The Offence of the Cross 
The Offense of the Cross

Video of the Week 

Week 12 Why Do The Heathen Rage?


November 5, 2012, Colorado College

     At the end of the day a Jewish homosexual said to Sister Pat, "If your purpose is to get people thinking, then mission accomplished."

     CC is a small private liberal arts college; we have to preach from the public sidewalk, which is a good location.  Cindy quickly gathered over 100; however, campus security dispersed the crowd.  She kept preaching and soon another huge crowd gathered.  At one point a man read from Matt 7:1, (Judge not...)which is the one scripture every sinner knows.  The crowd cheered when he told Cindy she ought not to be judging.  She explained that the verse applies to hypocrites.  The student then said, "Everybody leave; we are only giving her an audience."  The crowd sheepishly complied.  Cindy kept preaching with the same energy, despite virtually everyone leaving.  Soon another crowd gathered.

Sister Cindy starts the meeting at Colorado College.
       About 1 PM Cindy called upon me.  Students quieted as I briefly related my testimony.  I lectured on "Sex Ed with Brother Jed."  After 20 minutes about 10 students gathered around Sister Pat; she had a group around her for the rest of the afternoon which often reached up to 20 students. Eventually, a long-haired dissipated male, whom I had given some personal attention earlier, urged everyone to leave.  Again the sheep all left. Evidently, the dissipated one had hardened his heart within the hour.  Since Sister Pat still had her audience and Cindy had a few listening to her, I decided to simply sit on the chair and hold my YOU DESERVE HELL sign.
College official tells our crowd to disperse.

     In due course, Cindy started preaching again as if there were still one hundred listening.  Within 10 minutes a half dozen students began conversing with her.  One girl, who had called the YWAM (Youth with a Mission) base which was nearby by, burst into tears.  One YWAMer comforted her for several minutes as she was sobbing.  The YWAMers did not defend sin or even condemn our approach.  Their argument was that we had "gone too far."  Cindy did not attempt to defend our approach scripturally.  She simply spurred the YWAMers that if they had the love of God they would be out here condemning and warning of impending judgment.  Cindy finally said to the YWAMers.  "I am tired of you.  There is a girl here who says she is a Unitarian lesbian; quit arguing with me and witness to her."  They joined hands with her and others and prayed.

We had large crowds for the size of this campus.  Notice chicken man on the left.

    A number of people from Victory World Outreach, a large church in Colorado Springs, joined us on campus.  They were very enthused and exited by the preaching.  Pastor Ron Jones arrived in the middle of the afternoon and was active in witnessing to the students.  Pastor Jones and I were arrested together for preaching outside his church in Lake Havasu City, AZ, back in the late 70's.

Sister Pat sharing the truth with her sideline group.

     From about 3:30 until we departed after 4 PM, I had an attentive group surrounding me; I fielded their questions.  I preached a strong message to them in the end on the Cross and the Resurrection. (see video above)  Pastor Jones invited us to return his church and next time he wants Sister Cindy to also preach.

Brother Jed points this wayward generation to the cross.  Pastor Ron on the left.



November 6, 2012, Kansas State University
     Cindy gathered a crowd close to 200. Initially, the students were relatively subdued. They remained so during my first session. In Cindy's second turn she set up the judgment seat. When she did so, the crowd moved in close in order to hear better.
Bro. Jed calling a large crowd of K-State students to repentance!
     I noticed Dean of Students, Dr. Pat Bosco, in the crowd listening with a big smile on his face. He has always defended my right to be on campus. He heard me as an undergraduate and as a graduate student in the 70's on other campuses. Later, he game up to chat and asked, "Are my kids treating you right?" He spoke to me when Angela Cummings was speaking. Angela joined us today. She lives in her Motel Honda and travels the country preaching.   She has an usually loud voice for a woman. The Dean said, "I am going to be getting some complaints from the academic people."   He was not fazed.
   The students complained to Angela, "You are not smiling; You are not telling us God loves us."
Stanley Hoerman, who invited me to speak to for the Full Gospel Business Men back in 1980, arrived at 1:30 and immediately was in the midst of the fray and remained so all afternoon. When we left campus at 5 PM, Stanley took the team to dinner.
Angela sardonically pasted a smile on her face and said, "OK, I am smiling now. God loves you." She lifted up her hand and said, "I have cookies in my hand for all of you."   Suddenly, she changed her expression and seriously said, "No, I see you all in Hell. And your faces are lifted toward Heaven and you are crying, 'Angela, Angela, we are tormented in these flames and all you did was give us cookies and tell us God loved us just as we were.'"
Angry student calms down and listens to Bro. Stanley.
Later, when someone announced an Obama party.   Cindy responded, "You will just get drunk tonight since Obama is going to lose." (wrong on that one) The crowd went into an uproar especially the black students. They began to question Cindy but she refused to answer their questions unless they backed off. The blacks went berserk. Cindy called upon me but a crowd followed Cindy to the sidelines, while I had another horde. Soon the two crowds coalesced again. On two occasions someone urged everyone to leave and the pack sheepishly complied, but they could not stay away. When they returned they enclosed around me. By now numerous students were stirred and angry. I repeatedly walked away from the madness. And the madmen would follow me all over the plaza.
Male student was sitting in the "be judged chair," but Sis. Cindy's warnings to the sinner were interrupted by a girl who offered him false comforts.
Sister Angela has an amazing loud voice!

Sister Pat exhorting students to the way of righteousness.
A student reporter interviewed Sister Cindy.  He had a lot of good questions.


November 7, 2012, Kansas University
     The first two hours were very hectic. A fraternity was raising money for children in Africa. They kept interrupting us appealing to our crowd for money. They became increasingly bold until they were singing and dancing around us.   A covered brazen Moslem female led a school cheer as Cindy was preaching. Later she joined with a Moslem man, holding signs in our face.   Some low-life was blasting his boom box. When I referred to the noise as "jungle music," I was accused of "racism."   I was being generous in calling the racket "music." A pretty female held up a large picture of a naked girl holding her breasts.   Perhaps the prettiest lesbian I have seen defended her perversion and kissed the female she lusted after.   I used my standard line, "I thought all lesbians looked like Rosy O'Donnell." Later the lesbian was quiet and had a sober look as she listened in on a small group discussion I was leading. Cindy and I mostly stayed on the move to avoid the dancers, the boom box, the Moslems and even at one point a band with drums and trumpets tried to drown us out.
In spite of all the distractions, at times students quieted and listened to us teach the Word.
     The so-called students have degenerated to a savage state.   After generations of being taught they are animals, they in some respects have sunk lower than rats.  
     Stanley and Marie Hoerman arrived about 2 PM.   They said that they had prayed on the way over against the demons. By the time they arrived, things had calmed down. However, eventually the demons became stirred again, but once again Stanley was able to put them back in their place. There were pockets of time where each of us was able to effectively communicate the gospel to smaller groups of savages.
     Angela was helpful today with her booming voice in preaching over the clamor.    We left for home at 4:30.  
Sister Angela's booming voice can be heard over any heckler!
Hecklers trying their antics to distract from the preaching.

Preaching with the eyes.

Sister Cindy preaches, lesbian holds pornographic sign, fundraiser interrupts and Bro. Stanley supports with a Bible verse.

The scoffers continue.
Many heard the word  of the Lord today at the University of Kansas.
Why Do the Heathen Rage?
Why Do the Heathen Rage?
Kaos at Kansas University
Chaos at Kansas University
November 8, 2012, University of Missouri,
     Angela started the meeting. She preaches with power. She turned the meeting over to me with perhaps a dozen people in the inner circle and another dozen in the outer circle. I had not been preaching long when a worker started some sort of water blaster which was loud and distracting. Brother Rick, the Calvinist preacher arrived, I asked him if he wanted to preach. He took over using a small amplifier attached to his belt. He actually did pretty well; for a change he did not preach against me. Even with his amplification the noise from the blaster made it difficult for Rick to be heard and for him to hear student's questions. He preached for almost an hour. After he was finished, I let Angela preach again.   I was not interested in trying to override all the noise.
"Selfishness is the root of all sin," Bro. Jed
     Daniel, with whom I had had dialogue in my preaching session, stood beside me for a while and then began to ask me questions. Earlier he had said that he did not believe that man had a soul. I asked him to define what he met by a soul. He had trouble coming up with a definition. I explained that the soul would include our mind, conscience, will, emotions and imagination. He claimed these faculties were merely the result of chemical and electrical impulses of the brain. I informed him, "You do not really believe that."  
     In our conversation Daniel admitted that when he did wrong it "ate at him."   I said, "That is your conscience or soul convicting you of sin."  
     Daniel had a mild case of cerebral palsy. He wanted to know if there is a God, how come he had the c.p. Daniel thoughtfully considered my answers to his many questions. He told me that he was a freshman, who does not party and still sometimes goes to church even though he is a professing atheist. Rocket arrived after a while and I let him witness to Daniel.
     After 3 PM Angela turned the preaching back to me. I thought I would quickly wrap things up since I did not want to preach over the blaster. However, about 20 students soon gather around me with some good questions. I taught that selfishness is the root of all sin and that a life of self-indulgence does not result in any satisfaction. However, the life of self-denial gives a sense of purpose and satisfaction to the soul.
     I illustrated my point with Mick Jagger's song, "I can't get no satisfaction." Despite all of Jagger's fame and fortune, his theme remains singing of his lack of satisfaction. There is ultimately no satisfaction in a life committed to self-indulgence; self's appetite is insatiable. As I write, I review the lyrics to this song which was voted the most popular song of the 20th Century. The lyrics are empty, "Hey, hey hey, that's what I say. . .No satisfaction, no satisfaction, no satisfaction."
"The life of self-denial gives a sense of purpose and satisfaction to the soul," Bro. Jed.
     Oh, if men would only read the Bible: "Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price. Wherefore do ye spend money for that which is not bread? and your labour for that which satisfieth not? hearken diligently unto me, and eat ye that which is good, and let your soul delight itself in fatness. Incline your ear, and come unto me: hear, and your soul shall live; and I will make an everlasting covenant with you, even the sure mercies of David."--Isaiah 55:1-3.
   Jesus satisfies the empty and longing soul!
     The blaster finally stopped about 3:30; I had a very good session until 4:30 when students began to leave. Angela and I left the several remaining students with Rocket.   Cindy stayed home today to prepare to get back on the road on Saturday and Sister Pat left for a visit with her sister in Arkansas.
     "It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise, than for a man to hear the song of fools."-Ecc 7:5


November 9, 2012, University of Missouri,
   I was told that today was Muslim Awareness Day. Muslims were playing skip rope in the inner circle.   Also the Hacky Sack man was playing his game with a group of students. I had Angela get on a wall and preach. After speaking about 20 minutes, she had a discussion with four students. Meanwhile, I communicated with Daniel from yesterday; I remembered something he said that was significant yesterday. After telling me his was an atheist, he asked, "So what will happen to me?"
Bro. Jed telling Mizzou students the truth about their ultimate destiny.
     I answered, "If you don't repent you will end up in Hell!"
     "Thank you for telling me that every other Christian I ask, equivocate when I ask them about my ultimate destiny," he replied.
     I started preaching at the edge of the circle at 12:45. I warned about the perils and deceptions of the religion of Mohammad. Moslems put on these awareness weeks to deceive student into believing Islam is a religion of peace. [What is more innocent than jumping rope?] However, to them peace is achieved when men are submitted to their false Allah.
     My audience was lively and attentive today. I was soon on a roll and taught for three hours straight. It was Brother Jed lite today as I was in a friendly mood. We covered many topics including the proper roles of men and women including women in combat. Islam was an issue with a Moslem man carrying a skateboard, who had only been in America for three months. He was offended. He alleged that I called all Moslems terrorists. I explained my main concern was the way Moslems misrepresented Jesus. Therefore, they are all suspect to me. And I know their objective is to establish sharia law world-wide.  
Bro. Jed warns about the dangers of Islam.
   Several in the crowd were with me all day, including a few homosexuals. Jared listened most of yesterday and all of today with his girlfriend. I remember him from when he was a student at the University of Iowa; he has mellowed some since then; at UI he was often in my face screaming at me. It is not unusual for students with whom I have had aggressive confrontations to soften towards me with the passage of the years. Some follow me from their freshman year right through their post-graduate work and even unto taking a position as a professor or administrator.
   The weather was a perfect fall day with the temperature in the low 70's. When the weather is ideal everyone tends to be in a good mood. A local pharmacist, Tony, joined me late in the afternoon to observe. As we were leaving the circle he said to me, "The students have a love hate relationship with you."
     Angela gave her testimony today from her adoption to losing her virginity at 17, through her years of promiscuity, dealing with an STD, unwanted pregnancy, drunkenness, crack addiction and finally her conversion and deliverance.
Yes, it's a love, hate relationship! Maybe deep down they know that we love them.
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Fall Semester 2012
     This is my tentative schedule for the Fall Semester 2012. There are so many campuses and so little time. Should anyone want to arrange a church or home meeting while I am in your area please contact me. Also, let me know if you are interested in scheduling formal debates with atheists, Muslims, or Christians, who disagree with my message or methods. One student leader recently contacted me that he wanted me to speak to the Young Republicans on limited government and free markets. I am still open to changes. I will be doing my tour of the Southwest and California in the Spring Semester 2013. Sister Cindy and Sister Pat will be accompanying me full time this year.  Any Christians, who are interested in joining us on the road for a while, or who want to meet us on campuses in your area, are welcome.  Remember to pray for the campuses that we have already preached on.  Bro. Jed
August 20-21, University of Missouri

August 22-24, Missouri State University

August 27-28, Illinois State

August 29, University of Illinois

August 30, Purdue University

August 31, Grand Valley State

September 1-2, Iron Sharpens Iron Conference,
 Atlanta, MI

September 4-6, MSU, University of Michigan

September 7-8, EEM Conference, Shipshewana, IN

September 9, Chapelwood Church, Rockford, IL

September 10, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

September 11, University of Wisconsin, River Falls,

September 12-14, University of Minnesota

September 16, Church Meetings                   

September 17, University of Northern Iowa

September 18-19, University of Iowa

September 19, Calvary Evangelistic Center,       Independence, Iowa

September 20, University of Wisconsin, Platteville

September 21, UW, Madison

September 22, UW, Milwaukee, Seminar on Evangelism, 
9 AM-5 PM

September 23,  Cornerstone Church, Spring Green, WI

September 24-25, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

September 26-27, UW-Oshkosh

September 28, UW-Madison

September 30, Richland Center Church, 
Richland Center, WI

October 1, IUPUI

October 2, Indiana University

October 3, Ball State

October 4, Indiana State

October 5, Indiana University

October 8, IUPUI

October 9-10, Indiana University

October 11, Indiana State University

October 12, Indiana University

October 15, University of Kentucky

October 16, Morehead State

October 17, University of Kentucky

October 18, Asbury University

October 19-21, Missions Conference, Grayslake, IL

October 22-26, University of Nebraska

October 29, University of Wyoming

October 30-31, Colorado State

November 1-2, University of Colorado

November 5, Colorado College

November 6, Kansas State

November 7, University of Kansas

November 8, University of Missouri

November 9, University of Missouri

November 12, Arkansas State

November 13, Univ. Central Arkansas

November 14-16, Univ. Central Arkansas

November 19-20, Georgia College

November 25, Pine Grove Church of God,  Live Oak, Fl

November 26, University of Florida

November 27, University of Central Florida
November 28, University of South Florida 

November 29, University of Florida
November 30 University of Central Florida 

December 3, University of Florida
December 4, University of Florida
December 5, University of South Florida
December 6, University of South Florida
Preaching Noon- 5 PM
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