Week 5   Ban Works for Good...
Soul Saved!!! 



February 4, 2013, University of Texas,

     We have to speak on the public sidewalk in front of the Student Union at UT since the institution does not have free speech. Sister Pat started the meeting with a line that the Lord gave her to ask passing students, "Are you blessed or cursed?" Sister Pat can get more mileage out of a few words than anyone I know. She gathered 6-8 students around her at one time by repeating that question over and over.

Bro. Jed asked the officers, "Are you all here because of me? Don't you think that this is an overreaction?" 
They never answered.

     I brought one of my new banners out for the first time this year. One side lists sins; the other side says, "Fear God." Cindy gathered a crowd that may have reached about 35, and varied from 20 to 35 for most of the afternoon. Cindy rebuked a couple of middle-aged ladies (using the term loosely). One repeatedly used the F word; Cindy reproved her. The woman's replied, "I am an adult; I can use the F word."   Then she repeated it with some other choice curse words. It says a lot about the degeneracy of our culture when someone can associate foul language with maturity. Later, one of these "lovely ladies" said unto me, "The computer is watching you."   This saying goes back to the eighties when the internet was in its infancy and a newsgroup followed me all over the country. For a while back then, before I was on the internet, students all over the country kept telling me I was being watched by the computer. I was baffled until I got on line myself.

Egyptian robed one disagrees with the Gospel preaching.

     Cindy asked a girl, who professed to be a Christian, "Are you a virgin?"  

     She answered, "No."

     Cindy asked, "How many men have you had sex with?

     "Two," answered the lusty hussy.

     It never ceases to amaze me how girls will openly and unashamedly confess their sins. Through preaching, I am convinced we are more effective than a Catholic priest in getting confessions out of people.

     When Cindy called upon me, a policeman showed up and interviewed the brazen hussy. Within fifteen minutes 5 squad cars had pulled up in front of where I was preaching. The police merely observed from a distance and never did say anything to me.   I asked them, "Are you all here because of me? Don't you think that this is an overreaction?" They never answered.

     The atheists must have known that I was coming for several of them were out with their signs; they did not try to be disruptive.   One atheist fired questions at me like a machine gun. I fired back with my assault weapon, the Holy Bible. Christians tell us all the time that we are not to use the Bible as a weapon; they want me to use it more like a feather to make people feel good.

"Are you blessed or cursed," demanded Sis. Pat as she drew the crowd at the University of Texas.

     Another atheist claimed, "I would like to believe; but, I cannot make myself believe."

     I answered, "God cannot make you believe either. You need a mentor; someone to instruct you in the way of the Lord. Paul asked, "How can they believe without a preacher (Romans 10:14)?" I said, "You need to spend some time with people of faith. You need to do a lot more study than you have done. Believing is essentially submitting your will to revealed truth.   But you have to know something to have faith; it is obvious you do not know the basic doctrines of Christianity."

     A homosexual asked me, "Am I going to Hell because I am a homosexual?"

     "No, you are going to Hell because you are sinner, who has turned your back on God," I replied.

     He said, "I was molested by my father. All I knew growing up was penis."

     After I instructed him for some time, he finally said, "I will give consideration to what you have said."   Later Sister Pat gave him a pocket New Testament." 


"Lovely Lady" used an array of curse words to combat our preaching.

     We left campus at 4:45 for my annual dinner with my former history mentor from Indiana State University, Dr. Robt. Constantine. Dr. Constantine, who just turned ninety said, "When a former student is 70, you know you are getting up there." We had a great time, as always. Like he said, "There are things upon which we disagree, but that doesn't make any difference." Long friendships overcome political differences.  

As the shadows fall at the University of Texas, a few are listening to the message of truth.
Fifth policeman arrives on the scene.  I guess it was a slow day for the Law in Austin.
"When a former student is 70, you know you are getting up there," said Dr. Constantine, Bro. Jed's former History professor.


February 5, 2013, Texas State University, San Marcos

     President LBJ graduated from this institution in 1930. Sister Pat started the meeting; however, when the class broke, she called upon me.   I started preaching on a high wall.   It did not take long for a crowd to gather. The crowds were huge today at times perhaps 500 or more and the heathen raged all afternoon. A number of heathen stood on the wall holding signs against me, including one that quoted Matt 7:1-2, which I explained does not apply to me.

Why do the students at San Marcos image a vain thing? Psalms 2


     Cindy presented the condom gospel.  Only a few of the dunderheads understood her satire. They said, "I agree with her. It is right to use condoms. How did she get mixed up with that man?"  

     I actually held back some of my punches today. Last year Jesse Morrell and I were escorted off this campus because we were supposedly disturbing classes. I was making an effort not to get the heathen in a rage for fear it would cause too much of a disturbance. I saw a few policemen standing off at a distance.

     When Cindy was speaking, a Baptist youth leader and his wife introduced themselves to me. They disapproved of my approach. She said, "I have been listening to your wife for 20 minutes and I haven't heard her use the name of Jesus. The students are considering this as entertainment."

     I asked, "So you spend no time in your youth meeting entertaining the youth? I dare say much of your meetings revolve around entertainment." She admitted that was the case.  

Students line up around Bro. Jed with their opposition signs. Crowd swells.

     I said, "My wife is relating her testimony, you will hear her use the name of Jesus as she finishes her story."

     I defended our approach by the fact we were making Christianity an issue. An unbeliever came up to us and began to question the justice of God that people died of cancer and he knew of a two year old who died. I allowed the young Baptist ministers to answer his questions.   They gave good answers. I said to the wife, "See what I mean?"

Christianity was an issue today at Texas State!

     "I get your point," she answered.

     Karlie Paine introduced herself to me. She was a missionary to Mozambique this past summer. She said she prayed for me every day.   She is having the team over for dinner tomorrow night with some of her friends. It should be an interesting evening.

Some of our largest crowds this semester. Lots of great conversations on the sidelines.
Come children, and I will teach you the fear of the Lord! Psalms 34



Banned For a Year

February 6, 2013, Texas State University,

     Sister Pat started the meeting and drew a large crowd quickly. When I took my turn, I avoided the sexual subjects attempting to get them into a thinking mindset. The signers were out in force today. Their signs were shallow and some perverted. One girl held a sign saying, "I like to masturbate."   I looked for a sign that had some depth. Finally, I pointed to one who held a sign which read, 'Citation?' I said, "Now that is a legitimate challenge.   Someone making assertions and presenting arguments should be able to cite sources. My primary source is the Bible, which is not one book but 66 books bound together in one volume, written by at least 40 different authors over a period of 1500 years. All day yesterday I did not hear hardly anyone cite any authority outside of themselves for their assertions. I regularly cite many writers and sources."

Sis. Cindy had taken the day off to do office work, but when the police banned Bro. Jed from campus Sis. Cindy  joined Sis. Pat at 4 PM.  She quickly drew a new crowd of 300.


     I taught on the rules of literary interpretation which none of them seemed to have a clue concerning. One rule is you must evaluate the genre of the literature.   One does not interpret poetry with the same rules as one interprets prose. It is understood that poetry is going to be highly figurative."  

     I asked, "What is the most poetic book of the Bible?"

     Someone answered, "Genesis."  

     "No, Genesis is a historical book; it is part of the Torah. Torah means law. Law books are literal. Historians, legislators, and lawyers would usually use much less figurative language than a poet."

     Finally, someone said, "Psalms."

     "Yes," I answered, "Psalms are songs which it would be understood to be highly figurative."

Students were mostly attentive the first part of the afternoon.

       Of course, they have been taught if we are to take the first chapters of Genesis seriously, they must be understood as figurative and not literal. What they fail to understand is that figurative language still has a literal meaning. Even reading Genesis figuratively; there is no way that one could conclude evolution.

     For my first hour the students were subdued and I commended them for behaving better than yesterday. However, as the afternoon progressed, they became more and more rowdy, especially a group of girls who stood in front of me and cursed.   I referred to them as my groupies, because they kept saying to me, "F_ _ _ you." About 3:30, a female, who started off well-mannered, was soon cursing as badly as the others and also saying to me, "F_ _ _ you."  

Texas State students receiving a "good whipping with the Word of God."


     I said, "What you people need is a good whipping with the Word; you need a good Bible beating; you need a good thrashing with the Truth. Now before, you get too excited I am speaking figuratively. I know a lot of you girls will be disappointed."   Some boy then cried, "He is threatening us! Call the police." Meanwhile, the female in front of me had been handed a belt by a male in the crowd.   And, she was snapping towards me.

     Soon two policemen came up and claimed that I threatened to beat her. I explained my figurative language. The police claimed since the female "felt threatened," I had to leave. I defended myself to no avail. One of my most vocal groupies defended me saying, "I have been out here all afternoon and I did not hear him threatened anyone." I asked the police to get her name as a witness; I did not see them do that; they were more concerned about getting rid of me. I was cited with a "Notice of Criminal Trespass Warning" and ordered to leave under threat of arrest. The police escorted me back to my car as I sang, "Onward Christian Soldiers."

     The complaint of the female was bogus; I do not believe the girl actually felt threatened but recognized an opportunity to get rid of me. If anyone had a reason to feel threatened, it was I when my accuser snapped the belt in my direction. Multitudes have been beaten with a belt; I have never heard of anyone physically beaten by a Bible. Multitudes have been spiritually beaten by the Truth, as many were today, including my accuser.    

     Meanwhile, the students had crowded around Sister Pat. I drove back to the motel to pick up Cindy, who had stayed back to do office work. I drove her back and dropped her off on campus to preach. She said, "I drew a crowd of 300; many were asking if you were coming back tomorrow."



Sinner Returns to Jesus!

February 7, 2013, University of Texas & Texas State University

     After I talked with Attorney Nate Kellum this morning, I spoke over the phone with the Captain of the Texas State University Police. I gave him the facts concerning the bogus complaint of the female yesterday.   He said he would have to talk to the University attorney and he would get back with me later in the day about the possibility of rescinding my trespass warning. Jesse Morrell and preacher Chris LePelley drove down from north Texas to join me for two days. A filmmaker, who is making a documentary on Jesse, flew into Austin. We decided that Jesse and Chris and Cindy would cover Texas State and Sister Pat and I would preach at UT.

Bro. Jesse Morrell started the meeting today calling Texas State students to forsake their sins and selfishness and turn to the Lord Jesus. A large crowd quickly assembled.

       UT was dead; there never was a large flow of students. While I was waiting to preach and sitting in my chair holding a sign and checking facebook, Megan approached me and asked, "Why do I deserve Hell?"   She understood my answer and she said, "I do need to get back to church."

       "That's good," I answered. "But you also have to read and obey the Bible and seek God in prayer and turn from all sin and trust in Jesus for forgiveness."   She agreed that was important.

Bro. Chris calls students to repentance and 
faith in Jesus Christ.

       I asked her about her church background.   Her mother was a Catholic and her father a Lutheran. She claimed that the Lord was once important in her life. I responded, "But you came to college and boys started taking priority and Jesus became number two and three and four in your life until you were no longer relating to him."  

       I continued, "You need to return to the Lord. Are you willing to do that?" She answered in the affirmative. "Are you willing to do that now?" Once again she affirmed that she was willing. I emphasized, "I mean right now." She indicated her willingness. "Could we pray together now, asking God to forgive your sins?"

       "Yes," she answered.

By 2:30 the Bro. Jed ban was lifted and he returned to Texas State. Earlier in the day he prayed the prayer of repentance and faith with a girl at the University of Texas.  If Bro. Jed had not been banned he would not have met the girl who repented at UT! All things work together for good!!

       We both folded our hands and stood and prayed and I led her in a prayer of repentance towards God and faith towards the Lord Jesus Christ. I gave her a final exhortation and she departed thanking me for talking to her.   Yes, I know that the so-called sinner's prayer is under attack from some sources but I believe it to be a useful tool in bringing people to the Lord.

         About 2:30, I got a call from the Captain at TSU telling me that my trespass warning had been rescinded and that I could return to campus. He said, "We do not want to control your content but we are concerned about the noise level." He asked, "Are those on campus associated with you? We had to move them to a location in front of the Student Union."

       I decided to return to TSU which is about 40 minutes from UT. When we arrived Jesse was holding forth to a crowd of 50 to 75. Other brothers had come up from San Antonio to stand with us. There were pockets of conversation going on in the area. This location was not as good as the one in front of the statue of the Wild Stallions; however, it was workable. Within minutes, Jesse called upon me and I held forth for until almost 6 PM. Initially, a man wearing earrings, who introduced himself as the praise and worship of his church, began to question me. When he wanted to regulate the conversation, I just ignored him and continued preaching. I did not appreciate his interruption in the first place since students had been attentively curious about what had happened yesterday. After several minutes he took a group of students off to the side and I continued my ministry. Several of my groupies returned today and I had a lot of fun putting them in their proper place. Actually, they seemed to enjoy themselves as well. Truly, most girls down deep want a real man to lovingly "whip them into submission." Of course, for this to work the man has to be in submission to the Lord and have a considerable amount of self-control. The last hour was especially productive as I had a group of 20-25 sitting on the steps and Sister Pat had another group about that size around her.

Bro. Jesse tells the story of Robert the Date-rapist.  He asks God for forgiveness after every rape but does it again and again. The story teaches that there is no mercy from God until the sinner has a change of heart.


     Cindy had taken her turn earlier in the day; she spoke against feminism. First she said, "My husband has given me permission to be out here. He's a guy; you know he is smarter than I am." Of course, the feminists in the crowd, which would be most students, both female and male howled when she said these things. Cindy described her introduction as her "parody on a parody." Before she finished her message, especially as she was speaking against the feminist doctrine of abortion, she cried. She was still crying on the sidelines after she finished.   Christians tried to comfort her thinking that the heckling of the students had gotten to her. Really, she was mourning over the sins of the world. Jesus said, "Blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted." Cindy was comforted by the Holy Ghost.  

     At 5:45 I announced that I would buy dinners for the first seven students who would join us for dinner at Luby's.   Cody and Lauren accompanied us.   Cody unsuccessfully exhorted other students to join us. Cindy facetiously said, "We have plenty of kool-aid for everyone."  

     Both Cody and Lauren had similar backgrounds. Their parents had split up at 13 years old and as a result Cody stopped going to the Baptist Church and Lauren stopped going to the Catholic Church. Laura said she was too embarrassed over her parents' breakup to return to church. No wonder God hates divorce. The women sat at one end of the dinner table and the men at the other.   Cody was very open and had a better knowledge of the Bible than most students. He said, "When I heard you shouting at the students, I thought you were a nut. But as I listened the last hour when you were speaking more calmly, you made a lot of sense."


Ministry Dinner! Lauren (left) and Cody (hat) joined us for dinner.  Both are unsaved but seeking the Lord. Pray for them!


     We had very good fellowship over dinner. We took a group picture. Laura's friend at Texas A&M could not believe she was having dinner with us.   I gave them both a copy of Who Will Rise Up?    

     It was an exciting and trying 24 hour period. The confrontations with the police over the years are one of the greatest trials of my ministry. I did not get much sleep last night, concerned as to how to handle the situation and as to how it would work out. We know, "All things work together for the good to those who love God and are called according to his purpose (Romans 8)." I am thankful for the confession of Megan. Also, I believe that both Cody and Lauren will end up getting right with God.   





February 8, 2013, University of Texas,

     Chris Lepelley opened the meeting wearing a sandwich board sign. Soon the atheists and condom peddlers arrived. One bearded man, who wore a cocktail dress and high heels, continuously promoted condoms. One male held a sign, "I deserve respect." A lusty female brazenly lifted up her shirt to expose her tattooed bosom. Chris drew a crowd of 25.

This girl just stood in the crowd like this all day;never said anything.

    I took over about 12:20. A female TV newscaster wired me up. A woman fired question at me which primarily dealt with asking why it was wrong to have sex. I asked the male holding the sign, "Why do you deserve respect?   Respect is something that needs to be earned. Not everyone deserves respect, certainly not people living immoral lives."

     Jesse, who also wore a sandwich board sign, built the crowd up to 75 to 100. Jesse was asked by a female, "Do you sin?" He asked, "Would you believe me if I said no?" She answered, "No." Jesse responded, "Then what is the point in answering your question?"

     Two perverts stripped down to their underwear and danced around Jesse rubbing close to him. Jesse said, "This is sexual harassment." A policeman called the perverts aside.   I suppose he told them they could not touch the preacher. The perverts were quite a distraction. Both boys and girls wanted their pictures taken with these queers.

To the delight of the crowd two perverts stripped as Bro. Jesse was preaching to the UT students.

    When I took my second turn, the naked boys were continuing their lewd dance. A red head female took off her shirt; she did wear a bra, still flesh was hanging all over the place. I said, "Some people really should not take off their shirts; it is gross."   A masked shirtless man, who comes out every year, did gyrations in front of me; he also wrote on his body.   Sometimes he would roll on ground or do pushups or jumping jacks. Others were holding signs promoting atheism and condoms. A female, who threw coffee on me last year, was present for most of the afternoon. It was hectic; frivolousness ruled the day.   It was hard to teach with any depth since the students were so dizzy. Despite the devil throwing everything he had at us, we stood our ground, which is a testimony in itself.

The police called them aside and warned them about sexual harassment but it did not stop the lewd sodomites from being aggressive toward Jesse.


     I finished the day exhorting two Asian arrogant female evangelicals to holiness. The masked guy wanted to shake my hand at the end of the day.   Since he took off his mask, I reluctantly shook his hand.   We three men did all the preaching; Sister Pat witnessed on the sidelines. Cindy stayed back at the hotel doing office work.

This guy is just needing some loving Christian to build a relationship with him.

   Yesterday at UT, a boy wearing a Young Life t-shirt had one word for me, "relationship." I think Christians are misusing this idea of relationship.   We are to build a relationship with God and with God's family. However, the primary Biblical way of evangelism is not through building relationships with the wicked. "What fellowship has righteousness with unrighteousness?" I fear when evangelicals attempt to build relationships with the heathen, the heathen end up influencing the believer more than the believer influences the heathen.  


Spring Semester 2013     

Tentative schedule for The Campus Ministry USA, Brother Jed, Sister Cindy and Sister Pat:  Northerners are welcome to join us on our southern tour in the winter.  Please call to confirm.

January 7-11, Florida State University

January 14-18, Florida State University

January 22-25, Louisiana State University

January 28-29, Sam Houston State

January 30- Feb. 1, Texas A&M

February 4, University of Texas

February 5-7, San Marcos State

February 8, University of Texas

February 11-22, University of Arizona

February 25-March 1, Arizona State University

March 4, U.C.L.A.

March 5- Fullerton State  

March 6 Long Beach State

March 7 UC-Riverside

March 8, UCLA 

March 11, UC San Diego

March 12, San Marcos State

March 13-14, San Diego State

March 15, UCSD

March 18-22, Fresno State 

March 25-29, Texas Tech, Lubbock

April 1-5, University of Oklahoma

April 8-May 3, Missouri campuses

May 6-June 7, Washington and Oregon campuses



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