Week 10  March 11, 2013
 Chad E., along with wife Mikaela and son, Josiah, joined us at UCSD on Friday. Chad took a turning at preaching with young Josiah observing the whole scene from his father's shoulders. It had been difficult keeping the students' attention, but this sight drew many to hear. Chad, the son-in-law of Peter Smith, from Michigan, is a Marine helicopter pilot who has been deployed three times. See details below.
Personal Need
You may have read in some of the journals that Bro. Jed has been having some dental issues. After visiting our dentist in Missouri this week, we found out that Bro. Jed needs a fixed bridge to solve the problems. The cost will be $3000, so if you would like to provide a gift to help with that special need, please do so. Thank you to all our friends and supporters.  We are praying for you, as we know that you are for us. In Christ, Sis. Cindy            
Video of the Week
Warning: Bad Language!
Furious Female
Furious Female
   I filmed this when an enraged female approached my husband on the sidelines while Sis. Pat was preaching.  I wanted to have the confrontation on tape in case the student made a false accusation to the police. 
March 11, 2013, UCSD
     For the first two breaks I was unable to draw a crowd.   At the 2 PM break a dance class took the free speech area to do what their teacher described as a "contemporary dance." Cindy came out of the library where she had been doing office work to stand on the stump and proclaim, "You are dancing your way to Hell!" She drew an audience of 50. Meanwhile, a bull horn preacher, who is a regular at UCSD, came over with his bull horn to heckle Cindy. "Give me a verse in the NT where it says that God hates sinners."   He may not have realized that one of Jesus' most frequent lines was, "It is written" then he would quote from the OT. Jesus and the apostles frequently quoted from the OT, especially psalms. The bull horn squeaker said, "Cindy, you are giving Christianity a bad name! Cindy you need to get back to the kitchen where women belong."
Students listen as the "bull horn" preacher reprimands Sis. Cindy at UCSD.
     Cindy answered, "I do belong in the kitchen and cleaning house." She then accused the bull horn preacher, "You are offending these college women by saying women belong in the kitchen." The bull preacher had been accusing us of offending students.
     When I took my turn, the bull preacher, who considers me to be a false prophet, accused me of sinning by elbowing the penguin at ASU. He also strongly objected to my sex education comments, complaining that I am too explicit in referring to bodily parts.  
Cindy admits, "I do belong in the kitchen and cleaning house."
     It is a shame that I have to give college students basic lessons in anatomy. They are so dense that they think the anus is a sexual organ. Nor do the boys realize that until they are married their penis is strictly for urinating. Of course the bull preacher was not disturbed when a male and female came out portraying Adam and Eve in a state of virtual nakedness.   Nor did he object to the gays defending their sin. I have little patience with Christians, especially those who try to pass themselves off as preachers, being more concerned over the fact that sinners are offended at preaching than that God is offended over sin.  
     When a male, who described himself as a commie gay, complimented my theatrics, the bull preacher accused me of being a clown and entertainer.
Doug, who takes the gentler apologetics approach, had a lot of good conversations at UCSD.
     I responded, "I try to use all the arts in conveying my message, including theatrics. I have fun while I preach and use satire to lampoon everything the students believe and stand for, especially their politically correctness. An open-air preacher cannot afford to be boring."
"An open-air preacher can not afford to be boring," Bro Jed.
     On facebook the bull horn preacher has referred to Ruben and his men as "Jesus thugs." Recently on facebook, Jesse Morrell was defending my mocking tactics by comparing my sardonic manner to Elijah mocking the false prophets of Baal. The bull horn preacher responded to Jesse, "Elijah mocked! Exactly! And what happened to Elijah after that? He ran like a sissy from Jezebel and never preached again! He lost his anointing after that and his ministry was over. People forget that fact.."
"I have fun while I preach and use satire to lampoon everything the students believe and stand for, especially their politically correctness," Bro. Jed.
     However, Elijah's disciple, Elisha, was not aware that Elijah had lost his anointing; Elisha asked for and received a double portion of the power that rested upon Elijah until the very end when he was taken up by a whirlwind into Heaven.
     This bull feather has no idea of the anointing of the Holy Ghost. Notice was the Father said to his son in Hebrews 1:9, "You have loved righteousness, and hated iniquity; therefore God, even your God, has anointed you with the oil of gladness above your fellows."    
   The bull horn tickler did succeed in stirring the crowd against me.   However, such always ends up working to my advantage if for no other reason it increases interest.   Finally one student asked a reasonable question which broke the ticker's influence.
The bull horn preacher spent his time combating us, instead of using the opportunity to witness for Christ.
Others began to get more serious. Soon I a group of students enclosed around me and I had a profitable session with a more thoughtful and sizeable group. I still put into the mix much humor which many UCSD students are sharp enough to understand and appreciate even though it is at their expense.
The key to Jesus' anointing was that he "loved righteousness and hated iniquity." A preacher who does not aggressively attack sin lacks the anointing of God. 
     "Those who complain need to step up and do a better job or shut-up," says bobby BIBLE.
"Come children, harken unto me and I will teach you the fear of the Lord." Psalm 34:11
Notice the Father said to his son in Hebrews 1:9, "You have loved righteousness, and hated iniquity; therefore God, even your God, has anointed you with the oil of gladness above your fellows."
March 12, 2013, California State University, San Marcos,
     It is 12:30 Christians are coming out their noon fellowship where they have prayed, read the Bible, and spoken of their love for their fellow students how to demonstrate their love in an inoffensive and political correct manner. Suddenly, they see their worst nightmare, a woman holding a Bible in one hand and in the other holding a sign which reads, "Back Door Sex Causes Peritonitis;" she is shouting at the girls calling most of them whores.   "We are here to get down and dirty with you," she proclaims.
Sis. Cindy started the meeting just as a group of students from a noon Bible study were leaving the library...she was their worst nightmare! 
The girls from the Christian fellowship say to this woman, "You are giving Christianity a bad name you are messing up everything we are trying to do."  
     Later, the girls take their complaints to me. Both of them seemed sincere; one of them had done missionary work in Mexico and had even done some street preaching. I taught them on confrontational evangelism.
     When I took my preaching turn, one female named Brea complains, "That woman ought not to be calling us whores."   I responded, "I can't help but noticing something on your tongue. What is that?" She shows everyone her tongue piercing. I responded, "Oh, I read an article as to why you girls get your tongue pierced." She retorted, "I give oral sex, so what!"
Sis. Pat's turn to warn the generation of vipers to flee the wrath to come. Matt. 3:7
     "You need to find a husband whom you can submit to and have normal sex and have babies," I said.
     "I am not going to get married and I am certainly not going to submit to some man," she answered.
     While Sister Pat preached, I was talking to another woman, who complained about Cindy calling the girls whores. I looked over toward the way of Brea and spoke of her as an example of a girl who was admittedly having oral sex, which classified her as a bad girl, who was getting down and dirty. Brea came running over in a rage. "What are you saying about me?"  
       I answered, "I am not saying anything other than you brazenly confessed to in front of a large crowd minutes ago."   She raged and raged. I tried to remove myself. But she followed me. She cussed Cindy for videoing her.  
Student justifies his sins, in spite of Sis, Pat's warnings.
       Later another coed encouraged me to sit in on her Human Sexuality class; she had learned that having sex is healthy both physically and mentally. She admitted she was having sex and virtually everyone was. It made no difference whether one was married or not.   She wanted me to get educated.   Of course, I am not on campus to get educated, but to educate. I said, "I would only come to the class if I could speak for ten to fifteen minutes." She left.
They are listening and the Holy Spirit is working.
     Later when Sister Angela was preaching, Brea approached me again. By this time she had calmed down but her hands were still shaking. We had a good conversation; I could tell she was under extreme conviction. At times she seemed to be receiving what I was saying, and then the devil would get the upper hand in her mind again. She claimed that she believed in God and in the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. I commended her for her attitude change. However, in the end she hardened her heart. She stated, "I have had an attitude change. The next time I see you I am going to ignore you and walk away." Then she departed in a huff. I predict that if she sees me again, she will stop and listen. They always come back for more--almost always.
San Marcos is a new campus, founded in 1989.
When we first came to this campus 15 years ago, the Dean was quoted in the newspaper defending our right to speak. She said, "This puts our university on the map. Brother Jed has visited our campus." The university was founded in 1989. 
March 13, 2013, San Diego State University,
     I had not been speaking long when a male skips up in his underwear with a message painted on his chest and stomach, "Love is never wrong." He was the perfect foil for my preaching. He was useful in drawing a crowd of fifty. He pranced around for almost an hour until he had to go to class. I suppose he put on his clothes for class. But who knows?
Bro. Jed may be one of the most videoed man alive.
     After he left my main foil was a girl who had been baptized and confirmed as a Lutheran but she admitted that she had sexed a number of boys. Later she kissed a female in a French way. Numerous students took pictures. I pretended to take a picture but did not. She later asked me to delete the picture. I asked her, "What would your father say if he saw that picture?" She replied, "I caught my father watching lesbian porn."  
     "No wonder you ended in the way you did," I thought.
"Breaking the ice" at SDSU.
     Daniel, a student, gathered around the two kissing girls and other lewd females. He witnessed to them for quite some time. Later he approached me and complimented me for my approach to evangelism. He had never seen evangelism done in this manner. He agreed that I was breaking the ice to open up opportunities to witness.
Atheist says that our approach is Biblical.
     The atheist with whom I had a formal debate last year greeted me. He said to Angela, that everything we were doing was Biblical; he also said the approach of Christians on campus was not Biblical.
     The bullhorn pretender from UCSD had the audacity to show up today to take advantage of the crowd we gathered. There are always those who have difficulty getting their own audience so they want to take advantage of mine, which is OK except they should not be opposing me.   He was better behaved today without his bullhorn. He did not heckle like he did at UCSD or try to stir the crowd against me. However, he did attempt to take over when Sister Pat was preaching. So I stepped in because I feared he would lose the audience or that we would lose control of the meeting. He then accused me of interrupting him.   Then he suggested that I was jealous of him. He carried a sign today that read, "SDSU ladies are virgins not whores." I suppose he was attempting to be satirical or maybe he is na´ve.
Sis. Angela gave a powerful witness to the atheist above.
These days it is a challenge to find a lady or gentleman on a state university, much less a virgin. If I had been holding the pretender's sign which claimed SDSU ladies are virgins, many girls would have approached me informing me that they were not virgins.   And they would be using language which would tell all that they were not ladies. Good preaching will always reveal sin.  
     About 2:45 our audience largely dispersed except for several students standing around discussing issues which I had raised.   Doug had people he was talking to all afternoon. And Pat almost always had someone listening to her. Cindy spent the day in the library working on our newsletter. I went to another area of campus for a while to preach. Meanwhile, Angela did a good job in drawing a new audience.  
Student questions Sis. Angela on the sidelines.
The bullhorn guy suggested I take notes concerning Angela's preaching. I do like to take mental notes when I listen to other open air preachers; with Angela, it may be something I might want to add to my routine; with others, like the bull horn guy, it is likely notes on things I would not do. Oh well, at least the guy is trying to get into the game.   As bobby BIBLE says, "He wants to be a star, but he does not have the substance." We left campus about 4:15.
Student stops by to say his Muslim prayers.  Sis. Cindy said, "Yes, you are free to do that here in the Christian influenced country that we live in.  If I was trying to preach about Jesus in Saudi Arabia, I would be arrested and probably executed."
Muslin listens to Bro. Jed teaching why Jesus is the only way to salvation.
March 14, 2013, San Diego State University
     Cindy started the meeting and drew a large crowd, which was more serious than yesterday's audience. When she called upon me, I spoke on comparative religion. My purpose was to demonstrate that if Christianity is true, then all other religions are false. On the other hand, if some other religion is true, then Christianity is false.
Sis. Cindy drew a large serious crowd today.
One would think that basic logic such as this would be easy to get across to thinking students. Alas, few of them are thinkers! Nor do they understand basic logic. My point was extremely difficult to get across to students, who have been brainwashed with multi-culturalism and pluralism.   To reject elementary logic is to reject, God who is the Logos (the Logic or Word). When men reject God, who is the starting point of all wisdom and knowledge, they fall into darkness and confusion.
Sis. Pat had a great preaching session with a group in the middle of the afternoon.
     Yesterday, we had a pervert come out in his underwear. Today, we had a hussy prancing around in her bikini. Other than her appearance she was not behaving in a gross manner. She was going around saying sweet things to people and paying them compliments.  
Holy Ghost anointed preaching! Go Sis. Pat!
     After 3 PM the crowd became stirred especially on account of a female, who professed Christianity and strongly objected to our preaching, especially the derogatory expression Cindy applies to lesbians.   It is tolerable to question so called gay rights; however, it is strictly taboo to speak of what homosexuals and lesbians do. When one speaks of the actually filthy activities in which perverts engage, even Christians like the bull-horn speaker will go into a tizzy condemning the preachers or righteousness with engaging in filthy conversation. Sodomites do not want the issue to become what they do; they want to focus on gay marriage, etc., trying to pass themselves off as normal and loving.
Break for some questions.
     Today the bull-horn nemesis did not cause any problems. He either listened or witnessed on the sidelines; at one point he encouraged our preacher friend, Jack, from Wisconsin to go with him to another area and preach.   We are giving the bull-horn guy slack, since he gave an offering to Angela yesterday. Today, she left for San Francisco late in the afternoon; she wants to join us in May in Washington.  
Three Muslim girls question Bro. Jed.
     At about 3:30 police warned me that we were getting too loud and that we would have to tone it down. I was careful to lower my voice; however, the irate female who claimed to be a Christian kept getting louder and louder. Within 15 minutes the police returned saying we had to shut it down. He said we could return tomorrow. I decided not to argue with him since I had an evening speaking appointment at the Praise Chapel Church in National City.  
This student came out in her bikini; she was "making a statement."
   As we were packing up the policeman thanked me for cooperating; he warned me that next time I might want to choose another location since the complaints were coming from the close-by Administration Building. The complaints were bogus since there were other activities going on in the area earlier in the day which were as loud as we were. However, perhaps they weren't as noisy as the loud-mouth female who opposed us.  
Bro. Jack and his wife, Sandy teamed with us this week. Here Bro. Jack answers inquiries on the sidelines.
     The pastor introduced me in the evening as an evangelist who had a profound effect on "our fellowship in the 70's when I was a young Christian. I thought I was involved in a radical church until Brother Jed came along who was even more radical." He indicated that I made a strong impact on his life and ministry. After my message, the altars were packed with people who volunteered to rise up against all sin and workers of iniquity.  
March 15, University of California, San Diego
     Cindy worked hard to draw a crowd by exposing their wicked, wicked ways. As usual Cindy gathered a sizable crowd. I was not at full energy when I started today, as I ministered last night in a Praise Chapel and spoke at a men's Bible Study in Encinitas at 6:30 this morning. It was almost an hour drive to get to the Bible Study. We have had a rugged schedule the last few weeks often ministering at night, plus having to battle the California freeway traffic.
UCSD students react to the preaching.
     Chad and Mikaela E. joined us. Chad did a great job defending holiness. When he announced that he was perfect in heart and had not sinned in years, the demons, who love sin, went into a frenzy.  
The bull horn guy said that he had sinned just a week ago but he could not remember what it was.   From that remark I would consider that he either takes sin lightly, or he has temptation confused with sin.
Video and share with friends...the Gospel is spread by the unbeliever.
The best take on his confession would be that if one has truly repented, God forgives and forgets, so the sinner may also forget the sin. The main problem with those who oppose Christian perfection seems to be that men do not understand that sin is a selfish choice, not a substance or a thing we inherent and something that remains in us even after conversion.
     Pastor Ronnie from P.C. arrived with a few of his people. I am always encouraged when a local pastor comes out in support. Jack and Sandy were with us with their tracts and banners. Mitch Greer and his wife and sons also helped witness. As Mitch said after dinner, "There was a lot going on out there today."
Chad E., preached the Gospel with son Josiah. 
     After 5 PM I turned the meeting over to Doug, who addressed evolution vs. creation issues. We left campus at 6:45 and we all went to dinner together.   Cindy said, "The lesson of the day was perseverance." We really did not effectively gain the students' attention until 3 PM. I vainly attempted to regather a dispersed crowd at the 3 PM break, but did not have the energy to do so. We were tempted to call it a day, since we had already had a few good hours. However, Cindy gave it one last shot with few passing by and assembled an attentive audience with good questions, which enabled Chad to have his good hour of instruction in holiness
Chad and Josiah drew a bigger crowd. Left in the green dress, wife and mom, Mikaela watch father and son.  Mikaela is expecting baby number 2.
   The Holy Ghost re-energized me after Chad spoke and I had a good 30 minute session, mostly having to deal with a man who called himself "a queer." 
How shall they hear without a preacher?
This girl seemed to be intelligent but a few minutes later she took her shirt off.
Jack and Sandy with their powerful banners and signs.
Spring Semester 2013     

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