April 29, 2013, Missouri State
     I dropped off Bro and Sister Pat at Strong Hall and went to the security office for the required permit.  Cindy is visiting my sister and brother-in-law in AZ, who are on a long recovery from injuries from an automobile wreck a year and a half ago. 
Reach the college students: reach the world! Bro Cope is seated on the free speech stage waiting for Bro. Jed to get the permit.
      Professor Michael B. usually obtains the permit beforehand for me but he was home recovering from surgery and had not read my email that I was coming.  The person who is supposed to sign was not in so I had to wait until about 12:45 to get the permit.  Meanwhile, the police had told Pat and Bro they had to put up their sign and stop speaking until everything was "legal."  I was cooperative as everyone was pleasant.
      When I returned to Strong Hall, Sister Pat had a group of four surrounding her.  I started preaching although few were passing.  I did eventually gather an audience of 20-25.  I preached until about 2:30 and turned the meeting over to Bro.  There was one student who challenged him on 1 John 1:8.  Bro had a lengthy debate with this man on holiness.  Bro's main argument was that God is greater than sin or the devil that tempts men to sin.  The student was making sin and Satan more powerful than God, who defeated these foes on the cross.
The girl pictured is an atheist and the daughter of a Lutheran minister.  She had some great questions.
     Meanwhile, a female approached me.  She said, "Do you remember the blond, who talked to you last semester?"  At first I did not remember; the blonde is now a brunette.  But later when she informed me that her father was a Lutheran pastor, I did remember.  The girl is now an atheist.  She is quite intelligent and articulate and well mannered.  She had interesting questions and remembered that I did not believe in an inherited sin nature.  Eventually, a boy who had engaged me earlier joined the conversation.   By 4:30 two more atheists had joined my little circle.  I called them my "honors class" since they were polite and attentive as I was in apologetic mode until after 5 PM.
Bro. Jed's MSU Honors Class--they were polite, attentive and thoughtful atheists.
      Bro's audience had died out by 4 PM.  Suzanne and her husband Al from Craig Rogers' church joined us at 3 PM and will be with us for the next few days.  It was a smaller crowd than usual at MSU, but I was satisfied with the day especially the conversation with the wayward pastor's daughter.  This was the best weather day I have had since returning to Missouri; it was sunny and in the low eighties.  This weather is to continue through Wednesday. 
Thursday and Friday predictions are dropping down to the low fifties and more rain.
    I did something I had never done before.  I was torn between preaching at SEMO or MSU this week.   I was originally thinking in terms of SEMO back after failing to be able to contact the folks we usually stay with I was leaning towards MSU.  I put up my on facebook that I was weighing the two objections.  The results were six for MSU and three for SEMO.  
     Justina and Iris and Kyle, a student at Evangel, came out late in the afternoon.  We all went to dinner at the famous roll throwing restaurant, Lamberts.     

April 30, 2013, Missouri State,
     I hoisted my banner which lists sins that bring damnation.  It did not take long to gather a crowd of over 100.  I preached for an hour covering some of the sins listed on the sign especially the ones dealing with lasciviousness.   The pastor's daughter from yesterday could not get beyond defending the lusts of the flesh today.  After an hour I called upon Bro.  Sister Suzanne asked if she could say something first.  I gladly turned the audience over to her.
A fundamentalist who had issues with our message and approach interrupted and tried to take the platform that we had reserved.  The man was yelling loudly until a policeman forced the guy to stay off stage so Bro could preach. The interloper continued his tirade on the grass below.
     During Bro's stint the one I called the Interloper from last August's visit to campus interrupted Bro and began preaching to the crowd.  He is a hard core fundamentalist who despises our holiness doctrine.  He jumped up on the stage which we have reserved.  Bro said, "Get off my stage."  Bro's command prompted several students to jump on the platform; however, campus security ordered them off.  Several other times the Interloper jumped up on the stage.  Finally, an angry policeman got into his face and let him know in no uncertain terms that he better stay off.  This Interloper went one and on prancing below the stage from one end to the other.  He never interacted with the crowd.  His presentation was overly dramatic and ineffective except for being a distraction. 
      Albert (Suzanne's husband) confronted the Interloper, "You are preaching the same Christ that Bro and Brother Jed are preaching.  Why don't you play by the rules, sign in and get you own location on campus?"  The fundamentalist probably realized he could not get the attention of an audience on his own. 
Sister Suzanne and her husband Albert, joined in the minstry at MSU. Here Sis. Suzanne is addressing the students.
     Meanwhile, I stationed myself at one end of the stage and talked with several students on a personal level.  I spent a lot of time with a liberal political science major dealing with God and Government issues.
     Bro did a yeoman's job carrying on despite the Interloper.  Eventually, Bro regained the attention of most of the students and the Interloper continued but he was slowly running out of gas.  I took over shortly after the Interloper stopped.  I had a very good session with an
It was a warm day so some of the MSU students listened from the shade of the bushes.
audience of 25-30 for over an hour.
  I spent much time teaching how a free market does not discriminate against male or female, black or white.  It treats everyone according to their abilities to produce goods and services at a price people are willing to pay.  I spoke of the great opportunities the free market provided for everyone.  That is everyone willing to work.  I actually had several students with me on this issue and a few made effective defenses of free markets. I returned to the subject of Jesus and his sacrifice periodically throughout the final hour.
Bro. Albert rebukes the interloper and suggests he get his own permit instead of just causing disruption and confusion. 
    During the time the Interloper was interfering, a number of students wanted their picture taken with me.  At the beginning of the day, Prof Michael B. meant us in the parking lot and presented me with a card and a generous offering.  The card read, "We [he and his wife who is also a professor] pray for you every week. . .  We cannot imagine our colleges and universities without a campus ministries USA."                                                                Oh, if I had just one professor on each campus that would pray and give the support Michael does, I would have it made.  Pray with me that God will do this very thing.  Actually, there should be several profs on these large universities who would give this kind of prayer and financial support.  They do not have the freedom to speak so boldly in the classroom.  So they should be supporting those that do.  Michael goes to yard sales and buys used Bibles.  He had a boxful for me to pass out today.  They started going like hot cakes at the end of the day when I offered to sign and inscribe each Bible.  To most of the students these Bibles will become a keepsake of their college days and 20 years down the line they may even read it.  Who knows?
Sis. Pat shared truth to small groups throughout the afternoon. Pray for a homosexual that she ministered to several days.
May 1, 2013, Missouri State
     Bro opened by quoting from Bob Dylan's anthem of the sixties, "The Times They Are A-changin."  Bro gave a long litany how things have changed for the worse over the last half century.  Bro was able to immediately arrest the attention of passing students.  Satan became concerned that the students were too attentive as they sat quietly listening to a report of the moral decline in America since the sixties.  He sent a hefty red head, who stuck her finger in Bro's face and began cursing him.
Bro gave a enlightening teaching on the moral decline in America. Conviction  was present!  This red head became enraged and started blowing her rape whistle.
      The following is Bro's amusing account of the incident: "This brazen hussy, agnostic, lesbian, took great offense to me.  She brought out a rape whistle and was blowing it to drown me out. So I went and got MY rape whistle. We did a duet. When I stopped, she claimed that she won.  Bro pressed her buttons and she called the police.  Bro relates, "She called the cops and tried to have me arrested and charged with harassment. If anyone was harassing anyone, it was her that was harassing me."
Bro. Jed had a good small group session while Sis. Suzanne ministered one-on-one. It was a powerful day of ministry!
  The police arrived took her complaint; then they interviewed Bro.  Nothing came of the incident.
   She was one of many colorful characters who participated in our reality show these past three days.  There are things going on and being said in the audience which I do not see or hear.  I need someone to travel with us to write up these characters and incidents.  The Brother Jed and company story has yet to be told.  Some of the characters were in our presence virtually all of the time.  By 1 PM we had the students sitting on the grass at the foot of the stage.  Once students sit down we have often captured their attention for the day; they do not leave.  Bro took the brunt of the criticism from these zealots for sin.  By late in the afternoon Bro and I each had an audience.  Several admitted to me that I was making a lot of sense.  Sister Pat was very productive at Missouri State, working on the sidelines individually or with small groups.
Campus preachers shake the ivory towers of decadence and debauchery. The students' response is to justify their lifestyles.
     Bro and I discussed the difference between our preaching and the Interloper's preaching from yesterday.  The Interloper spoke dramatically of the nail prints in Jesus' hands; however he did not speak of how these pierced hands could deliver the believer from the power and dominion of sin.  We preach and teach in order that we might make sense out of their life experiences.  Or should I say expose the
Bro. Jed, Sis. Pat and Bro had dinner with Priscilla at College of the Ozarks where she attends. She was a dishwasher this semester at the Keeter Center restaurant on campus. She will be a hostess at the Dixie Stampede in Branson this summer. 
senselessness of their experiences?  We put the college experience in a Biblical framework which exposes the blight on the Ivory Towers, which are cracked at their very foundations since they no longer operate from a Biblical world view.  These are not towers of real intellectualism but of decadence and debauchery, or specialized and even useless research and elitism.  The towers are not holding up any moral foundations but they are destroying the moral fiber of generations of students.  Like Samson of old we are taking hold of the two middle pillars of the Ivory Towers (secularism and pluralism) and pushing on them while the godless Philistines make sport of us.  We have been shaking the Towers; they have not yet fallen.  But one can be sure they will fall and how great shall be their fall.  
     A political science class came out and listened to us for almost an hour. I tried to engage them but was unable to get any response even as I addressed the purpose of civil authority, which is to execute the law of God.  
   Bro, Sister Pat and I all agreed that it was a wonderful, stirring, emotionally charged and intellectually challenging day to multitudes.  A few students shook my hand expressing their regret that since they were graduating that this would be the last time they would have the opportunity to hear me.  It was good preaching weather these three days but it looks like the rain and cold is returning for the rest of the week.    
Spring Semester 2013     

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