Week 4 Aggie Atheists Might Enter the Kingdom Before the Aggie Christians

Video of the Week 
Faith and Miracles
Faith and Miracles
  It was after 6PM at Texas A&M when this was taped. It was actually darker outside than it looks, but you can see the glow of the street lights. The pervert was a thorn in the side all week, but truth prevailed.
January 28, 2013, Sam Houston State,
     Brother Chris and his wife Sister Catherine joined us today; they are both graduates of Export Bible College in Pennsylvania.  Chris had just come to campus to hear me; however, with his banner declaring a list of sins, Chris soon had an audience on the sidelines.  He has been preaching on campuses for less than a year; he has been influenced by Micah Armstrong and Jesse Morrell.  Jesus turned him around on the question of original sin.  He is just about to finish Jesse's excellent work on free-will.  Brother Chris also says he is an open theist; however, he did have a few questions on that issue.   I was too busy with the students all afternoon to hear him but Cindy reported that he was fielding students' questions very well and was giving a good defense of Christian perfection.
Bro. Chris drew much attention with his Warning Banner.
      For over an hour we had a rowdy crowd of maybe 200.  It was not until around 3 PM that they actually began to settle down.  Eventually, the audience divided up among the four preachers.  For about 40 minutes I had a group of about 20, mostly Christians, listening to me; I exhorted them on holiness and becoming bold and aggressive witnesses.  Many were nodding their heads in agreement.  It was as if I was giving my signature message, "Who Will Rise Up?" in a church setting. 
Sis. Cindy gets their attention crying out against the sins and iniquities that prevail at Sam Houston State.
      At the end of the day two Christians encouraged me saying, "What you did today was wonderful; it was awesome.  I want to be bold like you."  I took the hand of one of them and prayed that he would be a bold preacher of righteous.  Before I left campus I prayed for another boy, Kyle, who wanted to be a preacher.  About eight students commended me for my witness.  
Shocked, that someone would call out their sins, a crowd gathers immediately.
Crowd continues to increase as Bro. Jed preaches.  He is standing to the left of the little tree.





January 29, 2013, Sam Houston State

     Sister Pat started the meeting; she had gathered about 35 when a group of about 30 came out and lied down on top of each other on the walkway and started laughing.  Others were doing pantomime.  Whether this was some sort of stupid class teaching sensitivity training or some other senseless class or some organized protest from the gay community, I know not.  I don't think the rest of the students understood what it was all about either.  Whatever, it was just another example of Bedlam, which tries to pass itself off as Higher Education.  At any rate the demonstration succeeded in drawing a much larger crowd which filled much of the Plaza, at least 300.  During this time, I did the preaching.  After about an hour the crowd settled to about 100 and I called on Sister Pat.

Students have done this "lay on each other" stunt on several campuses this year. They are quiet and subdued and it only draws us a larger crowd.


     The Secular Student Alliance had a table set up and they were promoting Brother Jed Bingo.  Students always delight in this game.  After about 2 PM Sister Pat and I each had a crowd.  And so it went for the rest of the afternoon.  Cindy stayed back at the hotel to do office work.  The police stood off at a distance.    


Sam Houston co-ed listens to the Gospel preaching.

There is a large statue of Sam Houston on the plaza.  I pointed to the statue and said, "That is a wonderful likeness of the great Texan; I commend the sculptor.  However, Sam's eyes cannot see, his ears cannot hear; his mouth cannot speak; his legs cannot walk." I pointed to one of the skeptics and said, "Your eyes can see; your ears can hear; your mouth can speak; your legs can move."  If Sam's statue required a sculptor, how much more does your marvelous body require a sculptor; that Sculptor is God, your Creator."  In response, he muttered the magic word, "Evolution."

      When a student tried to tell me that Jesus taught we are not to preach on the streets to be seen of men.  I corrected him.  "Men are to preach in the streets, but pray in their closets. "The Church usually has it wrong also; ministers preach in the closets (enclosed structures).  They need to preach in the open-air and make the churches their prayer closets." 

Student dramatically argues for sin.


   It was a very good day; I was able to once again encourage several Christians.  I have met a number of mature Christians on this campus who believe that it is possible to live holy and also believe that God hates sin.  They have a meek that is teachable spirit.  This campus has one of the best Chi Alpha (the student arm of the Assemblies of God) of any university I know.  Evidently, about 800 Chi Alpha students meet weekly.





January 30, 2013, Texas A&M

     I received a message on my facebook wall about 10:30 AM asking me when I was coming out to campus.  I answered that I would be there by noon.  He wanted me to come sooner.  We arrived shortly before noon; there were several atheists with signs waiting to hear me.  I like it when the atheists have their signs since then we do not have to bother with bringing ours and watching them throughout the day.  The atheists' signs will draw the attention of the students. First, Pat preached briefly then turned the meeting over to me at the break.  It did not take long to draw a sizable audience which reached up to 150 at times.

Student on Bro. Jed's left, holding a "JedFest" sign is the one who Facebooked us about our arrival time.  This group of detractors was waiting when we arrived.


    At about 1 PM I called upon Sister Cindy; she had not been speaking for five minutes when the throng started saying, "We want Brother Jed." Soon they were chanting, "Brother Jed, Brother Jed, Brother Jed."

     Cindy answered, "Of course you want Brother Jed; he taught me all I know; he is a man and he is smarter than I am."

Our hecklers had buckets raising money for the Secular Alliance and the Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Alliance. They were very successful in their fundraising but one angry student gave us $20 to show his disapproval. More Christians need a righteous anger.


     Cindy is not known on this campus since she has not been here for about 20 years. 

   At one point a Christian student jumped up on the wall and said, "It's all about love; God loves you. You atheists are amazing; you are fantastic." He then proceeded to hug the atheists one at a time. He thinks the atheists are fantastic. God thinks they are fools (Psalm 53). Cindy continued to preach and turned the crowd back to me within 30 minutes.

Texas A&M is the best campus for sideline interaction. Sis. Pat teaches a small group the way of holiness.


     I contended for much of the afternoon with Christians defending sin and the false idea of Christ's righteous being imputed to men even though by they continue to sin daily. John, one of the atheists' leaders, defended me against my Christians critics, who opposed my approach and accused me of turning people away. John claimed attendance at the Christian groups on campus actually increases after I am on campus. He said, "Of course, Brother Jed helps us too."

Bro. Jed's visit to campus increases the attendance at both the Christian and atheist meetings.  The battle lines are drawn.


    Cindy captivated the attention of the students later in the afternoon with her satirical message called, "The Condom Gospel." Tomorrow they will likely be chanting, "Sister Cindy, Sister Cindy, Sister Cindy.

     We earnestly contended for the faith until 6:20, only stopping because we had a dinner appointment with Cindy's Maid of Honor and her husband. We had a wonderful time of fellowship over dinner. They are long-time supporters of our mission. Both of them were positively affected by our ministry as LSU in the late 70's and early 80's. The husband, Enrique, testified that you used to memorize a lot of my one line answers to students' opposition.





January 31, 2013, Texas A&M

     There may be more "Jedheads" here than on any other campus.  "Jedheads" are students who closely follow my ministry but are not Christians.  They seem to like all the action that we generate.   

      I decided to preemptive strike the professing Christians.  I asked the crowd, "How many here are Christians?"  At a place like Texas A&M usually a significant number will claim to be Christian.  I asked those who raised their hands, "Where is your love?  I do not feel any love coming from you Christians.  I do not see you having enough love for your classmates to warn them of the terrible consequences of sin.  When is the last time you told the workers of iniquity that God hates them (Psalm 5:5-6)?  When are you going to demonstrate enough love for God to defend his Holy name against those who are using his name in vain?  I do not see love in you people; I merely see apathy and indifference towards those who are perishing in their sins.  How can you claim to love God and admit to sinning against him every day?"

Bro. Jed asks the Christians at Texas A&M, "Where is your love?  Love warns the wicked, and I do not see you caring enough to warn your peers of their coming doom."


      Late in the afternoon I returned to the same theme of challenging the Christians to show some love by rebuking their sinful peers (Proverbs 27:5).  I did notice that today there were fewer accusations from the Christian community of me lacking in the love of God.

      Throughout the last two days, there has been much effective teaching on the sidelines.  Each one in our team has had a group asking questions while one of us has been contending with the main crowd.  This is indication that the spirit is moving, when students want to continue dialogue on the sidelines.  When people come to us instead of us coming to them, it is a good sign. The subject is usually holiness.  Sister Pat had a long discussion with a group of Christians whose leader was claiming men do not have to repent; all they have to do is believe in Jesus' finished work on the cross.

Humor and satire are God-given techniques that keep their attention long enough to get truth in their hearts.


      After 6 PM we still had an audience of 50, which remained rowdy.  Usually, if a crowd stays that late, they are more subdued.  Since we had a dinner appointment with a student named, Collin, I dismissed my class at 6:15. 

     James walked with me back to the car; he had a heart for a deeper understanding and relationship with God and he wanted to be a bold witness.  I laid hands upon him in the parking garage; I prayed that God would give him "a spirit of love, power and of a sound mind."  I prayed that he would be wholly sanctified and a mighty warrior for God.  He gave me $20 when we parted.    

Sis. Pat had a great session with Texas A&M students.


     Yesterday the atheists were taking up an offering for some GLBT organization; many students were putting money in their bucket.  In many cases I am sure to spite us and ultimately to spite God.  A student approached Cindy and spoke to her of his unhappiness that so many were giving money for homosexuals. He asked Cindy, "Do you take donations?"  She affirmed that we did; he gave her $20. 

Girls are the left were brazen, vulgar lesbians defending their sin to Sis. Pat.

       Collin met us for dinner at Luby's Cafeteria; he brought a friend with him.  The boys seemed genuinely interested in where we were coming from.  Collin's friend looked familiar.  From his manner of communication I eventually realized that he was the one who jumped up on the wall yesterday to interrupt Cindy and say, "This is not the heart of God; it is all about love, you atheists are amazing."  He proceeded to hug several of the atheists.  Tonight he expressed his thankfulness that we have come to campus to show the love of God to the students.

Sister Pat warns the students about the consequences of unnatural behavior.  Some listen.




10,000 at Bible Study

February 1, 2013, Texas A&M

     I presented my autobiography, Who Will Rise Up? to my favorite Aggie atheist, John.  John has been standing beside me daily helping to control the crowd. He knows most of my stories and he has constantly been saying "shhhh" to quiet the crowd, especially when he knows my punch line is coming.   Most of the Aggie atheists are friendly and good-natured.  Generally the atheists help our cause more than the average Christian who just whines about our approach instead of trying to win people to Christ. 

     However, there is one porn freak, vulgar, degenerate atheist, who has been constantly harassing us the past three days by standing beside us brushing against us or standing in front of us.  He wears ear phones and listens, I assume, to some sort of beat; he constantly shakes his head as if he was spastic.  He is so anti-social that I believe he could be dangerous to the student body in general.  He rarely says anything; I ignored him except for one point in which he put his phone in my face recording me; I brushed him aside.  Yesterday, when he was harassing Sister Pat, Cindy got between him and Sister Pat for fear that he would brush against her and cause her to fall from the wall.  Hopefully, he is harmless and merely wants to share the limelight with me.  He is the type who would be incapable of getting attention on his own.  Porn has ruined his mind; he was constantly saying extremely vulgar things about women, which is how I know he is into porn.

"Grace is a wonderful word; however, most of the churches that use the word do not have an understanding of grace," Bro. Jed preaches in the big white western hat.


     Randy wrote on facebook, "I must say, I find you very entertaining especially the way you and the local atheist work so well together. They seem to like you and you seem to have patience with them as well."

     I did most of the preaching today to the masses but both Sister Pat and Cindy had to put up with those who defend sin in the name of Jesus and claim that men are born sinful and no one will overcome sin in this life.  They even had the audacity to say that if Christians do not continue in sin, then Jesus died in vain.  One of the largest off campus churches, where many of the students go, is Grace Church.  Grace is a wonderful word; however, most of the churches that use the word in their name do not have an understanding of grace.  They present grace as some force which covers man's sins but has no power to free from sin. I did meet a few who were familiar with Wesleyan doctrines as opposed to Calvinism, which was encouraging.  But it seems that most have not heard anyone who teaches that we can by the grace of God overcome sin in this present world.  One girl, who rightly said that Wesley never claimed to have reached perfection, asked if I did make the claim.  I affirmed that I had been morally perfected that is entirely sanctified, spirit, soul and body (1 Thes 5:23).  She did not challenge my testimony.

We spent much of our time today exhorting Christians that through faith and grace they can have power over sin. A few believed!


     There is a weekly non-denominational Bible study on campus which amazing draws 10,000 students.  Alas, virtually all the Christians we talked to were convinced that one cannot completely obey God.  How can this be when they are supposed to be study a holy book in which is written, "Be ye holy for I am holy" (1 Peter 1:16)?"   

     I related the stories of "The Five Dormies;" I think that it is the first time I told these stories this school year.  I also told the story about what happened in "the back seat of my father's 1954 Chevrolet Bel Aire...with leather seats," during the heyday of the Drive Inn Theater.  Many repeated this line imitating my arm motion as if I am shifting gears.  I must admit that I have a lot of fun relating this story. 

Sis. Cindy reads I Cor. 6:9-10 from the Bible: "Do ye not know that the unrighteous shall NOT inherit the kingdom of God?  Be NOT deceived."


     It did seem that many hardened their hearts today.  Collin, who met us for dinner with his friend last night, confronted Cindy.  He had an attitude that he was going to correct her.  Their method of evangelism is to tell lost people how "amazing" they are and then pray for them, that God will perform some miracle. Then they are fortified with testimonies of God's miraculous hearing power.  Now, I suppose they reach some people in this manner; however, I do not know where the Scriptures teach that God sees anything good in a sinner.  Romans Chapter 3 contains a typical Biblical picture as to how God sees the unbeliever,10 As it is written:


"There is none righteous, no, not one;
11 There is none who understands;
There is none who seeks after God.
12 They have all turned aside;
They have together become unprofitable;
There is none who does good, no, not one."
13 "Their throat is an open tomb;
With their tongues they have practiced deceit"; 
"The poison of asps is under their lips"; 
14 "Whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness."
15 "Their feet are swift to shed blood;
16 Destruction and misery are in their ways;
17 And the way of peace they have not known."
18 "There is no fear of God before their eyes."

Most of the Aggies were very polite and listened attentively, at least in the sideline groups.


     An Aggie, named Evan, joined us for dinner.  He is scheduled to give a teaching in his church next Wednesday to college students; he has been assigned Isaiah.  He wanted my advice on what to teach.  I encourage him to teach from Isaiah 1 and Cindy suggested Isaiah 5.  I asked him to read Isaiah 58:1; he read from the NIV, "Shout it aloud; do not hold back.  Raise your voice like a trumpet.  Declare to my people their rebellion and to the descendants of Jacob their sins."

The girl seated with the Bible in her lap read long passages of scripture to  Sis. Cindy in an attempt to excuse sin in the life of the believer and denounce our confrontation approach as un-Biblical. Sis. Cindy talked to this side group of mostly Christians for a couple of hours.


     I urged Evan, "Shout to your fellow students and hold nothing back.  Give them both edges of the sword of the Spirit, not just love but also wrath; not simply grace but put grace in the context of law.  Do not simply speak of mercy and forgiveness, but judgment and justice; teach them the goodness as well as the severity of God.  Make sure to show them their sins and transgressions.  Stab them with holiness."   


Spring Semester 2013     

Tentative schedule for The Campus Ministry USA, Brother Jed, Sister Cindy and Sister Pat:  Northerners are welcome to join us on our southern tour in the winter.  Please call to confirm.

January 7-11, Florida State University

January 14-18, Florida State University

January 22-25, Louisiana State University

January 28-29, Sam Houston State

January 30- Feb. 1, Texas A&M

February 4, University of Texas

February 5-7, San Marcos State

February 8, University of Texas

February 11-22, University of Arizona

February 25-March 1, Arizona State University

March 4, U.C.L.A.

March 5- UC-Riverside

March 6-7 Long Beach State

March 8,  Fullerton State

March 11, UC San Deigo

March 12, San Marcus State

March 13-14, Dan Deigo State

March 15, UCLA

March 18-22, Fresno State 

March 25-29, Texas Tech, Lubbock

April 1-5, University of Oklahoma

April 8-May 3, Missouri campuses

May 6-June 7, Washington and Oregon campuses



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