed me that I should not despise his youth.  I said, "Son, you are no Timothy. You need to shut up and listened to my instruction.  You are not filled with the Holy Spirit; you have sin in your life.  What is it?"  He answered, "I am prideful."

     I countered, "You cannot be filled with the Holy Spirit and remain prideful.  The man that is filled with the Holy Spirit is humble." 

     As Mikhail and I were leaving campus the prideful "Spirit filled" students asked me, "Can I lay hands on you and pray for you?"

     "No way, am I going to let a man full of pride lay hands on me.   You need to pray a prayer of repentance," I said. 



August 28, 2013, Indiana State University

     There was loud jungle music playing on Dede Plaza and tables set up all over the Plaza promoting various student organizations.  The weather was sunny and 95 degrees.  Someone shouted over the amplifier, "It is hotter than Hell."  I dropped Mikhail off campus to return home for a banner.  Soon the police asked Mikhail to move 500 feet from the Plaza.  I came back before the 12:50 break, when we were able to gather about 8-10 people.  I challenged an especially rude, crude, cursing, tattooed female, who had a double major in political science and women's studies, to define the difference between liberal and conservative.  The poor girl did not have a clue.  Her answer was, "A conservative just cares about himself."  She claimed she was going to run for public office someday and strangely she just might get elected.

"It is hot as hell out here," exclaimed one student as Bro. Mikhail warned the wicked.

       Later Mikhail had to deal with a couple of low life cursing females.  Indiana State appeals to students from lower income families.  The uncouth and vulgar are rooted in weakness of character; bad character usually goes along with lower incomes.  I know there are exceptions.  The music stopped at 2 PM and all the tables folded and the Plaza was deserted.  So we returned to the Plaza.  To our advantage the large and loud fountain was turned off today, which enabled our voices to carry well.  I passed out several invitations to our scheduled dinner and open house.

     One loutish fellow said to me, "How do you know someone won't come to your house and leave a recording device so he can listen to you and your wife having sex."  This mentality is not unusual among the so-called educated class.  Do pray for our open house on September 19, because we are giving an open invitation in a community where it is not unusual to read police reports of thefts and sexual assaults and rapes.  We never had any problems at Mizzou with our open houses; the students were always well-mannered and respectful of our home.  But ISU is not the University of Missouri.  ISU will allow just about anyone to attend.  I need to note that there were several courteous students with whom I conversed, who seemed to be well bred.   Until 4 PM we had typically 8-10 people.  




August 29, 2013, Purdue University,

      Cindy started preaching but there were not many passing at the class break.  After 15 minutes a man asked her, "Why are you doing this?"  He liked Cindy's answers.  Meanwhile, several stopped whom I engaged, especially two coeds.  One claimed to be a Christian; however, her friend was a moral relativist.  I exposed the folly of her position with the help of the man who first questioned Cindy.  He was effective; he was well-prepared for he had spent the summer studying under the Summit ministries in Colorado Springs. 
Too hot to draw a crowd but very good one-on-one conversations.


     Eventually, Phil, a Jewish atheist, arrived and stood beside Mikhail and later Cindy with a sign wh. ich merely read, "Citation?"  He was a good natured fellow, who brought up OT passages which mostly dealt with the ceremonial law and passages such as the one which required a seducer to marry the woman whom he had seduced, provided she wanted him. 

     Phil said, "It is too hot today for students to stay outside; people are staying inside where there is air conditioning."  We concluded that he was right so at 2:30 we left for a three and one half hour drive to Michigan to our guest home.  Phil apologized for not attending my meeting last week.  He promised to make every effort to come out the next time we come to Purdue.

This jewish atheist was with us the whole time.




August 30, 2013, Grand Valley State

     Last year when we were on this campus, we caused no small stir. 

Female students listen as Sis. Cindy encourages them to save their virginity for marriage.

Today the crowds were smaller averaging around 50 and the students were less hostile.  Cindy was particularly impressed by a student who approached her and said, "I do not believe the Bible because it is full of contradictions."  Cindy taught him on the magnificent unity and continuity of the Bible; she gave him rules of Biblical interpretation.  Afterwards, his whole countenance changed and she could see a weight lifted off him.  He said, "That helps a lot; thank you for sharing that information."

Local resident, Bro. Myers joined us on campus for a few hours and did some sideline witnessing.

     Caleb, professing Christian, insisted throughout the afternoon that a Christian could not help but sin.  He also complained about my approach.  He demonstrated no evidence that he was receiving my holiness teaching, nor understanding my approach.  However, as our team walked back to the parking lot, he walked beside me.  He questioned me again, but away from the crowd he was much more agreeable to the possibility of overcoming sin and he was more understanding of our methods.

Bro. Jed calls students to the highway of holiness.


    Joey (16) and Sarah (18) McKenzie joined us on campus.  Joey challenged students on the sidelines all afternoon to live holy.  He has grown considerably in the Lord since we first met him last year, especially in boldness.  Sarah was our photographer for the day.

Beware lest any man spoil you through philosphy and vain deceit, teaching after the traditions of men and the rudiments of this world and not after Christ. Col. 2:8

    We were hindered today by two men with lawnmowers and another with a blower, who seemed to be making every effort to mow and blow grass close to our audience.  Still our voices were loud enough to be heard; however, it is more taxing on the body to have to constantly be speaking at the top of our voices.

     We left campus as 3 PM since we had a four and one half hour drive to Atlanta, MI, for the Iron Sharpens Iron Conference sponsored by Peter Smith's Two Witness Ministry.  Peter Smith taught from the text, "Christ is in us, the hope of glory."  He explained that glory of God is God's goodness of character.    

This student heckler really helped us draw a crowd. He stopped passing students and insisted that they listen to us..."Bro. Jed is part of the college esperience."

         I briefly spoke on suffering for Christ's sake that we might reveal Christ's atoning work to the world.   God's goodness is primarily revealed through Christ's sacrifice on the Cross.   Although Christ is no longer physically on the Cross, the Body of Christ, the Church is on the Cross.  Whenever we boldly stand against sin, the world will want to kill us.  Therefore, there is a sense in which Jesus is still on the Cross since he is in us and we are in him.  His glory (goodness) is revealed in us as we eat of his flesh and drink of his blood.

     God's glory was revealed to GVSU today!



Repent and believe the Gospel or you will burn forever in the Lake of Fiirrrreee.

Bro. Mikhail tells the students that one day Jesus Christ will return!

Local high school student, Joey M. was very bold for the Lord Jesus today.  His sister, Sarah was our fantastic photographer for the day!  Thank you Sarah and Joey.

Bro. Mikhail defends the holiness message to a questioning student.

Go Bro. Mikhail!

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    SCHEDULE  Fall 2013
   The following is my tentative schedule for the fall semester. It should be noted that this is a tentative schedule and subject to change. We have decided to spend more time commuting to the six campuses which are an easy drive from our new home in Terre Haute. We urge our friends to join us this fall. We have the room to house you during the time of outreach. Notice we have targeted Sept. 19 as an open house for ISU or neighboring campus students. We have used these open houses effectively at the University of Missouri. When we visit your area, we also challenge you to unite with us on campus. Notice I still have some Sundays open for speaking engagements in churches and I am always available for home fellowships as a teacher. We also appreciate offers of hospitality for Sister Pat, Sister Cindy and I when we are on the road. Bro. Jed

Aug. 19-20, Eastern Ill. U.    
Sis. Cindy, Bro. Jed, Bro Mikhail and Joey M.

Aug. 21, Indiana State
Aug. 22, IUPU-Indianapolis
Aug. 23, Purdue
Aug. 26-27, Indiana University
Aug. 28, Indiana State
Aug. 29, Purdue
Aug. 30, Grand Valley State, MI
Aug. 31-Sept. 1, Iron Sharpens Iron Conf.

Sept. 3, Indiana State
Sept. 4, Univ. of Ill.
Sept. 5, Eastern Ill.
Sept. 6, Indiana U.
Sept. 9, Indiana State
Sept. 10, Indiana U.
Sept. 11, Purdue
Sept. 12,IUPUI
Sept. 13-14, EEM Conf.,
The Multitudes at Grand Valley State, Michigan.

Shipshewana, IN

Sept. 15, Bob Allen Home Fellowship, MI
Sept. 16, Purdue
Sept. 17, Eastern Ill. U.
Sept. 18, IUPUI
Pointing students to Jesus our Savior!

Sept. 19, ISU, Open House in our new home
Sept. 20, IU
Sept. 23-24, U. of Ill.
Sept. 25-26, Ill. State
Sept. 27, UW-Madison
Sept. 27-29, Shock & Awe Seminar, Milwaukee, WI
Sept. 30-Oct. 2, UW-Milwaukee

Oct. 3, UW-Oshkosh
Oct.6, Cornerstone Church, Spring Green
Oct. 4, UW-Madison
Oct. 7-8, UW, Platteville
Oct. 9, Northern Iowa
Oct.10, Univ. of Iowa
Oct. 11, Iowa State
Oct. 13 Victory World Outreach Cheyenne, WY
Oct. 14, University of Northern Colorado
Oct. 15-16, Colorado State
Oct. 17-18, Colorado U.
Oct. 20, Victory World Outreach, Colorado Springs
Oct. 21, Colorado College
Wielding the sword at Grand Valley State

Oct. 22, Kansas State U.
Oct. 23, Kansas U.
Oct. 24, University of Missouri
Oct. 25, Indiana University
Oct. 28-Nov. 1, Kentucky campuses

Nov. 4-8, Some Campus Somewhere! jed and cindy
Nov. 11-15, Arkansas campuses
Nov. 18-22, Georgia campuses
Nov. 25, Florida State

Dec. 2-6, Florida campuses
Dec. 9-13, Indiana campuses

     In case you missed our fundraising letter, Be Horrified, I am posting it again. We are about $4000 short of our goal so if you are interested in supporting Campus Mission 2013-2014 there are many opportunities.  Thank you to all who have already given generously!
Bro. Jed and Sis. Cindy

Dear Saints of God, 
     Our current generation of students has plummeted into the depths of wickedness! The youth love pleasure and despise God! Morals are mocked! Perversion, blasphemy and rebellion prevail! Knowledge of the Bible is trifling and the Gospel is distorted. It is time to lament with King David and become horrified! 

    The dictionary defines horror as: an overwhelming and painful feeling caused by something frightfully shocking, terrifying or revolting. Other translations replace the word horror with burning indignation, overwhelming sadness, dreadful fear and intense fury.
If David, a man after God's own heart, serving under the old covenant was horrified, how much more should we modern Christians be in the same state of mind? Multitudes are hanging over the pit of Hell! Souls are at stake! 
   Many of our college campuses were founded on Christian principles: the Bible was the chief text, theology was the queen of the sciences and men were prepared for the ministry. Rivers of waters run down mine eyes, because they keep not thy law, David cried in Psalm 119:139. Should not we weep much more than David, since our culture has rejected not only the law of God, but the glorious Gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ?  

   Our righteous horror compels us to action! Bro. Jed and I plan to launch the 2013-2014 academic year at Eastern Illinois University at noon on August 19. For 39 weeks (through June 6th 2014) we will spend five hours a day, five days a week, face-to-face, eyeball to eyeball, calling students to repentance toward God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. "Knowing the terror of the Lord we persuade men."  
   Friend, are you horrified by the state of our youth? If so please help us make a difference. You might remember that for the last two summers we have had a Fundraiser to build a $10,000 cash reserve to help us end the year in the black. Thanks to your generosity, CMUSA currently has no debts! This year we are endeavoring to raise $10,000 to start 2013-2014 with a travel fund. Having the reserve gives us a small storehouse to make ends meet when the regular giving does not cover expenses. It also allows us to focus primarily on the ministry rather than fundraising during the school year. 
jed and cindy
   So this year, we are looking for "Ten Horrified Christians" who will donate $1000 each. (II Cor. 9:6) The funds will be put in a special account and only used for travel/ministry expenses throughout the year. We are asking you to prayerfully consider being one of the "TEN HORRIFIED" who jumpstart our 2013-2014 college campus preaching mission with a sound financial strategy. If you would like to sow into CMUSA in this way, please mail your check for $1000 to our home office (note new address) on this letter payable to CMUSA or you may give online through PayPal by simply clicking one of the buttons.  Please designate the gift: "Horrified Christian!" We guarantee a high return on your investment. CMUSA is a nonprofit organization and gifts may be tax deductible.   
   Fundraising is a necessary part of our ministry; Jesus commanded, "Ask and you shall receive." We look to God Almighty as our ultimate source, not man; however, we believe that the ask and you shall receive principle applies to man also. We are letting you know what our needs are and at the same time trusting God with the final results.  

   If you are Horrified, but you cannot be one of the TEN, any size gift is much appreciated. You saints on the home front are vital to CMUSA and the Kingdom! 
   "May fruit abound to your account," and "our God supply all your needs according to His riches in glory." Philippines 4:16-19  


For the Glory of Christ, 


Sister Cindy

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  In case you missed our fundraising letter,
Be Horrified, I am posting it at the bottom of this letter. We are about $4000 short of our goal so if you are interested in supporting Campus Mission 2013-2014 there are many opportunities.  Thank you to all who have already given generously!
Bro. Jed and Sis. Cindy

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