Week 8:
Fighting the Devils at Arizona State University
Video of the Week
Characteristics of a Feminazi by Sis. Cindy
Characteristics of a FemiNazi
by Sis. Cindy, at UA




February 25, 2013, Arizona State University

     We did not ever have over fifty listening to us today.  Cindy's new hand-made sign, "Back-door Sex Causes Peritonitis" is certainly an attention grabber.  She gets frequent questions about the sign.  The first person to stop inquired about the sign.  The challenge for an open-air preacher is often to get the first person to stop.  Once one has stopped others feel more comfortable in stopping and engaging in dialogue.

Students hear very little about the health dangers of sodomy.

Yesterday, when Cindy related her testimony at Victory World Outreach in Phoenix, she mentioned that when she was a student that I was the "hottest" man she had ever met. When she turned the meeting over to me, I said, "Holiness is hot.  Jesus promised to baptize us with the Holy Ghost and fire."  Cindy used my line several times today. Holiness is hot! Heat can either attract or repel.  Students are both attracted and repelled by us.  Sometimes it gets so hot they can hardly stand to be in our presence.  At other times they are so cold that they gather around us like people gather around a campfire. 

ASU Girl who had her tongue cut  like a snake.


      About 5 PM, a lesbian dressed in a man's suit and bow tie succeeded in drawing the students away and gave them a lecture which I suppose was on political correctness.   We decided that would be a good time to leave since we had a dinner appointment with Gabe Hodge, a graduate of Texas State University in San Marcos.  Gabe was significantly influenced by my ministry during his college days.  He attended the VWO service last night and testified.  Gabe was the only man in his Christian fraternity who supported me back in his college days.  He received a lot of flak from his fellow Christians for befriending me.

This is Sis. Pat's anointed sign.  It draws the students like flies and she has many great conversations.  These ASU students asked to have their picture taken.

       Rick from VWO, who has done missionary work, came out with his young son.  He was in the middle of the action witnessing.  Thomas, who is a retired gentleman, who has daily witnessed on campus for years also talked with some students.  There was another preacher on down the walk, who was also proclaiming the gospel.  He had several listening to him.  Evidently, he is a local preacher. 




February 26, 2013, ASU
   I drew an audience with the help of my new blue banner, which lists sins that can result in Hell. I preached for about two hours while Sister Pat was off at a distance holding her YOU DESERVE HELL sign. She reported that she had at least 25 students who approached her to ask, "Why?"

Bro. Jed with one of his new banners at ASU.

   While I was preaching, a few students tried to get the Harlem Shake going on around me. However, someone, who knew about the incident at UA, tried to discourage them saying, "It did not work at UA; it just drew a larger crowd for Brother Jed." One degenerate spit on me; it was perturbing since I wore the navy suit for the first time after getting it back from the cleaners.

   When a Christian kid criticized for my "ineffective" approach, I admonished him for his lack of knowledge in the Bible and his immaturity in the faith. He quoted from I Timothy 4:12, "Let no man look down upon you because of your youth."

   His appeal to the Bible infuriated me the more. I countered, "You are no Timothy. Timothy was well instructed in the Scriptures all his life by his mother and Grandmother. He was a godly example in word, conduct, love, spirit, faith and purity. What is your sin?" He admitted he had sin in his life. Youngsters on campus frequently appeal to Timothy to justify their rebuke of me. Paul also counseled Timothy, "Rebuke not an elder but entreat him as a father." Generally, the students associated with the Christian organizations on campus are heady and high-minded; yet relatively few of them have a working knowledge of the Bible or have even real the entire NT.
Romanian Pastor Doru Neamtu joined us at ASU. He is a Messianic Jew who preaches on the streets of Tempe, AZ.
   I accepted an invitation from Pastor Doru Neamtu, a Romanian and converted Jew, who is assistant Pastor of a Messianic congregation, to address his youth in Glendale, AZ. As it turned out there were also a number of adults attending from various European countries. I preached my signature, "Who Will Rise Up?" message to an attentive and responsive audience. Afterwards, I fielded questions for almost an hour. Pastor Doru does street preaching in Tempe; he was arrested recently but used the opportunity to preach in jail. Pastor Doru is associated with the Voice of the Martyrs, so my emphasis of suffering for the cause of Christ went over well.

Cindy spent the day visiting with my sister in Scottsdale.

February 27, ASU

   We had difficulty maintaining our crowds today. We drew several audiences but over time they would fizzle. We are going to try the other side of the fountain on Thursday if the area is clear. It is helpful when there is a place for the students to sit. Of course, we always had some who were listening, dialoguing and debating. We did a lot better than a group called, "Christian Challenge," who had a tent set up in the area with several students simply sitting at a table. I did not notice anyone approaching their tent. They were not challenging anyone that I could see. Oh well, at least they are trying to make themselves visible. Evangelicals will try a numerous approaches to evangelism but they refuse to take the most Biblical approach, which is preaching outside where the sinners are. Confrontational evangelism is daily confronting students with their sins and the Cross of Christ. We are supposed to be the Church Militant, not the Church at rest.
We could not see that this group was challenging anyone.
   Pastor Doru and another brother joined us on campus today. I called upon Pastor Doru and he spoke to an audience of about 25 for 40 minutes. He has done open air preaching before.

   One of the atheists, who has been heckling for years, walked with us back to the parking garage. He seemed open as Sister pat witnessed to him. Once again, Sister Pat spent the day holding her YOU DESERVE HELL sign on the sidelines with many stopping to speak with her.
Pastor Duro had a great session with ASU students.
   The atheists have not had an organized protest against us this year as they have in years past. I think that several who led the opposition have graduated. Thursday night I will debate Averroes in the Memorial Union at 7:30 PM on the question, "Can a man be moral independent of God?" I also debated Averroes last year.
Bro. Jed had a number of fruitful conversations with this atheist.
   In the evening I spoke to a Romanian congregation in Peoria, AZ on the subject of apologetics. I had a translator since several of the old people do not speak English. The men sat on one side and the women on the other side of the Church. They were a wonderful and responsive congregation. I look forward to the opportunity to speak there again and build a relationship over the years. I was impressed with the commitment of the people and their spirituality. Much time was spent in prayer. They bought a lot of my books which is always a good sign that people received well my message. Having lived in a communist country, they understand the wrong direction that America is headed and they see persecution on the horizon.

February 28, 2013, ASU

Sister Pat says that she had her best witness ever to a Jewish boy, Brandon. Brandon heard Dean preach at the opening of the semester when he says the students were tossing eggs at him and then threw him in the fountain. Brandon heckled me but changed his attitude after hearing my testimony. Brandon came to my debate in the evening as a result of Pat's invitation. Sister Pat hopes that he will become another Apostle Paul. Sister Pat continued her strategy of sitting off at a distance holding her sign waiting for students to approach her.
This was Sis. Pat's fishing spot at ASU all week.  The fish were biting!
   There was a pervert with a guitar who sang depraved songs all the while that I stood for righteousness. I say stood for holiness because the guitarist was too loud to productively preach over his racket. Other male and female perverts stood on the wall beside me with signs while I simply let my banner do most of the preaching. Occasionally, between the guitarist's songs I would make a few comments. It was amazing that 35-50 students just stood there all of this time taking in the whole scene.
The perverts were out with their signs today.
   During this time, Cindy went to the other side of the fountain and preached from a stage to the students that were sitting in chairs outside the Memorial Union. She was able to tell the story of HPV Holly and the Condom Gospel. Meanwhile, I was growing weary of listening to the decadence of the pervert with the guitar so I announced I was taking a break. The guitarist and those with their perverted signs went over to harass Cindy, and then she decided to stop. Meanwhile, several students came over to express their disapproval of the harassment I was receiving from the guitarist and signers. Unfortunately, none of them had the nerve to say anything while the aggravation was taking place. We went inside the Union about 4:30 to prepare for my debate at 7:30.
Bro. Jed points students to the way of salvation.
   This was my third debate with Averroes who is from Pakistan, who says his religious views are "systematic skepticism." He says over the last few years he has moved from an atheist to a pantheist. The debate was sponsored by Secular Society. Each of us had 15, 10 and 5 minutes to make our case. The question for debate was, "Can a one be moral independently of God?"
Before it was over, about sixty had crammed into this little room to hear Bro. Jed debate, Averroes, a skeptic from Pakistan.
 I argued, if there is a benevolent Creator, who made man in his own image, then one cannot be moral without believing in him. If there is a God, and he imparted unto us life, then it is the height of wickedness and arrogance to deny him. Indeed, if there is a good God, not only must we acknowledge his existence, we have a responsibility to love and serve him.
Averroes, a former Muslim, now a pantheist, said that he would like to marry a Christian woman but none would have him.
   About 60 attended the debate despite the short notice and little publicity. Pastor Chris from VWO came with some of his members and the Romanians also attended with Pastor Duro.

March 1, 2013, ASU

   At ASU is seems that there are about half as many students on campus on a Friday. We did not get a good class break until after 1 PM. I held my other new banner today which says, FEAR GOD on one side and on the other side, ASK ME WHY YOU DESERVE HELL. The banner proved to be a good attention getter. About 2 PM I called upon Cindy.
Sis. Cindy preaches the truth while the devil in the back tries to interrupt with a bull horn.

   Eventually, the loud guitarist from yesterday returned wearing a devil's mask. For a good 30 minutes he quietly stood behind Cindy. Soon the devil got the best of him and he started shouting through his bull horn. I considered calling the police since amplification is not allowed and Cindy did not want to speak above a bull horn. However, I do not like to bring the police on the scene. Also, the devil was drawing more people. Instead, I hoisted my banner again and took over for Cindy.
This guy was a pest most of the week.  May the Lord reach this lost soul.

After about 15 minutes a girl in the crowd began rebuking the devil with the bull horn for not allowing free speech. The students quickly turned against her but she held her ground magnificently. Soon the devil put down his bull horn; the bold girl had a lengthy conversation with the tattooed degenerate. She must have softened him up. He did not interfere with the preaching again. He even extended his hand to me before he left. I gave him a good firm grip.
Bro. Jed takes over the meeting and in the meantime a female student starts rebuking the devil for his behavior.
   Soon two pretty blond whores approached bragging on all the men with whom they had had sex. They both wore shorts skirts and had a feminine look. "I love sex," one of them said. Both girls were Catholics and one of them had been to confession as recently as this past Christmas. But she had not stopped fornicating. I told her she had no respect for her parents' marriage. I said, "Anyone who fornicates is demonstrating that marriage is not important. That would include your own parents' marriage."
These two ASU girls spent a considerable amount of time bragging about their sexual immorality.
I said to her, "You remind me of a Catholic girl that I used to date." I then told the story of my father's 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air with leather seats. This girl also said her grandfather was a preacher who turned gay, whom she considered a good man.

About 4 PM I decided to join Thomas and Cindy, who were holding signs. John G. had joined them with a banner about 3 PM. John had made a new staff crucifix for me. However, he gave it to Cindy since the girls had brought me a custom made one for my birthday. He had done a beautiful job on it. When I held it, I was inspired to preach again. I waved the crucifix over the heads of the sinners.
Time for some teaching for those who are listening.
   When we parted, Thomas said what a great week he thought it had been. He had many opportunities to witness. Both Thomas and John G. heard me as undergraduates at ASU back in the early 80's.
Sis. Pat sharing the Gospel with all who would stop. Eternity will show the fruit of her labors.
Now after all these years, they are working with me. Sister Pat found her fishing pond in the same location all week, where she sat and held her sign as one student after another approached to ask why they deserved Hell.

Spring Semester 2013     

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January 7-11, Florida State University

January 14-18, Florida State University

January 22-25, Louisiana State University

January 28-29, Sam Houston State

January 30- Feb. 1, Texas A&M

February 4, University of Texas

February 5-7, San Marcos State

February 8, University of Texas

February 11-22, University of Arizona

February 25-March 1, Arizona State University

March 4, U.C.L.A.

March 5- UC-Riverside

March 6-7 Long Beach State

March 8,  Fullerton State

March 11, UC San Deigo

March 12, San Marcus State

March 13-14, Dan Deigo State

March 15, UCLA

March 18-22, Fresno State 

March 25-29, Texas Tech, Lubbock

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April 8-May 3, Missouri campuses

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