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Bro. Jed


March 18, 2013, Fresno State


       When Cindy started a local preacher asked to speak first.  Cindy yielded to him; he had a booming voice but he was not connecting with the students.  This is often a problem with open-air preachers; they have a strong voice and good enough message, but they fail to connect with an audience. 

        He stopped within 30 minutes and Cindy gradually built an audience of 75.  One agonistic female confronted Cindy.  Afterwards the agnostic sat down next to a boy with whom she seemed to be in relationship.  She admitted to having had many orgasms.  Cindy said, "But these were illegal orgasm."   The hussy replied, "That is why they were so good."

Fresno State Students listen and ponder the call to repentance.

        When I took over the meeting, I told the female you spoke like the foolish, clamorous whore in Proverbs 9:17, who said to the simple man passing by, "Stolen waters are sweet, and bread eaten in secret is pleasant."  The stupid man 'knows not that the dead are there; and her guests are in the depths of hell."-Proverbs 9:18.

      The excitement of sin is not so much in the act itself, but in knowing that one is doing something unlawful and thinking that he is getting away with it.  Usually, when the promiscuous people marry, they soon lose the pleasure that their illicit activity brought before marriage because their sexual acts suddenly becomes licit and soon boring, especially when they are not trying to make babies. 

      When Sister Pat preached, a female, who professed to be a Christian, managed to take over the attention of the audience we had gathered.  Pat turned the speaking back to Cindy.  The Christian female managed to maintain the crowds' attention longer than most do.   Cindy, however, persevered and continued preaching despite the lack of evidence that anyone was listening.  This takes real faith on the part of a preacher.  Her faithful persistence paid off as after about 20 minutes students gradually began to gather again around Cindy until she had another sizable audience.  

Time for some feedback from the audience.

I debated with Moslems over the nature of God.  One Moslem could not understand why Jesus had to die on the cross when Allah only has to say, "Be and it is."  This is a phrase frequent found in the Koran.  I explained this is the difference between the Jehovah of the Bible and the Allah of the Koran.  The true God can speak anything material into existence and it is.  However, this only works in the physical realm.  In the moral kingdom, God cannot simply speak and make a man forgiven.  A just God can only forgive on the conditions of repentance and atonement.  Repentance is the work of man and the atonement is the work of God.   The Moslem argued that with God everything is simple. 

Fresno student argues with Sis. Cindy

The God of the Bible governs through great difficulties as a result of man's free will.  Man has the ability to foil God's plans.  In the Moslem religion Allah's will is always done.  In the Christian religion God's will is not usually done in the affairs of men. 

     A modestly dressed Apostolic lady, who had been doing research at the library, entered into the fray on my side.  She succeeded in getting one sinner boy to read aloud Romans 6:23 and another sinner boy to read 2 Timothy 3:16. She had a good spirit; in my experience Apostolics can be contentious when defending their Jesus only doctrine. 

     By 4:30 our audience was divided up into smaller discussion groups so I decided it would be a good time for us to exit.

"Stolen waters are sweet, and bread eaten in secret is pleasant. The stupid man knows not that the dead are there; and her guests are in the depths of hell."
-Proverbs 9:18.





March 19, 2013, Fresno State

      Pat started the preaching holding her YOU DESERVE HELL sign.  I flew my banner which reads, ASK ME WHY YOU DESERVE HELL and on the other side FEAR GOD.  I had a few gather around me to ask, "Why?"  Rod, the loud local preacher from yesterday started preaching again.  He was so loud it was hurting my ears.  Preachers make a mistake when they think that have to always be as loud as possible.  In my youth I thought that I had to be as loud as I could when preaching in the open.  Despite the distraction of the loud speaker, I was having a good witness to several students.  
The fear of hell gains the attention of a careless sinner!
   A Christian hypocrite interrupted to criticize me for preaching the law and not the gospel.  I countered that the law should precede the gospel.  He was contentious and had already interrupted my effective and quiet witness.  I decided to start preaching since Rod had stopped.  I did not succeed in drawing an audience.  I decided to wait for more of a flow of students. 

      We never did succeed in drawing a crowd; however, we each talked with individuals or small groups.  Each time I gathered a few skeptics, the students from CRU left their booth to get in on my action. 

Sis. Pat had a small group of listeners come and go throughout the afternoon.

Apparently, they thought they could give a better apologetic than I. 

     One secularist, who had attended Biola for three semesters, held a sign beside me which read, YOU DESERVE RESPECT."  I responded, "Why do human beings deserve respect?  If man simply comes out of the primeval ooze and to that ultimately returns, what makes him significant enough to deserve respect from your point of view?  If there is no life after death, what is the importance of 70 to 80 years in relation to billions and billions of years of evolution?  What gives life meaning? 

As the week progressed some Christian students held signs in support of our message.

What is the reason for man's existence?  Your sign acknowledges that man is deserving of respect.  My world view supports man's significance as a creature made in the image of God and made to glorify God forever.  But your world view teaches that man is merely a late and insignificant by product of natural, impersonal forces.  He is merely an accident of nature.  He is here for but a moment and then he is gone forever."

One campus ministry made this sign to attract students and engage them in dialogue about Christ.

      The CRU guy, Jacob, was friendly.  He warned me that they had reserved the area for their low key witness for Wednesday and Thursday and they wanted me to move to another area so as not to interrupt their witness.  Never mind that he has been interrupting our witness.  Actually, I thought he was doing a good job in his dialogue.  We shall see how things work out tomorrow.



March 20, 2013, Fresno State

     The CRU set up opposite the free speech area with a large board asking, "Who is Jesus?"  Students were expected to write their answers on the board.  CRU members were hanging around to talk to students who wrote on the board.
Student responds to Bro. Jed's challenge to take up the cross of Christ.
   After the loud guy spoke for 15 minutes, I started preaching waving my banner list of sins.  I preached on love, "I am here to talk to you about, love, love and more love.  God is love.  We are about love.  We love you enough to warn you about the horrible place called Hell.  We love all the people who are doing the things listed on this sign.  All you need is love.  Now abideth these three, faith, hope and love.  Love is the greatest.  Let's all love one another.  If you love God, you will obey God.  Sin is hateful.  You people are acting very hateful.  We love you anyway."
Fresno student defends her lukewarm lifestyle.

      You get the idea I referred to the word love as much as I could.  Still most students passed.  Six Mormons in white shirts and ties took the platform to sing hymns; their hymns were Christ centered.  Meanwhile, a few Moslems had gathered around me.  I announced, "We are gaining some religious diversity.  We have Mormons, here are a few Sikhs, here is an atheist, over there is CRU, you have Brother Jed, several Catholics, the loud guy; this girl says she is a witch.  Do we have any Buddhists or Hindus?   How do we sort all this out?  It is up to you students to sort out these different views to determine who is right.  We can't all be right.  Put us each to the test of reason, conscience and the Bible." 

     I eventually gathered an audience of 30-40 but they were scattered.  At 1PM I called on Sister Pat since she has the touch to bring together a crowd.


Female lifts her fist in defiance of the call to repentance from Sis. Cindy.

By the time I spoke again, the crowd was relatively quiet and attentive.  I briefly gave me testimony.  Many in the audience said they were Christians.  I quoted Jesus, "If any man comes after me, let him take up his cross daily and follow me."  

       I asked, the Christians, "What is the cross you are daily taking up?"  An Intervarsity staff member talked about the sacrifice he had made and was making to promote the gospel.  I commended him.  This is one of the few times I have gotten a good answer to this question.  I spoke on cross bearing, spiritual warfare, holiness, being filled with the Holy Spirit, the armor of God and the sacrifice of Christ and preaching in the open air.  Since virtually everyone listening was male, I warned of the lusts of the flesh, including masturbation and pornography.   I counseled them to pluck out their lustful eyes and cut off their offending hands.   I quoted many Scriptures.  The Spirit of God was upon me in a mighty way.

Sis. Cindy shares a Bible verse with a questioning student.

      After an hour a man, who identified himself as a Pentecostal youth pastor, shook my hand to tell me that I had really challenged, helped him and lit a fire in him.  I went on in with the same themes until 3:30 when I dismissed my audience.  A man who had dedicated his life to Christ a month ago thanked me for coming and said that I had set him on fire.  I prayed with him that he would have the boldness to preach against sin.

      Tonight, I preached my sermon, "Hell Rationally Considered," at our hosting church in Riverdale.




March 21, 2013, Fresno State

      Sister Cindy gathered a crowd which varied from 50-75; she spoke for at least 90 minutes.  Meanwhile, the students from the Riverdale Church, which has a Christian school arrived.  They were all dressed modestly wearing their school uniforms.  Cindy turned the meeting over to me.  There was a small group of feminists dressed in black holding signs on the stage next to us.  One sissified male held a sign which said, "End Patriarchy Save Humanity."  I introduced myself as a patriarch.  I said, "You males have been effeminized and emasculated by the

Getting a reaction is a necessary step to gaining the attention of the lost.

feminists.  The feminists do not even want to create a matriarchy since they are not interested in motherhood.  They are completely anti-family and want to establish a queer society."  We had captured the attention of many; the feminists' demonstration was virtually ignored.  I only spoke about 30 minutes because I wanted to give the Riverdale students an opportunity to hear Sister Pat before they had to leave.

      Andre, a student from a Christian fraternity whom I met last year, encouraged me on the sidelines.  "Last year you started conversations that lasted for months.  You make our job easier."  What a contrast to what the Christian leaders on campus usually tell me, which is, "You make our job more difficult."  Andre said we need a student preacher.  I told him about Dean Saxton IV.  I suggested that they bring Dean to the campus.  "Even better, you need to become another Dean and start preaching yourself," I replied.  He knew he should, but he was still reluctant.  He had listened to my exhortation to the Christians yesterday.

Students and faculty from Riverdale Academy (back left) joined in the ministry today.


     Wednesday, I had admonished the CRU guy, Jacob, for interrupting my witness on Tuesday.  At first he was defensive but then apologized.  I heard Jacob talking to another Christian, who was not a student but had minutes before told me that he wanted to preach on campus.  Jacob said to the aspiring preacher, "I have learned this week that we need to be bolder if we are going to gain the attention of the student body."  I was encouraged to hear this because on Tuesday he had wanted me to move to another location so as I would not interfere with the planned CRU outreach.  Yesterday, Josh listened as I spoke from Proverbs, "The wicked flee when no man pursues but the righteous are as bold as a lion."


The righteous are as bold as a lion...


   I called Josh over to affirm to me what he had said to the aspiring preacher.  He also sat in on my challenge to the Christian students yesterday.  I have a lot of hope for Josh he is already bolder than most Campus Crusaders.  Pray that he will be able to withstand the opposition he will incur even within his organization if he becomes more confrontational.  Jacob was only converted a year ago out of militant atheism.

...the wicked flee when no man pursues.  Proverbs 28:1
   By 3:15 the Christians had captured the attention of most of our audience as a result of arguing with an atheist who has been a daily presence.  I exhorted the several that I had left to discipleship.  I just hope these Christians will remain as aggressive after I leave.  We departed campus at 3:45 since we had a dinner appointment with Pastor and Mrs. Spencer at 4 PM.  I also spoke at a church in Avenal which is headed by Pastor Doug.  My message was, "Surveying the Wondrous Cross."  Sister Cindy called the message, "a masterpiece."

Later in the week we were encouraged as more of the student Christians came out of their holes to stand for the Gospel.


     Our ministry this week was primarily to the Christian community on campus.  I think there is potential for a revival at Fresno State, which will be on Spring Break next week; hopefully the fire we have kindled will continue burning after the week's break.  The devil works much devastation during what used to be called Easter Break.  Friday will be a travel day; we plan on reaching Flagstaff, AZ, by night.   Cindy and Sister Pat will by flying to MI to pick up a Mercury Grand Marquis, which has been donated to the ministry.  Then they will return home.  I will preach next week at Texas Tech.        

We left Fresno State today hoping for revival. Pray for all who heard, and the Christians who were stirred to action.


Spring Semester 2013     

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January 7-11, Florida State University

January 14-18, Florida State University

January 22-25, Louisiana State University

January 28-29, Sam Houston State

January 30- Feb. 1, Texas A&M

February 4, University of Texas

February 5-7, San Marcos State

February 8, University of Texas

February 11-22, University of Arizona

February 25-March 1, Arizona State University

March 4, U.C.L.A.

March 5- UC-Riverside

March 6-7 Long Beach State

March 8,  Fullerton State

March 11, UC San Deigo

March 12, San Marcus State

March 13-14, Dan Deigo State

March 15, UCLA

March 18-22, Fresno State 

March 25-29, Texas Tech, Lubbock

April 1-5, University of Oklahoma

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