Bro. Dean, Bro. Jed, Sis Cindy and Sis. Pat 
Week 6: 
Four Gospel Warriors Confront Harlem Shakers at the University of Arizona


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See a second video in the Wednesday 13th journal entry.

February 11, 2013, University of Arizona,

      When we walked to the hill where about 25 students were sitting, they clapped upon my arrival.   It was a cloudy and cold day for Tucson in the low fifties. Right off, students had questions. One persistently complained about the injustice of eternal damnation. But as far as I was concerned it was lecture time, not discussion time. I went up to different ones on the hill sticking my crucifix in each face saying, "This is what Jesus did for you! In his sufferings unto death is your only hope for forgiveness of sins."   As I turned the staff around showing the empty cross, I said, "His resurrection from the dead is your only hope beyond the grave."

     I did cut some slack to Kelsey, who held a sign saying, "Do I have permission to speak?"

     Meanwhile, Dean Saxton IV arrived. Last year Dean volunteered to rise up for God against the evildoers and stand up him against the workers of iniquity. He sponsored a sign making party for both Christians and atheists last Friday. He has been promoting my coming as "The Jed Fest." Students dressed as white winged angels have protested my presence for the last several years. They arrived to stand between me and passing students in a silent vigil.   I am always glad to see them; they draw more attention to my preaching. After 30 minutes I called up Sister Cindy.

Students listening to Bro. Jed on Heritage Hill at the University of Arizona in Tucson. It is a great preaching spot.

     As I was sitting on the sidelines, Kelsey came up and asked, "What do you think of marijuana use?" She explained that her brother had cancer and the doctor had prescribed it to alleviate pain connected with the disease. I answered, "That is a case between him and his doctor.   However, he needs to be cautious since it can result in a mental dependency."

In preparation for "The Jed Fest," Bro. Dean had hosted a sign-making party. The atheists and agnostics joined the party (think witnessing opportunity) and made signs also. Here are some of the hecklers protesting with their signs.

     Kelsey explained that she had been saved months ago.   She had a "religious experience" when a pastor cast an evil spirit out of her as he spoke in "another language."   I advised her to start reading a chapter of the Bible each day and apply what she read to her life. She said that she always makes it a point to listen to Dean, who has spoken regularly on the hill since his calling last year.

     Fifteen minutes after Cindy started preaching the temperature dropped, a wind stirred up and it a light rain fell. Still most of the students remained. However, within the next fifteen minutes the weather conditions worsened and virtually everyone left. We decided to take cover in the Student Union. After an hour with no evidence that the weather would improve, we decided to call it a day. We did get in a good hour of preaching.

Local Don Lacey set up a nearby recruiting booth and organized the "Bro. Jed Bingo Games" for the two weeks that we were ministering at UA. The game is intended to mock but it works to our advantage because students playing the bingo focus on our message.

     Before going to campus we visited Mike Orr, who has been in intensive care at the University hospital. He had heart surgery last Friday and because of a rare lung disease needs a lung transplant. Despite his weakness he had written me a card on February 8; the following are the highlights from note:

     Bro Jed, Since first meeting you in July, 1976 in the Quad at the University of Illinois, God has strengthened me in my faith greatly. I have followed your travels around the country.   I enjoyed your forum/blog very much when it up those years. The weird Catholic did the worst to ruin it-Your answers were always loving and to the truth! These last ten years have been the highlight of my February each year!! I am not the great Biblical scholar as you, Cindy and the girls. Jed-my role was usually to support-walk the crowd and ask them, "What do you think of the man?" They would say, "Brother Jed! He's crazy, He's a dinosaur, doesn't know what he's talking about." And I would say, "No, not Jed, the man he's talking about, JESUS."-They would always go limp and tell me exactly what was on their minds.

     Your books have been perfect, Jed-your sermons great and the last 15 minutes of the day quiet loving talks usually with the most vocal opponents-quietly sitting, holding their hands, asking questions-That ain't evolution-That's God!!!

Bro. Mike Orr (right, orange cap) standing with Bro. Jed  a couple of years ago at UA.  Bro. Mike was one of the greatest soul-winners we knew.


     Cindy-the amazing Christian wife, what you have done for the Smocks is not to be believed in these times. Your belief had been steadfast to that "Lighthouse on the Hill." Your girls are great messages you've sent to the future, your total support of the family is flawless. One hundred years from now (I don't think the Lord will tarry that long!) books will be written about your family and ministry. God has great glories and riches in Heaven for you!

     My prayer request is God's will. He seems to be saying to me, "I am strengthening you getting you ready for the DBL lung transplant after these 8 years. I'm ready but I'm also ready to go home. I'd much rather stay here and enjoy all He's given me in family, family, family! I'm honestly joyful! Thank you for your love, prayers and friendship through the years!!!!. I love you, I love you, I love you all, Jed, Cindy, Priscilla, Martha, Evangeline, Charlotte and Justina.

       Mike had me read his card aloud.   Afterwards, I read Psalm 32 and prayed for his healing. We shook hands as we parted, Mike said to me, "You are the Christian father I never had."

     Mike enclosed a generous offering in the card.  He is one of the best personal soul winners I know. His witness is valuable to the Kingdom of God.   His card is one of the best thank you notes, I have ever received; it is especially notable considering Mike's weakened physical condition. Remember what Paul wrote, "When I am weak, then am I strong."     





February 12, 2013, UA

     Sister Pat opened the meeting and it did not take long to add to the students who were already waiting on the hill. Soon the winged white angels set up. By the time Sister Pat turned the meeting over to me, there was an audience of 100, which remained constant for much of the afternoon.    
   Meanwhile, Don Lacey, who presides over the atheists greeted me and presented me with a Brother Jed Bingo card, which he passed out to gathered students. Don heard both Cindy and me at the University of Colorado in 1981.   For my first preaching session the students were relatively attentive as I concentrated on highlights of my testimony. 
     Lukas, who is the Episcopal student chaplain, arrived and began challenging me. He objects that I am an admitted Pelagian. He said, "Brother Jed is breaking with church history and great theologians like Augustine, Luther, Calvin and Wesley."   I am not in agreement with the first three and I even disagree with Wesley on the doctrine of original sin.   Lukas said, "We are saved by grace through faith which is manifest in works." I agreed! Lukas is actually relatively conservative on theology but his political correctness usually trumps his theology. He does not seem to want to judge others. Of course, I am an exception. He will tell me that I am wrong. It is always politically correct to judge Brother Jed. Lukas and I had a pretty good theological debate going. Unfortunately, Lukas got diverted into a discussion with just a couple of students.   He is a likable fellow; I waved at him when he left. He said to me, "You sure know how to draw the crowds." I encouraged him to come out again while I am on campus.   He said that he would.
It is now a tradition that Lukas, the local politically correct Episcopal chaplain challenges me at the University of Arizona.  Lukas is also "gay." Notice the winged protesters behind us.


     I had fun trying to find a valentine for Brother Dean to take to Glad Tiding's Valentine Dinner tomorrow night. I asked, "Would any of you girls like to be Dean's date to the Valentine Dinner? If so, as Dean's pastor I must interrogate you girls to make sure you are a suitable match for Dean."
Bro. Jed asks the crowd if any girl would like to be Bro. Dean's date to the Valentine dinner at Glad Tidings Assembly of God.


     Kelsey said she wanted to be Dean's valentine. She sat down in the judgment seat of my folding chair. The following are some of the questions I asked: "Do you go to church? How much of the Bible have you read? Are you a virgin? Have you ever kissed a boy? [Dean has never been kissed.] Have you ever been kissed in a French way? Do you cuss? If you are Dean's date, would you wear a modest dress to the banquet? Are you willing to submit to the man you marry? How many children do you want? Would you nurse your baby?" I gave Kelsey points according to her answers. I gave her a ten on looks and personality. I also interviewed a black girl, Shana. She did very well; her main failing was that she would not submit to her husband. She also got a ten on looks and personality. It was a lot of fun; the students got into it, especially wondering how many points each girl would get. I used the questions to do some teaching to the crowd.
Bro. Jed publicly interviews UA student and regular listener, Kelsey who wants to join Bro. Dean for the Valentine dinner. It turned into a great teaching opportunity and the students listened.

     Another girl said she was a lesbian in front of everybody; I talked to on the sidelines later. She said she had not made up her mind yet about her gender. She was experimenting. As I talked to her, she backed off a little on the lesbianism.

     A young man who was sitting alone and listening to the preaching for quite a while walked up to me on the sidelines and said, "I have been listening and I now understand what you are doing. You are a mirror to these students showing them their sins."  

     All in all in was a wonderful day. The students were overly frivolous for most of the afternoon; nevertheless, there were periods of seriousness.    

Bro Dean, a junior at UA, has caused "no small stir," preaching on this campus regularly for over a year!

The winged protesters are a part of the gay and lesbian organization. They are trying to stand between the preachers and the students who walk by so that they do not hear our "hate speech."  There attempts are add to the drama of the scene.


UA student objects to the "condemnation" preaching.




February 13, 2013, UA

     Informants let me know a heckler dressed as Jesus was planning this lewd dance called the Harlem Shake with hundreds participating.   My counter-plan upon the mob's arrival was to step off stage and give the blasphemous robed guy and his dancers the platform.   When I left stage, the crowd started chanting, "Brother Jed, Brother Jed, Brother Jed," tempting me to take center stage again so they could surround me. Much to their frustration, I would not be sucked into the middle of a band of perverts. I knew with the loud music I would not be able to get my message across. Plus, a mob can quickly turn violent. I announced, "I do not share the stage with others."   After they danced a while, the Jesus dressed guy walked up to the top of Heritage Hill where I had taken my stand with a banner. He started dancing around me in a lewd manner so I moved away. A pervert dressed as a penguin tried to block my path. He ended up falling and he pulled me down on top of him. I quickly rose again with my banner and lifted my voice to warn the wicked. After things calmed down, the robed guy extended his hand and apologized that I got knocked down.
U of A Harlem Shake - Brother Jed
U of A Harlem Shake - Brother Jed, Another student video of the incident.  Bro. Jed is near the end.
Even though it was chilly for Arizona, this pervert danced in these shorts for several hours.


     I waited until the Harlem Shakers slowly dispersed before preaching again. Meanwhile, Dean was in the midst of students reproving, rebuking and exhorting. About 2 PM I started speaking again and the students were relatively attentive considering all the excitement that had taken place.
This is the crowd that gathered during the Harlem Shake-Bro. Jed incident. Bro. Dean preached on the right center until the music and dancing began. Bro. Jed is flying the blue Bible banner in the center back of the crowd.


     At 3 PM I called on Sister Cindy.   I received a call from Kathy Orr telling me her husband, Mike, had taken a turn for the worse. So I left campus to rush to the hospital to pray.   Mike rallied while I was there with his family. Mike kept pointing to his heavenly home. Keep him in your prayers; the medical prognosis is not good. At 5 PM Mike told me that I needed to return to campus to pick up the ladies. Meanwhile, Cindy had gathered another large crowd.
Bro. Jed preaching to the Harlem Shake crowd near the top of the hill. You can see the robed blasphemer on the right behind the tree.  He is disappointed that Bro. Jed would not join him in the center stage while he was doing the perverted dance.


     "What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?"-Roman 8:31. The Harlem Shakers hoped to shake me. The fact is that The Campus Ministry USA team is shaking up the UA.   There are four of us and multitudes of them. Nevertheless, the heavenly host is watching over us, so there is more that be with us than with them.
The robed blasphemer was on one side of Bro. Jed and the Penguin Pervert was on the other.  They were closing in on Bro. Jed with lewd gyrations. Bro. Jed had to push his way out of the mob because they were refusing to let him leave.  Both Bro. Jed and the Penguin fell to the ground.
The Penguin Pervert continues to prevent Bro. Jed from leaving so the preacher knocked the penguin away.
Street guy named Midnight mimics Sis. Cindy as she tells the HPV Holly story.
Some of the wilder students left but we had a large crowd to preach to all day.


     We finished the evening at Glad Tiding's Valentine banquet. We listened to a good sermon on the love of God. I judged that Kelsey was the most qualified to be Dean's Valentine.   She came to the dinner.   Afterwards, she said to Pastor Steve, "The sermon really opened my eyes."


Pray for Kelsey. The Lord really touched her heart at the Valentine dinner. The battle is on for her soul.





February 14, 2013, UA

     The issues connected with yesterday's events were not a significant question today. I thought students would be asking who pushed whom, because it had been a big debate on FaceBook. My daughters were very upset about me being pushed.
    Sister Pat led the meeting; she ignored the students' questions about sex; she concentrated on teaching Creationism from Gen. 1. I took my turn and taught on the beatitudes. Students tried to divert me but I was determined to bring forth my teaching on having the right attitude in order to be blessed, that is, happy here and in the hereafter. A middle-age Catholic challenged me on the beatitude, "Blessed are the poor in spirit; he noted that Luke's rendition of this beatitude merely says, "Blessed are the poor." I counted that the poor in spirit is implied in the light of Matthew's account and Deut. 28 which speaks of poverty being a curse for disobedience and wealth a blessing for obedience. There is nothing inherently good about poverty nor is there anything intrinsically evil about riches.  Riches, of course, do make one more susceptible to temptation.  
Sister Pat teaching on creation from Genesis 1


     When Bro. Dean took his turn, I was asked by two students to speak in their German class where they were studying medieval mystics. The students told the professor that I was a mystic. A mystic is usually considered to be one who hears directly from God. I said the key to hearing from God is to have a sincere faith. Jesus taught, "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God." I taught if one expects to hear the voice of God, he must first be sure that he is walking in the light of conscience, reason and the written revelation which is the Bible. The class was courteous; I was interrupted several times with questions; I was given about 15 minutes. 
     Dean had been speaking in my absence. The students had been showing their inane signs and had been quite frivolous.   I was not in a light-hearted mood.   Once again I avoided the sex questions. The issue of capital punishment came up. I defended it from the standpoint of Natural Law.   The right of self-defense is basic to Natural Law. Jesus in his teaching of turning the other cheek is not going to go against the Natural Law. The middle-aged Catholic argued that the Biblical Law of love goes beyond the Natural Law. I counted that it may go beyond Natural Law but it does not contradict Natural Law. He was against capital punishment. We talked about Jesus' admonition to turn the other cheek. I argued that this means we are not to take vengeance but this does not mean civil authority cannot execute justice with the sword against evildoers as Romans 13 teaches. Catholics being against capital punishment is relatively new in the history of the church considering that the church had heretics put to death in the past.
Sister Cindy tells the true story of "Herpes Henry."
      Meanwhile, the episcopal priest, Lukas, sat next to me and entered the discussion. For the next hour the three of us answered questions on the fear of God and the love of God and grace and law. The Catholic and the Episcopalian formed their arguments more with fear vs. love and grace vs. law. I framed my arguments that these concepts are compatible. Students were asking questions of the three of us. A Hare Krishna devotee asked, "Why doesn't the commandment, 'Thou shalt not kill' apply to cows?" This was the dumbest question we were asked. We fielded questions for over an hour until almost 5 PM.   Lukas said on more than one occasion he agreed with 90% of what I said. As we were breaking up a student said, "I enjoyed this more than any theological discussion I have ever heard." Lukas said to me, "It was a pleasure talking with you." I said, "Maybe Lukas and I need to form a team."   To my surprise the middle-aged Catholic introduced himself as the Father from the Newman Center. I was surprised that I had been dialoguing with a Catholic priest for much of the afternoon. I hope he comes out again. I enjoy the opportunity to talk with people who actually know what they believe and why they believe it.
Students listen to great dialogue between Bro. Jed, a Catholic priest from the Newman Center and Lukas, the gay Episcopal priest.


February 15, 2013, UA

     Because of Friday, today was the smallest crowd on Heritage Hill; nevertheless, there were still usually fifty people hanging around for most of the afternoon. There were many distractions; it was difficult to get the students in a serious mood. I started off on teaching on the atonement; but did not finish the message.   I interacted considerably with Hannah who sat on the wall in front of me for much of the afternoon playing Brother Jed Bingo. I constantly used her as an example of everything a woman ought not to be.   I taught Sex Ed with Brother Jed.   Cindy gave her teaching against the anti-depressant drugs quoting from non-Christian psychiatrists to support her points. This was the first time she gave the teaching without howls and interruptions from the drug crazed zombies. Sister Pat did have an attentive audience when she opened the meeting teaching the students on the proper roles of men and women.

Bro. Dean interrupted by a couple of his regular hecklers on the hill.

     At 6 PM we gathered at Dean's parents' large mansion converted into a rooming house a few blocks off campus.   His parents put on a dinner every Friday night for students. Dean barbecued steaks in the walled courtyard. About 15 students showed up for the event, most were not Christians. After dinner we gathered around a campfire. The talk among the students revolved around WW II and Hitler's attempted genocide of the Jews. Finally, Dean brought up the greater genocide of our own time, which is abortion. Cindy led the opposition to abortion and condoms. I entered the conversation when it turned to sexual immorality and our opposition to homosexuality.

Bro. Jed teaching the truth at Heritage Hill.

     Finally, I said, "The root of the problem is not sexual sin; the root of the problem is selfishness." One of the atheists, Ryan, acknowledged that selfishness is problematic and asked, "How does one overcome selfishness?" I answered, "Only through a revelation of the self-sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross." I gave a short sermon on the cross. Afterwards, our fireside chat broke up. We did not sing Kumbyah, nor did we eat s'mores.   No one even had a guitar.   Truth prevailed!  

Bro. Dean chatting with an unsaved girl.

     Taylor, the son of a pastor in Phoenix, reflected, "The last fifteen minutes was the best part of our time."   Before most people had arrived I had given a short message to Taylor, Ryan and a few others on cross-bearing.   I explained that on campus we are not simply trying to get people saved or offer them a fire escape from Hell.   Our goal is to call men to discipleship, to forsake all to follow Christ.

"I am calling men to discipleship, to forsake all and follow Jesus Christ," Bro. Jed.

     Dean and his parents are to be commended for their Friday night meetings, especially since mostly those who attend are not Christians. I doubt if any other Christian gathering on campus regularly has as many skeptics attending as Dean does at his house meetings. It was just a year ago that I laid hands on Dean to receive the anointing of the Holy Ghost in the courtyard of his home. Since then, Dean has become a preaching machine.   Dean and his parents have come against a considerable amount of persecution for Dean's stand. Their church did everything they could to stop Dean's preaching, including threatening excommunication.  Both of his parents are seminarians. They do not agree with all of his methods or his theology, but they have faithfully stood beside their son.

Sis. Cindy ignores the distractions and offers hope to our lost generation.  We passed out a lot of New Testaments this week.
"It was just a year ago that I laid hands on Dean to receive the anointing of the Holy Ghost in the courtyard of his home," Bro. Jed.

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Bro Mike Orr Passes to Glory! 
It was important to Bro. Mike Orr that we have dinner with his wife Kathi and his son, two daughters and their spouses.  After the wonderful Thursday night fellowship, they returned to the ICU and Mike went on to be with the Lord.
Bro. Mike was a faithful witness of the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Everyone he knew, heard the Gospel!
Bro. Jed's Prayer at Mike Orr's Funeral

Eternal Father in Heaven, we praise you
for our beloved brother, Michael Orr, who has finished this life loving and trusting you.
We thank you for his example,
We praise you
for all that you did through Mike.
Meet us in our grief
and fill our hearts with praise and thanksgiving,
for the sake of our risen Lord, Jesus Christ.

Give us strength and courage
as we commend Mike to your care,
standing on your promise of life eternal.

As we too journey towards death, may each of us consider our ways and make sure that we have found grace in your sight.
For Christ came to share our life, that we might partake with Him the life of eternity.

Through the passion and death of Christ,
we are assured that Mike enjoys
along with the saints who have gone before the joys of heaven,
where there is neither sorrow nor pain, 
but life everlasting, through our Savior, who has conquered death and is alive forevermore.
Spring Semester 2013     

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