Week 9:
Directing Students To The Straight and Narrow Path
Video of the Week
Gayness and May I Court Your Daughter?
Gayness, and May I Court Your Daughter?--At Long Beach State


March 4, 2013, UCLA

   bobby Bible was exhorting the students when Cindy and I arrived on campus. Cindy opened by addressing the sexual sins and soon drew a crowd of fifty which varied from 50-100 all afternoon. One heckler was persistent throughout the day. He was even on his cell phone broadcasting to his friends what was going on. Doug, a Bible Believer from Ruben's Bible Study, soon arrived with a banner. He is a retired air traffic controller. Then Jack and Sandy, a husband wife Baptist team from Wisconsin, arrived with banners and tracts. Sister Angela, who is back in LA, joined us a well. Next, Keith Darrel, a campus preacher, who first heard me a Bowling Green State University in the early 90's, came on the scene to observe and witness on the sidelines. In his college days he was told by Christians to stay away from the campus preacher which just got him curious. Cindy and I did the preaching, except for Sister Angela taking a turn. The others were playing the back-up role.
bob BIBLE at UCLA. At 72, he is the oldest campus/street preacher living and has done it the longest.

   One Asian Christian girl was more distraught over our preaching than anyone I can remember. She was totally out of control emotionally crying virtually the whole time we were preaching. She approached everyone in our team, who explained to her our message and methods. About 3:00 she tearfully addressed the crowd saying, "This man is not representative of Christianity." bob encouraged the girl simply to give her testimony concerning what Christ had done in her life. However, she merely continued sobbing. Before the crowd could blame me, I turned the blame for her emotional state on the crowd and said, "See what you have done; you have brought this poor Oriental girl to tears." I knew I was pressing a politically incorrect button. A female went into a rage, "You can't call her an Oriental that is not politically correct; she is an Asian." Some Christians surrounded the hysterical female to comfort her and they all prayed together against us.
UCLA students move in closer to question Bro. Jed's politically incorrect message.
   I turned the preaching over to Angela. Meanwhile a few Christians, one of whom was a campus minister, surrounded me complaining about my hell-fire preaching. I was patient with them for a while explaining confrontational evangelism. But they continued to attempt to correct me. Keith Darrel came to my assistance and told them that they were being arrogant and disrespectful. I left them with Keith. 
Sis. Angela talks of her rebellion against her parents and how Jesus changed her life!
   We had to leave campus a 4 PM since I had an appointment with Roger Nygard, producer of the documentary "The Nature of Existence," which includes me as one of the "stars." Also, we had to get back to Norwalk for Ruben's Bible Study. I left the crowd with Doug, who wasn't sure what to do with the mob since he likes to take an analytical approach in his witness. Two Asian Christians thanked me for coming to campus. They said, "Most preachers are ignored on this campus except for students shouting obscenities as they pass by the preachers. You had a big crowd." 
We were blessed with attentive crowds at UCLA.
   As I walked further along Bruin Walk three students apologized to me for the behavior of their fellow students. They were ashamed of the "bullying" behavior of their classmates. Usually, I am accused of being the bully. Actually, we did not consider the students to be too bad today. Their "bullying" was more in a good natured humorous vain than the antagonistic attitude express by many at Arizona State bullies, who resorted to cursing, spitting and threats of violence. Nevertheless, we must remember that the student's reaction to the gospel is blasphemous despite their light-heartedness. 
We also preached to some of the largest crowds that we had engaged at UCLA in recent years.
   Roger Nygard plans on coming out to UCLA with his film crew to prepare a video to try to sell for a Brother Jed Reality Show, which he is planning on putting together. We shall see how that develops. We had a great time in Ruben's study of Luke 2.
Sis. Cindy preaching, bob BIBLE in the amen section. Jack and Sandy are also flying their beautiful banners. A great day of witnessing for Jesus Christ!

March 5, 2013, Fullerton State College,

   I hoisted one of Ruben's banners, which says, "Homosex is Sin." The other side reads, "Romans 1 says sodomy is a sin worthy of death." I started preaching at 11:25, which was towards the end of a break.
Flying the Homosex Is Sin banner drew boisterous crowds of over 500 at Fullerton.
Immediately people started taking pictures of the banner. An atheist sodomite, who admitted he sodomizes his wife, engaged me in dialogue. Strangely, he asked me, "Are you anointed of God?" He claimed, "One cannot be anointed and hate." On the other hand I argued, "Any minister who does not hate sin is not anointed of God."
Doug, from Ruben's fellowship stood with us as we preached to crowds of 500.
 Someone said, "I have called the police; they are going to remove you for hate speech." I reminded the crowd, "I love gays, but not in a gay way!" The crowd quickly swelled as two perverts got in front of me with signs, one made reference to an erection and the other to masturbation. The perverts kept waving their signs in front of me and sometimes led the crowd in chants. I gave the banner to Mark to hold. Meanwhile, Doug I, Doug 2, Dennis, Jack, Sandy and Angela arrived. Then I called upon Mark. He did very well and the crowd began to swell at the class break. The police also arrived but stood off at a distance for most of the afternoon.
Because of this banner, students accused us of hate speech and called the police, who watched from a distance.
   The crowd was extremely riled; more riled than I like. When Mark turned the mob back to me, he stayed in front continuing to confront some. The crowd was probably too big for one man to handle. Eventually, I called upon Jack; I had never heard him preach before. He did a very good job and has a good strong voice. About 2:30, I took over again the crowd swelled to an estimated 500. I do not remember ever having such a large crowd at Fullerton State. The mob was so rowdy I had to resort to singing songs, "Amazing Grace" and "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus."
   About 4:30 I called upon Angela and after a conversation with several students I left the Plaza as I departed numerous students shouted good-byes. They seemed sincere.
The mob was so rowdy I had to resort to singing songs, "Amazing Grace" and "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus."


March 6, 2013, Long Beach State

   When Cindy and I arrived, a group of ministers were already in the free speech area representing different area churches. The First Congregational Church of Long Beach had a sign which said, "We are an open and affirming congregation." It was evident that they were affirming gays. I opened by crying, "I am here to affirm the righteousness and holiness. I am here to affirm marriage between a man and a woman." One minister held a sign which read, "Straight but not narrow."
When we arrived at Long Beach State, a group of ministers where on campus holding an "Opening and Affirming" rally for gays.
   As for me I am both straight and narrow. "Straight is the gate and narrow is the way which leads to life." We gathered a crowd which reached up to 300. The gay promoting ministers soon became frustrated. They had dancers who to tried to gain the attention of the crowd. A few gathered around me to dance in a lewd way hunching their pelvises against me. They had a large board with a rainbow upon it; they encouraged students to come and sign their board. Before long they were begging the students to listen to them. However, we were the center of attention.
Would you want this woman teaching your child?

   A boisterous butch who made Rosie O'Donnell appear feminine was in my face for 40 minutes harassing me with her I-phone in my face and recording me. She kept yelling that she wanted to skate board with me. At other times she shouted that she wanted to tan with me. She was one of the top ten gross females I have encountered in my years on campus. On top of that, she identified herself as a professor. The monster finally got on her phone and called the police accusing me of sexual harassment and that she was going to make a citizen's arrest. Meanwhile a bunch of gays gave me a group hug. 

This gay student listened and heckled most of the day. He was more open than he admitted.
The police arrived after a while and she left the circle to accuse me to them. Eventually, a reasonable policeman called me off to the side so I called on Cindy to preach. He listened to my side of the story. I don't think he was impressed with the butch. Evidently, he had seen earlier how the she had been constantly in my face.
Bro. Dennis C., a local minister joined us and witnessed on the sidelines.
 Nevertheless, he did take my ID and held it for over 30 minutes. Then he came back, gave me my ID and he said our permit was only until 2 PM. I politely informed him that he was mistaken. I called the Office of Student Life and Development which does require speakers to sign in and carry an identification badge. The office affirmed that I could stay in the area all day. Jeff, the Dean of the office, even came out and talked to the police for a long time. Next he defended my right to speak to a complaining student. I overheard him saying of me, "He gets students thinking." I talked with Jeff briefly, who assured me that his office had everything under control and they would defend free speech.
In spite of the obnoxious few, most of the students were good-natured listeners. 
   Meanwhile, I had not noticed that Cindy was been squirted with water guns. One has to be concerned when this happens because one does not know what the students might put in their guns. This action did not get the approval of the crowd. Actually, most of the crowd was not a problem today, just a small group of troublemakers within who were very hostile. Other hecklers were more good natured in their opposition.
Students decide to surround Sis. Cindy and take pictures.

   We had not known about the ministers' planned demonstration; it was a good day for the Lord to send us to the campus to show that not all Christians are like these ministers of iniquity who were defending abominations. We had to leave campus at 3:30 since I was the speaker at the conference of Praise Chapel Churches meeting at Knott's Berry Farm.
For a while it was a five ring circus: dancers, professor heckler, police, and the nice nerdy guy who kept asking questions. After a while the gay group gave up on getting a crowd and joined us.
   Ruben was unexpectedly called away by an emergency situation in his business about 1:30. Ruben had arrived in the free speech area before we did and he had a brief debate with the gay sympathizing ministers (some more than sympathizers I assume). Ruben and Colleen are hosting us in their home this week. Sister Pat is visiting her son in San Diego and will rejoin us next week.
Ruben was flying one of his infamous banners when we arrived to preach.
A part of the gay church group.
Anthony Garcia posted on my facebook timeline, "Jed, I was one of the students at Long Beach who partook in the insults against you and your family. I apologize for my rude and disgusting behavior today. Though I do not agree with your views on God or Jesus, it still does not justify my behavior today."
   I spoke to hundreds at the PC conference on a message entitled, "What manner of persons ought ye to be?" from 2 Peter 3:11. The theme of the conference was "Our soon coming King." My point was that whatever one's point of view may be concerning the events leading up to the Second Coming of our Lord, that considering that all things of this world shall be destroyed, we ought to be a people who are holy and suffering for righteousness sake and walking in the steps of the Lord.
Speaking about "Our Soon coming King!" At Praise Chapel Conference.
Pastor Neville, who founded the world-wide P.C. movement with her late husband, introduced me as one of the instruments that sparked a revival in their church in LA back in the 70's. Several pastors testified to me before and after the service on how my ministry had changed their lives.


March 7, 2013, Fullerton State University

   Today began like many days end. I usually begin the day by appealing to the conscience by addressing the moral issues. However, today I began by appealing to their intellects by addressing the key questions of origins, meaning, the source of moral obligation, man's ultimate destiny and the evidences for God. These 90 minutes were relatively quiet; students asked some good questions. I was interrupted at one point by the Associate Dean of Students who said that when I was here Tuesday the crowd was so large that it was disrupting the flow of traffic. He said if this happened again today, that he would have to relocate me. He requested that I move closer to the center of the mall. I agreed and the crowd followed.
Today we tried to keep the crowd from getting any larger than 200 so that the police would not stop us.  It had been over 500 on Tuesday.
   At 12:50 I called upon Cindy warning her not to let things get too rowdy since I did not want to be moved. Meanwhile, Robbie approached me and said, "Thank you for your courageous stand; you have taken me to another level of faith; I see from your example, that I can be loud in declaring my faith."

   Another student approached me and said, "You realize that all you are doing is embarrassing us." I answered, "Well, that is a start; some will be ashamed of their behavior once they get alone by themselves."
Sis. Cindy calling Fullerton students to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.

   Two boys questioned me about my methods and message, initially one was hostile and combative; however, it did not take long to settle him down. Before he left he said, "I have changed my mind about you; I was wrong; I thought you were uneducated; I now see that you are a very intelligent man; you blew my mind."

   Students gradually became more and more frivolous. Students sat down in front of me in what they called the "tolerance row." They had colored crayons to make various signs; some were even written in Arabic. I finished my day by expounding on the Lord's Prayer. I suppose that some were taught it by rote, but had never thoughtfully considered its words. I encouraged them to pray and deeply consider its meaning as they prayed. I turned the meeting over to Angela who concluded by speaking from Proverbs 1.
Students with their crayon made signs. Sis. Angela is closing the day of preaching.


UCLA March 8, 2013

   As we arrived in Westwood it started to rain; also things did look good weather wise in the light of predictions. Roger Nygard called to ask if we were going to preach since he was planning on filming for his promo for his proposed reality show with Brother Jed and family. I said, "We would give it a shot." I did not have a lot of confidence that we would gain much attention with the inclement weather.
Friday night we stayed in LA at producer Roger Nygard's home, which was designed by famous architect, Eric Owen Moss. The hot tub was on the roof.  We did not try it:)
   Cindy did draw a crowd in the light rain and cold. The rain soon stopped; she had a gathered about 25 students. I called Roger and he said he would be right down with his associate, Paul. Roger only lives a few miles away. Cindy was having one of her best times of the year dialoging at an intellectual level with students. UCLA students are on a higher level than on most state universities. Meanwhile, I was on the phone lining up a dental appointment in El Cajon for Saturday. I had a molar pulled in Tucson on February 20 and I have experienced a constant tooth ache since.
Bro. Jed takes over and draws a crowd in spite of dropping temperatures and rain.

   When I took my turn with the temperature dropping and the still constant rain, I decided to address the moral issues. I did not want to have the film crew show and have no students to video. The moral issues coupled with a few escapades out of my sinner days hold the attention of the students more than the philosophical issues. When Roger arrived, his main interest was in interviewing Cindy with the campus backdrop on questions concerning our family. He also interviewed a number of students individually. My crowd eventually dwindled to a few. One was a boy who had a Pentecostal background who listened and questioned me all afternoon. He reminded me that he was one of the ones who had apologized to me on Monday for the "bullying" behavior of his fellow students.
Roger, right and his associate, Paul, interview Sis. Cindy for the reality show promo.
   Roger then interviewed me with the Student Union as a background. Evidently, a few of the students had mentioned to him that I had gained their attention by addressing the sin of masturbation. He asked me if I considered preaching against masturbation a good attention getter. Regrettably, even at UCLA students mainly have their mind between their legs so if one is going to capture an audience it is helpful to address the issue of self-abuse. He also wanted to know how I could survive and support a family by "yelling" at college students. After a 30 minute interview with a few students listening, Roger suggested that I start preaching again since there was a class break. He wanted to get some footage on how I start a meeting. I expounded on the text 1 Cor. 6:9-10. It was after 3 PM on Frida and still cold so I did not get much of an audience. Roger then interviewed Angela, who spoke of my ministries influence on her entering the campus evangelism. Roger indicated to me several times that he thought he had gotten good footage for his promo.
Great interaction with some thoughtful students at UCLA.

   Cindy and I were guests in Roger's home which was designed by famed architect Eric Owen Moss. Roger took us to dinner with Paul and an Australian female scientist, Sophia, who help with the filming. On the way to the Cuban restaurant we saw one of the most distinct rainbows any of us had ever seen. Roger regarded it as a positive sign for his reality show.

   Over dinner Roger said the working title for the show is "An American Evangelist." I said, "Most people will probably think of Billy Graham when they hear that title." Paul replied, "Not anymore." Roger added, "My goal is to make you more famous than Billy Graham."
Female students were selling these shirts. She was embarrassed enough to hide her face.

   I was reminded when William Randolph Hearst in a two word telegram said to his vast newspaper chain, "Pump Graham" during Billy's 1949 Los Angeles crusade. As a result the crusade lasted for eight weeks and Billy Graham became a nationally known figure.
Sis. Angela did a lot of witnessing this week.

   Saturday, I had my dental appointment. The dentist indicated my socket was healing properly but the problem was coming from a wisdom tooth which needed to be pulled when I returned home. Meanwhile, he prescribed an antibiotic and a pain killer.
Spring Semester 2013     

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