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April 30, 2012, Ohio State University

     OSU was my old stomping grounds for most of two decades. Last year I did not make it to Ohio to preach. A new generation of students, who know not Brother Jed, has occupied the campus. As is typical on a sunny and warm spring day at OSU, there was a multitude of the naked apes basking in the sun. I preached with my KJV Bible in one hand and my staff crucifix in the other. There was an Obama-Biden table set up by the demoncrats promoting Obama's visit to the campus to try to rally his socialists' youth. I said it is better to have a Mormon in the White House than a Moslem. I hoped to draw the democrats into my web by attacking their leader.     But they ignored me as seemingly did the multitudes passing by and the sun bathers. After 20 minutes I turned the meeting to Sister Pat; I decided to return to the car to get a sign and a banner to draw more attention.     But Sister Pat did not gain any traction by holding the YOU DESERVE HELL sign. 

Students Sunbathing at OSU.

        David and Denise Tripp, who joined College Community Church when we first started in Columbus in 1987, arrived. He introduced me to Darius H., Regional Director, of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform. An organization which holds up large graphic anti-abortion signs on campuses all over the US comparing the abortion holocaust to the Nazis genocide of the Jews. He purchased a copy of Who Will Rise Up? He had already read my book, but he wanted an autographed copy. He first heard me a few years ago at Oregon State when his organization was on campus. He had never seen confrontational evangelism in action at the time; it made an impression upon him. His organization uses primarily secular arguments against abortion.     However, recently he has taken up evangelistic preaching on campus along with the signs and the consul against abortion. Roy Spears from Tucson has influence Darius. I recruited Darius' son, Daniel, who appeared to be about 13, to hold my banner. Daniel has even done a little preaching with his Dad. I sensed the spirit of God was on both the father and son in a mighty way.

     I noticed off at a distance an older student sitting in lotus position. I called out, "What are you doing?" He said he was praying. I asked, "In whose name?" He replied, "In the name of Jesus." He quickly walked over to my way. Bryan said that he was an Episcopalian. I said, "Oh, your church has ordained an openly homosexual bishop." We soon got into it over the issue of homosexuality. I read to him from 1 Corinthians 6 and Romans 1, which condemns sodomy as sin. Others were now joining in on our argument. Bryan promoted social justice, but he did believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus and agreed that Jesus was the only way to salvation. He claimed Republicans want to eliminate the safety net for the poor.

"Suffering is good because it builds Christian character,"  Bro Cope teaches at OSU.


     I responded, "Unfortunately that is not true.  The government safety net should be removed and if there is to be a safety net, the church should be the provider, not the state." Others began to defend the government's safety net (socialism) and I continued to take swipes at Obama.    

     During my dialogue with the Episcopalian a student kept interrupting. I finally said to him, "We are having an argument between Christians; you stay out of this; you are not even in the ball park." He spit on me. I continued preaching with spittle dripping from my face and seersucker suit until Bro wiped it off with a paper towel. The Episcopalian rebuked the spatter as he walked off. "But I hid not my face from shame and spitting."-Isaiah 50:6.  

     After an hour I turned the meeting over to Bro who said that the government should not try to remove the safety net since suffering is good because it can build Christian character. Bro spoke for over an hour and turned the meeting to Sister Pat. By now the crowd was ranging from 50-75. Gunner arrived with his daughter and preached for an hour.     A student introduced himself to me who had returned to finish his degree after twenty years. He recalled my preaching in the 90's.   "Harry, the Witch," who showed evidence of conversion from our preaching back in the 90's for about a month and then returned to his heckling. Now he is claiming to be a Mormon. He arrived on campus mid-afternoon and stayed for a couple of hours.

    I took another turn about 4:30 and related a condensed version of my testimony to attentive students. However, afterwards the audience became frivolous including two goons one of whom was promoting Thor and the other the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I stopped at 5:15 since we had a dinner engagement. However, several were still hanging around asking questions. We left campus at 5:30



May 1, 2012 OSU

     There were several organizations on the oval when we started including an anti-abortion group with graphic signs. Keith Edwards, who was converted on the OSU campus back in the 90's as a result of hearing Tom Short and me, was with the group. It was encouraging to see Keith in the midst of the battle after all these years. Later in the afternoon when his group folded up Keith joined us.

     Girls from Planned Parenthood were passing out free cookies and free condoms at another table all in the name of "women's health." As Bro was preaching I called out loudly, "Hey Bro, these gals are passing out free condoms." Bro asked, "Are they giving free services as well?" The girls did not seem offended or have any shame, they cried, "Yea, free sex." Later Sister Pat subjected each one to the virgin test and they each flunked.     Planned Parenthood is a misnomer; these strumpets are not interested in becoming mothers and certainly not wives.


Protester confronts Bro. Jed 

     As I was preaching a group of four, one of whom was a homosexual and another a lesbian, started playing Frisbee next to me.     Eventually, I called upon Alex Blaine, who is a long-time friend and supporter of The CMUSA. Alex is a businessman, who drove up from Kentucky to join us this week. Alex went into the middle of the Frisbee players and rebuked them and also reproved the Planned Parenthood girls.

 More Student Protesters: Bro. Jed on the back left preaching as they march by.


     Bro took over the meeting and gradually students finally began to gather. I decided to return to the car for a 30 minute nap. When I returned Bro had just turned a large crowd over to Gunnar. I asked Bro, "How did you get the crowd?" He answered, "I really had to hit low, even for me." He called the homosexual a crude name based upon the main thing homosexuals do, which drew a lot of attention.     Those on both sides of the homosexual issue typically argue over "gay rights." We tend to talk about what homosexuals do and that is not pretty. Actually it is downright filthy. Homosexual do not want the issue to be about what they do, but what they allege they are.

     As I have often said of my team, "We are God's garbage men. Garbage men get dirty and stinky." Paul wrote that to them "that perish we are the savor of death unto death."

-2 Cor 2:16.

Retired businessman, Bro. Alex B. joined us for a day of preaching.


     About 4 PM it started to rain and most of the crowd scattered. We did have pockets of students speaking with us under the large oak tree. The rain passed within 30 minutes and the sun came out again. Several remained to talk with different ones of us. Mark Seward, who heard me many years ago at OU, and has been in contact with the ministry since then, has joined us on campus the last two days. He has been active in witnessing each day.     About 5 PM a group which I assumed to be occupiers marched through the campus protesting a university plan to privatize the parking lots. I rebuked them for their socialism and welfare mentality. A group of students who were not with them gathered around me to ask why I opposed the demonstrators and Obama. I conversed until almost 6 PM when Sister Pat and I left the students with Bro, Alex and Gunnar because we were going to a Bible study at our hosts' church.






May 2, 2012, Oberlin College,

     This is one of my preferred campuses. My favorite theologian and revivalist, Charles Grandison Finney, was a professor and president here.    

     I started the meeting and soon drew a crowd of 35.     As I was testifying a number of students picked up a copy of the December, 1974, edition of Voice magazine, which published my testimony. Stanley Hoerman gave me a thousand copies of this edition of Voice a few weeks ago which he had had in storage for decades.     After 30 minutes I turned the meeting over to Bro since a student asked a question about evolution. I visited for a while with Keith Darrel, who is a campus preacher. He asked to come and observe us in action today. Keith heard me initially at Bowling Green State University in the early '90's.

     At Oberlin we are not allowed to preach on campus.     Even the Gideons, who were passing out New Testaments, evidently had to distribute them off campus. To think that this great evangelical college would not allow Bibles to be freely circulated is awful. After a while I noticed three students listening across Professor Street in Tappan Park. I walked over to them with my YOU DESERVE HELL sign which soon got a reaction out of the three. I never did return to the other side of the street; the rest of the afternoon I had a group around me which ranged up to a dozen.    

Crowds are always very attentive at Oberlin. Bro. Alex B. exhorting the students.

     When a few Christians counseled me not to take such an extreme approach, I reminded them of the history of Oberlin which was the first college to admit women and blacks. Also, Oberlin Theology was considered to be radical since Finney and other professors denied the Augustinian doctrine of original sin and taught entire sanctification. I reminded them I was preaching the very doctrines that made Oberlin unique.    

Oberlin's great Christian heritage is forgotten. We were there to remind them.

     I noticed that by 1 PM there were pockets of students at different times surrounding each preacher which included Bro, Sister Pat, Alex Blaine, Gunnar, Keith, myself and even Gunnar's 13 year old daughter, Rachel, had students conversing with her. Normally, I like to have one central preacher. However, with all the preachers this seemed to be the best way to minister. We each remarked at the end of the day how pleasant and polite Oberlin students are. Students moved from group to group throughout the afternoon listening to what each of us taught. Oberlin scholars actually listen to arguments and attempt to respond intelligently.

     The most encouraging moment for me was when a Chinese young man who works in a local church after he had listened to me for 90 minutes said, "You put me to shame. I read the Bible but I have not been putting it into action like you do. I need to be more active for Jesus. Thank you for your witness."

Bro. Gunner defends the faith to Oberlin scholars.

       Today I talked more than usual about the glories of Heaven. I must say that I waxed eloquent in speaking of the Christian hope. A number of students were nodding their head positively as I spoke of the beauties of the Celestial City.  Despite my vivid description, the New Jerusalem is much more glorious than any of us can even imagine.         TOP 




May 3, 2012, Ohio University, Athens, OH

     As I have done for decades I started speaking on the public sidewalk in front of the Civil War monument on the West Green.     Technically, one cannot speak on campus without a permit. There were a few students sitting on the monument but few were passing through the area throughout the afternoon. It did not take long to get some feedback from a female, who asked, "Are you the preacher who thumps the Bible?" I was holding the crucifix staff today instead of the Bible. I answered, "Well, I am a Bible thumper." I dialogued with her for a while. When she departed 30 minutes later she said, "I remember now that it was that you I heard in my freshman year. I like listening to you; I will be back later with friends."

     I turned the meeting over to Bro in hopes that he would be able to build a crowd. However, with so few students passing, he did not have any more success than I did. After another 30 minutes he turned the meeting over to Sister Pat, who is the master in getting students involved with her direct and very personal questions. She was able to get some conversation going.                    


"Are you the preacher that thumps the Bible?" she asked.

     Meanwhile, Grace approached me and asked, "What is going on here?" I answered, "We are teaching and preaching the Bible." She informed me that she was an atheist.     This was the beginning of the best conversation that I can ever remember having with an atheist.     Grace was obviously very intelligent. She had studied philosophy of religion at DePaul University in Chicago, which is supposed to be a Catholic institution, but she admitted her professors were skeptical concerning religion. She was also "half Jew." She said she had been assigned "chapters of the Bible" in her classes.

     "Chapters?" I asked incredulously. "In any serious religion studies you should been assigned books of the Bible, ideally all the 66 books of the Bible, not merely chapters." Grace then indicated she had read most of the Bible on her own.

     Too bad the whole conversation was not recorded. I used the Civil War sentinels as illustrations in demonstrating the existence of God. "If the statues required a sculptor, how much more did the actual soldiers the statues depicted need a Sculptor? That Sculptor is God. I reminded Grace, "You are fearfully and wonderfully made--unlike the soldier statues, your eyes see, your ears hear, your mouth speaks, your legs walk, your heart pumps blood, etc. If the sentinels needed a maker, how much more do you."    

     After 90 minutes Grace said, "I have missed my bus six times. I should be going." Yet she stayed on for another 30 minutes. Her eyes were riveted upon mine and she had my full attention.     Normally, I would want to be addressing the many over the one, but I sensed that I was penetrating her mind.     I could not leave. She was having her day of visitation. The hour had been by divine appointment.     She even acknowledged a few times that I made good points. I was speaking with great clarity. I believe that it may well be prophetic that her given name is Grace. I pray that as Grace daily passes the monument she will be reminded of our conversation and will wonder how marvelous the works of God are.     Her soul knows it very well.-Psalm 139:14. Alas, so few are willing to acknowledge what their soul knows; in order to do so, they must renounce the works of the flesh.    

     Meanwhile, the girl who had heard me her freshman year had returned. She said to Sister Pat that she had known since she was five years old that she was a lesbian. Oh, how the devil goes after our children. He has now convinced a generation that some people are born gay or if they are not born gay they may decide at a certain age whether they want to be gay or straight.

     About 3:30 Bro turned his audience of about 10 back to me. But within minutes everyone left but a boy and girl sitting on the grass.     I asked, "Is there anything going on between you two?" They said no; then they both sat upon the monument. The girl asked me to define feminism. She had heard me accuse a female of being a feminist.     I answered, "Feminists are people who reject or demean the traditional God given role of a woman to be a wife and mother, in that order. Also, feminists demand radically socialists' ideas as expressed in the slogan, 'Equal pay for equal work.' For the government to set wages or prices is socialistic."

     This was the beginning of an excellent hour with these two (another man eventually joined the conversation) about various political, economic, social and religious issues. At the end the three of them shook my hand and said how much they enjoyed our dialogue.

     It was a wonderful day. Bro acknowledged that he had some very productive dialogue; he thought that he was speaking with great clarity. That is something for Bro to say because he is always very lucid. We did not reach the multitudes today. There was not the great excitement and angry confrontations of our typical days. There was a minimum of heckling. But I have high hopes for the ultimate conversion of the ones to whom I spent quality time, especially Grace. I will be surprised if I do not meet her in eternity one day and we will recall and rejoice in our conversation as a turning point in her life.




May 4, 2012, Otterbein University

     This liberal arts college was founded by Phillip William Otterbein of the United Brethren in 1847. In 1968 the UBC joined with the Methodist to form the UMC.     There is little saving faith on this campus. It grieves me no end when I think of the sacrifice men like Otterbein and Finney made to promote Christian education and that there is so little Christianity at either Otterbein or Oberlin today. In many respects I think one will find more faith at a State University then the liberal arts private institutions founded by the churches in the 19th Century. Students at Oberlin are at a higher level and have better manners than Otterbein students. Why this is I know not. At both institutions music is prominent. Of course, music once it goes astray can be very seductive.

Police watch as Bro works on getting the attention of the after-lunch crowd.

   This was a typical day at Otterbein. We preached for about an hour in front of the Campus Center before anyone stopped for long. It seems that after they eat lunch they come out and sit on the steps to listen. From about 1 PM until 3:50 we had a big crowd for a small school.     From 1 until 2 they were frivolous. However, they became more serious and inquiring as the afternoon progressed.

     As Bro was speaking, a girl sat at my feet and said, "My mother is a convert to the Muslim religion and my father is a Muslim and that is how I was raised but I do not believe in it. What is it that you believe and why is your faith better than the Muslim faith?" She listened attentively for 30 minutes but had to leave for an appointment. She did thank me for talking to her.

Students became more serious as the afternoon progressed.

     About 2 PM Bro left to try to get something started on the Oval at Ohio State. Sister Pat had the bulk of the crowd until about 3 PM and I talked to a group of ten under the shade of a tree. Finally, Sister Pat asked me to take over because she was too hot in the sun. 

     I did not want to leave my group with whom I was having good dialogue so I invited those who had been listening to Pat to come on over to the shade.  I had a wonderful 45 minutes with them reminding them of the Christian heritage of their school. I knew that most of the students were studying at Otterbein because they had grown up in church, probably a Methodist Church.   I reminded them of commitments they had made to the Lord at Vacation Bible School or at baptism or confirmation or perhaps a summer camp. I could see on their faces that I had reminded them of professions they had made in the past. To penetrate even more deeply I sang, "Jesus Love Me" and "The B-I-B-L-E." I called them to repentance and to renew the confessions of faith they once made and take a bold stand to bring Otterbein back to her Christian roots.    I closed shortly before 4 because I had to move my car off the street.    

Bro. Jed reminded the Otterbein students to remember the commitments that they had made to the Lord in their childhood.

     We drove to Ohio State where Bro had just finished a long witness with two Campus Crusaders. There were still many sunbathers and Frisbee, football and baseball players on the Oval. I gave it a good shot for about 30 minutes but I was unable to get any to gather so we decided to call it a day.  So ends another great week of ministry.  

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Fall Semester 2012
     This is my tentative schedule for the Fall Semester 2012. There are so many campuses and so little time. Should anyone want to arrange a church or home meeting while I am in your area please contact me. Also, let me know if you are interested in scheduling formal debates with atheists, Muslims, or Christians, who disagree with my message or methods. One student leader recently contacted me that he wanted me to speak to the Young Republicans on limited government and free markets. I am still open to changes. I will be doing my tour of the Southwest and California in the Spring Semester 2013. Sister Cindy and Sister Pat will be accompanying me full time this year. Any Christians, who are interested in joining us on the road for a while, or who want to meet us on campuses in your area, are welcome. Bro. Jed

August 20-21, University of Missouri

August 22-24, Missouri State University

August 27-28, Illinois State

August 29, University of Illinois

August 30, Purdue University

August 31, Grand Valley State

September 1-2, Iron Sharpens Iron Conference,                    Atlanta, MI

September 4-6, University of Michigan

September 7-8, EEM Conference, Shipshewana, IN

September 9, Chapelwood Church, Rockford, IL

September 10, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

September 11, University of Wisconsin, River Falls,

September 12-14, University of Minnesota

September 16, Abundant Grace Fellowship AM;                      Leisner Open House in afternoon

September 17, University of Northern Iowa

September 18-19, University of Iowa

September 19, Calvary Evangelistic Center,                               Independence, Iowa

September 20, University of Wisconsin, Platteville

September 21, UW, Madison

September 22, UW, Milwaukee,
       Seminar on Evangelism, 9 AM-5 PM

September 23, Spring Green Church,

Spring Green, WI

September 24-25, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

September 26-28, Michigan State University

October 1, Purdue University

October 2, Indiana University

October 3, Indiana State University

October 4, Purdue

October 5, Indiana University

October 8, IUPUI

October 9-10, Indiana University

October 11, IUPUI

October 12, Indiana University

October 15, University of Kentucky

October 16, Morehead State

October 17, University of Kentucky

October 18, Asbury College

October 19-21, Missions Conference, Grayslake, IL

October 22-26, University of Nebraska

October 29, University of Wyoming

October 30-31, Colorado State

November 1-2, University of Colorado

November 5, Colorado College

November 6-7, Kansas State

November 8, Washburn University

November 9, Kansas University

November 12-14, University of Central Arkansas

November 15, University of Arkansas, Little Rock

November 16, Arkansas State

November 19-20, Georgia College

November 25, Pine Grove Church of God,

      Live Oak, Fl

November 26, University of Florida

November 27-28, University of Central Florida

November 29-30, University of Florida

December 3-7, Florida State
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