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Maneater Article-University of Missouri

April 8, 2013, University of Missouri
     When I arrived at 12:50, my friend, Dr. Acuff, had already occupied Speakers' Circle.  I had a good one on one discussion with a girl who asked me why she deserved Hell.  Doc preached until about 1:30 and he turned the meeting over to me.  My audience ranged from 35-50 for most of the afternoon.  It was a beautiful spring day and the students and I were in a good mood.  There was little mean spirited opposition to my ministry. 
After gathering a crowd, Bro. Jed, covered a wide range of topics with UM students today.
      We covered many topics but they always wanted to get back to same sex marriage and sodomy.  Several times I had to say, we are not talking about sex anymore.  I was able to teach on limited government, individual responsibly and private property, concepts which have become foreign to most college students.  We also discussed the meaning of life and the conscience of men.  I had to defend holy living to some Christians, who argued that we cannot help but sin. 
     Early in the day a girl asked me about the rapture and the second coming.  I talked about the Lord's return on a white horse taking vengeance on the wicked.  If he comes back within the next fifty years, I will be riding behind him and I will be called upon to slay many of them.  Then the righteous will rejoice as we wash our feet in the blood of the wicked.-Ps. 58:10. 
     I took care to explain that presently we Christians are mourning over their sins.  I spoke of how sin grieves the heart of God and how our sins brought about the suffering and death of our Savior.  I told them if they ever get a vision of the cross, they will turn away from sin.  And they will no longer be making excuses for sin.   I yielded to Dr. Acuff on a few questions concerning science and he talked to some students one on one. 
      Word is getting around campus that we are planning on selling our home and returning to Indiana.  Numerous students seemed genuinely disappointed.  I reassured them that we should be returning to Mizzou annually to preach for at least a week.  Terre Haute is only four and one half hours away from Columbia.  The student paper interviewed me concerning our move, which we hope to complete this summer.


April 9, 2013, University of Missouri
      My picture was on the front page of The Maneater with the story about my planned move back to Indiana.  A journalism and English major wrote a letter to the editor saying he will miss Brother Jed for the conversation that he sparks.  He wrote, "I'll miss Brother Jed and his family's constant presence when they leave Columbia. Not because I'll miss hearing his message, but because I don't know whose voice can fill the void he leaves behind."
     I sat in the center of Speakers' Circle about 1:20 waiting for some significant movement.  I held no sign or banner; I thought the article in the paper would spark enough inquiry.  Soon a girl walked up and started a conversation.  It wasn't long until others joined us.  Within 30 minutes I had from 6 to 10 sitting at my feet.  Two girls mentioned that they had no interest in marriage but they did want to have a relationship with a man.  How much things have changed in fifty years!  The mentality of females has certainly been altered by the feminist movement.  When I
"Bro. Jed will be missed."
was in school many if not most girls attended college for the sake of finding a good husband, who could support them.  We talked about modesty in dress.  My group had difficulty seeing any significant difference between them and animals.  I informed the students that they lacked human dignity.  I explained the right understanding of omniscience and omnipotence.  We talked about the nature of marriage.  The first girl thought that it was better to have a gay couple raise children than to have the children raised in an orphanage.  Unfortunately, I do not know if there are orphanages anymore in America.  In catholic orphanages the children were claimed by the church.  The mentality today is that the children are claimed as wards of the state.  I instructed them that God established the family to be the basic
governing institution of society.  I taught them how to overcome depression through confession of sin and gaining hope through the promises of Christ. 
     A boy explained that he regularly attended my talks and had developed an interest in Christianity as a result.  He said, "I am not there yet, but I am a seeker."
      It was a wonderful afternoon as I took a softer approach; I never did stand up to preach except on a few occasions to drive home my point.
April 15, 2013, University of Missouri
      Bro Cope arrived in town yesterday.  He started the meeting at noon today.  Cindy and I were packing back at home.  The weather was cloudy and in the fifties when Bro started.  I arrived with my banner at 1:45 and Bro turned the meeting over to me since he had not drawn an audience.  By now there was a light mist and the temperature was falling and the wind was blowing.  Nevertheless, I gathered an audience of 10-15 people.  As the hour progressed the mist became heavier and it was getting colder. 
Bro. Cope keeps their attention in spite of misty rain and dropping temperatures.
      At 3 PM I turned the meeting over to Bro, who built up the crowd to 25-35 people.  Bro specialty is exposing the adult fairy tale of evolution from a scientific viewpoint.  It is always a hot topic.  When I speak against evolution, I teach against it from a more theological and philosophical point of view.   Evolution is counterintuitive; men actually know that they are made in the image of God, but they prefer to think of themselves as animals because they want to be governed by their physical appetites like beasts instead of conscience and reason like men.  They do not want to admit they are made in God's image, because to be consistent they would be required to stop sinning and live responsibly.
"This is amazing...people are standing out in the rain and it is freezing!" exclaimed one student.
      I overheard one student say, "This is amazing people are standing out here in the rain and it is freezing."
      Bro caused quite a stir when he used crude terminology towards an admitted sodomite, who claimed, "I am gay but on friendly terms with Jesus." 
      Bro called him by what these people do.  The crowd went into an uproar.  Bro asked, "Why did you respond so negatively?  Because you know the word I used is a pejorative.  Thus you know what he does is wrong." 
      Sodomites attempt to take the moral high ground by talking about their rights.  The last thing they want is for people to talk about the actual depravity of their behavior.  Christians are often tricked into allowing the sodomites to dominate the conversation with their rights and their making demands on men's sense of compassion.
       We were very pleased with the results of the day, especially in light of the inclement weather.  I am glad that I decided to go out even though we considered it might be more productive to use the time for packing.  
April 16, 2013, University of Missouri,
      Bro started preaching at 1:30 on a cold and wet day.  He spoke for 15 minutes and turned it over to me and I preached for 15 minutes.  But we received little response.  Two students told me that they were sorry that I were moving back to Indiana.  I assured them that I would still be getting back to Mizzou.  Bro witnessed to a first year physics major.  Bro thought he planted a few seeds.  Bro sat in the center of the circle for 45 minutes wearing a sandwich board side as a few students were passing during classes.  A few students asked, "Slow day?"  Bro replied, "Yes, a slow day." The temperature was dropping, so I suggested that we leave at 3 PM.  Weather frustrations are something open air preachers all have to endure.  The predictions are not good for the rest of the week.
Bad weather made for a slow day today.




April 17, 2013, University of Missouri,
     Bro opened the meeting at noon but failed to gather an audience.  I took over at 12:45 I walked around the perimeter of Speakers' Circle with my staff crucifix.  I pointed to the crucifix and peered into faces of students asking, "This is what he has done for you.  What will you do for him?" 
      NORML, an organization to reform marijuana laws, had a table set up in the outer circle.  I stared at them for a while.  I asked if the baked goods they were selling were filled with   marijuana.  I hoped to engage them more than I was able.  It seems they were not looking for an argument.  I warned the crowd that God opposes use of recreational mind altering drugs since God speaks to the mind and conscience and marijuana closes down these faculties.  
     With several students sitting on the outskirts of the circle, I sat in the center of the circle and with my eyes closed and my body trembling began to sing verses of "Were you there when they crucified my Lord?  I added many verses; I asked if they were there when they wrapped him in swaddling clothes, right through his miracles, crucifixion, decent into Hell, ascension into Heaven, and the sending of the Holy Ghost.  I have been to these great events through the Spirit of the Living God.
"It was an outstanding day of preaching," Bro Cope.
    Gradually students began to gather on the inner circle. Jared used to vehemently argue with me as an undergraduate at the University of Iowa. Now he is a graduate student at Mizzou.  He is much more subdued than when I first encountered him.  He interrupted my singng to ask, "Why did you earlier suggest that students be expelled from school for smoking marijuana?" 
       I answered that it would be a more effective deterrent than for the police to attempt to limit drug usage by enforcing state or federal laws.  This led into a discussion on the role of civil authority.  I explained that our republic was founded on principles of self-government, which means the individual controlling himself according to the laws of Nature and Nature's God.  When there is a lack of self-control in a society the role and power of civil authority greatly increases.  In my day the Dean of Men or the Dean of Women had authority of in loco parentis.  That is these administrators acted in place of the parents to discipline students.  I remember only one full time security guard for my alma mater, Indiana State.  We actually had deans who had enough interest in the students to bring discipline, although by the early sixties their authority was beginning to wane.
Our son-in-law, David, was working nearby so he joined us for lunch. He also picked up several hundred of Evangeline's childhood books.
     From about 2 until 2:30 I regaled the students with wild tales from my preaching days like the time a group of lesbians tried to rape me and the time veiled Moslem women from Somalia attempted to murder me for not giving them my copy of the Koran.  They claimed that I did not as a heathen have the right to even hold the Koran much less read from it.  They demanded that I turn the book over to them.
     By the time I gave the pulpit to Bro, I had 15-17 listening.  Bro managed over the next hour to double the size of the crowd.  On my next 30 minute stint I addressed the issue of marriage, the different roles of the husband and wife, proper sexual unions, etc.   I told them tongue in cheek that Cindy had warned me that I was becoming a sex symbol on campus.  She said that I needed to be careful about talking about my sexual peccadillos of my pre-Christian days since male students were more identifying with the old Jed instead of the new Brother Jed. She said that I needed to be more careful about becoming a temptation to the females since I am one of the few men at Mizzou who still had self-control.
Sunday morning at church with our 4-year-old granddaughter, Iris.
     At 4 PM I had to leave to do an errand and pick up Cindy since she was without transportation.  Bro went on for another hour.  He reported that it was an outstanding hour.  He secured their attention by saying, "It is difficult to be a street preacher; we have to work hard and think on how to present deep truths in a manner that people will understand." 
     Bro's admission had the effect of quieting argumentative students.  They began to ask questions that needed to be asked like, "How does one hear the voice of God?"  Bro was able to teach with little interruption.  Often Christians speak of a relationship with God, yet they hear or give little instruction on how to form and maintain a living relationship with the Almighty.


Spring Semester 2013     

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January 7-11, Florida State University

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March 15, UCLA

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