Dear Saints of God,
   Below is the journal of the last week of the 2011-2012 school year.  It was "dead week" but Bro. Jed and team took the words of life to students in Oregon. Read the details!
    Monday starts our fourth week of the new semester.  Watch for exciting reports and pictures coming soon.  Pray for us and the students! Sis. Cindy


June 4, 2012, University of Oregon,

     The prediction was for 70% chance of rain today.     When we started in the Amphitheater it was cloudy and in the high 50's. It is dead week on campus, a term for the week before finals when students are cramming for their exams. Dead week often results in less flow at class breaks and students actually tend to be preoccupied with studies instead of their social and party life. Actually, every week is dead week on campus, where the blind are leading the blind to the second death.-Rev. 21:8.

     We missed the noon break after driving this morning from the Portland where I spoke at Victory Chapel Sunday morning on "Partaking of the Divine Nature." We stayed in the home of Duke and Jeanne R., who are long-time friends and supporters.

Sis. Pat preaching the Gospel to 
University of Oregon students.

      I warned of the Final exam they have coming up with God.     A few students stopped for a while. I was pleased to have a long conversation with Amanda, whom I remembered from being in the crowd all day last Thursday and much of the day on Friday. She comes from a Presbyterian home, but she is not serving the Lord.     She had a lesbian roommate at some point in her college experience. She said the female never made advances on her.     Amanda is sympathetic with those who engage in the perverted behavior. She had originally started a conversation with Doug asking what he thought about our approach. I told Amanda I would pray for her, so please lift her name up to the Lord. "If two of you shall agree. . ."

     Sister Pat had one of our main hecklers, long-haired Eric, stop to listen at 2:30 with another unbeliever. At 2:45 it started raining hard. Pat stood under the umbrella with Eric for almost 30 minutes counseling him to stop fornicating with his girlfriend in order to test to see if their relationship was truly based upon love. Eric walked Pat back to the car. We left campus at 3:15.

     U.O. tends to be a better late afternoon campus. But the rain ruined that time of day for outreach.    

Bro. Jed warns UO students to prepare for 
the ultimate final exam: Judgment Day!




June 5, 2012, Oregon State University and the University of Oregon

     We drove an hour from Eugene to Corvallis to speak at Oregon State. I opened the meeting and within minutes a student from the Intervarsity Fellowship stopped to inform me that I was going about evangelism in the wrong way and that I should not be shouting at people (Jesus would not do that); I should be building relationships. We went back and forth for about 5 minutes and he left.    

     A 26 year old combat army veteran, who had JESUS SAVES tattooed on his arms stopped. I opened a long conversation with him. I asked, "Did you have an opportunity to kill any of the enemy?"     He was surprised that I would ask that question. I have asked this of numerous combat veterans. They never respond positively. I reminded this vet that war is about killing the enemy and destroying things. He agreed. I defended the First Crusade, when he objected to Christianity on account of the Crusades. This man was not saved; he was basically a fatalist, whatever will be, will be. I do not know why he had the tattoos on his arm. Maybe he was a foxhole Christian. I taught the veteran on a correct understanding of God's omniscience and omnipotence. After 30 minutes he had to go to the lab; he thanked me for talking to him.     A Catholic man who indicated agreement with much of what I was teaching listened for a while.

There were some good one-on-one opportunities at OSU before the team moved on the UO where they drew a crowd in spite of the rain. 


     Pat preached at the next break; her technique is to provoke a response out of individuals who are passing by asking, "Are you a Christian?" Most ignored her or said no. Only a few indicated that they were Christians. Pat did not gather a crowd; meantime it began to rain lightly. I sensed that this campus was dead; they were also in dead week.     There were not that many students passing. I decided we would return to Eugene where I had more hope of gathering an audience. Sister Pat suggested on the way that perhaps the Lord brought us to Corvallis just for me to witness to the veteran. It rained most of the way back to Eugene.   As we were approaching UO, Sister Pat commenting on the weather said, "I don't know, it doesn't look good." Indeed, it was raining hard when we arrived on campus. I thought, "Well, we are here I might as well see what I could do despite the rain.    

     Under my rainbow umbrella I opened at 2:50 by saying, "I want to make something perfectly clear; I am not gay; even though I am carrying a rainbow umbrella. The rainbow is a Christian sign, a promise that God will not destroy the world with a flood again. You cannot be a homosexual and be a Christian."

    A manly looking male stopped and announced, "I am a Christian and I am a homosexual." I faced him down for several minutes. Others passed and cursed and gave me obscene gestures.     I did have several stop and succeeded in getting some good dialogue going. However, within 30 minutes it started raining hard again. I thought, "I have done my duty; I will call it a day."

    Sister Pat had stayed back in the car, when I returned the car was locked and I did not see Pat in the car. I went looking for her. I decided to start preaching again at the class break even though it was still raining. I held up a copy of the student paper, The Daily Emerald, and said, "Read all about it, UO Student, Patrick Compton, sentenced to prison for three years for drunken driving and killing a cyclist, Craig Macfie. Read all about it; Craig Macfie also had been drinking. If he was drunk, he is probably in Hell. Were any of you drinking buddies with either of these students?"   Read all about the deadly consequences of drunkenness."

     A well-dressed girl stopped to ask what I thought about the sentence, which soon developed into a conversation on other issues.     Soon a crowd began to gather, which reached up to 25-30 people. I noticed that the "Christian homosexual" was sitting quietly listening. It was a good audience with one live wire Jewish girl leading most of the opposition to my point of view. A big bosomed female flashed me. I wasn't too hard on girl; I know what a temptation I am to these lusty hussies; they get around me and want to start taking off their clothes. This is a cross I have had to bear since I was a young preacher.

     I suggested the possibility that Eve may have committed sexual sin with the Serpent by eating of forbidden fruit. Then she and Adam did something married people should not do. I asked the Jewess if she had ever thought about why Jews were to be circumcised as a sign of the covenant. Could that have in some way been reminder of the sin of Adam in eating of forbidden fruit? I have never shared this idea with students before but it is something I have been considering of late. After all God created them male and female. Satan's strategy may have been to bring confusion into male and female relationships by introducing Adam and Eve to sexual perversion, hoping to get them preoccupied with sexual behavior which would not result in precreation. A major theme in the Bible is all the begats; the NT testament opens with a long list of begats starting with Adam. Satan does not like reproduction. He hates life and he hates man, who has the power to create life. Evidently, Satan is unable to create life. I also introduced that traditional explanation of the tree of knowledge of good and evil simply stands for Adam wanting to determine right and wrong instead of accepting the Natural Law. I Moreover, I suggested that in eating of the fruit Adam came to know evil experientially.  

     I spent a considerable amount of time giving reasons to Gavin why there must be life after death. I preached until 6:15 when students got distracted watching Venus passing in front of the sun. The Jewess thanked me for our conversation. Mason, who has been listening to me for four years wanted to have dinner together. But I was tired and declined. So we chatted for a while.

     Sister Pat said as we walked back to the car, "I will have to hand it to you, you persevered." Sister Pat informed me that she was in the car when I returned looking for her. She wondered why I left. I concluded that the Lord must not have allowed me to see her sitting in the front seat; otherwise we would have left campus since the weather seemed so bad. After I started preaching in the rain the second time at 4 PM the sun was shining and it was quite pleasant for the rest of the afternoon. God had some people to whom he wanted me to preach.

     Once again today the Lord demonstrated the truth of the Scriptures, "He that observeth the wind shall not sow; and he that regardeth the clouds shall not reap."-Ecc 11:4. It was windy in Corvallis and lots of dark clouds in Eugene. The weather would have stopped many a preacher but the Lord gave me the grace to proceed despite the weather. I suspect that eternity will show that we reaped souls today.





June 6, 2012, University of Oregon

     A group of radicals had occupied the amphitheater protesting raises in tuition at the university. I heckled them between speakers. They had about a dozen revilers using a megaphone.     I simply made brief remarks such as, "Tuition needs to be raised--We need to privatize education from elementary school through college--Working taxpayers are tired of financing so called students' party life."  Several in the audience started cursing me. One fellow threatened to call the police. A few encouraged me. After 30 minutes the protestors went off to march on the Administration Building. These losers were actually demanding free education. They do not seem to know that someone has to foot the bill, anybody but them of course.  

   After they left Sister Pat started preaching and turned the meeting over to me at the 12:50 break. I preached for an hour. Two lesbians were offended because I said lesbians were ugly. They called the police and protested my "hate speech." They must have talked to the officer for 30 minutes. Afterwards, he approached me and said he would be monitoring the situation. He informed me that I was on private property and the university could remove me if there was trouble. I did not argue with him.

After an hour I turned the meeting back to Sister Pat. After forty minutes she was losing her voice. I preached until 5:15 to a sizeable audience.

     Pat said as we were returning to the car, "That was a great day of teaching." My favorite lesson of the day was teaching on the Book of Job. I do not remember ever meeting a student who has any understanding of Job even though it may be the book of the Bible most frequently assigned on campus. Students usually accuse God of persecuting Job. Or if they should see the book as a test, they have no understanding of why God tested Job. I suspect that there are few professors who teach on this book who have any appreciation of God or Job. 

     I taught, "Life is a test. Why will your professors be testing you next week? Is it because they are unfair? Do they simply want to make education difficult? Do you think they want you to fail? Many will be giving you multiple choice tests. Typically, there will be four possible answers; three of the answers will be wrong. Why do they give you three wrong answers? Are they trying to confuse you? There would not be much studying going on if there were no tests. The professors want to find out whether you have leaned your lessons before they graduate you. Men have to pass many tests before they are ready to serve God effectively and before they are prepared for their eternal abode." 

Irate lesbian had called the police on Bro. Jed for hate speech.

     I continued, "God even puts himself to the test; he put own Son to the test. Jesus, like Job, had to learn obedience by the things which he suffered. Righteous men will suffer; the more righteous we are the more we can expect to suffer. A good professor may see his exams as a test of how well he has communicated his subject matter. God has proven himself to be a great teacher and communicator. 'Wisdom is justified by all her children.' Luke 7:35. Job's patience glorifies God. Through much of Job's sufferings, God was not communicating with Job.     Sometimes a good teacher hides from his student in order to teach perseverance. Job endured, despite God's apparent absence.     This great man teaches us how to endure.

     Satan is the ultimate cynic. He claimed that Job only served God for what he could get. God claimed the Job was sincere and truly loved him. The cynic believes every man has his price.     Satan was convinced that if Job lost everything, especially his health, he would curse God. Who was right about Job? Who is right about the character of men? Most Christians believe that all Christians are hypocrites, that all sin, and that all are selfish. They do not understand or appreciate Job. Job proves these people wrong, like Job's friends were wrong. God was right about Job. There are truly righteous men. This is a valuable lesson that all must learn; Job paid a terrible price to illustrate this vital lesson. Cynicism results in depression, bitterness, and defeat. Optimism results in faith, courage, love and victory over the obstacles of life." I taught, "Life is a test.    

   I taught much more on Job but this will have to do for a journal entry. Thank God for this remarkable man, Job. The alma mater's children prove there is not much wisdom in the administration or faculty on the state universities.

   Yes, I know there are exceptions. Thank God for them; they have a tough job.





June 7, 2012, Portland State University

     The predictions were for showers throughout the afternoon but I went to campus anyway. Sister Pat did not go. During the noon break, several listened at a distance but I lost them as it began raining lightly. At 12:50 I started again. There was a group of sodomites who approached. They were not hostile but held signs and tossed sparkly stuff, spreading gayness, I suppose.

     There was one loud heckler, whom I remembered from years past, who shouted, "No one is going to listen; it is finals week."     Actually, I believe it is dead week. A fellow with a Gideon's NT asked me about a passage from Proverbs.     Another man asked me, "Do you wear clothing of mixed fabric? I notice you shave your beard." These people trying to apply the ceremonial law to all men become tiresome. Typically, these issues come up several times a day. These people do not seem to have a clue concerning the difference between the Old Covenant and the New Covenant, or the difference between the ceremonial law and the moral law. I suppose many of them do not even realize there is an OT and that there is a NT. Nevertheless, I patiently explained that as a Gentile these laws are not applicable to me and now that the Messiah has come they should be a matter of indifference to Jews.

There are always souls to reach, in 
spite of the rain.

     A woman, who had been questioning and commenting at a distance came closer, and said, "You are slurring your words." I have never been accused of that before.    

     The sodomite celebrants left within an hour.     The group that was surrounding me started talking among themselves. The boy with the NT was standing up for the Bible. I sat on my chair. Jesse a boy, who had been confirming my preaching and had been saved 6 weeks ago, asked me to read a passage that would give him direction. I read the Great Commission from Mark. I took his hand and prayed that he would be filled with the Holy Spirit and that the Lord would make a preacher out of him. I left campus at 2:15. I had a house meeting that I have been invited to in Duke's and Jeanie's fellowship this evening.

     One man recorded much of my preaching. Who knows to whom he may show the video?



June 8, 2012, Portland State University,

     Sister Pat started preaching at the noon hour in a light rain. There were three Moslem men sitting in the Amphitheater whom Sister Pat had in her cross hairs. She ended up having a lengthy conversation with these men; two of them admitted they were having sex. Sister Pat confronted them with their violation of Islamic law. One of the females who argued with me yesterday was listening; Pat eventually confronted her and she admitted that she fornicated before marriage. She was a heavy smoker.

Duke brought one young lady to tears sharing his personal testimony of salvation.


     I sounded the trumpet at what seemed to be a small class break at 11:50. A man passed by and cursed and spit in my direction. Then he stopped to listen for a while at a distance.     The boisterous and unruly 25 year old male with whom I had a confrontation yesterday began to raise his voice beside me, twisting my words. I suppose his loud mouth helped draw an audience of 20. I mostly ignored the foul mouthed degenerate. Another girl, who listened to me yesterday whose mother is a witch, admitted to having had many "boyfriends." She claimed to have lived in the streets for over a year but she was now enrolled in college. A wholesome looking girl, who was considering leaving the Mormons, conversed with me until an older male stepped in to talk with her. Later I advised her not to give up on Jesus and to investigate protestant churches and counseled her to read a chapter out of the OT and one out of the NT each day this summer.

Our gracious hosts, Duke and Jeanie gave a bold witness at Portland State University.

   Meanwhile, our hosts, Duke and Jeanie, arrived. Jeanie immediately struck up a conversation with the male who had spit towards me. Jeanie reported later that he was very open; he was living with a girl; he did not want to have children because the world is overpopulated.     She must have talked to him for almost 30 minutes. Next he came closer to me and listened for a while; I noticed a change in his countenance; Jeanie's conversation must have soften his heart a little.     Duke shared his testimony with a girl whom he brought to tears with his story. She was from an atheist family; she said, "A number of my family members have been getting religion." Both Duke and Jeanie are bold and effective witnesses to the youth. They are both in their eighties. Jeanie was a widow when the life-time bachelor, Duke, married her when he was 72.

     At 1:30 a heavy downpour of rain scattered most of our audience; a few stayed with whom we continued to dialogue. We decided to leave campus at 2 PM for we had a five hour drive to Seattle. Jeanie and Duke had a long talk with a girl representing Planned Parenthood before they left. Earlier the girl asked me what I thought of the organization. I said, "They are not there to help mothers become parents; they are all about murdering babies. They oppose parenthood."

     I started witnessing at my alma mater, Indiana State University, right after my conversion in the fall of 1972 and I started preaching full-time on all the campuses in '74. Today completed my 39th year of being a watchman on the campuses. This is my last journal entry of the academic year.   



Brother Jed,

I'm sure you with the lapse of time and the sheer volume of people that cross your path on a daily basis that you wouldn't remember an Ohio University photojournalism student who first encountered you on the College Green in the Spring of 1981. 

I on the other hand have never forgotten you. 

It's hard to put into words the profound impact the week you spent in Athens, Ohio every spring has had on my life. Your candor and honesty set me on a course of soul-searching for the truth that has not ceased. 

We're on the same team; John 14:6 is the measuring stick through which I gauge everyday life. 

I just wanted to thank you for being faithful to God's call on your life - the fields are indeed ripe for harvest. Keep plugging and run the race God has set before you. 

Hopefully, one day I will get to see you again -

Until that time May God Bless You and Keep You.


Bob Wojcieszak


Facebook Post:

Jed has had huge influence on me. Look at his whole life one word: Commitment
...To his family 
...To his Wife
...To his call, a call that 1 out of a 10,000 preachers couldn't do and wouldnt do, who wants to get spit at , cussed down , disrespected in his age, and mocked , scorned , beaten , and persecuted.
What would compel a man ?
What is strong enough to produce such longevity and effectiveness?

Only the Love of Christ
Jed is Watchman declaring the people's transgression, He told me once that Jesus just wanted him to take out the trash in people's lives
and it's smelly and ugly sometimes.

But his faithfulness is the key to his great Love, love that is easily seen and demonstrated if you actually spend time with him !
And not just mock and go like most or the "in name only" Christians who been saved a month who have the arrogance to tell Mr. Smock how street evangelism is to be done.

You might ask Mr. Smock, "Who will rise up, in this generation?"

I will and I have , and because of Jesus and his cross, and the commitment of this man.


Kyle Volkmer



Fall Semester 2012
     This is my tentative schedule for the Fall Semester 2012. There are so many campuses and so little time. Should anyone want to arrange a church or home meeting while I am in your area please contact me. Also, let me know if you are interested in scheduling formal debates with atheists, Muslims, or Christians, who disagree with my message or methods. One student leader recently contacted me that he wanted me to speak to the Young Republicans on limited government and free markets. I am still open to changes. I will be doing my tour of the Southwest and California in the Spring Semester 2013. Sister Cindy and Sister Pat will be accompanying me full time this year. Any Christians, who are interested in joining us on the road for a while, or who want to meet us on campuses in your area, are welcome. Bro. Jed

August 20-21, University of Missouri

August 22-24, Missouri State University

August 27-28, Illinois State

August 29, University of Illinois

August 30, Purdue University

August 31, Grand Valley State

September 1-2, Iron Sharpens Iron Conference,    Atlanta, MI

September 4-6, University of Michigan

September 7-8, EEM Conference, Shipshewana, IN

September 9, Chapelwood Church, Rockford, IL

September 10, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

September 11, University of Wisconsin, River Falls,

September 12-14, University of Minnesota

September 16, Abundant Grace Fellowship AM; Freedom Church,      PM                     

September 17, University of Northern Iowa

September 18-19, University of Iowa

September 19, Calvary Evangelistic Center,                               Independence, Iowa

September 20, University of Wisconsin, Platteville

September 21, UW, Madison

September 22, UW, Milwaukee,
       Seminar on Evangelism, 9 AM-5 PM

September 23,  Cornerstone Church,

Spring Green, WI

September 24-25, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

September 26-27, UW-Oshkosh

September 29, UW-Madison

September 30, Richland Center Church, Richland Center, WI

October 1, IUPUI

October 2, Indiana University

October 3, Indiana State University

October 4, Purdue

October 5, Indiana University

October 8, IUPUI

October 9-10, Indiana University

October 11, IUPUI

October 12, Indiana University

October 15, University of Kentucky

October 16, Morehead State

October 17, University of Kentucky

October 18, Asbury College

October 19-21, Missions Conference, Grayslake, IL

October 22-26, University of Nebraska

October 29, University of Wyoming

October 30-31, Colorado State

November 1-2, University of Colorado

November 5, Colorado College

November 6-7, Kansas State

November 8, Washburn University

November 9, Kansas University

November 12-14, University of Central Arkansas

November 15, University of Arkansas, Little Rock

November 16, Arkansas State

November 19-20, Georgia College

November 25, Pine Grove Church of God,

      Live Oak, Fl

November 26, University of Florida

November 27-28, University of Central Florida

November 29-30, University of Florida

December 3-7, Florida State
Pray for us and the students! 

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