Week 16 Last Week of 2012 

My Thoughts on Becoming Threescore and Ten
 Jan. 4 2013

     The prayer of Moses the man of God, "The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.  Who knoweth the power of thine anger? even according to thy fear, so is thy wrath.  So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom."-Psalm 90:10-12.

     Time seems long when it is yet future.  Alas, when it is past it is but a minute.  Life at its longest is but brief, a watch in the night, a short sleep; it is like the grass that grows in the morning and is cut down by night.  Life is a shadow which appears and quickly disappears, a tale that is told, and a sigh.  As fleeting as our days are, they are ennobled by our being allowed to be God's instruments, co-laborers with him in his vineyard.  We are privileged to be his tools; though we all quickly fly away, the "work of our hands" can be established and our children become an everlasting testimony of God's glory.

     Two score years ago I made the decision to follow Jesus and work for God.  I have never looked back or backslid.  I am now on my stretch run.  I am counting the days until my change.  I am as committed as ever to the publication of the Gospel.  I fully intend to finish the race without retirement.  I have chosen the Lord as my refuge from the wickedness of the world.  I have been a pilgrim for these 40 years.  I have staked everything on my faith that the Bible is the written Word of God and that Jesus is the Living Word of God. 

     Open-air preaching receives little honor from men.  My aim is higher, the glory of God.  I hope to receive my rewards in heaven.  Jesus asked, "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?"  I have seen in my days men honored in their old age only to die within a few years and likely fall into the abyss for eternity. 

     Solomon said, "Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom:  and with all thy getting get understanding."-Proverbs 4:7.  Solomon also taught us the pathway to wisdom, "The fear of the LORD isthe beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding."-Proverbs 9:10.  Wisdom is rightly applied knowledge.  Holiness is walking in the light we have with a right intention of heart, or to put it simply, full obedience to God.

      Among the first messages God gave to me was the Fear of the Lord and the necessity of Holiness or Christian Perfection.  The pulpit messages in the circles in which I moved in the 70's spoke of exercising faith to gain the things of this world and the unconditional love of God.  Needless to say my messages were shocking to both the churches and the universities; nevertheless, some obediently responded and I have been able to build up a base of support for my campus preaching.  To these friends I am indebted for they have kept me supplied on the front lines.    

     God has blessed me with a strong and healthy constitution for which I am particularly thankful.  Paul taught that "bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come."-1 Timothy 4:8. 

      I neglected physical exercise for my adult life since Paul communicated that the gymnastic exercises so valued by the Greeks have limited return, especially compared to the pursuit of holiness.  Four years ago after going on a fast in which I lost about 25 pounds I decided that I needed to strengthen my body and not take my physical health for granted.  I have built to do 70 pushups daily along with a routine of sit-ups, jumping jacks, etc.  I also work out with two 10 pound dumbbells and do a considerable amount of walking.  Physically, I feel as strong as I did when I began my mission, if not stronger.    

     I have not been on any medications for the body except briefly and rarely for some sickness.  I do not go in for regular physical examinations and I am not under a doctor's care.  I have never taken any drugs for mental conditions.  "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."-2 Timothy 1:7

     The man who fears God will not fear man or his circumstances; he has a clear conscience.  He has no need for mental meds.  The man of God trusts in the Lord through all the trials and tribulations of life, always keeping in mind his life is transitory until his immortal spirit wings its way to Heaven.  He loves righteousness and he hates iniquity.   

     I am praying for at least another decade of preaching daily on the campuses with Mrs. Smock, a modern day Deborah.  We have hope of bringing revival to the campuses and the greater society.  After all, the Wesleyan revival got its start with the formulation of the Holy Club at Oxford University.  I have a much better wife than John Wesley. 

     On my 70th birthday I am glad and blessed.  I am ready to finish my course knowing "the Lord God will help me, therefore shall I not be confounded: therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be ashamed."-Isaiah 50:7.


Thank you!

     I reread the 40 birthday cards I received via the US Postal Service. I wanted to reflect on the sentiments and prayers which the cards expressed. I initially read them aloud to Cindy, Sister Pat, Bro and Priscilla on the drive in the chauffer driven limousine which Cindy hired for the trip from Columbia to Lake of the Ozarks to meet the rest of the family for dinner. Cindy plans on collecting the cards into a scrap book for me. Thank you one and all who put in that extra effort to express yourself in writing.  My father used to lead my mother, brothers and sister in a simple grace over our meals, "For health and food, for family and friends, Father we thank thee, amen." These are the basics of life and the source of our happiness. I have many friends all over this country for which I am so grateful. Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness. 

     Please enjoy this journal of my last week of preaaching in 2012. This is now the second week of the new semester. Sis. Cindy, Sis. Pat, Sis. Angela and I are preaching a second week at Florida State since the weather is not suituable for out door preacing in Louisiana. Please pray for us daily. Bro Jed

December 3, 2012, University of Florida
     "We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error."-1 John 4:6.
     Daily, I reiterate this simple truth to students, "We are right and those who disagree are wrong. And we have the Bible, your own conscience and reason to back us up."
"Students, repent and believe the Gospel!"
     There were distractions as Cindy began preaching, bells ringing for about 20 minutes as well as a Greek organization having a program. Nevertheless, she gathered a small crowd. Meanwhile, a professing believer and a professing Jewish girl complained about my negative approach. I said to the Jewess, "You would have complained about Moses negativity when he came down from Mt. Sinai and slammed the tables of the Law on the ground and ordered thousands of sinners killed for their idolatry and fornication."
Some complain and some listen.

     After Cindy, I taught for about 90 minutes on the reasonableness of Christianity, explaining that my doctrine gives reasonable, coherent and believable answers to the great questions of life. The crowd remained small, 20 to 25 people.
     Cindy took another turn at the class break and the audience swelled to up to 100, but it gradually diminished down to 20 or so. A local lawyer [whom I remembered from years past] told me he first heard me back in 1979. He said, "You do not look any different now than you did then except you may be a little slimmer."
     Well, I don't know about that but my message does remain constant, "Repent and believe the gospel."
       Furthermore, the attorney added, "I was once in Mexico and I was asked by a waitress, 'Do you want anything to drink?" He answered, 'No, Brother Jed would not approve.' The people as the next table asked, 'Does he come to your campus also?'"
   At 4:30, some Christians including a local pastor were witnessing to groups of students who had initially stopped to listen to me, which is a better thing for them to do than to complain to me about my preaching.  
     Cindy and I decided to visit Buckman Residence Hall where she first tried to premarital kiss me in the parking lot of the dorm.   We had our picture taken at picnic table outside the dorm where I used to instruct her in the ways of the Lord.

Buckman Hall at the University of Florida--We studied the Bible at this table when Sis. Cindy first got saved.


December 4, 2012, University of Florida,
     Despite the usual distraction of the bells, Sister Cindy was able to draw a crowd of 75. She spoke on motherhood and the role of a wife. Cindy told the girls a virtuous wife not only needed to be good in bed but good in the kitchen. Only two of the girls in the crowd claimed to know how to make gravy or make a pie crust from scratch. One of the girls was a lesbian, who knew how to cook.   Interestedly, this girl, who is very open and unashamed concerning her perversion, has perhaps spent more time listening to us than anyone else in our UF meetings. Outwardly, she takes our rebukes good naturedly.   Hopefully, more is going on in the female's soul.
       When I took my turn, I said, "The football player and his girlfriend from Kansas City would probably be alive today if they had not been fornicating. Any man who fornicates is already abusing the woman and is a potential murderer." The students objected to my "inappropriate" comments considering these two people are not even buried as yet. But they did not attempt to refute my basic point, that the wages of sin is death.  
UF student makes an objection.
       I refuted the popular notion of unconditional love explaining that to love one had to meet extremely tough conditions, including a willingness to forsake all sin and follow Jesus to death. Sinners only know love as an emotion; they refuse to believe that love is a discipline. Only Christians know how to love.
     During Cindy's second turn the crowd built up to 100.   Cindy had to battle with the Christian hypocrites, who were opposing her methods and message. One female was in tears as she accused Cindy of lacking love. Cindy defended herself saying, "I have been preaching for 34 years, longer than you have lived. I have only been in my home in Missouri two nights since August 23. I have been daily ministering to college students and you are telling me that I do not have love?"
"Sinners only know love as an emotion; they refuse to believe that love is a discipline,"  Bro. Jed. 
   At one point a male approached Cindy and said he wanted to repent. He turned towards the crowd, "I repent that I have looked at porn; I repent that I have masturbated; I repent that I have looked upon women to lust; I am still struggling with these things but I will always be a sinner. God's love covers it all." On and on he went. At one point he even got on his knees to continue his confession.   He seemed perhaps to be sincere, but these were not the words of a truly repentant person. However, hopefully, his weak confession will be a step in the right direction.   
   Meanwhile, a boy had asked me if he could preach. I encouraged him to find his own audience, or else wait and preach tomorrow when we will be on another campus. He was able to get Cindy to reluctantly let him speak.   He told the story of Jonah; he developed the story well enough and the students applauded him but still they showed no indication that they were going to change their direction. Then an older guy who hangs around campus who looks like Obama wanted to give his testimony. I wanted to regain control of the crowd. I told him now was not the time; he was determined to speak nevertheless. Finally, the Jonah speaker got Obama to join him on another part of the plaza.   Most of the crowd followed them.   They spoke for a while as I continued to speaking to the few that were left. These "wanna be" preachers cannot hold an audience long. I have my doubts if tomorrow they will want to preach or testify when they do not have a ready-made audience.   Hopefully, I will be proven wrong.  
                "Only Christians know how to love," Bro. Jed. 
     Within fifteen minutes many drifted back to listen to me again.   The crying Christian girl returned to defend sin along with another more brazen "Christian" hellcat. A man from the Southern Sudan, whose parents had been killed by Muslims, came to my defense and commended my strong message and methods. He cited instances in which Jesus strongly reproved sin. He shut up the crier and the hellcat for a while.   Finally, they assumed they could get him to agree that no one is perfect. Then then African then defended Christian perfection. The crier and hellcat fell back to pleading for eternal security but the African also refuted this doctrine.  
     Cindy and I decided to leave about 4:15 since the African was doing a good job of standing for righteousness.

                               Fools make a mock of sin.

                    Sister Cindy battles the tearful hypocrites.


December 5, 2012, University of South Florida
     I opened the preaching mostly reaching those who were already sitting at tables outside of Cooper Hall. As I open myself to questions and challenges from the students, I put on my Detective Colombo persona pretending to be na´ve and out of touch.   When a female from CRU took issue with our provocative sign, I made a pretense of not knowing the sign was provocative. The CRU girl said, "As culture changes the gospel does not change but the way we present should change."
The students just can't tolerate Bro. Jed's "old-fashioned" preaching.
     I replied, "I am old fashion; I learned to do it the way Jesus did it. I present the gospel in a confrontational manner. But perhaps you could help me become more culturally relevant; after all, I am "an old codger" and set in my ways."  
     When some students used foul language, I pretended that I was more shocked than I was. I inquired of others how I might improve my presentation and be more relevant to young people.
     One learns a lot by ministering to college students for instance we learned from a tattooed boy with a hook in his nose that Jesus also had a tattoo. The Book of Revelation describes a tattoo on the returning Christ's thigh which says "Kings and Lord of Lords." We learned that King James the Eighth changed the Bible to allow him to divorce his wife. Oh, we also learned that Jesus was married to a prostitute and he provided food and clothing to prostitutes.
This is before the crowd turned into what one student called a, "lynch mob."
     About 2 PM a relatively civil crowd turned into what one sympathetic student called a "lynch mob." It is amazing how just one troublemaker or a few hecklers can quickly change the mood of a whole crowd. It took just a few, the chief priests and elders, to turn the masses, who had heralded Jesus upon his triumphal entry into Jerusalem, into a throng demanding his crucifixion. Preachers should not underestimate the dangerous associated with prophetic preaching against sin. My experience is that police are slow to react to protect us when the mob is threatening violence. I have even seen them stand-by and do nothing when we have been in dangerous situations. My sympathizer told me late in the afternoon that he was standing close to me ready to intervene should the crowd turn physically violent. Of course, Ruben, and his men, who work the night shift are even in a more dangerous situation since a significant number to whom they preach are high on drugs and alcohol. Strangely, the skeptics compliment themselves thinking they are so courageous for standing against an old man and a middle-aged petite female.  
     I maintained that the fact that one or two people can so stir and agitate the masses is evidence that we have the truth.   I added, "If you students are so convinced that we are crazy or stupid, why are you so disturbed at what we say?"
"If we are really 'crazy' why are you so disturbed at what we say?" asked Bro. Jed.
   Our ascended Lord said to Saul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus, "I am Jesus whom thou persecutes; it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks."-Acts 9:5.  
     A prick was a sharp pointed shaft, which was held up to an ox by the driver in such a manner that if the ox turned in the wrong direction, it would get pricked. Sometimes the ox would attempt to kick the goad away, which would only drive it in deeper.
         Culturally relevant Christians do not use a goad to drive the oxen. They would merely touch the oxen with a feather. If they should use a sharp instrument, they would pull the prick away rather than allowing it to be pressed in deeper.   Rarely are we dealing on campus with scholars but a bunch of dumb oxen.   After all, virtually all of them think they are animals and they mostly act like animals. Of course, these culturally relevant Christians are not in the driver's seat; they are yoked with the other oxen. Oxen are commonly castrated fully-grown cattle; castration makes them more tractable. Until we come on the scene, the oxen are docile, controlled humanists, multi-culturists, pluralists, naturalists, who go berserk when confronted with the rod of Truth.
"...it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks."-Acts 9:5.
December 6, 2012, University of South Florida,
     Joe King, an 85 year old WW II veteran from Homosassa Springs, joined us on campus. As Cindy was preaching, Joe asked me, "Do you always get crowds this size?"
The mob quieted down to listen to Joe King, a WWII Vet, present the Gospel.
     After I took center stage it did not take long before the throng was filled with wrath against me and against my Lord for whom I speak. Joe than approached me with a small megaphone in his hand wanting to speak. I gladly turned the mob over to him, which quieted down to listen to the hoary head. Apparently, he did not know how to operate the megaphone. He spoke softly so the students had to quiet in order to hear. He spoke of how he had been a marine and a number of his comrades at arms returned with limbs lost from the war. Each of them gladly gave their limbs so that we could have the freedom to have an assembly like that which was taking place today with our preaching. He proceeded to give his testimony of how he had returned from war to become a self-centered businessman bent on success to the detriment of his marriage and family. He raised his voice when he spoke of how Jesus saved his soul.
Joe was soft spoken but he raised his voice when he told the students how Jesus saved his soul.
     When I took the floor again, the multitude turned into frenzy, yet again stirred by several self-serving atheistic hecklers including the hook in his nose tattooed boy from yesterday and the unclean heavily tattooed sodomite who has been opposing us daily.
The guy on the right was one of the ringleaders who worked the crowd into a frenzy.
     Meanwhile, I notice Richard Schaffer in the audience, who has been a campus preacher for 20 years. Richard is an unassuming man who tends to move below the radar and is not well known among the open-air preaching fraternity.  
     Richard announced to the throng that he heard me and Max Lynch in the 70's when he was a student at the University of Minnesota, later he was also influenced by Paul Stamm. I remembered Richard from his student days; he was one who stood off to the side taking in everything but never saying or asking much.  
     Students are dumbfounded and then angry when they actually see fruit from our preaching. It did not take long for the wrath of the crowd to turn against Richard, who has memorized much of the Scriptures including Luke's entire Gospel.   Richard told the story of the rich man and Lazarus. Richard and I alternated the preaching for the rest of the afternoon with Richard mainly telling Bible stories. Cindy left campus about 2 PM to be with our daughter Charlotte, who is a nurse in Tampa. Joe King also had to leave at 2 PM.
Richard is a former University of Minnesota student who was inspired to preach after hearing Bro. Jed, Bro. Max Lynch and Paul Stamm many years ago.
     Paul reflected, "If after the manner of men I have fought with beasts at Ephesus."-1 Cor 15:32.   Paul's opposition to idolatry brought one silversmith, Demetrius, who fashioned shrines for the goddess Diana, to stir the multitude into a wild frenzy against Paul and his associates.
     This was one of the days where it was difficult to preach for much of the time with the rabble in such a fury as I confronted their idols.   I mostly repeated scriptures on sin, righteousness and judgment with little commentary. In the chaos our main witness could only be to be to simply stand our ground.
     Paul counseled the Church at Ephesus to "put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to withstand in that evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore!"
Bro. Richard told the story of the Rich Man and Lazarus.
   We stood our ground refusing to give an inch to the enemy. There were times when the winds of antagonism calmed for several minutes and I made some points, only to see the furious storm return even more strongly blowing against the Truth. Late in the afternoon a student rebuked the crowd for their mob like behavior which resulted in a shouting match between him and several of the worst hecklers including the sodomite with the unclean spirit. I stood back allowing the students to turn against one another for fifteen minutes. Apparently, the students opposing themselves brought the police on the scene, which settled the students enough so that I could once again lecture on the four key questions to which Christianity gives plausible and coherent answers unlike other religions and philosophies. During the times Richard  stood his ground against the horde, I had several serious students gathered around me asking profitable questions. 
   Richard and I left campus at 5 PM; we stood our ground, not losing an inch. If the Church does not stand her ground, then the Church will be the ground upon which sinners stand. "The devil is come down to us having great wrath, because he knows he has but a short time is short." But this is our time; this is our day; the day of the Lord is at hand!   Never fear, he will deliver the enemy into our hands. We shall prevail against the gates of Hell.
Spring Semester 2013     

Tentative schedule for The Campus Ministry USA, Brother Jed, Sister Cindy and Sister Pat:  Northerners are welcome to join us on our southern tour in the winter.

January 7-11, Florida State University

January 14-18, Florida State University (We did not go to LSU because of bad weather, not sure what the schedule will be the next couple of weeks because it may change because of weather. Call to confirm.)

January 22-25, Sam Houston State

January 28-Feb 1, Texas A&M

February 4, University of Texas

February 5-7, San Marcos State

February 8, University of Texas

February 11-22, University of Arizona

February 25-March 1, Arizona State University

March 4, U.C. San Diego

March 5-6, San Diego State

March 7, San Marcos State

March 8, UC San Diego

March 11, UC Riverside

March 12, UCLA

March 13-14, Long Beach State

March 15, UCLA

March 18-22, Fresno State 

March 25-29, Texas Tech, Lubbock

April 1-5, University of Oklahoma

April 8-May 3, Missouri campuses

May 6-June 7, Washington and Oregon campuses


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