Preach Day 1
We Are Off...To Preach the Gospel!
Campus Mission 2013-2014--41st Year

Saints, pray for us and the students!

Word of Encouragement
   "Well, School has, once again, begun for the youngins' of America. And once again, as he has done for the past -- FORTY YEARS -- Brother Jed Smock will be battling the hosts of Hell for the souls of America's next generation of leaders who will lead this nation either to a REVIVAL OF RIGHTEOUSNESS or smack dab into the FULL BLOWN JUDGMENT OF GOD. Bro. Jed is now SEVENTY YEARS OLD....and yet, EVERYDAY of the school week will find him PREACHING OPEN AIR ....all across this nations COLLEGE STUDENTS. Jed, is literally a LIVING LEGEND. There most likely is not anybody who has attended College/University over the last FORTY YEARS who does not know, or know of, Jed Smock ( the same would go for his lovely wife, Sister Cindy ...his #1 preaching partner)." 
 Carl Giordano

Multitudes in the Valley of Decision!


August 19, 2013, Eastern Illinois University

   The Residence Halls Association had booked and hosted a hypnotist on Sunday and put numerous students into a trance, which all the more prepared the students to be brainwashed on the first day of classes today by their "politically correct" (read socialist) professors.  Of course, the university would never sponsor a Christian evangelist.  So I booked myself.  We were there to awaken the mesmerized students out of their trance and to wash their hearts and minds with the truth.  The Daily Eastern News had contacted me via email yesterday concerning my campus visit, which was announced in today's student paper.  I was twice interviewed by reporters.

Wicked Woman mocks with a Miley Cyrus style "twerking" dance.


   The head of the yearbook committee introduced herself to me and said, "I was really offended when you were here last year, not by you but by the behavior of my fellow students." 

Bro. Jed is happy to be "back in the saddle again" for the first day of classes, Fall, 2013.
   It was on this campus last spring that the students passed Sister Pat's Bible around as each one tore out a page.  This was a Bible that her husband had given her shortly before his passing years ago.         


   Sister Cindy opened our act by proclaiming the Gospel to a few students, who were sitting on mall steps which is a natural gathering place.  She really laid down the law concerning fornication, whoredom and drunkenness.  It wasn't long before a female police officer came on the scene.  Cindy gradually gathered a crowd of 35-50.  Soon a group of confessing whores began to interact and brag about their frequent orgasms.  After an hour Cindy turned the crowd over to me.  I had not been preaching 15 minutes and the female officer informed me that a professor had complained about the noise.  I responded, "It is hard for me to believe that my voice is penetrating the walls and glass."  She replied, "It's not just you it is the students."  I agreed to relocate across the mall.  A detective who had a better attitude thanked me for cooperating. 

This Jewish boy announced that he had read Bro. Jed's autobiography.  Sis. Pat had a very fruitful session with him.
   One female dressed in green had informed me that she did not want to listen to my preaching.  However, she was among the first to follow us to the new spot.  Soon we had fifty or so in the new location, which proved to be a better spot for interaction and also it was a shady area; it was sunny and in the mid-eighties. 


   Mikhail Savenko (24) is the Russian preacher that joined me at the University of Oregon last spring for a week.  I invited him to do an internship with me this fall; he will be with us for a month or so.

Female students react with astonishment to Sis. Pat's call to Repentance and Faith.


   Mikhail told the girl in green that she was the most wicked woman he had ever met.  She danced around Mikhail in a lewd manner.  And she brazenly bragged about the only time she got on her knees (which was not to pray).  Mikhale warned the students that she might be carrying an STD.  The lewd girl replied, "No, I am clean; I have been tested multiple times."  She is also one of the more unashamedly wicked coeds I have uncounted.   I supposed what made her seem so bad is that she was relatively well dressed and still had an innocent look about her, which made what was coming out of her mouth all the more shocking.


Lots of good interaction and plenty of listeners today.

Another female passed through the crowd encouraging students to sign a petition to get us off campus.  She was able to get numerous signatures but I do not expect it to have any effect.

From 3 PM to 4 PM I had a very good session reasoning with 12-15 students many of whom seemed to be seriously pondering the things I was teaching concerning reasons to believe and reasons to live a morally upright life.

Naughty Girl who was dancing around Bro. Mikhail, reads Matt. 7 from her I-Phone to Sis. Cindy.


   Eastern Illinois I think will prove to be a good campus to preach upon regularly; it is only 65 minutes from our home, which makes for an easy commute thru the ripe corn and soy bean fields of Illinois.

Eastern students raise their hands in admission of sin.


August 20, 2013, EIU

   The headline of the Daily Eastern News proclaimed, "RETURN OF THE JED."  The large picture of me with Bible in hand and wearing my seersucker suit and Panama hat covered half of the front page and most of the rest of the page contained the article.  Ironically, above my picture, which may have escaped the notice of many readers, was the motto of the paper "TELL THE TRUTH AND DON'T BE AFRAID."  One thing for sure we fear not men, but we do fear God.  Therefore, we do not spare the truth, as so many Christians do these days,-all in the name of love, of course.


Bro. Jed proclaims the Truth without fear!


    Sister Pat opened the meeting with her standard questions, "Are you a Christian?  Are you living holy?  Are you a virgin?  Why are you wearing those short shorts?"  It took about 30 minutes but finally a Christian stopped to argue with Sister Pat.   He asked, "Why are you harassing our campus?"  Never mind that that the naked girls were harassing anyone with any sense of modesty and propriety.  Granted such people are hard to find today, even in the Christian community. 

Sister Cindy did a sideline Bible study titled, "The Jesus Nobody Knows," with this interested student.

    Soon Sister Pat had 25-30 students swarming around her.  One male said to Sister Pat, "I'm a f_ _ _ _ _ _ Christian."  Later another male said, "I believe the f ญญ_ _ _ _ _ _ Bible."  Amazingly, the irony of these quotes seemed to go unnoticed by most students since they are so used to using and hearing foul language.  Eventually, Pat turned the meeting over to Mikhale, while I was busy defending our message and methods to an African man from Ghana.  

For the freshmen, "Sex Ed With Bro. Jed." A call to purity instead of the lifestyle of Miley Cyrus.

    Pastor Sangram of Charleston Community Church said to Mikhail, "You are disturbing the peace here."  Mikhail responded, "There is no peace unto the wicked."  Pastor Sangram countered, "Yes, because of you."  Finally, Pastor Sangram came over to me to side with the man of Ghana concerning our message and methods.  Pastor Sangram even had the audacity to ask me, "Why aren't you preaching repentance?"  His question demonstrated to me that he was not really listening but must have prejudged our ministry by feedback he was receiving from others.  I was aggressive in defending my confrontational style to these men.  Eventually, they began to listen and seemed a bit more open, especially when the Ghana man was able to witness to a girl who interrupted our conversation.

Bro. Mikhail rebukes a vocal rebel.


     When I took my turn I delivered a gospel message and related my testimony, which seemed to satisfy the Pastor because later he gave me his card.  The crowd was larger and more subdued than yesterday. The wicked girl in green from yesterday returned; she was still very vulgar but not quite as bad as yesterday.   I cannot repeat some of the questions she asked, especially as I was giving my lecture, "Sex Ed with Brother Jed."

Bible Time, Boys and Girls!


   One indication that the spirit is moving strongly is when students approach the members of our team who are sitting on the sidelines with their questions and concerns. A pretty blond who yesterday claimed she had been raped, said to Cindy and me,  "I got really angry with you yesterday but what you said truly hit home."


Sister Cindy answers the question with a scipture reading.


     The whole team was excited about the day.  I had one attentive session concerning the meaning of life with the students. The policewoman from yesterday showed up but she kept her distance today. Interestingly, the grandson of Pastor Clyde Swalls, my old school chum, who led me to the Lord in 1972, introduced himself to me; he is a student at EIU.
Student on the right assures Sis. Pat that he is a "F---ing Christian!"
The "F---ing Christian" borrows Sis. Pat's Bible to argue that he is saved, dispite his admitted and continued fornication. (He said that since he repents after each time he is right with God.)  This interaction at the beginning of the day drew the crowd.




August 21, 2013, Indiana State University

     When I posted on facebook this morning that I was returning to my alma mater today to preach, Mark A. Smith, historian of Delphi and Carroll County, IN, commented, "You will be like a tree (Sycamore) planted by the water(the Wabash River)."

Students focus intently on Sis. Pat teachings.

      In years past we have usually experienced considerable hostility at ISU and the students have behaved in a very decadent manner.  However, today some were even friendly.  Several asked, "Remember me?"  Including, Sarah, who wore a shirt which read, "I like girls who like girls."  Another girl was with her boyfriend but she reminded me that she kissed a girl in front of me last year.  A number of students expressed a desire to come to our Lasagna dinner and open house on September 19.

In spite of lots of mocking and heckling, some ISU students were listening.

     ISU was a difficult place to preach today because there is a large and loud fountain in the chief place of concourse and there is virtually no shade.  It reached 90 degrees today; nevertheless, we were able to gather an audience of 25-30 for much of the afternoon.  We have sometimes had some issues here with the police.  A policeman arrived after an hour and stayed for almost an hour.  Here seemed to get into the fun of it all.    

Christadelphian argues with Bro. Jed.

     Sister Pat and Mikhail started the meeting and Cindy and I arrived about 30 minutes later.  A man accosted me, trying to convince me that the devil was not an actual person; he claimed the devil in the Scriptures represents sin and the flesh.  Later a fellow with the same doctrine brought up the same points; I discerned that they were both Christadelphians, who deny the Trinity and the everlasting Lake of Fire.  They accused me of being a Catholic.  The second man expressed that he had heard of me and always wanted to meet me.  There is a Christadelphian Church in Jasonville, IN.  This is the first time I have actually met a Christadelphian on campus.

Bro. Mikail's anointed preaching soon drew a crowd.

     We always had an audience but the attention span of the students was short so one had to work on this hot day to maintain their attention.  Shortly, after 3 PM everyone left.  Cindy made a final attempt to draw another crowd.  A few stopped but soon left.  We left campus at 3:30 which is early for us. 

When students bring their Bibles out we are encouraged, even if they are arguing, the Word of God becomes an issue! 

     We trust that the prophetic word of Psalm 1:3 will come to pass shortly that after 40 years of preaching at ISU, that the season has come to bring forth fruit, that our leaves shall not whither and that we will prosper in Terre Haute and at my beloved alma mater.  It is Terre Haute that the ministry began decades ago and we have returned with the intention of reaping a harvest.

I-Phones capture the first day of preaching at ISU
This sign brought lots of opportunities for conversation.  As students approached Sis. Cindy, she was able to explain that we all deserve Hell because of our sins, but because of Jesus Christ, we can have what we don't deserve: Eternal Life!


August 22, 2013, IUPUI,

      This is a commuter campus in downtown Indianapolis.  When I walked on campus wearing my YOU DESERVE HELL polo shirt, a girl passed and said, "So do you."  I began preaching at 11:50.  The first man to stop was wearing a t-shirt with a cross printed on the front and within the cross the word, "Forgiven" was written.  It complimented my shirt.  It did not take long to draw a crowd of 25.  Soon the girl, who told me that I deserved Hell, joined the audience to inform us that there is no Hell. 

"If you don't believe in Hell, why does it bother you when some stranger tells you that you are going there?"

      After an hour I turned the crowd over to Mikhail and he may have added another dozen to the audience.  An atheist got very upset about Mikhail telling him he was headed for Hell.  The man in the forgiven shirt asked the atheist, "If you don't believe in Hell, why does it bother you when some stranger tells you that you are going there?"  The question was never answered.

      We are often accused of using fear tactics.  Of course, if there is a Hell and if it is as horrible as the Bible describes, then men ought to fear the place and Christians ought to have enough love to warn people of the final consequences of sin.  Yet, Hell is rarely mentioned in our churches, and so few church people are going into the streets to warn the wicked to flee from the wrath to come.  If there is no Hell, there is no loving God.  If God does not ultimately separate the righteous from the wicked, then he is unjust.  There is a lot of unfinished justice in this world.  The righteous often suffer and the wicked prosper.   Ultimately, if there is going to be justice, in the afterlife the righteous must be rewarded and the workers of iniquity condemned.



Jesus Christ died for our sins and rose again! He is the Hope for this generation.


     As Mikhail was ministering, a provocatively dressed female walked up and announced, "Christians are not perfect, just forgiven."  She evidently received her theological training reading bumper stickers, not through reading the Bible.  A son of a Baptist preacher informed me that Christians break fellowship with God when they sin, but they cannot lose their relationship as a child of God--once a child of God, always a child of God.  I asked him if he was a child of the devil before becoming a Christian.  He affirmed that he was.  I countered, "Once a child of the devil, always a child of the devil." 

      Sister Pat and Cindy stayed home today to get to keep the home front in order and to do office work.  Mikhail and I alternated the preaching.  By mid-afternoon we had a stead audience of 50 to 60.  As one of us preached, the other had a small group of honest seekers sounding him.  Several students shook my hand and thanked me for coming.  We left campus shortly after 4 PM. 




August 23, 2013, Purdue University

     We never did draw a crowd today.  However, we did spark discussion with a number of students which was profitable.  The first ones who stopped were professing Christians.  One of them asked me, "What is the one word that sums up the message of the Bible?"  Of course, we all know the word she was thinking.  I responded, "What is the word that usually accompanies the word Bible on the front cover?"  I answered, "Holy, the Bible is a call to holiness."  My comment ignited the sin defenders.  A female asked, "Why did Jesus go to the cross?"  I answered, "Jesus died that. . ."  She interrupted me and actually said, "That we might continue to sin." What she meant was that we might continue to sin with impunity. 

"It is much more entertaining, interesting and thought provoking," commented an atheist who was asked by a Christian if he would not prefer someone to talk to him rather than preach like Bro. Jed and Bro. Mikhail.

      There is a Calvinist group at Purdue and a few of them were present for an hour or so.  One of them appealed to Romans 9 to affirm the doctrines of predestination and unconditional election.  He quoted the verse, "God has mercy on whom he will have mercy."   I responded, "But in other places of the Bible it is told that God has mercy on those who repent and believe the gospel.  God does not just arbitrarily show mercy on certain favored ones.  He will extend mercy to all those who meet the conditions necessary in order for him to justly pardon sin."

      As always, my approach and tone was an issue.  There was a homosexual atheist, who said he has been listening to me each time I have spoken at Purdue over the last four years.  He was listening for a couple of hours this afternoon.  One of my Christian critics asked him, "Which would you prefer someone to talk to you one on one or hearing someone preaching and arguing with a crowd of people?"  He replied that he prefers the latter. "It is much more entertaining, interesting and thought provoking," he said. 

"He is warning unbelievers about Hell," the atheist told the Christians.

      When other frustrated Christians approached me asking, "WHAT are you DOING?"  The atheist calmly answered, "He is warning unbelievers about Hell."  I have observed that it is not unusual for atheists to understand better what I am about better than the Christians.  When I reiterated this point to a few Christians, they responded, "Atheists believe more like you do than we do."  I answered, "I did not say they believed in what I was doing and saying; I said they sometimes understand better what I am saying and why I say it."

     We left campus at 3:30 PM


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    SCHEDULE Fall 2013
   The following is my tentative schedule for the fall semester. It should be noted that this is a tentative schedule and subject to change. We have decided to spend more time commuting to the six campuses which are an easy drive from our new home in Terre Haute. We urge our friends to join us this fall. We have the room to house you during the time of outreach. Notice we have targeted Sept. 19 as an open house for ISU or neighboring campus students. We have used these open houses effectively at the University of Missouri. When we visit your area, we also challenge you to unite with us on campus. Notice I still have some Sundays open for speaking engagements in churches and I am always available for home fellowships as a teacher. We also appreciate offers of hospitality for Sister Pat, Sister Cindy and I when we are on the road. Bro. Jed

Aug. 19-20, Eastern Ill. U.
Aug. 21, Indiana State
Aug. 22, IUPU-Indianapolis
Aug. 23, Purdue
Aug. 26-27, Indiana University
Aug. 28, Indiana State
Aug. 29, Purdue
Aug. 30, Grand Valley State, MI
Aug. 31-Sept. 1, Iron Sharpens Iron Conf.

Sept. 3, Indiana State
Sept. 4, Univ. of Ill.
Sept. 5, Eastern Ill.
Sept. 6, Indiana U.
Sept. 9, Indiana State
Sept. 10, Indiana U.
Sept. 11, Purdue
Sept. 12,IUPUI
Sept. 13-14, EEM Conf.,
Shipshewana, IN

Sept. 15, Bob Allen Home Fellowship, MI
Sept. 16, Purdue
Sept. 17, Eastern Ill. U.
Sept. 18, IUPUI
Sept. 19, ISU, Open House in our new home
Sept. 20, IU
Sept. 23-24, U. of Ill.
Sept. 25-26, Ill. State
Sept. 27, UW-Madison
Sept. 27-29, Shock & Awe Seminar, Milwaukee, WI
Sept. 30-Oct. 2, UW-Milwaukee

Oct. 3, UW-Oshkosh
Oct.6, Cornerstone Church, Spring Green
Oct. 4, UW-Madison
Oct. 7-8, UW, Platteville
Oct. 9, Northern Iowa
Oct.10, Univ. of Iowa
Oct. 11, Iowa State
Oct. 13 Victory World Outreach Cheyenne, WY
Oct. 14, University of Northern Colorado
Oct. 15-16, Colorado State
Oct. 17-18, Colorado U.
Oct. 20, Victory World Outreach, Colorado Springs
Oct. 21, Colorado College
Oct. 22, Kansas State U.
Oct. 23, Kansas U.
Oct. 24, University of Missouri
Oct. 25, Indiana University
Oct. 28-Nov. 1, Kentucky campuses

Nov. 4-8, Some Campus Somewhere! jed and cindy
Nov. 11-15, Arkansas campuses
Nov. 18-22, Georgia campuses
Nov. 25, Florida State

Dec. 2-6, Florida campuses
Dec. 9-13, Indiana campuses

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