Week 3 Trekking West With the Gospel

Your Campus Missionaries!   

   While Bro. Jed preached to the LSU students, Dan scooted closer to Sis. Cindy to continue their discussion about marijuana and God.  Dan had a depressed countenance and a disturbing lost look in his eyes.  He admitted to a marijuana addiction that started at age 13.  He is also on an anxiety medication, Xanax, because of what he called a paranoia social disorder.  He described his unsuccessful time in rehab and went on to justify his daily marijuana use. Cindy explained how marijuana smoking is a form of sorcery and that he has opened his mind to demonic control.  She offered him deliverance and peace through Jesus Christ.  Dan, who listened politely, insisted that he did not need religion and that there is no God.  Yet he wanted to know when Bro. Jed would be finished preaching so that he could talk with him again.  The next morning when Sis. Cindy awoke Dan's distraught expression was still haunting her. She prayed for him.

   Saints of God, our task is daunting!  Reviewing the schedule below, you can see that our team will be traveling thousands of miles this semester and preaching the Cross of Christ to thousands and thousands of students.  Prayer warriors, your plan of attack is below.  We depend on your intercessions!

   Financial gifts to help with this mission are needed and much appreciated. Gas, hotels and meals are expensive and we do not have as many contacts in the South or West.  If you know anyone in these states that would be interested in the work of CMUSA please give them our contact information.  You may mail your gifts to our home office address below or through PayPal. 

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Bro. Jed and Sis. Cindy



Video of the Week 
Satanic Bible
Satanic Bible

January 22, 2013, Louisiana State University

     Cindy started the meeting at the end of a class break.  She preached for an hour without much interaction from the students, eventually gathering about 10-12 people.  Preaching without interaction saps one's energy.  When the students respond, it gives the preacher an opportunity to pace himself.  Plus the interaction helps to establish and maintain the student's presence.

These girls did not appreciate Bro. Jed's message on the roles of men and women.


      The size of the crowd gradually began to build when Cindy called upon me.  I touched on various subjects but was not able to get much traction. Finally, I was able to break the ice by speaking of the different roles of men and women.  By the time I turned the meeting over to Sister Pat the crowd had reached 50 and remained 50 to 60 for the rest of the afternoon. 

     Things began to liven up as students brought out signs; one read, "God loves everybody, even this guy."  Others had the usual "free hugs" message.  Several times throughout the afternoon a boy and girl from VOX moved through our crowd passing out free condoms.  They had a table set up close to us; their stated goal is "to raise awareness about reproductive health and mobilize advocates or reproductive rights in the LSU community," Of course, their goal is a sham; they are not interested in reproducing; they want to prevent procreation and support abortion.

     As the day progressed the signs became worse, one girl held a sign which said "free kisses."  I did not see anyone kiss the female; she was not attractive, although she was well-dressed.  Another female held a sign which said, "I am a proud whore."  I asked, "Do you give it away or charge?"  She answered, "Either way."  Another held a sign which said, "Free Pre-marital Hugs."  She was cute and good-natured; she primped when I took her picture.

Why do the heathen rage?


     There was a girl who confessed to an abortion; she claimed she was raped.  She had a boy's haircut.  But when her long-haired boyfriend came up she kissed him and continued to kiss him throughout the afternoon.  At one point Cindy accused the boyfriend of being a "horny devil."  The female strongly objected, "I am the horny devil," she insisted.

     While Cindy was preaching a man said to me, "You sure have a wife who loves you a lot; she talks about you all of the time."

I think Sister Pat said something that upset them a little.


     Cindy related a conversation with a girl who had been saved in Texas last year and has recently moved to Baton Rouge.  Denise said, "I started attending a Pentecostal Church here, but about all the preacher talked about was prosperity.  I expect ministers to be more austere."  I thought her comment interesting because so many ministers today want to appear to be "hip" in order to reach the youth.  In days of old ministers were expected to be austere, certainly not hip or worldly.

     I had a long conversation with a boy and girl late in the afternoon.  The boy said he had been in a conversation about religion all afternoon as a result of our preaching.  The girl said, "Everyone is talking about you guys." 

Sister Cindy giving them something to talk about at LSU.






January 23, 2013, LSU,

     Once again the crowd was generally quiet during Sister Cindy's introductory message in which she gathered about 25.  When someone asked her if she opposed Obama because of his race, Cindy answered, "No, I oppose him because he is a socialist." 
The crowd grows as Sister Pat gives her "How to Get a Husband or a Wife" teaching. 


      That was Cindy's cue to turn the meeting over to me knowing this is one of my favorite issues to address.  Few of them have a clue as to what socialism is; they do not even understand capitalism.  I gave them a short lecture on economics.  Socialism is government ownership and or control of the means of production as opposed to capitalism which is private ownership and control of the means of production.  The Bible supports private property in the 8th and 10th Commandments. 

Atheists offer "free hugs" while Sister Cindy gives free rebukes.


     Pat built up the crowd during her stint to about 75 as things gradually became more stirred.  Some of the sign carriers from yesterday returned with new signs.  The female who was offering free kisses yesterday was merely offering free hugs today.  When I asked, she admitted that no one offered to kiss her yesterday.  When I introduced "Sex Ed with Brother Jed," the students with my encouragement sat at my feet.  The lecture is satirical; I do not really know how many of them understand that I am mocking their promiscuity by acting as if they know nothing about the different anatomies of the male and female or how intercourse is done.  When it comes to the subject of human sexuality, experience is not the best teacher.  Sexual involvement (unlawful carnal knowledge, a term which needs to be reclaimed) outside of marriage is actually the worst teacher.  Abstinence before marriage and an understanding of Natural Law and the Moral Law of God are the best teachers, along with godly advice from parents with a successful marriage. Mainly, students are only in touch with their carnal nature; they are dead to their spiritual nature.  They have no knowledge of spiritual things; therefore they misunderstand the natural world.  Science without God is dangerous, even deadly.

Sister Cindy has a fruitful talk with a Catholic student.


    During Sister Pat's turn a Christian student objected to me, "Why focus so much on sexual sin?"  Cindy began to question him on his relationship with the Lord.  He passed each test until she asked, "Do you look at pornography?"  He admitted he did.  "Well," Cindy retorted, "now you know why we focus so much on this particular sin; virtually all the students are enslaved by the lust of the flesh."

     By 4 PM the crowd broke up into groups.  I had a very productive teaching session with a group of 4 to 5 students with whom I sensed I was making progress. 




January 24, 2013, LSU

    Sister Pat opened the meeting and soon gathered the regulars, who are mostly frivolous.  After she called upon me, I asked the gathering, "How many are serving Jesus Christ today?"  Several raised their hands.  I asked, "How are you serving him?"  I received no response. Next I quoted Jesus, "If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me."   

     I asked those who raised their hand, "What is your cross and how are you denying yourself."  No one had a clue as to what his cross was.  Finally, a male claimed that he denied himself by not being rude.  I asked, "Do you fornicate?"  He admitted he did.  I replied, "Then you are not serving God you are serving your flesh."  

     Later, I challenged another group of professing servants of Christ about the cross they were bearing.  No one was able to answer.  Finally someone asked me, "What is your cross?"  I answered, "Daily campus preaching over the last 40 years has been my cross."

       Two males have been out each day displaying free hugs signs; one of their signs said, "Hug an atheist."  They both received many hugs.  Today, I was carrying my staff crucifix.  I lifted it high to show the bloody outstretched arms of Jesus, I cried, "You will hug an atheist but you will not hug Jesus.  He wants to embrace you but you refuse to embrace him.  Do you know why you will not hug Jesus?  You will not hug him because if you hold him close, you will get blood all over yourself.   And that is not pleasant.  That will not make you feel good, but it will give you a clear conscience. 

To bear one's cross is to do as Isaiah, "All day long I have stretched forth my hands to a disobedient and gainsaying people."-Romans 10:21.
    The voice of wisdom cries and spreads forth her arms ever ready to embrace the repentant sinner, "Turn you at my reproof: behold, I will pour out my spirit unto you, I will make known my words unto you. Because I have called, and ye refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded; But ye have set at nought all my counsel, and would none of my reproof: I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh; When your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish cometh upon you. Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me: For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the LORD: They would none of my counsel: they despised all my reproof. Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way, and be filled with their own devices. For the turning away of the simple shall slay them, and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them. But whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil."-Proverbs 1:23-32

     I pleaded with them to embrace the Crucified One; but they only mocked and jeered or ignored his stretched out arms.  Alas, God will laugh at them on Judgment Day.





January 25, 2013, LSU, 

     Cindy opened the meeting.  Initially, she stood holding the YOU DESERVE HELL sign while waiting on a class break.  A Christian girl stopped to inform Cindy that she did not approve of her sign.  Some of our regulars had been standing off at a distance waiting for the action to get started.  Cindy cried out, "Hey, this Christian girl does not like my sign!"  Anticipating some conflict the regulars and others soon gathered around Cindy.  Soon she started teaching on the nine definitions or characteristics of feminism as taught by Bible teacher and pastor, David Coke. 

1.  The belittling and demeaning of the traditional role of women as wives and mothers.
2.  The idea that women are greater and of more value than men.
3.  The idea that women cannot have a fulfilling and meaningful life unless they have a career outside the home.
4.  The belief that men are the cause of society's problems and at this point are a necessary evil--a sperm donor.
5.  Some radical feminists advocate research that would find a way to only reproduce females.
6.  The attempt to blur the diversity of the sexes.
7.  Baby-murderers- the feminist's greatest accomplishment is abortion. They are responsible for the slaughter of multiple millions of unborn babies.
8.  The idea that men and women are equal... They are equal before God...both go to hell.

9.  Their desire is to domesticate all men. They want men to act, think and even look like females...skinny jeans. They want to emasculate men.

LSU students listen to Sister Cindy give the Nine Definitions of a Feminist.


Sister Pats declares the way of life.


      Cindy was speaking at the top of what is called Free Speech Alley.  The walk-way runs in front of the Student Union and it has a wall on each side.  Free Speech Alley has a long tradition at LSU.  Cindy noticed that some of the students were sitting on the walls. So she moved into the center of the walk-way and students soon lined the path sitting on the walls.  This proved to be the breakthrough we needed to solidify and establish the crowd.  All week students had been mostly standing and they had a tendency to break up into groups and converse within the group.  One has better crowd control when the audience is sitting.  We had an audience that averaged 75 throughout the afternoon.  Students were much less frivolous today.  

     Cindy spoke for close to an hour while I had a long and profitable philosophical discussion with Nick who has been a pest the last few days.  Nick admitted that I had given him a lot to think about.  He was impressed with the way I brought together such a diverse group.  Nick read to me from the Satanic Bible for my reaction.So when Cindy called upon me, I challenged him to read from the Satanic Bible to the crowd and I would respond with God's answers.  (See Video of the Week.) 


Bro. Jed playing his air guitar.


The preacher was in top form.

     Today was the best day of the week.  The audience was much more diverse and the regulars were not dominating the dialogue.  The pagan girl who had held the free kisses sign apologized to Sister Pat and me for some of her behavior.  On the whole students were listening to my answers and usually not irrationally arguing against my points without having understood my arguments.  Numerous students thanked me for coming and asked when we would be returning.  One has to be patient in the campus ministry; I had been considering skipping LSU next year since the students seemed so frolicsome throughout the week.  After today, I look forward to returning another year.   

One Way to God: Jesus Christ!


Testimony from Asbury

Dear Bro Jed,

Thank you for your faithful visits to Asbury College/University. It has made a profound impact on my life and no doubt countless lives of many others challenged by God's message. When asked what I thought of you approach I could only reply, "Sometimes God uses a hammer!" as no doubt sometimes it takes a hammer to knock sense into dull flat heads (sometimes a really big hammer). After years of dull, watered down church services it is refreshing to hear both barrels with a call to repentance. The few times I have heard a good gospel message have been times going back to visit my father's church.

I returned to finish my degree at Asbury after being gone for 20 years. I was blessed to see you still making regular stops to Wilmore. I know you pray "revival" every time you go out and preach. Though it may not always be evident, revival touched my heart recently when you came to campus. And now I remember how my heart was stirred when you came to visit in the 90's when God was doing a foundational work in my life.

Jonathon Johnson


Spring Semester 2013     

Tentative schedule for The Campus Ministry USA, Brother Jed, Sister Cindy and Sister Pat:  Northerners are welcome to join us on our southern tour in the winter.  Please call to confirm.

January 7-11, Florida State University

January 14-18, Florida State University

January 22-25, Louisiana State University

January 28-29, Sam Houston State

January 30- Feb. 1, Texas A&M

February 4, University of Texas

February 5-7, San Marcos State

February 8, University of Texas

February 11-22, University of Arizona

February 25-March 1, Arizona State University

March 4, U.C.L.A.

March 5- UC-Riverside

March 6-7 Long Beach State

March 8,  Fullerton State

March 11, UC San Deigo

March 12, San Marcus State

March 13-14, Dan Deigo State

March 15, UCLA

March 18-22, Fresno State 

March 25-29, Texas Tech, Lubbock

April 1-5, University of Oklahoma

April 8-May 3, Missouri campuses

May 6-June 7, Washington and Oregon campuses


  jed and cindy

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