Week 1 Spring 2013
Dear Friends,
   Following Bro. Jed's journal, you will find our updated preaching schedule.  The first two weeks at Florida State have been great!  
   Our westward trek will be costly so pray with us for the needed cash flow.  Also we are praying for more contacts with the saints in these southern and western states.  If you know someone on our missionary path please recommend us to them.
   Most important pray for us and the souls that we meet face to face with the Gospel each day. Louisiana State University this week! 
Thanks all,
Sis. Cindy
January 7, 2013, Florida State University
           A shuttle picked me up at 4:30 AM in Columbia, MO, to catch a flight in St. Louis for Tallahassee, Florida.   Sis. Cindy and Sis. Pat will drive to Baton Rouge next week to meet for us to team preach at LSU. I arrived in Tallahassee after changing flights in Charlotte at 2:30 PM. I started preaching on campus at 3:30, which was about half way through a class break. I gathered about 20 people. Two females started making vulgar references to male genitalia. One of them was so crude she said she wanted to see God's genitalia (not her term). I write this so that my readers might understand the depth of depravity to which many students have fallen. No one seemed to take offense at her blasphemous remark.   One of the lewd women said she was not a Christian but a Catholic and she 
 mother earth.  
Bro. Jed drove directly from the Tallahassee airport to the FSU free speech area.
    Two policemen arrived to check my ID, but left after checking me through the computer system. After about 40 minutes of speaking I called upon Sister Angela Cummings.   She connected with the students by speaking of her sins, particularly her first kiss when she was only nine years old. She said she French kissed a boy on a bus. She claimed that at nine she was already consumed by lust.   Angela said, "I have gotten your attention by speaking of my sins; soon I am going to be speaking of your sins."   She built up the crowd to close to fifty.
     Angela lives most of the time in her "Motel Honda." She was able to get a motel room in Tallahassee largely from a generous offering that I carried to her from another street preacher from Ohio, David Tripp. Angela's ministry is worth support; she makes a dollar go a long way.   Christians ought to befriend her on facebook and offer her lodging in her travels. Ask her to come to your town to reach your local campus.   She has stayed in the Smock home and makes our house rock with singing and prayers. She recognizes Ruben Israel as her pastor.  
"Unfortunately, sinning Christianity is the mark of orthodoxy in the mind of most evangelicals," Bro. Jed
     After 5 PM the crowd slowly thinned.  We closed out the meeting at 5:40 since students were arguing among themselves over the issue of free will. Original sin and Christian perfection were the two main questions I covered today. I was happy to get in some preaching today despite the long travel day and late start of campus. Pray that the Lord moves here this week. Brother Micah and Sister Elizabeth spent a week here before the holidays. I could tell the Micah had been here on account of Christians questioning me as to whether or not I sin. In the minds of many one has to continue sinning in order to be a Christian.   Sinning Christianity is the mark of orthodoxy in the mind of most evangelicals. Claiming to live above sin has become the mark of heresy.  


January 8, 2013, Florida State University
     There was female knitting what appeared to be a scarf.   I commended saying, "You are doing what women ought to be doing. I rarely see women do needle work anymore. You remind me of everything a man ought to looking for in a wife, one who can sew, cook and keep house." This riled up the feminist in the audience. The knitting female announced that she was a lesbian.  
"If you had met a real man like me you may not have turned out a lesbian," Bro. Jed.
     "Too bad for you that you did not meet me before I married," I responded. "If you had met a real man you may not have turned out lesbian." She was drawn into my web for the next hour until she had to leave for class. I told her that she reminded me of Madam Defarge in Dicken's "A Tale of Two Cities." I don't think anyone understood my literary allusion. She promised that she would return tomorrow with a group of her lesbian friends.
     Angela took a turn. While she spoke a group surrounded me, one asking about the universalism of Carleton Pierce. Soon a few Christians gathered around me asking question about predestination.   I took the opportunity to teach against the five points of Calvinism.   At the end, one of them admitted, "I understand where you are coming from now." Understanding is the first step in changing someone's mind. I explained that if total depravity of newborns is true and human beings do not have the ability to obey God from the womb, then salvation (a second chance) is deserved. If we are born with the inability to consistently do right, then we deserve to be born of the spirit and enabled to do right. Salvation then would be based on justice and not grace.   But if we have the ability to obey but refuse to do the right, then salvation is of grace. We don't really deserve a second chance but God gives us one anyway.  One of the students said, "I see your point." The doctrine of original sin does not exalt grace.   It exalts despotism, God punishing men for the sins of another. When I was accused by this little group of not speaking of God's grace to the crowd, I explained, "God is demonstrating his grace by sending me to this campus to warn the students that their sins have condemned them to Hell unless they repent and believe the gospel. God's grace is giving them space to repent."
"A good understanding of natural law is necessary in order to understand and rightly apply Biblical law," Bro Jed.
   After Angela battled for about an hour, I preached until almost 5 PM. The crowd was never rowdy or disruptive but it was lively with a lot of questions being asked upon which I could expound on many doctrines. Questions on Biblical interpretation arose over and over. As I explicated on the rules of interpretation, I gave one rule which I have not read in books on the subject. A good understanding of natural law is necessary in order to understand and rightly apply Biblical law. The last two day Hare Krishna devotees have been passing out paperback copies of their religious text. One of them challenged me today and repeatedly interrupted me. It is rare for these people to confront me.   He seemed to be saying that we all can become Messiahs. Jesus is not the only begotten Son of God according to the Hare Krishna promoter. After I turned the meeting over to Angela, a girl who had been asking fair questions shook my hand and said, "I don't agree with you, but you are doing a good thing. Another man said, "You make the day exciting."
January 9, 2013, FSU
     On Wednesdays at FSU outside the Student Union campus organizations set up their tables along with individuals selling wares. Usually, there is loud music over the noon hour.   I had forgotten this or otherwise I would have waited until 1 PM to arrive at my campus pulpit. The "music" sounded like it was straight out of the jungle; students were line dancing to the noise. I did not attempt to speak over the racket. Instead, I mediated over Proverbs 27. Eventually, Devon, a student whom I met last year and who has become a friend on facebook, sat down beside me to ask questions. He is open to my message and methods but is not yet convinced of my more controversial doctrines and ways. He first asked me how I defined grace. We covered several subjects including holiness and methods of reaching students. Devon is a leader in Young Life. I liked his meek spirit.
Jesus said, "to teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost."
     At 1:15 there began to be a lot of students passing and the amplified "music" stopped so I started preaching. I reproved the depraved songs that have captivated youth. I explained that when I was an undergraduate, we were required to take a course in music appreciation.   [Unfortunately, I don't think it gave many of us an appreciation of classical music.] I quickly dropped the subject and spoke from Matthew's Great Commission, "to teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost." I expounded upon the Trinity teaching that Christianity is the only religion that worships a triune God; all other religions have a false God.   Jesus commissioned his disciples to teach the nations "to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you."   I explained that the command to obey God in all things is missing in most mission programs today. Most evangelicals teach a faith that does not require obedience and a love which is lawless. It did not take long for a crowd to gather. One apparently sincere girl asked, "Why is it wrong to have sex outside of marriage?" As usual sex was a hot topic.
     I had the attention of the student; however, by 2 PM it started to rain and everyone scattered. The rain was short lived; about 2:20 there was another break. I asked Angela to speak; she soon gathered an audience. Two professing Christians with Bibles began to quiz me on holiness. They admitted that they were prideful and lustful but that was all covered by God's grace; God did not see their sin but only saw Christ within them. . . I refuted every scriptural appeal to justify their sins such as Romans 7 and 1 John 1:8. I urged them to get a concordance and do a study of the words holiness and sanctification. One of them said he did not know what a concordance was. I was appalled; however, I thought about it later and realized in this internet and computer age they just do word searches (hopefully) and do not realize they are using what we used to call a concordance.
"Christianity is incompatible with all other religions," Bro. Jed.
     I preached again for about two hours. During this time I was able to address a lot of questions concerning the nature of sin and the ability to live holy without much of an attempt by sinning religionists to rebut my arguments. I taught on comparative religions. In the classroom professors will usually try to find common ground in all religions. I emphasized that Christianity is incompatible with all other religions. This was a very good two hours. I called upon Angela again about 5 PM and returned to my motel room leaving the students in her capable hands. Yesterday, she stayed with the students until 6:45. I was very satisfied with the day despite the hindrances of the loud music and the rain. I had a second productive conversation with Devon and I thought the personal conversations I had with others were profitable. So far the students have not been rowdy. I give credit to Brother Micah who must have tamed them before the Christmas break like John the Baptist prepared the multitudes for the preaching of Christ. Of course, this relative quietness could all change tomorrow.
     "The Blackboard Jungle" (1955) was a film starring Glenn Ford as an idealistic English teacher in the inner city who is determined to do his job despite the opposition of drinking, smoking, violent, disrespectful students and resistance from other faculty. Although Ford's idealism is severely tested, he remains faithful to his calling. The Blackboard Jungle was the first major film to feature a rock n roll soundtrack (Bill Haley and the Comments, "Rock Around the Clock") and is credited with igniting the rock n roll revolution. Bill Haley seems mild compared to the jungle clamor I had to endure today.  Today rebellion is not limited to the inner city; students are typically rebellious, surly, drunken, drugged and sex crazed. After all his trials teacher Richard Dadier (Glenn Ford) concludes, "Yeah, I've been beaten up, but I'm not beaten. I'm not beaten, and I'm not quittin'."
       As a teacher of the Word I am as determined as ever to tame the savage "students" and introduce them to Christian civilization.   I am not quitting either and I am not beaten.
January 10, 2013, FSU,
     Sister Angela started the meeting today and eventually drew a large crowd. She did have opposition from some Christians. Angela was rightfully offended when one female who professed to follow Christ interrupted her when she was simply reading the Bible aloud.   Angela sharply rebuked the female for considering her words more important than the inspired Word of God.  
     My primary nemesis remained this Hare Krishna devotee.   At one point a Christian challenged the HK disciple. The Christian boy did his best but he was doctrinally handicapped when the HK pointed out that Jesus said, "If you love me keep my commandments." The boy admitted that he sinned but he claimed God forgives for all his past, present and future sins. The HK said that he had the power to overcome sin. However, he had a false idea of the nature of sin. He listed four sins which had to be overcome including eating daily products and meat. 
Some professing Christians interrupted Sis. Angela as she read the Bible.  They were rebuked sharply.
     I lectured on Sex Ed with Brother Jed. Today a Christian and his female companion defended sodomy within marriage by appealing to the Song of Solomon. One such verse was Solomon 2:3, "his fruit was sweet to my taste." The S of S is highly poetic verse 4:11, says, "Thy lips, O my spouse, drop as the honeycomb."   The Psalmist wrote, "How sweet are thy words unto my taste, yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth." The fruit of God's words and Spirit are sweet and encouraging to a believer.   To take verses from Solomon to promote sodomy is profane. There are no references to genitals in the S of S. Sodomy even in marriage discourages procreation and is high risk for passing on diseases. It is commonly accepted that the S of S metaphorically expresses Christ's (the bridegroom's) love for his church (his bride).
     I relate this in my journal because the influential Mark Driscoll of the Mars Hill ministry in Seattle is using the S of S to promote oral sex within marriage. Sodomy is sodomy whether it be expressed with the same sex or the opposite sex, whether within marriage or outside of marriage.  
     By 5 PM there was a group crowed around the HK who were arguing with him. There seemed too many distractions going on for me to continue so I called it a day. I was able to make some good points on the nature of the human spirit.
January 11, 2013, FSU
     I did not preach over the noon hour because of the amplified jungle music outside the Student Union; the first song started out with repeating the word "mother f'er" over and over. We have a generation that is quickly becoming desensitized to all that is evil.   This has largely been accomplished through the promotion of decadent music.   They have little sense of right and wrong. To them right is being politically correct.
     At 1:10 I started preaching on the fact that all the law if fulfilled in one word, love.-Gal 5:14. Next I moved a lengthy teaching on the beatitudes.   Through these messages there was little interruption. Around 2:30 I did begin to get questions from some of the regulars. For most of the afternoon I had on the average of about 20 to 25 students. Angela spoke for an hour or so. When she was speaking a boy walked up to shake hands with me and said, "I do not agree with you, but I like to listen."
     Late in the afternoon the fear of God was a significant issue.   I was wearing my "Fear God" polo shirt. A student claimed that Christianity and Buddhism was essentially the same.   To refute this common idea I appealed to the main symbols of the two religions. The primary symbol of Buddhism is a cross legged, potbellied male with a stupid grin. The primary symbol of Christianity is a gaunt, somber, hated man, (yet forgiving man), suffering unto death on a cruel cross.   I taught on omniscience explaining that it meant that God knows all there is to know. The sexual issues were not an emphasis today. I preached until 5 PM. I gave them lots of good doctrine and sound theology.
     The young man who took on the Hare Krishna devotee yesterday walked with me back to my motel room. I commended him for his boldness in taking a stand. I explained to him where I thought that he weakened his witness. He was not argumentative. He acknowledged that my ministry opened up many opportunities for him and his friends to witness on the outskirts of the crowd.   He said his student fellowship sponsors Tom Short when he preaches on campus.
The fear of God was a big topic today.
     Pray with me that I will be guided by the Holy Spirit; the weather does not look good for Baton Rouge next week so I am considering staying on at FSU into next week.  
Spring Semester 2013     

Tentative schedule for The Campus Ministry USA, Brother Jed, Sister Cindy and Sister Pat:  Northerners are welcome to join us on our southern tour in the winter.  Please call to confirm.

January 7-11, Florida State University

January 14-18, Florida State University

January 22-25, Louisiana State University

January 28-29, Sam Houston State

January 30- Feb. 1, Texas A&M

February 4, University of Texas

February 5-7, San Marcos State

February 8, University of Texas

February 11-22, University of Arizona

February 25-March 1, Arizona State University

March 4, U.C.L.A.

March 5- UC-Riverside

March 6-7 Long Beach State

March 8, UC Fullerton

March 11, UC San Deigo

March 12, San Marcus State

March 13-14, Dan Deigo State

March 15, UCLA

March 18-22, Fresno State 

March 25-29, Texas Tech, Lubbock

April 1-5, University of Oklahoma

April 8-May 3, Missouri campuses

May 6-June 7, Washington and Oregon campuses


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