December 10, 1978 Sister Cindy prayed the prayer of repentance and faith in Christ in the Krystal Hamburger parking lot. The mercies of the Lord are everlasting!  

Week 15 Strong for God at 90
November 26, 2012, University of Florida,
     Cindy gathered a crowd that fluctuated from 50-100 for most of the afternoon. For the first two hours our audience was subdued. I was asked some thoughtful questions with several seemingly satisfied with my answers.
     Cindy mentioned on the 90 minute drive back to our hospitality house, "Students seemed more determined to convert me than I was to convert them.   Some of them became very frustrated that they could not convince me that homosexuality should be accepted."   She also noted, "There seems to be more hatred of Christianity than ever."
   The Church and the family are the last fortresses against establishing a secular and socialist world. No wonder the attacks are so strong against those of us who forthrightly maintain and proclaim a Biblical moral standard. Man is a moral agent who determines his own destiny and the multitudes remain on a mad dash to Hell.
   A female said to me, "Truth is what I believe it to be." I answered, "Try that line on your professors when your answers to their questions are marked wrong. Try telling them, 'But I believe my answers are correct.   How can you mark them as wrong?'"
Multitudes on a Mad Dash to Hell!
"Next time you take a test, try telling your professors that truth is what you believe it to be," Bro. Jed.


November 27, 2012, University of Central Florida
     I had two phone calls asking me to confirm that I was coming to campus. One was from someone who wanted to video. I figured the other was from an atheist. They like to plan their events around my appearances.
     Brother Micah informed me that the brick yard in front of the Student Union is now open for free speech. So I decided to try the new area. I knew that there was more traffic around the Union. The atheists had a tent set up promoting their diabolical doctrines.   They applauded when they saw me. I started preaching rather low key since I knew I would have no problem getting a crowd with the atheists opposing me. I proclaimed, "Atheists are bad people; Christians are good people."
     They already had their protest signs. The first girl which stood behind me carried a "Free Hugs" sign. I made fun of her saying, "Atheists are starving for affection." Soon other atheists gathered around and it seemed for the first 30 minutes most people in the crowd were atheists. Several stood beside me on a wall and others formed a line in front of me.
Interesting sign made by an atheist.  Believe it or not many "Christians have said this very thing to us.
     One Christian  was standing against two walls of atheists! I like those odds. A thousand atheists are no match for one Holy Ghost filled Christian armed with the shield of faith and the sword of the Spirit. Few Christians are willing to fight these Philistines. Are they afraid to fight like Saul's army feared Goliath? Later when Cindy was preaching some brothers and a sister tried to discourage my militancy. David's older brother objected to him leaving his few sheep to come to the battle. However, David's brother refused to fight. David objected, "Is there not a cause?" Few Christians today are warriors. Their hearts have failed because of the uncircumcised Philistines. As least David had an older brother try to discourage him; I constantly have had to deal with youngsters telling me not to fight. These greenhorns think they know more about reaching students than I do.
Atheist group takes advantage of our campus presence. They have no crowd drawing abilities.
     Preacher JK from San Francisco and his wife, "Evangelistica," joined us on campus as did Micah's wife, Elizabeth. Micah stayed home to prepare a church message for tonight.   Both of these women boldly preach with their husbands.   When Cindy was preaching, someone read from 1Timothy 2:12, "I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence."  
     Students are reading this verse more than ever; usually those who read it do not even believe the Bible. Occasionally, on FB and other venues I have to defend the women preachers. Some brethren make a distinction between women witnessing which they allow, but they object to women rebuking, reproving and exhorting men to repentance.   Any male who is not serving Christ and practices sin is not manly. So what is the problem?
Bro. Jed dramatizes his testimony.
     There are so few real preachers today; I would think anyone would be happy that women would be engaged in the battle. Actually, I think some of the women are better preachers than some of the male preachers who oppose the gals. Could these men's problem be envy? Or are they simply too bound by the letter of the text and do not understand that the Holy Spirit anoints whomever he will? "Wisdom is justified by her children." Or more simply put-the proof is in the pudding. Novice cooks usually strictly follow the recipe. Experienced chefs usually deviate from the recipe to produce a unique flavor.
There is no love without God!
     We still had a sizeable crowd after 5 PM. But we dismissed them because we had a two hour drive back to our hospitality house. The driving can be quite exhausting after five hours of preaching.  
The crowd grew and many heard the Word of the Lord today.

Preacher JK from California joined us today.

Who is the mad one? "The fool has said in his heart there is no God!" Ps. 14:1

November 28, 2012, University of South Florida,
     Cindy and I were sitting at a table in front of Cooper Hall waiting for the class break. Cindy was holding up our YOU DESERVE HELL sign. An oriental student approached and said, "This is not the way to evangelize." He was agitated concerning the sign. Soon a female joined us who considered the sign to be inappropriate and negative. The classes started to break so Cindy began preaching while I continued to defend our methods and message at the table. An arrogant male youngster joined my group at the table. Cindy entertained the sex-crazed students with her parables of HPV Holly and Herpes Henry. She drew a large crowd with her overly dramatic gestures and affected enunciation of key words speaking of the consequences of sin.
 "Certain lewd fellows of the baser sort" heard the Word today.
     I took my turn to educate them in basic anatomy of the human body, explaining, for instance, that the anus is not a sexual organ and that the primary purpose of female breasts is to nurse babies. Students remained relatively attentive and not too bad.   One female with a pleasant smile and outgoing personality described her very active sexual life without shame.   I encountered one of the most decadent, degenerate and depraved sodomites, which I can recall in my four decades on campus. He wore shorts exposing tattooed legs and he was bald. He yelled out the most unspeakable and depraved acts which he wanted to do with me and also with my wife. His base lewdness delighted the crowd. Thankfully, he did not stay around too long.   Another time during my first round the students started chanting the word, "penis."        
"Love is obeying God."
     Meanwhile, Cindy sat at the same table with the same hypocrites who I had dealt with including the cussing female who said, "There is something in the Bible about not causing conflict but I don't have my "f------ Bible with me. Another girl asked, "Where is the love?"
Student sits in the "judgment chair" and Bro. Jed gives him a free judgment session.
       When Cindy preached again, she warned, "Jesus said most people are going to Hell." She read Matt. 7:13, 'Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat.'
       The prophetess continued, "You whores and whoremongers are on the wide road to destruction, living in the fast lane, running with the devil and on the Highway to Hell." Sister Cindy used these warning words concerning drunkards, rock n rollers, and false religionists, etc. Each time she dramatically delivered the phrase "wide road to destruction" the students joined in unison repeating the vivid expression.
       When Cindy turned the meeting back to me the students were still not so bad. However, the depraved sodomite returned and started shouting debauched words describing the vilest of sex acts and references to private parts. He must have been possessed of an unclean spirit to mouth such filth. This riled the crowd in his favor. Others joined in shouting obscenities that seemed to even embarrass the sodomite. The mob mentality now reigned with virtually everyone totally given over to dissoluteness. ["Dogs have compassed me: the assembly of the wicked has enclosed me."-Ps 22:16.]  
Matt. 7:13, 'Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat.'
       God was bringing out what was really in the students' hearts. It was almost unbelievable. The Lord was exposing the utter darkness which they inhabit. Sinners normally cover their degeneracy with a veneer of respectability in public.   But Biblical preaching exposes their wicked hearts.  And the Word demonstrates that they are deserving of Hell. I had to warn the mob that God hated them (Psalm 5:5-6). Nevertheless, he still loved them enough to extend his hand of mercy. If they rejected his mercy, they would soon be objects of his fury.
"The foolish shall not stand in thy (God's) sight: thou hatest all workers of iniquity.  Thou shalt destroy them that speak leasing: the Lord will abhor the bloody and deceitful man. Psalm 5:5-6
     It got to the point where it was useless to preach; I started reading Scriptures especially the ones' speaking of the destruction of sinners. Finally, the oriental student, who initially confronted me, stepped in front of the crowd and rebuked the students for their disrespect. He spoke of his admiration for my stand (even though I was wrong in my approach). His rebukes briefly silenced the crowd, but soon they turned against him.   It was now 4 PM and I had a sermon to deliver in a church about 90 minutes away. I sang Amazing Grace while the heathen continued to rage and I concluded with a brief message on grace and God's willingness to extend mercy. I suddenly stopped and walked off. Amazingly, as I gathered our stuff about half of the crowd applauded me.   Remarkably, even a Muslim called me aside to commend me for standing up for what I believe in the midst of such opposition.

November 29, University of Florida
     Last night I met a 90 year old Pentecostal preacher who has been married for 70 years and has sixty offspring. He is a WW II vet whose air craft carrier was torpedoed by the Japs. He has read all my books and was so enthusiastic about my ministry. He accompanied me to UF today. He got right into the action by wearing a sandwich board sign and he was soon preaching. He began by relating his WW II experience and how he has been serving the Lord for 72 years. He presented a simple Gospel message speaking of forgiveness of sin through the atoning work of Christ. Students were respectful of Brother Claude and generally civil towards me today.
Bro. Claude, a WWII vet has served the Lord for 72 years!
I drew a small crowd quickly, which never exceeded 25 throughout the afternoon. There was a shameless lesbian who stayed for most of the day. One of the Christians accused me of being "patronizing" towards the lesbian. He claimed that Jesus would not have spoken to her in my manner.   Actually, I sensed that the lesbian enjoyed all the attention I was giving her. I had numerous Christians in the crowd who seemed supportive and attentive. Several stayed with me for all three hours. I exhorted them to take the offensive against sin and unbelief.  
Bro. Claude presents the Gospel message to University of Florida students.
     By 3 PM our audience had pretty much died out. A man who had heard me 25 years ago at Berkeley expressed pleasure in seeing me after all these years. He said, "Don't take this wrong, but you are very entertaining." I decided not to wait for another class break. Each night this week we have not gotten home until between 8-9 PM.   I was glad to get back to our hospitality house before dark. I surely enjoyed my fellowship with Brother Claude today. He has many wonderful stories and has enjoyed his life. I am sorry for the elderly who just pine away in nursing homes when I consider Claude's zeal for the Lord. He said that his ministry consists primarily of intercessory prayer daily with his wife. Claude is still interested in the political scene. He mentioned how there are RINO's in the Republican Party.   He said, "We have PINO's in the church-Pentecostals in name only! I don't remember meeting anyone Claude's age so filled with the Holy Ghost.
     Radical Bill, an old heckler who had been hanging around UF as long as I have been preaching there, showed up for a few hours. He was razzing me about the reelection of Obama.   What could I say?

November 30, 2012, University of Central Florida
     Brother Micah and Sister Elizabeth met us on campus today.   Sister Cindy opened the meeting; the first to stop were lesbians. She built a nice size crowd from the lesbians. When she introduced me as a "real man," I explained that a real man is one who has self-control. He can satisfy and be satisfied with one woman throughout his life. About half of the crowd was lesbians. I explained that many had turned to lesbianism since there are so few real men remaining. Many of the college boys have been castrated by the feminists.   Proverbs 6:26 says, "By means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread." The males have become soft and malleable consumed by their own lusts.  
"Real Men Have Self-control!"
     I called on Micah, who preached on the fear of God. He is a preacher of righteousness. After he preached for about 20 minutes a heckler arrived who proclaimed the force from Star Wars. He was talking the nonsense of the Star Wars. The crowd did about double under Micah's turn, especially when the Star Wars character interrupted. Others took this opening to jump up on the wall and oppose Micah.
Bro. Micah (hat) and Sis. Elizabeth witness on the sidelines. They are a mighty husband and wife team who preach on the campuses.
   Micah turned the meeting back to me after about 90 minutes; the audience gradually thinned out over the next hour. Finally, I was done to about 20 students so I stepped down from standing on the wall and sat down to teach and answer questions. This had a calming effect on those still listening. My last hour was very productive with the students asking some good questions which enabled me to teach on open theism, the justice of eternal damnation, free will, the evidences for God's existence and the nature of God's love.   We left campus at 5:30 PM.  
Great teaching session with these listeners at the end of the day.
Proverbs 6:26 says, "By means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread." The males have become soft and malleable consumed by their own lusts.
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