Week 6-WisconSIN9/24/2012



September 24, 2012, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

     The Cornerstone college ministry greeted us upon our arrival. They were preparing the hamburgers and hot-dogs to feed the students physical food while we fed them spiritual food. It is unusual for us to have a student group supporting our confrontational evangelism. Pastor Michel Fisher of Cornerstone Ministries heard me in the eighties when he was a Maranatha leader at the University of Minnesota. He gives me the credit for getting him interested in theology and doctrine. He came to an understanding that Christians are able to live holy.   He says, "I thought I was a radical for Jesus until I met Brother Jed."

Stephen from Cornerstone Church, joined his mom and siblings to support us on campus.  He was filled with the Holy Spirit at the Saturday 
evangelism conference.


     I started preaching on a cool, sunny and very windy day. The wind made it difficult to direct the projection of our voices. About 100 stunned students soon gathered but they stayed at a distance. After 30 minutes I turned the meeting over to Cindy who preached on what makes a girl a whore. Females and males cheerfully admitted they were whores. One suggested that all the whores sit on the steps at Cindy's feet. Whore-mongers soon joined with the whores. About 30 sat in front of Cindy and others remained at a distance.   At one point I heard a male with an effeminate voice behind me say, "The Bible is a nasty remnant of people's imagination; it needs to be eliminated." Not long after, another male pulled the Bible out of Cindy's hand and threw it to the ground. A few students restrained him.


Students restrain the angry student who had grabbed Sis. Cindy's Bible out of her hand.

     I took another turn as things were becoming chaotic. Two girls stripped to their bras and were doing a lewd dance. Then there was some passionate lesbian kissing.   Next someone poured glitter all over me. The wind blew it off my clothes but it remained in my hair.

Cornerstone Church, our sponsors on campus, served hundreds of free hot-dogs and hamburgers to UW-Milwaukee students.

   I thought a musical interlude would be appropriate. I called upon a local brother who sings the gay song along with his guitar. He had the students dancing around him as he sang the song. This did have the effect of bringing the students closer which is what I want on account of the wind. However, their attention span remained very short. I called upon Pat who held their attention for a while but eventually many were talking among themselves or to other Christians, who were witnessing. The brethren from Cornerstone were actively witnessing to the students on the sidelines.

Students surround Bro. Jed.  One heckler has his free hamburger in his hand.

   I called upon Cindy again hoping that she could recapture the general audience for there were many pockets of conversation taking place.   She did succeed in getting about 15 sitting down in front of her. Soon they decided to recline on top of one another arm in arm and between one another's legs. Cindy told the story of the "Sorority Girl Who Met the Devil" and also related her testimony. Still some of the perverts were distracted.

Sis. Cindy warns UW-M students of the Lake of Fiiiirrreee!

     We were preaching on Spaights Plaza which is named after a "Leon H. Sullivan Professor of Social Welfare at UWM." In other words Spaights was a Professor of Socialism.

     I am confident that the Cornerstone saints made many contacts today through the preaching and significant fruit will result from our efforts joint efforts. If we could get other Christian groups to support us, I am convinced that we could bring revival. However, they have got to be willing to live holy and believe that holiness is possible. Saturday I had spent the day instructing the Cornerstone students in confrontational evangelism, holiness, and apologetics and in a rational defense of Hell.

Bro. Jed had been sprinkled with purple glitter.


       Parents from the Cornerstone Church brought out their children today. Nine year old Stephen informed me that after I had prayed for him during Saturday's meeting to receive the Holy Ghost that on the way home he began to speak in tongues. A four year old boy walked up to me when the battle was raging and said, "I know God. We have Bibles at home."

All the world is listening!


     Jesse Lancour wrote on FB, "It was a great day in the Kingdom of God! The light of the Word went forth and exposed the darkness that is in so many students which causes people who are seeking truth to think about eternity and their understanding of who Jesus is. While handing out hot dogs I was able to answer many people's skeptical questions who didn't want to get too close to the action. You are an awesome man of God, Jed and a great encouragement to be a bold witness for Jesus!"

Robert B., a former sodomite, now sanctified by and a servant of Jesus Christ, sings the Gay Song.  "It's not o.k. to be gay!"

Rebels congregate as Sis. Cindy preaches.


September 25, 2012, UW Milwaukee

     "These students are ADD; they need some Ritalin," Cindy sarcastically said. The fact is too much decadent music, drugs, alcohol and masturbation have ruined them and made them mentally and morally deranged.

     Cindy started the meeting with John 3 and taught on the new birth; she spoke more softly today which may have had a more calming effect on the thoughtless ones. At one point someone asked, "Why don't you tell us the good things in the Bible?"

UW-M heckler mimics Bro. Jed.

       Cindy replied, "There are lots of good things in the Bible but you are not interested in those; you are in to the bad things. The Bible teaches the blessing of holiness but you want to live in sin.   The Bible teaches that you can have peace of mind but you would rather have a piece of a-s-s. The Bible teaches that you can have joy unspeakable but you would rather get wasted. The Bible teaches that you can be filled with the Holy Spirit but you would rather get high on marijuana. Most importantly, you have rejected Jesus Christ who died for you and rose again."


Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims angry.


     The students have exchanged the Truth of God for the lies of the devil. Consequently they have become miserable wretches good for nothing but the junk heap of history which is hell-fire.

     After an hour Cindy called upon me and their ADD began to kick in again. They began to throw at me various missiles. A Hindu became very agitated when I told him, "All Hindus go to Hell." A Buddhist became angry when I warned him all Buddhist were going to Hell.   The Moslems were beside themselves when I warned them that they followed a false prophet who would take them to Hell. The Hindu kept threatening to call the police. The Buddhist threatened violence. And the Moslems were acting like Moslems in the streets of Egypt and Libya. Of course, somewhat more subdued because policemen were watching from the roof of the library.

Gunnar D. (right) shares the Gospel
with a UW-M student.


     I called on Cindy again who like yesterday was able to get students to sit at her feet as she told the story, "The Sorority Girl and the Fraternity Boys, which is about a silly coed, who falls for the oldest line in the book, "I love you."

   Next Cindy called upon Sister Pat; when she took center stage one of the mob leaders brought out rolls of paper for the students to make signs. They stood behind Pat with their blasphemous signs;she ignored them.

   During my final preach, I had to deal with a loud-mouth black girl who considered herself to be a prophetess, but she excused sin.   Anyone with the prophetic mantle will vigorously oppose sin. She kept telling me of her spiritual discernment and became frustrated when I did not acknowledge her "gift." She tried to cast the devil out of me and bind me, etc. She did not even have the discernment to see how the Spirit of God was moving with convicting power. She was nag, nag, nag and more nag. Even when I stopped preaching, she returned to nag some more.  

   One boy asked me how I knew the Bible was true over other religious texts. I answered, "No other religious text would so stir up the students. The student's extreme agitation is a response to the Word of God piercing their consciences."  

   Sister Pat was ministering to three boys with whom she was sitting on a bench, two of whom were Christians. The third boy was under heavy conviction. He begged Sister Pat not to leave. But we had to press on for Oshkosh at 4:15. We left the rabble in the capable hands of Gunnar and Mary who make a terrific team.

   At the beginning of the day Pastor Fisher's wife, Annie, thanked us profusely for coming. She said her college group had so many opportunities to witness.   She talked to one of the girls who took off her shirt yesterday and lewdly danced. Annie took a positive approach with the girl and exhorted her to use her passion in the service of the Lord. The girl apologized to Annie for her lewd behavior.

Sis. Pat spent about an hour with tattoo lady. "My body is a canvas," the girl said.


   The campus pastor of Cornerstone confessed that he opposed me two years ago when he was with Campus Crusade. But now he was supporting us and actively witnessing to those in my crowd. He said, "The difference was when I got baptized in the Holy Spirit, the Word of God then became alive unto me."

     A French girl told me she had never seen anything like this in France. I talked to her for a while and introduced her to the young pastor.   He got a commitment out of her to come to church on Sunday. I had several good conversations with open students. 





September 26, 2012, UW Oshkosh

     Sister Pat gathered about a dozen high schools students, who stayed for close to an hour. I preached at the 12:20 break but no one stopped. However, Sister Pat began to have a few students surround her; eventually she had a sizable crowd. When I preached again at 1:20, the audience reached 100. The students were relatively subdued for most of the afternoon. However, like UW Milwaukee their attention span was short.  

Gunnar covers the Creation/Evolution 
topic at UW-Oshkosh.

     A boy who identified himself as an atheist said, "I was raised in the Presbyterian Church." I replied, "If I thought that God had predetermined the masses for Hell and only a relatively few for Heaven, and if it is true that God is the only agent in the universe, then I would turn to atheism myself."

Sis. Pat makes it clear that obedience
 to God is not an option.


     I had a 20 minute confrontation with a girl named Noah, who was carrying a Bible and promoting eternal security to my crowd.   I finally said, "I want to talk to you privately."

     I called upon Sister Pat. Noah had most of the verses which people use to defend once saved always saved memorized. And she had their arguments down pat. She was a strong advocate of positional salvation. Obeying God was optional as far as going to Heaven is concerned. A Christian might lose some rewards but he could not lose his soul. She said, "Once a child of God always a child of God."

     I asked, "Whose child were you before you were saved?"

     She responded, "A child of the devil."

     I retorted, "Once a child of the devil always a child of the devil."

     My point seemed to go over her head. If these eternal security people are consistent should they not say that one might lose his relationship with the devil but not his position as a child of the devil?

     Noah said, "I fear for you. If you do not believe in eternal security, you are not trusting in the finished work of Christ for your salvation.   Therefore, you must not be saved."  

     Is she not adding something other than the finished work of Christ for may salvation? Or am I missing something?

       Scott Shultz, who I met back in the 80's at a Moral Government conference, witnessed on the sidelines to a boy who asked me about original sin. Once again Gunnar and Mary joined Sister Pat and me. Cindy stayed back at the hotel to do office work.



September 27, 2012, UW Oshkosh

       Cindy got the attention of the crowd by warning them of whoredom. Initially the listeners were relatively subdued. We averaged from 100 to 150 for most of the afternoon.

"I am not saying the all the girls on this campus are whores...just most of them."


     I was able to give my teaching on the four questions that any religion or philosophy has to answer. Students do not even know the questions, let alone have any answers. I made my points without any interruption from skeptics or doubters, which is unusual. At the end one fellow questioned that life has meaning. I asked, "Have you ever said, 'That is meaningless!'   For something to be meaningless there must be something meaningful to which you are comparing the meaninglessness."

     The skeptic claimed that that God was unreasonable because he was holding man accountable before Adam knew the difference between good and evil. I answered, "God had already told Adam and Eve it was good to eat of all the trees except for the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They had consciences which confirmed that they ought not to disobey their heavenly Father by eating of the forbidden fruit.   They did not listen to God's direct commandment nor did they listen to their consciences. Therefore they were guilty. By eating of the fruit of the tree, Adam and Eve came to know evil experientially."

Bro. Gunnar and Scott S. talk with a girl who was in a strange church and kept 
arguing with us.


     A student said, "Everybody here thinks you are crazy?"

     I asked, "How many agree with this man that I am crazy?" Less than 10% agreed.

     I said, "As for those of you who think I am crazy it does not say much for your character or intelligence that you are arguing with a man whom you consider to be crazy."

       Suddenly, a degenerate with hair half way down his back and carrying a sign about shouting entered into the center of the circle screaming with the obvious intention of merely distracting.   I decided I would have to do something different to regain the attention of the crowd.

     I told the students that we are judges and that God sent us to judge them. Paul said, "Know you not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?"-1 Cor 6:3.

     Then I set up my folding chair and invited volunteers to sit in the judgment seat, while I judged them. One girl volunteered, I questioned her on her virginity. She passed all my questions in that she had never in anyway touched a penis.   I then said, "I need to ask one more question. Are you a virgin because you want to be or you have just not had the opportunity?"   She replied that she was once determined to wait for marriage, but now if a man came along who was interested in her and she was interested in him, she would have sex with him. I judged, "You just flunked the virgin text.   I believe you when you say your hymen is intact, but God does not consider you a legitimate virgin unless you are determined to wait for marriage."

Young man submits to Bro. Jed's judgment seat.


     Emily then volunteered to sit in the judgment seat. She was a pretty professing lesbian with an outwardly sweet and meek spirit; she had been in attendance yesterday. I began to question her on how she had become a lesbian. She admitted that initially there had been more than one boy she had sex with but did not want to say how many. I judged that many boys had made a pretense of caring for her but when they got what they wanted they dropped her until she became fed up with men. But by then she was used to having her sexual appetite gratified, so she turned to women.

     The Judgment Seat is something new, which will probably become a part of my routine. It never ceases to amaze me what students will confess to publically without a trace of shame. I can understand why the confessional closet is almost obsolete in the Catholic Church. Hardly, anyone has any shame over sin anymore. They will confess to anything publically and even go on the Jerry Springer show to announce it to the nation.

Bro. Jed interrogates and judges 
Emily, the lesbian.


Emily's friends are laughing at her.

     A leader from one of the campus ministries took center stage when Emily left the Judgment Seat. [Perhaps I ought to call it the Confessional Seat.] He objected to my Judgment Seat. He claimed that Christians on campus did not agree with my ministry. He said Christianity is not about judgment and condemnation; it is about mercy and forgiveness. I broke into singing "Cum By Yah" on my air guitar. The students wanted to hear what he had to say because he opposed me. I finally challenged him to a debate; I said, "You give your gospel presentation and then I would give mine." 

Man representing the Christian ministries on campus denounces us and a debate ensues.

        The crowd liked that idea and the Christian leader agreed. One of the students volunteered as the time keeper. The leader gave a good presentation for the first minute, even talking about sin and Hell. But then he said we are born sinners and that he sins every day and Jesus came not to condemn but to save the world. When I rebutted, I commended him for the first minute of his talk and briefly reiterated what he had said. I quoted and briefly commented on John 3:18-20, which says that the world was already condemned before Jesus came. I spoke against an inherited sin nature and explained that sin was a selfish choice and righteousness is an unselfish choice. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil and sin is the work of the devil. Students listened quietly through both of our presentations. So the day ended on a thoughtful note as we left campus at 5 PM. Students were still milling around when we departed.



Agnostic student arguing with Bro. Gunnar.
Students reminded that their hope is in the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.







September 28, 2012, UW Madison

     As we were waiting for the class break a man in his early forties said to me, "Welcome to campus, Brother Jed, you are a legend."

     Cindy opened the meeting and cautioned the girls that Herpes Henry was prowling around campus. She also warned the boys that they were passing through the streets near the corner of the HPV Holly (Prov.  7). Cindy cried, "Welcome to the University of Wisconsin where you can find a smorgasbord of over forty STD's from which you can choose."

Bro. Jed explains the gospel by
quoting and expounding on I Cor. 15.

     Eventually, a well-dressed coed said to Cindy, "You have been talking all this time about sex, "I want to hear the gospel. What is the gospel?"

     Cindy took this question as a time to shift speakers to call on her "wonderful husband." I defined the gospel by quoting from 1 Cor. 15 which speaks of the death and resurrection of our Lord. I asked the professing Christian girl if she agreed that is the gospel.

     She answered, "The gospel is about love and forgiveness."

   I agreed, but explained, "First men must hear of God's wrath and judgment."  

     I spent the next forty minutes speaking of the nature of sin, true repentance, the necessity of atonement and Heaven and Hell. The girl would hear nothing but words of love and forgiveness. She refused to acknowledge that non-believers would be damned. Nor did she understand that repentance required a commitment to sin no more.

The "Christian" girl on the right insisted that men did not need to hear about sin and wrath.

     There were several Moslems hanging around throughout the afternoon who were quite vocal; at times a few of them were irate.   I defused the situation with humor.   In the end they all wanted to get their pictures taken with me. I advised them not to send the pictures to Al-Qaeda or the Taliban. I did not want a fatwa put out on me. I spent a lot of time speaking intolerantly and disparagingly of their alleged prophet, Mohammad, who lied about Jesus Christ. I explained that the unholy Koran does not promise a relationship with God.   One denied this by saying that they prayed five times a day to Allah. I retorted, "But you do not eat of his flesh or drink of his blood like we Christians do. Nor do you have a father and son relationship with him. Because according to your book Allah has no sons.

Sis. Pat has a long session with the Moslem students.

   Sister Pat had a long session with the Moslems her strategy was to remind them that they were descendants of Abraham through Ishmael, to whom God gave a blessing. She wanted to get them thinking pre-Mohammad. She played the good cop after I had played the bad cop.   Alas, they have certainly taken on the characteristics of the wild Ishmael. These Moslems were well schooled in Islamic apologetics.   They have been taught on how to deal with Christians and by getting the unschooled to question the basics of Christianity such as the Trinity, the Deity of Christ and the need for atonement.

     The crowd was not nearly as large as last Friday; nevertheless, we had a steady audience of 25-50 for most of the afternoon. One of the hecklers from last week was a problem for a while sitting at my feet or following me around constant speaking nonsense. He shut up when I called on Mary Diekman and shortly after left for the day.

     At 4:45 we left a group of 10-12 (several of them Moslems) with Gunnar. We had a dinner appointment with Pastor and Mrs. Leonard Allen.

Moslem youth have been taught how to defend their faith better than the Christian youth.


Fall Semester 2012
     This is my tentative schedule for the Fall Semester 2012. There are so many campuses and so little time. Should anyone want to arrange a church or home meeting while I am in your area please contact me. Also, let me know if you are interested in scheduling formal debates with atheists, Muslims, or Christians, who disagree with my message or methods. One student leader recently contacted me that he wanted me to speak to the Young Republicans on limited government and free markets. I am still open to changes. I will be doing my tour of the Southwest and California in the Spring Semester 2013. Sister Cindy and Sister Pat will be accompanying me full time this year.  Any Christians, who are interested in joining us on the road for a while, or who want to meet us on campuses in your area, are welcome.  Remember to pray for the campuses that we have already preached on.  Bro. Jed
August 20-21, University of Missouri

August 22-24, Missouri State University

August 27-28, Illinois State

August 29, University of Illinois

August 30, Purdue University

August 31, Grand Valley State

September 1-2, Iron Sharpens Iron Conference,
 Atlanta, MI

September 4-6, MSU, University of Michigan

September 7-8, EEM Conference, Shipshewana, IN

September 9, Chapelwood Church, Rockford, IL

September 10, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

September 11, University of Wisconsin, River Falls,

September 12-14, University of Minnesota

September 16, Church Meetings                   

September 17, University of Northern Iowa

September 18-19, University of Iowa

September 19, Calvary Evangelistic Center,       Independence, Iowa

September 20, University of Wisconsin, Platteville

September 21, UW, Madison

September 22, UW, Milwaukee, Seminar on Evangelism, 
9 AM-5 PM

September 23,  Cornerstone Church, Spring Green, WI

September 24-25, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

September 26-27, UW-Oshkosh

September 28, UW-Madison

September 30, Richland Center Church, Richland Center, WI

October 1, IUPUI

October 2, Indiana University

October 3, Ball State

October 4, Indiana State

October 5, Indiana University

October 8, IUPUI

October 9-10, Indiana University

October 11, Indiana State University

October 12, Indiana University

October 15, University of Kentucky

October 16, Morehead State

October 17, University of Kentucky

October 18, Jessamine Christian Fellowship

October 19-21, Missions Conference, Grayslake, IL

October 22-26, University of Nebraska

October 29, University of Wyoming

October 30-31, Colorado State

November 1-2, University of Colorado

November 5, Colorado College

November 6-7, Kansas State

November 8, Washburn University

November 9, University of Missouri

November 12, Arkansas State

November 13, Univ. Central Arkansas

November 14, University of Arkansas, Little Rock

November 15-16, Univ. Central Arkansas

November 19-20, Georgia College

November 25, Pine Grove Church of God,  Live Oak, Fl

November 26, University of Florida

November 27-28, University of Central Florida

November 29-30, University of Florida

December 3-7, Florida State


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