March 25, 2013, Texas Tech, Lubbock, TX

     This is a large university with 32,000 students.  It is not good to have that many young people living together with virtually no adult supervision.  I held my YOU DESERVE HELL sign and quickly drew an audience despite cold weather only in the high forties.  The sign was even more controversial than ever.  I had to explain it and defend it throughout the afternoon.  The crowd was subdued at first and I was able to give my testimony without interruption.

It is not wise to have 32,000 young people living together with no adult supervision.


  A student asked me why God would create so many people which he knew would end up in Hell.  I answered that he had no way of knowing who would end up in Hell and who would not.  Of course, from past experience he can predict that the vast majority of men will reject truth.  Still God may have some hope for the multitudes that are on a mad dash for Hell.  A female with tattoos interrupted to ask if she could answer the question.  I said, "I will give my answer than you can give yours."  It turned out she was a new convert with much zeal and she thought that she had a better answer than me but she was mainly interested in conveying to the crowd that it was not about what we do or whether we sin or not; it is about the blood.  She said, "God is madly in love with all of you." 

God has hope for the multitudes who are on a mad dash to hell.

     After several minutes I interrupted her because it seemed evident that she would go on and on.  I regained control of most of the crowd.  However, throughout the rest of the afternoon there were two groups.  I do not know who or if anyone was leading the group.  The crowd was lively and I did not tell any of my stories but mostly just answered questions.  Holiness was an issue.  I sharply rebuked a dread lock Christian for opposing the proclamation of the judgment of God.  He was fixed on the love which excuses sin and does not call for repentance.  

Bro. Jed's first day to preach alone this semester.  Sis. Cindy and Sis. Pat flew to Michigan to pick up the new car.

   There was a group of Christians who formed a prayer circle and prayed for a lengthy time.  They will pray on a street corner despite Jesus' cautions about doing so to be seen of men.  However, they will not preach on a street corner despite Jesus' example and commandment to his disciples to do so.  They at 5 PM I agreed to an interview with a reporter from the school paper.  Someone stole my chair and ran away with it.  Prayer will not bring persecution, but preaching will.  Today was the first day this semester that I preached alone, which I will be doing for the next two weeks.  The weather did warm up into the fifties as the afternoon progressed and with the sun shining it was not bad.   




March 26, 2013, Texas Tech,

      A fellow with a guitar started playing and singing in the spot I usually occupy.  He sang a few Christian songs.  Soon a big fellow wearing a sign around his neck about grace showed up and stood not far from me.  I was told that he was there to protest me but he did not interfere in anyway.  I was waiting on a class break to start preaching.  However, I did start expounding from my stool on Titus 2:11-12 to passing students about grace,  "For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men,  Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world." 

Bro. Jed spoke of a grace that works and transforms lives through the power of Christ.

     I spoke of a grace which works and transforms lives, which denies worldly lusts like fornication, masturbation and drunkenness.  Grace is the divine influence which motivates us to be sober, righteous and godlike in character.  

     Many, who object to my preaching, share a grace that gives a license to sin with impunity.  I never did stand up to proclaim my message at the top of my voice, because soon a few and then several students gathered with questions.  As a result I was in the Q&A mode all afternoon.  Students were better behaved than yesterday.  At times there was attentiveness from most.   It takes a lot of energy to gather an audience preaching to passing students.  I was content to have students simply drawn to me by the Holy Spirit as I conversed.  There were 25 to 50 surrounding me for most of the afternoon. 

Bro. Jed was in question and answer mode most of the afternoon at Texas Tech.

     The Christian hypocrites challenging my message and methods were not so vocal today.  Like yesterday, there was a smaller group discussion going on not far from me, which continued when I departed at 5 PM.  I have been pacing myself since I have not preached alone all semester.  I carried my staff crucifix today which was a point of controversy. 

     Again there was criticism of me emphasizing the sin issue.  I explained that Jesus' purpose in coming into the world was to defeat sin and death.  The crucifixion of Christ becomes irrelevant if Christians are willing to tolerate and excuse sin.  Someone asked me today if I thought the Pope was Anti-Christ.  I answered I hear the Pope promoting Christ; he is very active during Holy Week calling attention to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  I am disturbed, however, that he speaks of Christians and Muslims worshiping the same God.  How can that be when Muslims deny the divinity of Christ?  How can that be when Muslims also reject the death and resurrection of Christ?   The Catholics will have to explain these Papal ambiguities.  I cannot.

"We are called to convert the world."
   The Pope ought to forget about dialoguing with other religions; it usually results in weakening Christian doctrine and confuses the faithful.  Of course, I dialogue with people of other beliefs daily.  I want them to understand in no uncertain terms that they are wrong and Christians are right.  We are not called to simply dialogue we are called to convert the world.  Jesus came to bring division (Matt 10:34-36) not to unify people serving false gods with those of us who serve the true and living God, the Holy Trinity.


March 27, 2013, Texas Tech

      St. John's United Methodist Church had a booth set up next to the area were I speak.  The United Methodist loco is a cross with a red flame, which is a great loco symbolizing Calvary and Pentecost. 

Bro. Jed telling of his pot-smoking days and deliverance through Jesus Christ.

 Their slogan is "Open Hearts, Open Arms and Open Minds."  Wickedly, they have embraced with their hearts, arms and minds sodomy.   They embrace what God condemns.  As the Supreme Court contemplates the issue of same sex marriage, people, who have claim to be Christians, have the audacity to support the very thing that brought about the destruction of Sodom.  Alas, these people have closed their hearts and minds to the truth.   

     I opened by speaking on the power of the Holy Spirit to save from the power and dominion of sin and endue men with the power to witness for Christ.  Repeatedly, I challenged those that name the name of Christ to depart from iniquity and witness to the death and resurrection of Christ. 

     The guy with the guitar from yesterday was going about with a lint brush "to brush away the hate."  He was telling students to pass by and not listen.  I suppose that just made the students more curious; soon I had a sizable audience. 

Holiness was a huge issue today.

There were several middle-aged to old men listening on the sidelines for much of the afternoon.  One was a gentleman who appeared to be in his 80's.  I finally asked him if he was a Christian.  He claimed that he was but he refused to affirm the physical resurrection of Jesus from the dead.  Yet, he hoped to go to heaven when he died.  I said, "If you do not believe that Jesus rose from the dead, what is the basis of your hope?"  He had no answer.  He repeatedly said, "My God is bigger than that.  He is inclusive. He embraces everyone." 

"The Holy Spirit Empowers a Christian to be a witness for Jesus Christ!" 
    A local TV news team filmed my preaching and interviewed me and a few students for the evening news.  At one point about 6-8 students gave me a group hug.  I taught on holiness to a group of sin excusing Christians.  I eventually shut them up as I turned away every excuse to sin.  The weather warmed up today with a high of 80 degrees.    





March 28, 2013, Texas Tech

     As I walked from the parking lot to the preaching area, a male student cried out, "Get off my campus!"  I replied, "I will be here for two more days."  Later when he joined the crowd to heckle, a local Christian lady moved into to give him her witness. 

Since it was Easter week Bro. Jed started the meeting focused on the Cross of Christ and referencing Isaiah 53.


     I started out focused on the Cross as described in Isaiah 53, and mixed in teaching from the Lord's Prayer.  Students were mostly quietly listening.  Gradually things got stirred as I dealt with questions.  There were numerous professing Christians hanging around me today, whom I exhorted to take a bolder stand for righteousness and holiness.  Several of these Christians were supportive.  One repeatedly said I was right and exhorted his peers to listen to my arguments. 

     The judging issue came up frequently as it always does.  I said, "If I said unto you that you are intelligent and beautiful people.  I doubt if anyone would argue or respond, 'Judge not.'  Yet to say something good about you is just as much of a judgment as if I were to speak negatively." My supporter said, "Bing!" 

Today, several of the Christians were supportive of the preaching.
He expressed other such ejaculations in agreement with my points. 

     I sensed that there were a lot of "bings & bangs" going in minds all afternoon.  At 4:30 a campus TV station called me aside for an interview.  I returned to answer a few more questions.  As I was putting my stuff in my van, a girl approached and asked, "Are you coming again tomorrow?  I like listening to you."  So the day started on a negative note and ended on a positive note. 




March 29, 2013, Texas Tech

     It took a little longer today for the crowd to gather, maybe 30 minutes.  It amazes me that I have so many regulars on this campus.  Some of these "Jed Heads" must have listened to me 15-20 hours this week.  There was significantly less hostility, and a noteworthy amount of support.  A substantial number of the students actually understood and appreciated my satire.     

A group of Jed Heads pose for a snapshot.

     Late in the afternoon I shared several of my adventure stories to the delight of my audience.  I told of the time the gang of bull dyke lesbians that tried to rape me at ASU; I spoke of casting devils out of a violent student who attacked a woman at Princeton; I related the time the veiled women of Somalia tried to murder me and steal my Koran at the University of Minnesota; I reminisced about the first time I ever preached, which was at a rock concert in my home town.  I entertained with other wild tales.   My point was to teach that it is adventuresome to be a Christian when one boldly stands up to publish the whole counsel of God. 

     I reminded everyone that Holy Week was the week that changed history.  I taught about Jesus' sacrifice and explained why it was necessary for him to atone for our sins for God to righteously, justly and wisely offer forgiveness to repentant sinners.  When a few students got to out of line, a couple of black guys threaten to rough them up.  When one scoffer came out dressed in a hood and wearing all black and carrying a sign to mock me, a girl ripped the sign out of his hands.  He was flabbergasted; he expected to get the approval of his peers.  

Today, on Good Friday, Bro. Jed reminded the students that Holy Week was the week that changed history.

      At the end of the day we took a group picture, then most everyone wanted to take a picture with me.  Many shook my hand thanking me for coming.  Other spoke of all the intelligent discussion I had provoked. 

One boy said, "All over campus and in the classroom, I hear, Bro Jed."

       It is only in recent years that I have made Texas Tech part of my annual schedule.  It has become one of my favorite campuses.  Today was one of my best days in recent memory.  I can understand why Bobby Knight chose to finished his coaching career here.


Spring Semester 2013     

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