Wet and Windy
University of Washington, May 13, 2013
     Wet, windy and in the 60's, Sister Angela came blowing in about 12:30 after I had been preaching for 30 minutes.  I called up her; her booming voice covered Red Square.  After about 15 minutes two guys
Sister Angela offers Living Water to students on a rainy day at UW.
walked up to inform Angela, "This is not the way to go about it."  She patiently talked with them for 10 minutes until she finally said, "I am not talking to you anymore; you say the same things over and over."  She backed away and they started to leave.  I look upon these two softies as an opportunity to build a crowd.  I began to rebuke them as wimps for opposing a woman standing for righteousness.  One of them began to defend gay marriage.  I discerned that he was gay.  I engaged in a heated argument with them which did draw an audience which last for about 30 minutes.  Although initially my audience was hostile, they calmed down for about the last 15 minutes.
     At 1:30 a heavy rain and strong wind drove everyone for cover.  The wind finished off my deteriorating rainbow umbrella, which I have carried for several years.  It is a loss since the sodomites regard the rainbow as their symbol.  The rainbow colors draw the sodomites.  I like to preach with it on wet days as a sign that we Christians are taking back the rainbow.
      Angela gave the preaching another shot at the 2:20 break but people just passed by.  A few males gave her the finger.  I retorted to one, "You probably give your own mother the finger."
Sis. Angela patiently answers her critics.
    It looked like another storm was coming so we decided to call it a day. Before I returned to my car, another steady rain fell.   Considering the bad weather, I was content with the attention we were able to gain.
      Last week Cindy, Sister Pat and I spent in Terre Haute, IN, looking at houses.  We have found a Georgian Style mansion on Ohio Blvd., which we are scheduled to close on June 29.  We have a buyer for our house.  Bro held forth at the University of Missouri this past week.  Terre Haute, here we come!  Our mailing address will remain the same, 2402 Longview Dr., Columbia, MO, 65203, until further notice.  Pray with us that the closing on both houses goes without snares.
The wind destroyed Bro. Jed's rainbow unbrella but he continued to declare the truth.
May 14, 2013, Western Washington University
     "Please ignore this man" read one card board sign carried by a
Step 1: Capturing their attention!
student wearing a bow tie to mock me.  Of course, I pointed out the irony by saying, "Why don't you follow your own advice?  You are just calling more attention to me and my message."  The student paper recently ran an editorial, urging students to ignore me that they were empowering me by giving me an audience.  This tactic has often been tried, but if it has ever worked, it is rare.  The ones that promote this course sooner or later give in and listen and argue for hours.
     The weather was pleasant sunny and in the low sixties.  I had about a dozen students seated around me at picnic tables when Dylan arrived with his Satanic sign which read "666."  Soon after he
Calls to ignore the preacher rarely succeed. Bro. Jed later had a good conversation with the guy holding the sign.
appeared a policeman walked up and politely asked me to move to another place in Red Square that were complaints coming from one of the buildings.  He was so nice that I felt obligated to follow his request.  At first the students did not follow me.  However, at Dylan's urging within fifteen minutes they gathered again.  The crowd was subdued throughout the afternoon.  At one point I lost my audience but within fifteen minutes I had another one at the same location in which I started the day. 
Dylan, on the right, arrives with his 666 sign.
Sign holder takes a seat and listens to Bro. Jed teach the Word.
   At 2:30 I called upon Sister Angela.  I introduced her several times before but each time I was going to turn the crowd over to her questions arose which convinced me the timing was not right.  Angela knows how to hold the attention of the students and build a crowd.  She preached here last week on her own. 
Sis. Angela is great at keeping their attention and delivering the salvation message.
As she was preaching the one carrying the "Please ignore this man" sign came over.  We had a courteous conversation.   Soon three interested students congregated at the table in which I was sitting.  One of them was a modestly dressed girl, who earlier urged me to follow the methodology of the ministry of "The Way of the Master."  She also questioned my doctrine of living above sin.  However, at the table she admitted that my preaching was provoking a lot of talk and had given her the opportunity to witness. 
Lesbians hold hands to get a reaction from Bro. Jed.  The red head was a listener last year.  Pray for her!
     At 3:30 I took over again and preached until almost 6 PM.  I suppose I could have stayed another good hour but I had to drive back to my host home in Seattle.  I have had some wild days at WWU in the past but today the students were generally civil and attentive.  On several occasions when students misrepresented something I said someone in the audience would correct them, "No he did not say that.  This is what he said." 
"Jesus did not simply give good persons tests. He confronted sin by calling men 'vipers, hypocrites and whiten walled tombs.'"--Bro. Jed
     I believe that I am demonstrating the way of the master.  Jesus did not simply give good persons tests.  He confronted sin by calling men "vipers, hypocrites and whiten walled tombs."  He fingered the covetousness of the rich young ruler by commanding him to sell what he had and give it to the poor.  He cursed whole groups of religious people, "Woe unto you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, ye fools, ye blind guides."  He doomed whole cites, "Woe unto you Chorazin, Woe unto you Bethsaida."  Finally, Jesus pronounced calamity and distress to virtually everyone, "Woe unto the world because of offenses."     We say, "Woe unto you WWU!"
Students were generally attentive today, so many Gospel seeds were planted.
May 15, 2013, Western Washington University
      I decided in my opening message today to turn the tables on the students by accusing them of being the haters.  Preemptive strikes disarm the enemy.  
"We are here today representing and manifesting the love of God. God so love the world that he gave. . . You people are not givers you are takers and haters," 
Bro. Jed.
    "We are here today representing and manifesting the love of God.  God so love the world that he gave. . .  You people are not givers you are takers and haters.  You steal one another's virginity or you give away what does not truly belong to you.  You are consumed with hate speech; you are constantly cursing one another especially those with whom you disagree.  You hate God, constantly using his name in vain.  You express your hatred to those who offend you by giving them the finger.  Stop the hate; promote the love of God with us.  'God commended his love towards us in that while we were his enemies he gave himself for us.'  You people love no one and hate everyone.  Love refuses to sin; all acts of sin are acts of hatred against God and your fellows.  Your hatred is misdirected; love hates that which is evil and cleaves to that which is good.  You call good evil and evil good.  You hate your own parents.  If you loved your parents you would honor your them; if you honored your parents you would obey your parents.  'Love does not rejoice in iniquity it rejoices in the truth.'--1 Cor 13.  You people delight in sin and despise the truth.  Turn from your wicked ways and live and love." 
  Reader, you get the idea.  I went on and on in this vein.                 
   Frequently, throughout the afternoon I accused sinners of being hateful.  This proved to be an effective tool; I will be taking this approach more often.          
   "Brother Jed I learned today that you are a catalyst for Christian ministry on campus.  A Christian organization that has several hundred who attend their meeting, places three or four of its people in your audience and they witness personally to the ones who seem interested," said Jan Ott over dinner.                                                                                           Jan is a 70 year old brother, who for the last two years has worked WWU and UW with me.  He joined today our team of three including Angela.  After dinner, Angela left for Eastern Washington where she will work with an outreach headed by Glen Bledsoe this weekend.
Jan Ott, a brother who has joined me on the Washington campuses the last two years, having a good table session.
   Thankfully on some campuses there will be Christian groups that perceive my ministry as a facilitator to open up dialogue and conversation; however, still their support will be at a distance.  If they would really get behind what we are doing, it could spark a revival.  This would necessitate them accepting the doctrine of holiness and the principle of confrontational evangelism enough to actually promote open-air preaching by raising students who will preach to their peers.
       The preaching went very well today.  Students were attentive and generally well-behaved except for one married woman who stripped down to her bra, which was a good time for me to hand the meeting over to Sister Angela.  But I did most of the speaking.
When this student took her top off, Bro. Jed turned the meeting over to Sis. Angela.
      This morning I was the guest of my host, Fred L., at the Rotary Club.  It was interesting associating with the makers and shakers in the community such as a police chief, judges, lawyers, businessmen, etc.  One lawyer testified to it being an honor to represent people and defend their life, liberty, property and pursuit of happiness.  However, he complained that corporations never want to pay up.  I can't say that I blame them since they may not always be at fault.    Fred is a contractor; he addressed the gathering concerning his business.  It is
Christians on campus to apologize for the crusades, etc.  Their shirts read, "I'm Sorry."
inspirational to hear successful men speak who enjoy and believe in what they do.  From students I usually hear how one cannot succeed in life.  To them we are all victims.  Fred boldly and unashamedly introduced me to the Rotary and briefly told my testimony and ministry to the men and women as if he was speaking to a church group.  College campuses are hardly representative of the real world.  I remember when the Rotary was strictly a men's club; the meeting this morning included almost as many women as men.
May 16, 2013, University of Washington,      
Bro. Jan, age 70, gave a bold witness for Christ.
The following was my preaching text for today: "The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul."  Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750.
        When Jan and I arrived on Red Square a large tent was set up promoting Philanthropy Day.  Of course, they were playing the obligatory depraved amplified music.  Nevertheless, I lifted up my voice to preach, but I gained little attention. 
        Jan and I were lamenting the depravity of modern pop music and he quoted a paraphrase of Bach's quote.  I researched Bach quotations over the internet through my cell phone to confirm the exact quote.  So at the next break I quoted the Christian composer.  I asked, "How does this blaring music glorify God?  How does it refresh the soul?  Your rock, rap and hip hop music destroys the soul."
         I expounded on how music can glorify God or glorify Satan and appeal to the flesh instead of the soul.  After a while I applied Bach's quote to other areas of life.  Paul said, "Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God."-1 Cor 10:31.
Bro. Jed expounded on how music can glorify God, or glorify Satan, and can appeal to the flesh instead of the soul.
   I explained that I evangelize in order to glorify God.
 When questioned, I defended the Crusades as bringing glory to God.  God's glory is God's character and he wants to share his glory with us.
   I had a strong teaching anointing on me today; however, few gathered to hear.  At 3:30 I said to Jan, "I have given it my best shot; let's call it a day."
The crowds were small but the anointing big!
May 17, 2013, University of Washington
       After my first unsuccessful stint at the 12:20 break, I thought to myself this is going to be a frustrating day.  Again there was the problem with loud jungle music at the break (they did turn the noise down during classes) and a further distraction of dancers to the "music."
Seattle preacher, Bro. Lance joins the outreach at UW.
        I held my YOU DESERVE HELL sign and spoke mostly on Hell during the break and for about 15 minutes afterward.  Meanwhile, Seattle preacher, Lance, was raising a sign a little bit away from me which read, "Repent: Fornicators, Sodomites, Sports Nuts and Baby Killers."
        Towards the end of the 1:20 break two policemen approached.  At the same time two degenerates holding signs, one of which referred to Jesus in a crude way, jumped up on the platform from which I was holding forth.  They were very loud and attempted to speak above me.  Next a loud Calvinist began to rail against the doctrines of holiness and open theism.  All the commotion drew an audience of 25-30 students.  It was odd the police and picketers showed up at the same time; the police must have heard of the protestors plans.  These guys were loud and distracting; about all I could do was hold my ground and throw out Bible verses dealing with repentance, judgment and the law of God.  An Asian Christian, Marissa, reproved one of the more aggressive picketers and succeeded in engaging him in a conversation.  After about an hour the picketers left, which enabled me to address questions from my audience.
Christian student takes the opportunity to witness to his peers.  Again, Bro. Jed was the catalyst, and Christianity became the issue on campus!
     At 3:15 the crowd divided into two groups, which were talking among themselves and I just had a few left who were listening to me.  Marissa introduced herself and we had a good time of fellowship.  Sister Angela had made a strong impact on Marissa last week.  Initially, Marissa approached Angela to correct her but Angela was able to help her understand the principles of confrontational evangelism.  Marissa said to me, "Angela reaches a lot of people."
     When I left a 4:15 there was still a group of six talking about spiritual matters, one male had his Bible out.  My main role today might have been as a catalyst to provoke others to witness to their faith.  Logan and Marissa wanted to pray for me.  I consented.  Their prayers were different.  Logan prayed first that the Lord would give me wisdom and love; Marissa followed by thanking the Lord for giving me wisdom, love and humility. 
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