Bro. Dean, Bro. Jed, Sis Cindy and Sis. Pat 


Video of the Week
Getting Things Started
Getting Things Started
Day 1 at University of Arizona: 
Visual Lessons on How to Connect With College Students

February 18, 2013, UA

     Dean started the meeting while holding his banner, which reads, "HOMO SEX IS SIN" on one side and the other side reads Roman 1:26-27.   He had an attentive crowd. I spoke on principles of moral government; God governs man by moral influence; he governs the inanimate creation by the law of cause and effect; he governs the animal kingdom by the law of instinct.   It is difficult to get these concepts through to the so-called students since they live at the animalistic level; most of them are controlled by their sexual instincts. They are so dumb that they believe they are descendants of apes. 
Bro. Jed explains to University of Arizona students that God designed man to be governed by moral influence, not by animalistic instincts.


     I addressed the issue of gluttony, which is manifested in many females of our day through the medical term bulimia. Two girls were quite angry at me. I knew I had pushed their buttons. I was taking away their medical excuse for their sin.   They left crying but soon returned for the rest of the day. Students were angry; they claimed, "You made the girls cry." I responded the gluttons need to have a godly sorrow, which will result in repentance. If they truly repent and believe the gospel, they will stop the binge eating and regurgitation.
"Students, your ancestors were not apes!"


   Dean took a second turn; he preached for over an hour, mostly addressing sexual immorality. He had the sorority girls in a tizzy. He taught the girls that they no understanding of what a relationship. All they know is sex. My second time I had a confrontation with a middle-aged contentious female, who claimed to know more theology than me. She insisted that the Council of Nicaea determined the Canon of Scripture. I pointed out that the Council of Nicaea had nothing to do with compiling the Scriptures; the main issue at the Council was the Arian heresy. Virtually all students that claim to know anything on this council are deceived concerning the history of this Council. They all want to make Constantine into a villain.   I regard Constantine as a hero of the faith, who largely put an end to the persecution of the church.
The female with her hand raised was a regular heckler during our two weeks at UA.


     Cindy closed the day by giving a message on 10 popular misconceptions of Jesus, which can be found on my website. By now many of the students were talking among themselves.   But I could see on the faces of a few that they were listening. One of the girls who had become so upset over the gluttony/bulimia issue had a sober look on her face.
In the course of two weeks of preaching 5 hours a day, our 4 person team covered every issue that a student could ask. The Bible is full of answers.


     I had a good conversation with a girl from the German class in which I spoke last week. I gave her a copy of the New Testament. I answered some of her questions about the Bible.



February 19, 2013, UA

     A class of elementary age students passed by the mocking mob as I preached. A girl about 10 years old said quietly to me, "I'm sorry." One of the hecklers overheard and announced what she had said to the gainsaying crowd. I suspected the girl was Catholic seeing that she was Hispanic. She may have viewed me as a priest. She was seeking forgiveness for her sins and sympathizing with my sufferings for the Gospel's sake.  

     The struggle today was over position. In warfare position is crucial in fighting a successful battle. We have been speaking at the bottom of Heritage Hill. However, today the same anti-Christ guy, who dressed up like Jesus last week and organized the Harlem Shake came out with his amplified guitar and started playing while Cindy was preaching. For a time she preached above the noise.   Eventually she stood on the hill in the midst of the students moving through the crowd reproving, rebuking and exhorting, which proved to be effective.

Bro. Dean, in the orange shirt, defended the faith to this small group near the top of Heritage Hill.  We are impressed with Bro. Dean's heart for souls.

     Dean suggested that we move to another wall facing the top of the Hill, which had steps and a small hill behind it. The wall faced the top of Heritage Hill. It took some work and time but slowly the students began to gather on the walled steps on the back of Heritage Hill and a few others gathered behind me on the other hill. I asked students to tell me what they thought the meaning of life is.   No one came up with a coherent, understandable or realistic purpose for life. I related my testimony. After telling my story, I called upon Sister Cindy. Lukas the episcopal priest challenged her, since she had been making a connection between so-called mental illness and sin. Cindy explained that there are times when sickness is the result of sin. A good example would be sexually transmitted diseases. Two virgins coming together in marriage will not get an STD.

Bro. Dean had presented Kelsey, his Valentine date, with a book on purity.  Kelsey, and another regular, read Dean's inscription in the book.

   My final session lasted almost two hours. It was a very effective time as I compared the religions of the world to Christianity. I spent much time speaking on the atonement. Two students insisted that Jesus' sacrifice was no big deal since he knew that he would rise from the dead and that his suffering was only for a matter of hours on the cross. I countered that Jesus' sufferings in his earthly life began with his debasement in taking on human flesh. He suffered much throughout his days, especially the three years of his ministry. His suffering was that of rejected love. He was falsely excused of doing his miracles by the power of the devil.

"Jesus's sorrows did not end with his death and resurrection. Jesus is still travailing over the sins of mankind," Bro. Jed.

   He endured the cross despising the shame; the essence of his suffering was not physical but spiritual. Even his resurrection was not a sure thing without faith. If Jesus' faith had failed him it would not have happened. He had to trust in the promises of God such as found in Psalm 16:10:   "Because you will not leave my soul in hell, neither will you suffer your Holy One to see corruption (Acts 2:27)."   Jesus' sorrows did not end with his death and resurrection. Jesus is still travailing over the sins of mankind. He is still experiencing rejected love. His sufferings may even be greater now than during his atoning work since there is so little appreciation of his sacrifice.   

   Many Christians, while accepting the fact of his death and resurrection, do not study and ponder the cross.   They tend to take their salvation for granted. Few are willing to survey the wondrous cross upon which the Prince of Glory died.   "Who shall declare his generation (Isaiah 53:8)?" I carry a crucifix staff as a lesson that Jesus is still suffering in the house of his alleged friends. Professing Christians who continue to sin are "crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh, and put him to an open shame (Heb 6:6)." They trample under their feet the Son of God; they count the blood of the Covenant as nothing; they insult the spirit of grace (Heb 10:29).

"Who shall declare His generation?" (Isaiah 53:8)

     When I departed at 6 PM, several applauded. One who had been arguing with me and a few others thanked me for coming to campus annually. We took the mountain today! 



February 20, 2013, Tucson, AZ,

     It snowed in Tucson so we did not preach today. I took the opportunity to go to the dentist where I had a tooth pulled. Since he was a new dentist for me, I had to fill out a medical questioner.   At 70 years old I was glad to be able to check "no" on the long list of diseases, allergies, or medical problems about which I was asked. I have been able to do this all of my life. I praise the Lord for good health. Exodus 15:26.  A dentist did say that I have some bone deterioration in my mouth so pray for me in that area. 




February 21, 2013, UA


     Today was cold for Tucson, low fifties and cloudy.   There was some sun when we started; however by 2 PM the sun moved behind the clouds and the temperature dropped.   By 2:30 we only had about 20 sitting on the Hill. Pat merely had the attention of several.
Bro. Jed reveals the ultimate sex act.
   Cindy said, "We need to get things started again."   So she took center stage and lifted her voice and gathered 20-25. About 3:30 she turned the meeting over to me. I said to the audience, "I have experience the ultimate sex act.   And it is not what a lot of you are thinking. None of you have experienced the ultimate sex act and most of you probably never will. The ultimate sex act is having intimate relations with the wife or husband that you love."


     Someone corrected me and said, "Brother Jed you have not experience the ultimate sex act; the ultimate sex act is when two virgins marry and engage in intimate relations." I had to agree with him.
Sis. Pat explains the way of the Lord to a UA student who had questions.

Slowly students began to leave until I was down to only five. I sat on my chair and began to exhort two boys who claimed to be Christians to be bolder in their witness. One was a confessed masturbator. I said, "You will never be a man until you stop that." I told the boys that they needed to be like Dean.   Gradually students began to gather again, until I had close to twenty. The Hare Krishna's, who have been chanting on the Hill daily, joined my audience and sat quietly. One of the leaders of the Secular Alliance listened attentively. Two Mormon missionaries were listening at a distance so I urged them to join our group. I talked about the nature of spirituality in a way I thought that even the Mormons and Krishna's could relate to. I used the Mormons as an example of dedication. I had a wonderful hour with little interruption.   

Mercy is offered to all who will repent and believe in Jesus Christ.

Finally, the Krishna guy said, "We need to show our care for others by not eating meat." I said, "That is trivial; we need to eat of the flesh of Jesus and drink of his blood if we hope to have life." I stayed with my group until almost 5:30. Lukas the episcopal priest and the atheists had groups around them for most of this time talking about issues which I had raised.

    Dean's parents had our team for dinner in the evening.  I was very happy with the day; we persevered during the first three hours of much frivolousness until in the end I had an attentive audience for two hours covering many subjects deeply.


Bro. Jed told the Hare Krishna and others who listened, "we need to eat of the flesh of Jesus and drink of his blood if we hope to have life."


     Dean wrote the following on facebook today, "Bro Jed has been here for two weeks and all of it has been amazing from the Harlem Shake, dinner at his home stay was to die for..and I did. Paul said I die daily! the Monday that Jed and company came to town I could just feel a power and joy like I have not experienced since the summer.

Bro. Dean talked to this very open girl, who was under conviction, and  admitted that she needed to repent, but she refused.
   I had fun as Jed searched for candidates for Valentine's Day. Although I have been in a lot of pain, tired, and restless the preaching that has gone down has been priceless."




February 22, 2013, UA

     It remained only in the fifties today, still cold for Tucson.   Nevertheless, we had an attentive and sizable crowd for most of the day. Dean Saxon III, Dean IV's father, came out today. He became stirred when a group of students led by a whorish woman held their signs up in Cindy's face trying to prevent her from being seen and heard. Dean III sprang to his feet and attempted to block out those who were harassing Cindy. I was happy to see Dean III active in the battle. Later Cindy had a tussle with some females for position, who were attempting to prevent her from videoing. We often hear pleas, "I have not given you permission to take pictures or film me." Of course, in such a public setting permission is not needed. There are usually people taking pictures and videoing us and those in the crowd throughout the afternoon. I suppose some object to filming because they know what jackasses they are making of themselves.
Students make jackasses of themselves and then get mad that we are filming it.  At least they have some shame sometimes.


     On the sidelines I had a good session with what Cindy called my "gay congregation," which initially developed as a result of two homos asking me, "Tell us Brother Jed, how to become real men." I explained, "Real men have self-control. You boys need to get your appetites under control." I went over the Scriptures against homosexuality; I explained how it is against Natural Law. Still they were adamant to defend their perversion. I eventually told them that the root of their problem is selfishness. My instruction went on for almost an hour. They seemed to appreciate the attention which I was giving them.   I doubt if any man had ever given them such good teaching, including their own fathers.
The Gay Congregation! "Tell us, Bro. Jed, how to become real men," this group of homosexuals asked.


     We had the usual Friday night meeting at Dean's house.   Since it was cold outside, we met in his large dining room. Benjamin, one of the leaders of the Secular Alliance, attended.   Benjamin is 38 and has been listening to me for years. He knows and loves my stories. His favorite is the one about my father's, 1954, Chevrolet Bel-Air.   He admits that I win all my debates. He is one of the organizers of "Brother Jed Bingo." The atheists' leaders at UA are generally mellow and not argumentative. They concentrate on using my gathering to meet students and invite them to their meetings.    
"Bro. Jed never loses a debate," said atheist Benjamin of the Secular Student Alliance.

     Dean III stayed for the evening of witnessing to the students.   I pray that Dean III and IV will end up making a great father-son preaching team at UA and other campuses.   Dean IV has come a long way in a year. He has amazing patience; he is unfazed by everything his fellow students do to oppose him; he demonstrates a strong love for the lost. He has already paid a heavy price for his stand. It is interesting to note that Dean Jr. is a missionary and Bible translator to an Indian tribe in Arizona. He has translated the Bible and hymn books into their language. He remains working at 90 years old.

Bro. Dean, at age 22, is the future of campus preaching, should the Lord tarry!
The atheists were out all week promoting the "Bro. Jed Bingo," and spending a lot of time and energy fighting a God that they say doesn't exist.
Bro. Dean at UA-Feb.2013
Video of Bro. Dean at

sispatOde to Sister Pat

by Dean Saxton IV


I remember it like it was yesterday; 

I was minding my own business trying to be a good little student and Christian, 

Non judgmental, very hypocritical, trying to love myself as much as possible. 

Then this woman (Sis. Pat) who evidently called herself a Christian, pointed her pointy judgmental finger and asked "Are you a Christian?" 

I replied yes, and the first thought that I had was, "Ohh no, I forgot the preachers question those who sit to close, in the front seats."

Then she asked, "Are you a virgin?" 

Ohh my word, so awkward, I mean yes, I was but I don't know... 

I said, "yes," then she asked if I was living Holy? 

I said, "yes." But after that blast I needed to regroup in the back of the hill.

 After being blasted, there was actually a fire that kindled inside of me. 

I felt a blessing from being smitten by the Righteous!


Psalms 141:5 Let the righteous smite me; it shall be a kindness: and let him reprove me;it shall be an excellent oil, which shall not break my head: for yet my prayer also shall be in their calamities.  

Note: Bro. Dean has been joyfully preaching regularly at UA for one year.  He has suffered much for the cause of Christ.


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