April 1, 2013, University of Oklahoma,
      I started at the 11:20 break but did not get much attention except for Elizabeth shaking my hand and saying, "I believe in what you are doing."  
       Grant K. and a friend introduced themselves as I waited for the next break.  Grant testified when he first heard me as a freshman, he thought that I was crazy.  But later he was led to the Lord by one of the campus fellowships.  But he was introduced to Calvinism from the beginning and was soon convinced of Calvinism.  When I returned the next year, he no longer thought I was a crazy; but he now concluded that I was a heretic.  He always had a lot of questions for me and challenges to my doctrines.  His junior year he continued to believe I was a heretic.  However, his senior year he began to weaken on some of his Calvinist opinions.  He started to believe that one could live holy.  Next he rejected the penal substitution view of the atonement for the governmental view.  Today he told me that he now agrees with me on everything except open theism and some of my approach to evangelism.  Grant and others have been expelled from their church for promoting holiness.  He now meets with about 30 likeminded believers every Sunday afternoon.
Bro. Jed was encouraged to meet a UO student,  Elizabeth, who had repented after hearing Micah and Elizabeth Armstrong last year!
   I returned to the car to get my YOU DESERVE HELL sign for the 12:20 break.  Grant had the insight to ask if he and his friend should stand in front of me in order to help draw an audience.  I agreed that would be a good move.  It did work as maybe 15-20 gathered which proved to be pretty much the extent of my crowd size for the day. 
     Elizabeth returned and sat on the grass to listen.  She said that she had gotten right with God last year as a result of the preaching of Micah and Elizabeth Armstrong.  Sister Armstrong had encouraged her to break up with a fellow she had been dating.  Now the student Elizabeth demonstrates that she is a bold and wise witness for the Lord.  It is encouraging to see the fruit of the ministry of others.  Although I think also I will get some credit for Elizabeth returning to the Lord, since it was my book, Who Will Rise Up?, which was an inspiration for Micah resigning his teaching position and going into the full time campus preaching. 
      By 3 PM it was evident that most of my audience was "gay."  I decided to leave at 3:30 since I had a three hour drive to Wichita, where I am staying with friends for the night.   Tomorrow I will preach at Washburn University in Topeka.
      I was scheduled to spend the week at OU; however, the weather prediction are bad for Oklahoma; therefore, I sought fairer weather in Kansas.

April 2, 2013, Washburn University
      This was one of the deadest campuses I remember in my ministry.  I am not sure why.  I was here a few years ago for the first time and had a very good meeting.  There were so few students passing.  I never did observe what could be considered a class break.  I started in front of the commons of the Student Union holding my YOU DESERVE HELL sign.  A few people spoke positively to me and a few negatively.  Someone compared me to Fred Phelps, who graduated from this college and has in church in Topeka.  Five students listened for about 10 minutes.  One said, "I agree with the message but not the method."  I answered, "If you have a better method, do it!" 
It seemed like the daffodils were the only ones listening today. 
      I took a break for a while; then I started again on the other side of the Union at 2 PM.  There was still little traffic.  About 2:30 two policemen arrived informing that they had a complaint.  One of them said he remembered me from my last visit.  They were cordial enough and after checking my ID, they said I could continue.  I was somewhat glad to see the police and that there was a complaint.  As least I bothered someone. 
     My short message reminded those passing that it is just two days after the Church annually celebrates and proclaims the resurrection of Christ and his victory over sin, death, the grave and Hell.  For those who do not believe in his resurrection Hell is their destiny. 
      This past Easter Sunday, Pastor declares, "He has risen!"  Congregation responds, "He has risen indeed!"  I cannot understand how people, who claim to believe in his resurrection and affirmed it two days ago, have so soon lost their excitement about proclaiming the good news.  I have been publishing the good news virtually daily since I first believed forty years ago.  If the silent majority of professing Christians had someone close to them come back to life after being dead for three days, I dare say they would be speaking of the event constantly.  Maybe this silent majority are not as close to the Lord as they claim. 
The Son of righteousness has arisen with healing in his wings.--Mal 4:2. The clouds of sin have rolled away!
     My host is a Topeka lawyer, Jeff C., who heard me as an atheist undergraduate in the early 80's at Kansas University.  Later a colleague in his profession led him to the Lord and he started following me on the Internet.  Several years ago he contacted me and has opened his home whenever I am in the area.  I am sure in his wildest imagination when he was an undergraduate at KU that he never thought Brother Jed would one day be a guest in his home.  Mrs. C. suggested that Washburn is not a conventional university; it has a lot of older students, who take their classes and leave campus.  She said she was amazed that I gathered such a crowd my last visit.    
April 3, 2013, Kansas University
       I preached at the end of the 11 AM break.  Two Christians came up, one told me, I appreciate your boldness; but you are going about it in the wrong way.  You need to show love and build relationships.  It is all about relationships, man."    
       I decided to play dumb.  "Oh, I want these students to know I love them.  I am doing my best.  How do I show love?" 
      Once again, "Relationships it is all about building relationship.  You need to put up your sign.  They are going to be turned off when you tell them they are going to Hell."  
     "Oh, I am getting discouraged; I guess I am a failure.  I have travelled many miles to bring these students the good news."
     "I am sorry, man.  I appreciate your boldness, but no one is going to listen to you when you carry that sign." 
      I asked, "Oh, what should I write on my sign?" 
      "I don't know man, preaching is not want is it is about; it is about building relationships."
       "How do I do that?"
       "We have to go to class.  May we pray for you?"
       One led in prayer that the love of God would be revealed to the students. 
One student told Bro. Jed that it would not be spring without his arrival on campus.
       At the noon break I did gather an audience.  An atheist, who believed in determinism, questioned me for an hour or so.  I enjoyed his challenge.  One of my favorite subjects is to defend free will.  He admitted that it was inconsistent to hold men accountable for forced actions.  I argued but in your behavior you do hold men accountable for their actions and so do I; however, I believe that men choose to behave rightly or wrongly.  If behavior is determined, there is no morality; there is no such thing as moral right or wrong.  
        I was by asked by another, as I am asked daily, "What about those who have never heard of Jesus?  Will they go to Hell?"
        "If they have not heard of Jesus, they are not accountable for knowing Jesus.  They will not go to Hell for not having heard of Jesus; they will go to Hell for rejecting what they do know about God through creation and for violating their consciences.  It would be unjust for God to damn men for not knowing what they have not had the opportunity of hearing."
        A professing Christian, who must have been a Calvinist, took strong offense at my answer.  Heaccused me for leaving out the sovereignty of God.  
He asked, "Who are we to question the justice of God?
       "I am not questioning the justice of God; I am defending his justice," I replied. 
        "It is up to Christians to take the gospel everywhere and reach everybody," he said.
        I answered, "Yes, but how would it be just for God to damn men for the church's failure to fulfill the great commission?  Men are condemned for their own sins, not for the failure of others."
        By 3:15 the crowd had dwindled.  I was asked by several if I was coming back this spring.  One student said, "It would not be spring without you."


April 4, 2013, University of Missouri
Banners always get some attention and they are great at summing up the message.
ck at our flagship campus, when I arrived there were several groups on Speakers' Circle including the Red Cross looking for blood donors, a fraternity promoting Greek week, someone passing out fliers for some drinking event and others.  Since music was playing loudly, the day did not look promising.  Bro. Rick the Calvinist preacher was sitting on the wall talking with a middle-aged Quaker, who was evangelizing.  I joined their conversation.  The Quaker said that his church has realized it needs to reach out more.  I told him that George Fox's Journal influenced me to preach in the open air.  Fox also believe in Christian Perfection. 
The sin list often stops them in their tracks.
         At the 1:30 break I lifted up my banner which lists sins which will lead to a soul's damnation and Jesus Saves from Sin and Hell on the other side.  I held it for 30 minutes walking to different locations around the circle and sometimes shootings some one-liners to those passing by.  Many looked at the sign but I did not gather an audience.   I decided to call it a day early. 


April 5, 2013, University of Missouri 
     Speakers' Circle was open today when I occupied the center.  I hoisted my banner and let it do my preaching.  Gradually, students gathered and questioned me concerning my sign.  A few girls asked me, "What is a vixen?"  
     Four Mennonite men showed up.  I have seen a few of before on other campuses.  They also held signs one of which said, "Let a woman learn in silence." Several students walked up to talk with them but they did not seem interested in drawing a crowd. 
"What is a vixen?" asked one MU female.
      The first three hours of my preaching was lighter than usual.  I told several of my satirical stories.  The Hackie Sack Man occupied the circle about 1 PM and stayed almost two hours doing his act to rock music.  By 3 PM my audience became more sober and I was able to get into some of the deeper theological issues of which free will was the principle question.  I had to deal with a sodomite who continuously interrupted my teachings.  I finally called it quits for the day a 4:45.  
Spring Semester 2013     

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