Gender Identity Demostration Crashed at Easter Illinois University
Preachers Rile Students-Eastern Illinois-Click to read newspaper article about the day at EIU.

Student Behavior Embarrassing -Click to read editorial about the Bible tearing incident.

    Bro. Jed has three more weeks of preaching on universities in Oregon and Washington, so keep him as well as those who will hear, in your prayers!!
   We sold our home in Columbia, MO after only 16 days on the market.  We have found a home in Terre Haute, IN that we like better for less money. We will not be moving until the first weekend in July, so our Columbia address is still current.
   Please stop in and see us in Terre Haute if you are driving that way this summer.  We have plenty of room for overnight accommodations and would enjoy the fellowship.
   In Christ, Sis. Cindy
April 22, Eastern Illinois University
     We spent the weekend in Terre Haute scouting out the land where we are planning on settling after we sell our home in Columbia.   One of the reasons for making this move is that Terre Haute is such a good hub for reaching out to multiple campuses such as Indiana University, Purdue and the University of Illinois,
EIU student holds pages that he tore from Sis. Pat's Bible.
which are major campuses.
  At the hub is Indiana State my alma mater, which is a workable campus but I am sorry to say that the students tend to be below par intellectually and culturally.  Another good campus for building crowds is IUPU at Indianapolis, which has grown large in the last two decades.  The campus I had the most questioned was Eastern Illinois, which used to be a regular hit when I live in Indiana in the 70's into the mid 80's; however, I had not been on the campus for over 20 years.  EIU has 11,000 students which is about the same size as Indiana State.
      I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had built steps off one of the building upon which about 15-18 students were already sitting.  A tent was set up not far from it promoting Earth Day; however, no one was manning the tent.  I started holding my YOU
A couple of the "Earth Day" girls.
DESERVE HELL sign on one side and JESUS SAVES on the other.  I was low key since I did not know what to expect from the authorities.  A few students interacted with me.  One had some interesting questions but the two others were mockers.  One of these mockers was in my face singing the Beatles' song, "Imagine."  The singer had a hostile attitude.  Soon a group which referred to itself at the "Gender Police" promoted "Sex Cells" with both the boys and girls wearing pink shirts.  The girls wore name tags several of which read, "Slut." 
EIU Students flaunt Sis. Pat's torn Bible.
     I called upon Cindy after 30 minutes; she spoke out against whoredom.  This group had a program prepared to present in the theater.   They were urging students not to conform to natural and traditional distinctions between male and female.  They were frustrated since we had the attention of the students and virtually no one showed up at their event. 
The Judge? Not sure what this guy was about. 
     Someone called the police; I suspect it was the "Gender Police," who wanted to get rid of us.  Cindy was speaking at the time; he tried to get Cindy to show her ID, but she does not carry her ID on campus.  In frustration, he eventually approached me.  He threatened us with arrest if we did not go to the administration and get permission.  I told him, "I think that you are mistaken."  He answered, "I have been on the force for 20 years and I know the rules."
      I stopped Cindy and we went over to the administration, who affirmed that we did not need a permit to speak outside and we were within our rights.  We returned and most of the students were waiting for us.  I started preaching again and after another 40 minutes turned the meeting back to Cindy.  She gave her testimony to an attentive crowd of lost sheep. 
      Shortly afterwards, a girl with a black bag supposedly representing Earth Day picked up Sister Pat's Bible, which she had put on the ground in order that she might take pictures.  Somehow the Imagine singer got a hold of Pat's Bible and began to tearing pages out of it to the delight of most of the crowd.  The Bible was passed through the crowd and a number of students tore pages from the Bible.  No one objected, not even any professing Christians.  
In spite of numerous distractions, students were attentive as Sis. Cindy gave her testimony, "From Disco Queen to Gospel Preacher." It was a fruitful time.
    Later the Bible was returned to me and I admonished the students for desecrating the Bible, which Sister Pat's late husband had given her and which she had underlined and put valuable notes in the margins for years.  Apparently, some students began to feel bad about what they had either done or condoned.  One girl even gave Sister Pat a paperback NIV Bible.  Pat appreciated the gesture but she only likes the KJV.   In the evening I even received an email from a female student apologizing for the tearing of Pat's Bible. 
Male students who where part of a gender identity protest that happened to be planned on the same day as out arrival.
     Of course, many Christians tear out pages of the Bible by ignoring texts which deal with God's wrath and judgment. They may be held to greater accountability on the Day of Judgment than these blatant unbelievers.  Fundamentalists usually tear out the pages dealing with the gifts of the Spirit and miracles, which they say are only applicable to the apostolic age of the church.
Bro. Jed was asked to move so that a NAACP group could be photographed on the steps.
     Later a woman, who was with the NAACP, insisted that I move so that they could take a pictureof their large group on the stairs.  After some discussion I moved saying, "This colored girl has requested that I move.  So you white people can come over here and listen to me."  Of course, I knew my political incorrectness would cause a stir.  Later the Daily Eastern News reported that the woman was shocked that I would refer to her as the colored girl. 
Campus reporter interviews Bro. Jed.
But she had
identified herself as be with the NAACP, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Hence, I called her "the colored girl." Why should she be shocked or surprised? I told the students that I am for the advancement of all people through Christ.   
     After 4 PM, Cindy, Sister Pat and I each had a crowd around us.  We had to leave at 5 PM since we had a 4 hour 30 minute drive back to Columbia.  I considered the great day at EIU to be an additional green light for our move back to Indiana which gives us another campus in easy driving distance.  Click the links above to read two articles about our day on campus.
Sis. Pat breaks up her group to leave campus for the day.
Two students followed us to the car with more questions.
April 24, 2013, University of Missouri
     It was only about 50 degrees but the sun was shining.  Several groups were on the outskirts of the circle promoting various things and opposing others such as domestic violence.  I warned the girls, "Avoid getting involved domestically with a man who uses drugs or alcohol or so much as wants to have sex with you.  You can be sure that he is prone to violence.  Any man who abuses his own body by masturbating is in danger of abusing you."  Later I was asked to contribute a dollar to a house for battered women.  The buck I gave them was a cheap sop; however, the words I preached them were priceless.  Would the men and women heed my advice there would be no need for such houses.
     Gradually students began to gather around me as I put forth the word of God.  After an hour I called upon Bro, who instructed the students on how to hear the voice of God.  He also talked about the second coming of the Lord to attentive students.  He said Daniel 9 teaches the time of his first coming; we do not know the timing of his second coming.  Bro preached for almost 90 minutes during the time the audience grew to over 50.
Bro instructs the students on how to hear the voice of God.
       I finished the afternoon preaching until 5 PM.  I explained that it would be helpful to them academically and intellectually to read the Bible.  There were a few homosexuals and several sympathizers in the crowd so I had to instruct them in basic anatomy.  As we left a student commended me for my preaching saying, "Brother Jed you are a legend."  Earlier another student on the sidelines informed me that I had had a profound effect on his life.  Also, when I went in for a cup of tea during Bro's stint, a girl told me how much she appreciated my work.  Bro's summary:  "It was a great day."
April 25, 2013, Truman State University
      At 3 PM a friendly Christian asked, "How has it been going today?"
     "Very slow," I replied.
     "That's amazing it is such a nice day," he answered.
      "Maybe that is the problem; it is too nice.  Students simply want to enjoy the weather after such a dismal spring so far," I suggested.
The marathon reading of Homer was not getting any more attention than the preachers were.
       There were around 50 students on the green when we started preaching.  The fraternities and sororities were active promoting various things.  A sorority was promoting "puppy love" and many dogs were around.  Another group was having a marathon reading of Homer.  An art student had a display with loud music.  However, Bro and I could not get the students attention even after holding the YOU DESERVE HELL sign all afternoon and even after I sang the "gay song" several times.  It was one of the more apathetic days in my memory.   As some of these student groups folded up their displays, we decided to call it a day.  As I approached the parking lot about a dozen sorority girls were packing their stuff in a SUV.  Rebecca asked me as we were passing, "Why do I deserve Hell?"
Bro was able to explain the "You Deserve Hell" sign to Rebecca.
       This question resulted in an almost hour long Q & A session with Rebecca and one of her sisters after the other girls departed.  She had a problem with our judging and our sign.  Rebecca said, "Students just look upon you with distain, ridicule and indifference."  Bro explained, "We bear all their distain, ridicule and apathy in order to demonstrate our love for them by continuing to warn them of their perilous situation."  Gradually, Rebecca stepped down from her high horse and became less argumentative and more attentive.  She was clearly contemplating our arguments.   The girls allowed me to say a brief prayer with them as we departed at 4 PM.       
       As I was walking back to the car before meeting Rebecca, I was contemplating how I had preached at Truman State annually for the last nine years with usually very lively meetings.  With our move back to Indiana it may be years before I return.  I was disappointed that the ministry was ending at Truman on a low note. 
However, the final hour with Rebecca made it end on a heartening high note. 
April 26, 2013, University of Missouri,
     It rained most of the morning and was cool.  Bro and I did not arrive on campus until 1:45.  There was a group of Calvinists passing out tracts who had set up signs around the Circle with a preacher in the middle.  This group comes out for at least once every spring.  The preacher was proclaiming the penal substitution view of the atonement and how God poured out his entire wrath on his Son.  He was also teaching on imputed righteousness whereas God declares us as righteous by accounting Christ's righteousness to the believer.  However, the believer never obtains an actual righteousness in this life-time.  He preached to a quiet and attentive audience of 6-8 until about 2:30 when the Calvinists left.
Bro spent a lot of time defending the young earth view to an audience of evolutionists.  Bro. Jed defended the moral argument for the existence of God.
     I took over preaching and with the help of Bro we were able to build up the audience to twenty or so, who became stirred by our preaching.  Bro spent most of his time arguing for a young earth against an audience of evolutionists.  I defended the moral argument for the existence of God.  The universal sense of moral obligation requires that the ultimate reality is a Moral Person, that person is God.  Otherwise, the moral would be a result of the non-moral, which does not make sense.
     My last session I spent most of the time arguing that cross is not attractive to the world because it symbolizes and requires self-denial and death to sin and possibly even physical death for the sake of the cross and for the sake of righteousness.
      Calvinism tends to bring peace and quiet because if it is true man is not ultimately responsible for his actions.  But if Moral Government theology is correct and man's will is free, then he is responsible and accountable.  If Calvinism is true, ultimately God is responsible for all the evil in the universe.  If Moral Government is right, then men are in accountable for evil and answerable to their sins.  Holding men accountable stirs them out of their apathy because men do not want to think of themselves blamable for their misbehavior.  If Calvinism is true, men have a legitimate case against God.  If Moral Government is true, men have no case against him because men have freely chosen evil over that which is good.  We left campus at 5 PM. 
Spring Semester 2013     

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